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The Sage of the Alameda.

They got the opening of borders for the confined as espa olas and regenerated the bravery in the land of the General Dur n Arcentales, the hac President to pass Jos Luis ahead of Ministers to discuss the season espa ola. No hab to bullfighters ind genas or local fees. All espa olas figures cited are all in San Isidro’s own posters. The fair of Jes s of great power, today closed by the nepotism of belt, acquired during 15 to you dimensions unthinkable. A gravitational pull that back to a fond of Per, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico M,. Loved the general to collaborate in the work of unloading and enchiqueramiento of the bulls without being recognized. And it is camouflaged with various garments. A door wrong moved almost causes a catastrophe cat. Domingo Peinado, Dom male ngu n inherited by the Lozano, is arranc for general Arcentales cry of scarecrow, what demons do!. Ran from Toledo brothers to hold Sunday exploded with the escalofr or in the body: Calla, by God, which is the general!. It is time to return to Spain to. The maximum know always be present. The great Manolo Chopera already not govern Las Ventas in the 1990s after raising it to pulse up to 18. 000 subscribers, and the Lozano landed like a well oiled machine. All the cords r broke: assistance per season are disparate from the almost 800. 000 spectators from 89 to 1. 500 000 participants, organized m 1 s. 300 Eldorado asses (mark rich from the Monumental hist), income multiplied, broke out the grandiose to you 90, invented the retransmission n San Isidro by Canal Plus deposit, and ah continue, the Holy and the Plus of the hand. Now they defend Pontevedra, the taurine Pearl last of Galicia, they have relaunched Albacete and reopen places as Aranjuez and Toledo, when others are closed. . Extended facts can be read visiting

Region, annuities erased but the salary increases.

The annuities were cancelled but the salary increases. The July pay packets offer a nice surprise at the tenth regional councillors neo term, which now are in 1 envelope. 320 euros more, the sum which in the past was withheld from the region for the annuity where they were entitled to their 65th year of age. The allowance of 6. 600 euros from which in the past was withheld the contribution for annuities will remain intact and the end-of-month net rises.   So an adviser without allowance for July feature grossed about 8. 500 euro, who holds a position as team leader or Committee Chairman more than 9 thousand euros. Effect of the law, of course, but after Sergio Chiamparino ads must run for cover reporting bonus as levels earn the Mayor of a municipality capital the amount on paycheck of strikes. The previous legislature have Councillors then cashed the refund of contributions paid for severance pay warrant. There are those who then cashes in July numbers that come close to 30 thousand euros. 5 star movement asks now to intervene as soon as possible on the reduction of the allowance.   . For extended data regarding this matter check

China: the violent fall of the Zhou Tiger.

There is more "Comrade Zhou. The Almighty boss of the Chinese security services for a decade, the man who served in the Holy of Holies of the regime until 2012, has not even been entitled to use formula reserved for members of the party, in the press release announcing his sensational fall, Tuesday. A humiliation that had escaped even Bo Xilai, another ‘tiger’ fallen, and that bodes worse for Zhou Yongkang, suspected "serious disciplinary violations" by the Standing Committee of the party. The official opening of an investigation against this great beast of the scheme sounds like a clap of Thunder whereas, and says the power now without sharing of Xi Jinping. Been president in 2012, "was freed from the tutelage of leaders precedents, Hu Jintao and particularly Jiang Zemin who imposed its decision. "It is no longer only the first among equals, and it is already more powerful than its predecessor Hu ‘, analysis Joseph Cheng, Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Stalking was methodically conducted last year by investigators, who have heard more than 300 members of the clan, before the blow against the ‘Godfather of oil’, believed to have amassed, him and his family, millions of dollars in bribes. Killing could take place in a spectacular trial, tossing food the corrupt predator of 71 to a public disillusioned by the venality of officials, predict experts. This cacique to the generally scowling mine, would be under house arrest since December in Mongolia-inner, where he would have initially resisted interrogation, denouncing a "political conspiracy". Tightening the vise, investigators have arrested a dozen members of his family, including his son and his wife, and put the hand on a phenomenal heritage of 14.5 billion dollars, including 300 villas and apartments, more than 60 vehicles and gold bar, according to Reuters. . You must check the following to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

Books: ‘ The Omen ‘. Tragedy in three acts by Andrea Borked.

In esergo to his last novel, Andrea Borked has put a quote from letters to a young poet of Rilke: "the future enters into us, and becomes in us, long before to happen". Is already a clue. In fact, the story recounts the days immediately preceding and following \u2012 \u2012 at the outbreak of the great war. We are in Venice, where a stabbing love story is on the one hand the magnifying glass that presagendola \u2012 \u2012 focusing on the imminent disaster, on the other hand the effective narrative that springboard, backlinks, allows the author to reconstruct the tragic vicissitudes of the female protagonist, Margarete von Hayek, noblewoman whose sensuality, dominated in appearance with lovely arrogance, however, is disfigured by a risqué intimately, unspeakable secret. So, returning to Rilke, we understand how, with the intention of Borked, it aggravates the lives of \u2012 dark evil characters, which is inevitable on their fate \u2012, tragically advances the shape of their future: the catastrophe already spends on their wrists before making themselves visible. Fil rouge of the tale is the passion between Compton and Niccolò Spada. Her "beautiful like sa to be only a woman from piglio equal to grace", is a flamboyant creature and sharp, that is capable of switching on and hurt. Remember some femmes à la mode boldiniane from momentum already implicitly, whose expressionist labile demeanour, on winking elegance, prelude to a melancholic, inconsolable breakup. \u2012 Where, in fact, every glitz is already acuminata decadence \u2012. Nicholas, however, is the owner and Director of the Excelsior Hotel, the famous symbol of the Belle Epoque. In the first ‘ shots ‘ of the book appears even disciplined in all its magnificence, packed by the European aristocracy who, before being abolished by gusts of storms of steel, constituted a sort of universal Koine ‘ Gentiles ‘, indifferent \u2012 because \u2012 bordering upper proudly of nation-States. Impossible, then, the mind does not run at the Hotel des Bains de Venice death or, more obliquely, following the sciorinarsi of manners, of salt and stuccoes, inghirlandati fatuamente to a roundup of Ophüls or Visconti. But let’s get to the real characters of the book. The commander Niccolò Spada is a watchful man, disenchanted enough to be demure yet impeccable in generously did not deny to belmondo’s vain people "happiness that <sa> had to bestow". Yet, under this first Peel, Margarete senses "a swaggering and childish, ferino enthusiasm that <scuote> inside" and that drags in passion ("the poets call fire, I rather think it’s a block of ice resting on the inclined plane [,.], the floor is hot and ice slides on your melt"). And it is indeed, literally, a "enthusiasm" \u2012 that is being divinely, inspired \u2012 "ferino ritually" to unsettle le notti di Niccolò. The entire novel is clocked by the narration of a recurring dream (not without symbolic implications). It is night. A Hunter comes out of his cave when the roar of the lion, the mythical and powerful beast, "which shines like a Gold Shield"; the beast "immense" that overflows, impregnable, as well as the yoke of fixed forms: a "cluster of curves, wedges, of semi-circles that sbranano and sbranano". The hunter must seize the lion’s eyes that maybe, however, "has the empty orbits, how visionaries of the mountain". Must steal his eyes to tell the tales to the painter who is painting it but without that detail may not finish his work. Well, the iris of the lion, as well as the enigma of Margarete \u2012 the two concurrent secrets on which the entire story rests not \u2012 unfold until the end, where \u2012 as required by the ‘ rule ‘ tragic \u2012 the plot (desis) melts and releases the lýsis. But the story is not permissible to say more. I would instead reveal another, dual track. Especially as, in the chapters devoted to dream (but also in their own continue reverbs), Borked has abandoned lyricism pages that, while under the supervision of the Narrator, betray the genuine stamp of the poet (maybe still a bit dry as ‘ sacrificed ‘ not all bastards are in Vienna). Secondly, \u2012 and this is in my opinion one of the happier inside the book \u2012 trajectories, the dreamlike element represents, along with each other, in parallel, which is consumed in the asylum of San Servolo (just above the Lido), an exact counterpoint chthonios at twilight, even pageantry, the Excelsior. Behold then the Mitteleuropean of Venice Andrea Borked, profiled by the unconscious of San Servolo, looking for \u2012 and \u2012 intonation in Vienna if contemplated by the Steinhof psychiatric hospital designed by Otto Wagner who, as noted, wafts over the city which authentic epicenter of psychoanalytic Finis Austriae: the superb viennese Apocalypse that has marked the collapse of an entire civilization. And it is, ultimately, the same agony what Omen is expertly evoked. After the carnage of trench warfare, after the torture of the lost generation, the advent of mass parties, the technological conversion of the world, the overcoming of 19th century diplomacy and outbreak of total Mobilmachung (total mobilization described by Ernst Jünger) as universal permanent state of post-war West; with all this and after all this, nothing will be like before. A bitter, but unforgettable scene, from La grande illusion by Jean Renoir, can possibly hope to make, with good approximation, the \u2012 feel resigned while heroically peremptory \u2012 that emerges from the pages of Borked. . Related data can be inspected reading info.

Pensions, half of women is less than one thousand euros, better than men.

The number of men (178 thousand) with a monthly pension income is equal to or greater than 5. 000 euros is five times that of women (33 thousand). Gender inequalities are more marked in the northern regions, both with reference to the average amounts of individual performance in relation to the retirement income of the beneficiaries. E ‘ quanto emerge from Istat-report Inps on pensions in 2012. In 2012 were provided 23. 577.983 pensions: the 56.3% in women and 43.7% for men. Women accounted for 52.9% of pensioners (8.8 million to 16.6 million), but receiving only 44% of the 271 billion disbursed. The average annual amount of female title is equal to 8. EUR 965, 60.9% of the pension entitlement one male, who stood at 14. 728 euros. Of the 626. 408 new retirees of 2012, women represent 52% and receive lower incomes (10.953 against 17.448 men). The number of treatments received by women is on average higher than that of men, as a result the economic gender gap is reduced to 42.9 percent if calculated on pension income (equal to 19.395 euros for men and 13.569 for women).   . For more on this matter click

Qatar 2022: migrant workers without pay for more than a year.

The Al – Bidda skyscraper, nicknamed the Tower of Football, is a modern and luxurious building built in Doha, whose part hosts offices of the organizers of the Qatar World Cup 2022. But according to a survey conducted by "The Guardian", the workers employed in the construction of this tower of glass to 3 million euros, result of twelve or thirteen months of work, have not been paid for more than a year. While the country is preparing to build five new stadiums, Amnesty international is concerned by the indifference of the Government. "The Guardian" had, as early as the first years of work, revealed the dire conditions in which worked these yards workers. From January to may 2014, 87 Nepalese have died on construction sites, according to figures provided by the Nepal. While the official of the Qatar data reported, for 2012 and 2013, the death of 70 immigrants Indian, Nepalese and sri Lanka because of falling objects, 144 were killed in car accidents and 56 committed suicide. . Inspirational source could be found clicking this hyperlink.

The flu of 1918 may have been Spanish.

The Spaniards we will not deliver so easy from that secular embarrassment of being responsible for greater mortality of the 20th century. Us zapping the disgrace so far holding that the so-called flu Spanish – pandemic that killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918, five times more that the first world war that ended just this year – was not going with us, that the name was wrong by a mistake of the press of the time. But perhaps it was not so: perhaps the Spanish flu, the worst killer records of epidemiologists, has been our major contribution to the world history of the infamy of the 20th century. But if they feel responsible for, don’t worry: is only a new hypothesis for the moment. "In April we had virus in Europe", explains Erkoreka, "both the troops and the civilian population; but that surge did not result in a high mortality; shortly thereafter, however, the outbreak in Madrid in May gave great importance, both its high lethality and the large percentage of infected population; even the King became ill between May and July 1918 ". Refers to Alfonso XIII, great-grandfather of the current King. The monarch did not belong by then to any groups of risk – he was 32 years old, is supposed you well-fed and well-groomed-, but the flu virus did not understand palace walls. And you still do it. . You must check the following to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.

In the heart of Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas force is everywhere.

George Lucas, the inventor of the interplanetary success Star Wars saga, his retirement, his spirit hovers around his famous Skywalker Ranch. Rare visitors enter the immense estate green 19 square kilometers, close to San Francisco (Western United States) by a road that undulates around hills, orchards and pastures full of cows and deer. The creator of the Jedi Knights and Indiana Jones bought the property in 1978 thanks to the success of the first installment of Star Wars, to realize his dream of a haven of cinematographic creation in the margins of Hollywood. According to the Wall Street Journal, the ranch would have cost him in any $ 100 million. The field has multiple screening rooms, vineyards, a swimming pool underground and even a small hostel for clients and privileged friends of the master of the House. We have our own police then do not walk away from the group, they are not particularly flexible, warns a spokesman during the visit. Before an artificial pond called Lake Ewok, one arrives in the said technical brick building that houses the Skywalker Sound studios, specialized in sound special effects for films of science fiction or fantasy such as Lucas or for external clients, such as recently the guardians of the Galaxy. Work of many longtime George collaborators, referring constantly to the practices and the spirit of their mentor. George always said that the sound is 50% of the movie experience, so tells Matthew Wood, an employee of Skywalker Sound. On the other side of the pond, the white main house the slate roof and dozens of parts houses a 21 research library. 000 titles, and the former offices of the master sites, 71 years old and who has just little more. George Lucas has retired, he just marry and have a baby, he is working on his project of narrative art in Chicago Museum, explains a spokesman. -Preserve the magic – decorated objects of shooting as the lasso Indiana Jones, or parts of the art collection of Lucas, including many paintings by Norman Rockwell, the building is maintained as a museum. Filmmaker sold end of 2012 its society and the rights of his space epic, one of the most lucrative in the history, to Disney for $ 4 billion. The media and entertainment empire now intends to return on his investment. Three new films are planned, including the Episode 7, currently shooting in London, and the cartoon Star Wars Rebels, to be released on the channel Disney XD in 46 countries in October. In the heart of San Francisco, at the headquarters of Lucas Films, former collaborators of the filmmaker took over joysticks with mission to grow the saga, while preserving its appeal for millions of fans. With Star Wars Rebels, which applies to children 6-12 years, Disney and Lucas Films also want to convert a new generation to the universe of the Jedi and the force. The TV series represents a new era for the company, considers Dave Filoni, producer Executive, in the offices of the studio, decorated with the collection of hundreds of posters of films of George Lucas, of statues of Darth Vader, monsters and space shuttles. Star Wars Rebels staged five fugitive rebels living in their spaceship and which, as it should, fight an evil Empire. George always told that it cannot rely only on vessels and Lightsabers, it takes a strong family of characters, adds Dave Filoni, wearing his black cowboy hat Lord. It ensures that the collaboration with Disney is successful. They have a lot of respect for the series, they know that it is we who know it best and too many interventions could kill the goose laying golden eggs, he argues. . For extended data on this topic click reference.

The Lake Varese and the probe underwater. The Mayor: ‘ do not use the car».

Torrential rain, all day Tuesday, they put on their knees Varese e provincia. The Mayor Attilio Fontana and the Environment Councillor Stefano Clerics have issued a press release that invites you to "avoid using the car throughout the territory». There are blocked roads, flooded offices and even palaces with public offices, such as that of the region, partially flooded. Explains Clerici: «the situation is grave: on Sp1 of Lake Varese, where they proceed to alternate one-way, a consortium has literally exploded floodway, destroying the asphalt and pouring the sewage on the provincial road. The Olona Valley District remained isolated in the early afternoon, missing now for current time». The floods have also affected the area of Belforte where flows the Olona. Water entered the offices of Motorization and a hypermarket. The road along the River, via Peschiera, is blocked by Tuesday morning. Trains were disrupted several times in between Varese and Laveno and moving in fits and starts. The situation is difficult in various places in the province of Varese. Many underpasses were flooded between Gallarate and Busto Arsizio and Saronno. In Gallarate, a man was rescued on the roof of the car. Do not count the cellars invaded by the waters. The lago di Varese is overflown at some points in Schiranna, where until last Sunday were in progress the world under 23 Championship of rowing. In Cantello a landslide has caused serious damage to municipal asylum, investing even streets and homes. A landslide also hit a yard area to Lozza. Damage in Tradate, Malnate, Castiglione Olona and Castellanza, where several roads are closed to cars. . Root facts may be read clicking this

Milan forgives the Blues no.

Daniel Hackett did wrong. Word of the companions of the Italian national team of men’s basketball, having heard several versions of what happened, have written a letter-press release to tell, we all know that, as they went really the facts. All this only to defend and protect those who, every year, decides to spend the summer with passion at the service of the Blue Jersey. Come to nationwide-explain-it means respecting certain rules; among these, communicate in due time and through the club’s medical staff, their physical condition; show up at the national meet and let the blue medical staff can do their own evaluations. Daniel did not. Would have been enough to wait a few days and at that point would have been treated as always happens to every athlete summoned to Azure: if it is found that the physical conditions do not remain within the national player is allowed to return home, continues the note. Then there are the unwritten rules among players and Daniel has violated. Between teammates there is a code of respect that he has broken. We ask and we respect from everyone as they recognise at all. If you do not depart from this assumption it is difficult to construct virtuous paths and durable, impervious and routes but unclear. We would like to stress that nobody in National and has never been forced to play against their will and that medical and physical conditions of each were always carefully evaluated by medical and technical staff and each time have been studied therapeutic and recovery paths suited to the needs of every athlete still reads in the press release sent by members of the Italian national team. Always maintain a correct behavior it is the signal of the deep respect we feel towards the blue Jersey of the companions and all professionals who work around the country. We hope that Daniel can learn from their mistakes and do not occur in the future more similar episodes that would harm the Group’s cohesion. The same cohesion that historically it has always been the cornerstone of Blues, the note concludes. Meanwhile Milan chose to keep Daniel who seems to have convinced the club that he sincerely remorseful for what happened. From here the choice, according to la Gazzetta dello Sport, to keep it in pink to cut salary with 26 days of disqualification in Serie A that Hackett will suffer but play the Italian Supercup (which will be played before the start of the season and then stop) and the Euroleague. . For extended data about this subject visit