Kepler mission space again and discovers a new planet.

A little larger than the planet Earth. He discovered the Kepler satellite, the Hunter of planets, Nasa active again after suffering technical failures. The planet, called HIP 116454b, is located 180 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Pisces. With a diameter of 2.5 times compared to that of our planet, its orbit is very fast, lasts nine days and his star is smaller and hotter than the Sun. By way of publication in the journal The Astrophysical Journal, the discovery opens new life of Kepler. Simply called K2, the Mission covers the objectives of the Mission in search of Earth-like planets, the observation of star clusters, galaxies and supernovae. Kepler will select the planets by studying with the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be the successor to Hubble, replaced after 24 years, to analyze their atmospheres and look for signatures of life.  In addition, stressed Paul Hertz, Director of Nasa’s Astrophysics Division, Kepler will look for planets with the transit technique: when the planet passes in front of its parent star’s disk there is a drop in the brightness of light astro, hint that a planet has concealed a portion of star. To observe these swings in the Starlight we need absolute precision in measurements on brightness, guaranteed the stability of the targeting system. This last one was lost last summer, when it was broken one of four reaction wheels in Kepler sent out of order because it was missing the stability of trim. Nasa researchers have used a new strategy to maintain stable aiming: use the pressure of sunlight as a force, along with the other three reaction wheels. HIP 116454b likely has some forms of life similar to those at the casu land of high temperatures. The Kepler mission has led to the discovery of hundreds of planets. The April 19, 2013 has identified the existence of two planets similar to earth but, finding himself between 2000 and 3000 light years away, cannot be studied.  A year later was discovered Kepler 186f, which takes its name from the satellite and could host life forms, receiving light and heat that could maintain liquid water on its surface. . For more data about this topic check home page.

London: Metro, disco, job.

Nathaniel Hone, 26 years old, will work in Canary Wharf, the London Business District. Except that today ‘ hui, he rose at dawn to join his tribe: hundreds of revelers in the morning that wiggle on house music with any fuel for, smoothies and coffees. It is 06 H 15 to Bethnal Green, an East London district populated with art galleries and still saved by the rampant résidentialisation of the British capital and the invasion of the franchise shops. The night stretches and grey streets, swept by the drizzle are almost deserted. At the end of an alley lined with graffiti representing funny owls eyes bulging, there is the Regent’s Canal, unknown streams dominated by an old gasometer, kind of skeleton of metal d-shaped? amphitheatre. This is where we find the Oval Space, a room of some 560 m2 to the tunes of old warehouse that hosts regular concerts and exhibitions. A queue of happy Janet waits at the entrance: these are Morning Gloryville participants, or how to party without alcohol in the morning before going to work. We started a year ago and a half with only 26 people, explains to the AFP Samantha Moyo, co-founder. Now it is several thousand at each party, and we are present in sixteen cities, such as Paris, New York, Bangalore and Tokyo. -Praise of the morning – some tribes once celebrated life dancing to the first light of dawn. This is what we do, thousands of years later, in an urban environment, she added. The idea was also to party without alcohol and drugs. The absence of liquor, revellers may enjoy a smoothie bar offering including the Incredible Hulk, drink green, as it should, and detonating at base of Apple, banana, lime, spinach and Spirulina, an algae sometimes presented as a super food rich in proteins. In the Hall, DJ Miles Metric, fluo pink Bodysuit, moved behind his turntables while that early bird gradually arrive. Some have played the map of self-deprecating and came dressed in long pyjamas. Others have chosen outfits multicolored, Carnival, or fancy dress of tigers, bears and horses. For a small group of young people, probably more attracted by the coast health-fitness of the event, it is sneakers, shorts and tank top. Hello everyone! Are you ready?, yells at the micro one of the animators of the feast. Yes, meet hundreds of enthusiastic voice quickly covered by the howling decibels of the sono. It was hard to get up this morning but we have fun between friends, it is colorful. Barely begun, this day is already successful!, exclaims Kaye, 35 year old pants Golden glitter, fluorescent pink shoes and Rainbow butterfly wings in the back. If cold seems to freeze the city to the outside, inside it is fever, bass make shake the walls, so after a set of a few hours, DJ Miles Metric yields the turntables to Basement Jaxx, World star of house music. -London belongs to those who get up early c ‘is the first time that I get up at 5 h mast’ to go work in remaining sober and without anything to drink other coffees and smoothies, slips the DJ while smoking a cigarette on the balcony of the Oval Space. Morning time requires, Miles Metric explains played music different, lighter, easier, because the people come just to wake up. But the sun rises on London and for many, it is already time to plunge into another kind of frenzy: the world of work. A couple of French, Cedric Thomas, 37, and Marie-Caroline Petit, 28 years old, leave the Oval Space, coats on the back. Now, we go to work, said the young woman, conquered by the experience. It was unusual, but that’s why it came. There is the atmosphere very special morning, more dynamic, more healthy, and alcohol-free. As if these hours to dance will make the stitch nose, she responds: we hear about at 4 pm! > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You can click the following home page to read more regarding this great topic.

Russia: no risk of default of payment (Jacques Sapir).

The current economic situation in Russia, characterized by a drastic fluctuation of the ruble, has nothing to do with that prevailing in August 1998 when the Government announced a default on public debt, estimates Economist Jacques Sapir, Director of the Center for the study of modes of industrialization (CEMI-EHESS). The mini-krach on the Forex market has reactivated the unconscious of mistrust of the Russian economy which dates back to the crisis of August 1998. However, unlike this time, never there was a risk of default, says Mr Sapir in his article published Thursday in le Figaro. Public debt was a major problem in 1998; Today the Russia is one of the least indebted countries in the world with around 9% of GDP to public debt, or 10 times less than the France, says the Economist. The trade balance was in deficit in the first half of 1998, while today it is surplus, said the expert, stating that it is comparable to that of the Germany surplus. According to Jacques Sapir, Russian industry is developing rapidly. Compare 1998 with what has happened the last few days had therefore no sense, says french Economist. Those that do show that their knowledge of the Russian economy is well short, says Mr Sapir. According him, it is important not to be guided by the ideology when it seeks to understand what is happening in Russia. . Inspirational source may be found checking the following article.

The road extend their strike from January to the cars and the logistics.

Trade unions (CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC) had called on all the road to unsuccessful extendable strike from January 18 in the evening, following a wage bargaining with employers federations. It has now "decided to expand the movement" of 18 January «logistics and car drivers", who know"the same problem of ‘smicardisation’ of the profession", according to Jérôme Vérité, general Secretary of the CGT-transport. This call to action is distinguished from the punch action organised Thursday evening by the CFDT. About 300 activists of the CFDT-Route blocked trucks at the Saint-Arnoult toll, in the Paris region. More than 1,000 trucks were retained until about 2 o’clock in the morning, cars being allowed to pass. Unions are demanding an adjustment at 10 euros in the minimum hourly rate for the coefficients lowest. In 2014, one of the four coefficients in force in road transport – one of the most qualified employees – exceeds the smic (9.53 euros gross per hour in 2014, 9.61 euros from 1 January). "This is a national movement with blocking roads, deposits of oil and fuels, and purchasing," said Mr. Vérité. . For extra facts about this topic click http://.

The pilots are exposed to a radiation grape similar to the of tanning booths.

MADRID, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) pilots of aircraft may be exposed to levels of ultraviolet radiation (UVA) similar to a session in a tanning booth, because the windshield of the aircraft not completely block exposure to sun rays, according to research published in the online edition of ‘JAMA Dermatology’. Aircraft windshields are normally composed of multilayer glass or polycarbonate plastic. UVA radiation may cause damage to the DNA of cells and their role in melanoma is well known, as the article points out. The author of this work, Martina Sanlorenzo, of the University of California, San Francisco, United States, and colleagues measured the amount of UVA radiation in aircraft cabins during flights and compared them with measurements made in tanning beds. Booth radiation was measured at the seat of the pilot of an aircraft turboprop for general aviation through the windshield of plastic acrylic ground-level and at different heights above sea level. Exposures to the Sun were measured in San Jose, California, United States, and in Las Vegas, around noon in the month of April. The findings show that pilots flying for 56.6 minutes to 30. 000 feet receive the same amount of radiation from a session on a 20-minute tanning bed. The authors suggest that the levels could be higher when pilots are flying over the thick clouds and the snow-covered grounds, which may reflect UVA radiation. Aircraft windshields do not completely block UVA radiation and, therefore, they are not sufficient to protect the pilots. The transmission of grapes within the aircraft can play a role in the increased risk of melanoma in pilots. We strongly recommend the use of sunscreen and periodic reviews of the skin for pilots and cabin crew, the authors conclude. (El) Themes 20 minutes applied sciences community of Madrid United States research Las Vegas materials toxic San Francisco San José Transporte. You must check the following article to learn more about this interesting matter.

Bangladesh: the development of the country threatens the ecosystem of the Sundarbans.

The rapid development of Bangladesh, at the gateway to the Sundarbans mangrove forest recently stained by an oil slick, increases the risk of new environmental disasters in this fragile ecosystem, believe the experts. A tanker struck the freighter last week in thick fog in a river in the Sundarbans, network of waterways and mangrove forests sheltering in particular rare species of dolphins and endangered Bengal Tigers, in southern Bangladesh. The authorities have been unable to organize the cleaning for the first four days, leaving tens of thousands of litres of oil spill in this sanctuary of dolphins. Then, he ordered the inhabitants of the village and fishermen to handcrafted absorb the viscous liquid. The Sundarbans, classified world heritage by Unesco, are a bomb ready to explode since the decision of the Government in 2011 to let commercial vessels cross the Ganges delta, according to environmental experts. A series of projects, in particular a coal plant and a huge grain silo, threaten the biggest forest of mangrove forests in the world, they believe. The forest has lost half of its surface over the last five decades. Now the foundations have been laid to put the last nail in the coffin, said the independent expert Mohsinuzzaman Chowdhury about these projects. The massive influx of workers may also put a little more this fragile environment under pressure. About a million people depend directly or indirectly in this forest. But their number could jump to more than five million over the next decade, he adds. -Central coal – fired coal, laid down 14 km north of the entrance to the delta, must provide crucial electricity for the still poor people of this country in growth. This project earned critical severe Bangladesh authorities at a recent Conference in Dhaka on the safeguarding of the Tigers in the world. Responsible for national forests, Yunus Ali, said she reported the concern of its services on this project, on the banks of the Poshur River, which runs to the forest. But the authorities have adopted an environmental management plan to limit any possible negative impact, he said. A forest official of the Sundarbans, on condition of anonymity, however expressed concern about releases that the Central empty into the River, once operating in 2018. Our main concern is the waste and water management. Central va dumping its sludge in rivers in the Sundarbans. It will also spit a thick dust that will spread in the forest, he said. Local people have long fishing and hunting in this region which extends over 10. 000 km2, with two-thirds on Bangladesh and one-third in India. In 2011, Bangladesh authorized commercial vessels to pass through the delta to go from the port of Chittagong in the Bay of Bengal at the centre of the country, providing a saving of time and money. A port located in l? end of the Poshur saw multiply by six the number of vessels in recent years, a trend that is likely to grow with the opening next to a silo of 50. 000 tonnes on its shore. -Preservation compromised – fish and dead crabs have been wrecked since the oil spill which the exact impact is not yet known. Experts have feared for the Bengal Tigers, several hundred of whom live in this region, but also for 300 species of birds and Irrawaddy dolphins. Delta, situated at the mouth of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers, is also a critical breeding site for the shrimp industry and fishing for the hilsa, a tropical fish. Coal-fired station and river traffic could have a disastrous impact and endangering a set of aquatic breeds and the Bengal Tigers, said Y. V. Jhala, Professor at the Wildlife Institute of India. Bangladesh endangers the preservation (of the environment) for the benefit of development, he said, advocating the banning of vessels and the displacement of the Central. This ecosystem has a high economic value and acts as a bulwark against environmental disasters due to cyclones from the Bay of Bengal. Losing it will be a big loss for humanity. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must read the following http:// to learn more regarding this amazing topic.

‘Paseitos drive’, vip boxes and a rosary: the ‘Petit Nicolas’ tricks.

The summary of the case of the little Nicols, who declares today as for the alleged crimes of fraud and forgery, plagued est details orbiting between the absurd and the genius. ‘Thank you for the Rosary’ La police found on the phone of Francisco Nicols a message that would send an indeterminate person. L, the veinteaero shows their unexpected religious whims: you don’t want to bother that I assume that you’ll be working with the. First thank you for the Rosary, I sent protected in addition to be able to pray. I have to spend now to have fun. Loan by ‘pasetos with the car’ October 23, nine days after of the detainer of Fran, a security guard you were denounced for not returning him supposedly a loan of 1. 200 euros that you had made in April, i.e. six months before her complaint. This man tells how I met the guy and impressed qued to go with l to an act with the Prncipes at the Villamagna Hotel and in which no one is extra of the presence of this boy. But Fran, according to her testimony, ms money and caretaker needed you suggested to the lenders of the casino of Coln. One of them you dej 40. 000 euros, according to the complainant. Backing the director of casino because this boy now you bean invited a few games of football and pasetos with the car, according to says the man. Francisco Nicols brings to the world his version. It is a false complaint, ridcula, without any kind of proof and opportunist. Which I asked money was l. Slo know him have you seen three times, says indignant. To the balcony with ContadorCmo is col Nicols in the celebration of the last Tour de France Alberto Contador? The own mayor of Pinto, Miriam Rabaneda, declared to the police to be present claiming to be Adviser to the Vice Presidency of the Government Cabinet espaol. Francisco Nicols is irritated to read these lines in the summary. It is false. I went to that Act working Security Chief Club Puerta de Hierro, who lives in Pinto and is member of the PP in all. This friend will invit me to the first reception organized to counter in the Palacio de Correos and acud invited by a member of the safety of the community of Madrid. It was at that event where my friend I present to the Councilor and sta decided to invite us to the two ensures. The Vips, the Villamagna, the Meli. . . The recordings of the Chambers of different establishments madrileos safety – most high postn – recorded the adventures of the young. What? According to consist as chosen by the police in the proceedings contained in the summary, the Hotel Villamagna, the Embassy coffee, a restaurant chain Vips, some units of the Canal de Isabel II, Meli Castilla or rental of vehicles Cabify. Young launches a rdago to the investigators of the police how-to: why are not dedicated to check the travels I did with cars and qu Administracin Pblica sites was?, question. Tickets in Exchange for gestionesFran says that it has not received money in any public charge metallic for her efforts, but s tickets for different events of the community of Madrid, as the Tennis Open in the VIP box of the city of Madrid. According to his statement, the Secretary of State for trade, Jaime Garca-Legaz, and Councillor of the district Moncloa Aravaca, Álvaro Ballarn granted them. All wore Cunef teachers to display their excellent contacts. Also maintains that you go to the stage of the Bernabu with Garca-Legaz, while ste last not the recognition from the outset. I still keep the invitations, said. The CNIEn his statement to the police, the young described a form well curious ms agent of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) which proposed him to obtain information about the Pujol de el abogado Javier de la Rosa. My goal commissioned by the CNI, made at the end of September beginning of October at the bar La Tertúlia, a varn espaol, bald, through thirty and some old, slim, moreno of uva rays, was trying to get the information that Javier de la Rosa family Pujol, this information enterndose, tena as Javier de la Rosa is intent to contact with Miguel Bernad July through Ariza [Intereconoma] to facilitate information the Pujol. I remember it as if it were yesterday itself, says Fran. Why do you live with your grandmother?To the judge’s questions, Gmez Iglesias confesses to not live with his parents because he likes to be with his grandmother and the sta is ms near Cunef. The Cole drive young oficialEl declares that single to go to their school in the official vehicle of the Councillor madrileo Luis Miguel Botto. Ste ensure know you view and then this half cut which was his godfather’s confirmation. . Original facts may be studied reading the following hyperlink.

Migraine may double the risk of facial paralysis.

MADRID, 18 (EUROPA PRESS) migraine may double the risk of a disease of the nervous system that causes facial paralysis called Bell’s palsy, according to a new study published Wednesday in the online edition of ‘Neurology’, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Bell’s palsy affects between 11 and 40 for every 100. 000 people each year, although most of those affected with Bell’s palsy recover completely. The headaches are the most common disorder of the nervous system and affects about 12 percent of the U.S. population. This is a very new association between migraine and Bell’s palsy, highlights the study author Shuu-Jiun Wang, of the Yang-Ming National University in Taipei and the Taipei, Taiwan Veterans General Hospital. Our study also suggests that these two conditions may share a common underlying link, added. For the study, followed two groups of 136. 704 people older than 18 years old, a group with migraine and other sin, for an average of three years, in which 671 individuals of the migraine group and 365 of which had no headache were diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. People with migraine were two times more likely to develop Bell’s palsy, even when the researchers took into account other factors that could increase the risk of disease, such as sex, high blood pressure and diabetes. Infection, inflammation, or cardiac and vascular problems could be causes for these diseases shared – raised Wang. –. If there is a common link and is confirmed, further research could lead to better treatments for both conditions. (El) Community of Madrid disease diseases research medical research topics. Original source can be read clicking this http://.

In Colombia, a curse to cure the world of Alzheimer’s.

Perched in the Andes, a village in the North of the Colombia calls it his curse. A genetic anomaly that at the price of a heavy sacrifice and a scientific adventure out of the ordinary, will perhaps heal the planet of Alzheimer’s disease. When John Jairo, zealous watchman, lost his job for letting all the doors open, his family understood that he was, in turn, reaches of this scourge which torments for several generations the population of Yarumal and its surroundings. This scrawny man was only 49 years old and his brain is already plagued by the degenerative disease. His gaze, lost, arises on daughter Jeniffer that trembles. I always fear that this happens to me. When I lose something, I tell myself that I’m hit, slips to AFP this sad teenage girl of 18 years old with long brown hair. His father, once so happy, is no longer only a ghost agitated, sometimes aggressive, getting up night and day to try to get out of the House. Last year, a neighbor, hit the same evil, misled the vigilance of his family who found, death of cold in the hills. Inherited from European ancestors, the mutation paisa, the name of the inhabitants of the province of Antioquia, can trigger that brutally early Alzheimer’s disease which, in its usual form, occurs only after sixty years. It is sufficient that only one parent pass on to her child this malformation, detected on chromosome 14 gene, to train it in this terrible lottery: a chance to declare the disease, sometimes before even the quarantine. In some families, children and parents have even been simultaneously this vicious cycle: memory loss, followed by dementia. Sign of destiny, a brilliant neurologist Colombian, Francisco Lopera, spent his childhood in Yarumal. And the click occurs when he receives a patient thirty years ago at the hospital in Medellin, the regional capital. The head of the Group of Neurosciences of the University of Antioquia, he then launches a huge challenge: find a new cure to prevent Alzheimer’s. -’ Brain Bank’ – most of the treatments have failed because they are administered too late. Our strategy is to intervene before that disease destroys the brain, says Lopera which, in recent months, testing a molecule on a group of 300 healthy patients from 30 to 60 years, the mutation paisa. The results are expected around 2020. Designed as part of a $ 100 million project, funded by the national Institute of health of the United States, the American Institute Banner and the centre Genentech, Member of the Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche, the drug aims to destroy the beta-amyloid protein which, in the case of Alzheimer’s, colonizes the brain and atrophy. The stakes are high: Alzheimer’s affects more than 36 million patients worldwide, and lack of remedy, might extend to 66 million in 2030 and 115 in 2050, according to a study by the World Health Organization. Nearly one new case every four seconds, three times as much as AIDS. Unknown the cause of Alzheimer’s disease but for 1% of cases in the world, there is a genetic origin. And it opens us a very important window for preventive therapy, continues the scientist, who identified a population at risk of 5. 000 people in the Colombian region. His University houses, in a small room filled with refrigerators and jars of formalin, an exceptional Bank of brains, the donation of organs made by the local population, an invaluable source of information. This was very hard for them to accept, in addition to their suffering, to give the brain of a loved one, says, admiring, Lucia Madrigal, nurse within the neuroscience group, which organizes workshops of cognitive arousal for the sick. Without this social link, the scientific project would not have been the day, underlines this full of wisdom sexagenarian who does not want to hear about retirement. Born in the Andes, she accompanied the distress of Yarumal: some say they prefer to commit suicide. Then they get sick and they forget. Moved to Medellín, Marta, an energetic native 72-year-old grandmother of Yarumal, also prays for the success of the team of Dr. Lopera. At his home, two sons of 43 and 47 years began to lose memory and revert to small children. Bedridden, daughter of 53 years, which is more than a body, feed bottle. I have entrusted my children to God. It is for him to decide, blows. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Root data can be read checking the following http://.

Disciplinary record to Mediaset advertising disguised in save me daily.

Madrid, 18 Dec (EFE). -The National Commission of the markets and the competition (CNMC) has opened a disciplinary record to Mediaset for the issuance of a microspace’s health program save me daily that might be a case of surreptitious advertising. If this circumstance is confirmed, it would have breached article 18 of the General Law of Audiovisual Communication (LGCA), which provides for an administrative sanction of a serious nature and they could mean the imposition of a fine of 100. 001 up to 500. 000 euros, explains the Commission. The CNMC has confirmed that mark Actafarma in program presentations have been made save me daily, the 30 days of October, 6, 13, 20 and 27 November and 4 December 2014, with purpose advertising, establishing links with the so-called owner through a label in social networking and a website, and an environment suitable to induce the Viewer as to its nature. He adds that at no time in its broadcast warns of your treatment as advertising or appears no overlay in that sense. Consequently, the National Commission establishes that there are well-founded indications that Mediaset has been able to breach article 18. 2 of the LGCA, to having issued surreptitious advertising of this brand, and article 18. 7 of the said Act, to broadcast TV promotions that could be violating the specific legislation concerning advertising in this type of product. Mediaset has a period of fifteen days for appeals. (Green EFE) Topics community of Madrid Spain Europe companies Mediaset Television health. For more about this subject visit http://.