It certainly won’t be a justice reform at no cost. At least with regard to the civil liability of magistrates. Because the Bill passed in the Council of Ministers has been added at the last minute, at the request of the Ministry of economy on the financial coverage. Having decided to delete the filter to the appeals brought against the State by citizens who consider themselves victims of miscarriage of Justice, the Government inevitably will have to cope with higher spending. By how much? In a single year will be ten times more than the State has shelled out altogether in the period from 2005 to 2014. In a nutshell, the forecast spending 540mila euro starting in 2015, while for the last few months of 135,000 euros are calculated by 2014. To quantify the burden of future law, on which the Anm has already started to argue, the Ministry of Justice has dusted off and. , Continue reading on the newsstand or Messenger on Messenger Digital. You can read this to learn more on this great subject.

Tensions are increasing in Africa due to Ebola.

In West Africa, the tensions due to the Ebola epidemic worsen. In Liberia, the quarantine of a vast slums had triggered violent protests–now the Government picked up the insulation after almost two weeks. Quarantined, thousands more had no access to food and drinking water. The protests had been a 15 year old to life. In Nigeria, the police out of fear of Ebola in hotels arrested dozens of people from other countries. Already on Thursday, angry people in Guinea with clubs and knives of health experts had attacked. Dozens of people were injured. The attacker believed rumours that when disinfecting a market in N’ Zérékoré humans with Ebola had been infected. In Liberia, hundreds of up to 75 000 inhabitants of the West point Armenviertels in the capital Monrovia celebrated the lifting of the quarantine. It was like hell, described the ten-day isolation residents Tom Nyennoh (47) on Saturday. Who could afford it, has lubricated the security guards at the checkpoints, an other residents reported. We then went into the city to buy food and keep our families alive. The quarantine was imposed because at West point forty Ebola patients in an isolation ward residents were freed. Four youths involved in the attack became ill afterwards to Ebola. The fleeing patients could be recovered and placed in a medical facility. Liberia is currently the worst affected by the epidemic. Fearing Ebola, the police in two hotels in Nigeria, total arrested 39 citizens in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To justify it was said that people would come from countries where the virus has occurred, the vanguard newspaper reported on Sunday. Police and immigration officials had searched the hotels in the economic capital Lagos during a police raid. The guests had been placed under surveillance. The usage was triggered after the call of a broker. A new Ebola vaccine will be tested for the first time in the next few days in the United States on people. The drug has been developed jointly by the U.S. Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID) and the pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, the US health authority informed NIH (national institutes of health). The tests are designed so that participants not with the life-threatening disease could be infected. At the beginning of such tests is around on the compatibility of a product. The European Union urged all countries, that the States concerned continue to achieve should be about flight connections. It is called a controlled connection was necessary, so that the aid reaches its destination and the economy of these countries could work, in the final Declaration of the EU Special Summit on Saturday in Brussels. The heads of State and Government called, that the support provided by the EU Member States will be more coordinated. More help of industrialized nations called for doctors without borders. Aid agencies alone could No more have contracted the disease in the handle, according to the news magazine of der Spiegel. In the fight against of the virus, an eradication of fruit bats according to expert is not an option. Such large-scale culling actions would be completely pointless dpa, said Andreas Streit, who heads the Bonn UN Secretariat of the agreement on the conservation of populations of European Bats (UNEP/EUROBATS). You would also alter the current situation. Currently, the virus will spread from person to person. In a colony of about 10 000 fruit bats usually may be one to up to ten animals infected, if at all. Conflict and other experts but deem it possible that a transmission from an infected Flying Fox on a people had been at the beginning of the epidemic. . Extended data can be found reading resource.

Football, the national team again without Balotelli. Count the prefers Osvaldo and Zaza.

Sharing national football team without Mario Balotelli. In the early convocations of coach Antonio Conte after the defeat of Brazil World Cup between 6 attackers in the list there is the name of the tip which has just left Milan for Liverpool. Will be 27 players involved in matches against the Netherlands (friendly, 4 September in Bari) and Norway (debut for European qualification, 9 September in Oslo). Back in El Shaarawy, first call to Zaza of Sassuolo and Padelli of Turin. The azzurri will assemble at midnight on Sunday 31 at Coverciano with Sirigu and Verratti, engaged in the French League, arriving on the morning of Monday, while Right will retire Tuesday for personal reasons (getting married). The first training session was set for 10. 30 on Monday, Wednesday, the national team will then to Bari and, after the friendly with the orange, will return Friday, September 5 at Coverciano. Monday, 8 is scheduled to depart for Oslo, where the following day Italy will field with Norway (kickoff at 20.45) began its journey in European qualifying. . You can read the following blog to read more on this amazing topic.

Air strikes in the northern Iraq: United States attack IS positions near Amerli.

Baghdad–U.S. President Barack Obama has extended the air raids against positions of the extremist militia Islamic State (IS) in the Iraq. At the weekend, U.S. warplanes flew bombing IS positions in the vicinity of the besieged northern Iraqi town of Amerli, as well as on the Mosul Dam. The attacks were limited in scope and duration, to protect the civilian population, a Pentagon spokesman said. Also American, British, French and Australian aid and emergency supplies from the air to the trapped population dropped. This could so Pentagon officials as progress be seen in Obama’s effort to win allies in the military IS fighting. In the fight against IS the Kurds gaining back slowly ground. The Kurdish Pesh units advancing In addition according to a spokesman on Saturday on the town of Zumar, in the North of Iraq. Should we be able to control them, that would help recapture the Rabia and Sinjar regions of IS, he said. The US forces raiding the IS since August 8. According to the U.S. central command in Tampa, Florida, they have led since then more than a hundred air strikes. Obama had approved IS limited air strikes on the terrorist group threatened the population. The occasion was the life-threatening situation of about 40 000 refugees of the religious minority of Yazidis, who sat on the mountain of Sinjar near the Syrian border in the case and feared the death. At the time, Obama announced surgical air strikes, as well as humanitarian aid. Discusses an extension of attacks against the IS fighters in the neighbouring Syria, but a decision is still pending. US Secretary of State John Kerry called for the formation of a global alliance against the Islamic State and described as a targeted genocide whose violence in Syria and Iraq. In a guest post for the New York Times, Kerry campaigned for a community response under the leadership of the United States, and with the greatest Alliance of Nations. Together with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wants to advocate Kerry at the forthcoming NATO Summit in Wales that Alliance. The United Nations accused IS to commit the most brutal war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Iraq and Syria. So IS militias would in their territory to deter hold regular public executions and forcing children to watch. . Similar information can be read reading

In Ukraine more than 5,000 Russian soldiers Hollande: more sanctions against Moscow.

Russian soldiers present in the East of Ukraine are among the 4. and 5 000. 000, well more than thousand of which hath been spoken in recent days: to support it it’s a British Government source quoted by Cnn. According to the source, the military are framed in various formations and fight in Luhansk and Donetsk. The same British source added that Moscow has 20. 000 soldiers already deployed along the frontier and others could arrive soon. A glowing situation that, according to the French President, Francois Hollande, will lead the EU Council today to establish a tightening of sanctions for Russia. We must say clearly that if Russia is at war with Ukraine, a country that wants to enter the EU, like it’s at war with Europe and for this we must help Ukraine to defend militarily, said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitand. A Ukrainian Su-25 fighter that was shot down by Russian anti-air missiles in the eastern part of the country, where the offensive against separatist rebels: they reportedly beloved forces of Kiev who have however denied the claims of the militants who claimed to have destroyed four aircraft. The pilot managed to jump with a parachute. . Main data may be read checking the following resource.

More replicates the Government that respects “the majority” and allow the consultation.

Madrid responds that this is illegal, but we are doing things well and will continue to do them, the catalan President said. Why has claimed the Government which does not have recourse the consultation with the Constitutional Court, because the simple challenge will result in suspension, not the cancellation, he recalled more. That is the key point, because the Constitution has no choice but to suspend, he recalled, as provided in the Constitution. However, the plot story of but it has not gone beyond the promise to convene the inquiry and has avoided ruling on the road that will take if the Constitutional Court suspends it. Leave it here, because we don’t know how it will evolve, he said, while in private it comes announcing weeks ago that you abide by the decision of the High Court and not out the polls to the street, something that solivianta to Esquerra Republicana, its parliamentary partner. . You can click this to learn more on this interesting subject.

King search for Ashya: DP with cancer boy to be in Spain.

Ashyas parents, Brett and Naghemeh King her fallen son on Thursday afternoon from a hospital in the English Southampton brought – without the consent of the physicians. Since then the police looking for the boy, Interpol has sent a missing person’s report at 190 Member countries. You have reliable information from residents, that the five-year Ashya meanwhile was King in Spain, police said according to the guardian now. The family have close ties in the region around the city of Marbella in southern of Spain, so the police. The British officials therefore closely cooperate with their counterparts in Spain. The findings of the investigators, according to the parents of convicts with him and his six siblings had boarded the ferry across the English channel in the French Cherbourg. From there, they should be continued in a grey car of brand Hyundai in the neighbouring country of Spain. The search for Ashya King is a race against time: the age of five must be fed artificially, and the batteries for the device to the food supply would have given up on Friday, told police and hospital in Southampton. Ashya was in serious danger. . You can click this resource to read more on this amazing topic.

Syria: Golan on clashes between Filipino peacekeepers and rebels.

Syrian rebels have attacked a Philippine peacekeepers on the Golan Heights and there was a Gunbattle. This was announced by the Government in Manila. Two days ago, the rebels have taken hostage dozens of Fijian peacekeepers. Of the more than 70 Filipino peacekeepers surrounded by rebels on two outposts in the Golan, the first group managed to escape the siege, while the second group of soldiers is currently under attack, announced the Minister of Defense Voltaire Gazmin manila. The United Nations has also received assurances from credible sources that the Blue Helmets mission 44 Undof in Golan seized on the morning of August 28 are safe. Undof was informed that the intention of those who took delivery of the Fijian peacekeepers was to remove them from the battlefield for their own safety, it said in a note released by the glass palace. The UN-precise note-still did not have direct contacts with the peacekeepers. The UN mission is in regular contact with the Filipino peacekeepers whose movements were cramped into two other Undof positions and can confirm that it has not been done them. . Original source could be found clicking the following

Sharing the Championship. Alfano: starts the operation viable field.

On the day that starts the serie A with Chievo-Juventus advance Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, announces the operation viable field: a set of strategies to ensure more security to over 12 million spectators expected, presented today during a meeting with the police chief and the leaders of the task force and the national monitoring centre on sports events. The football field is the stage of the sport, not a battlefield, "Alfano said. "The incidents of last season must not happen." In the 4000 law enforcement operators this morning Alfano had anticipated the news in a tweet: "From this morning al Viminale working on #sicurezza #stadi. We begin by giving a #calcioallaviolenza Championship». To give the measures provided for in Decree-law approved ad hoc from the last Council of Ministers before the summer break (published in the official journal of 22 August and already assigned to the Constitutional Affairs and justice committees of the room) will come down on the field more than 4000 law enforcement professionals. Around 200 thousand will be those used in the course of the Championship. Three maximum risk meetings over the course of three meetings in August, the Observatory on sports events has already identified three games ‘ up risk ‘: the headlights are aimed at Atalanta-Verona Hellas for serie A, on Perugia-Bologna for series B and on Agropoli-Cavese to the amateur world. But are the matches that will be 55 kept under observation. More than 5,000 people already subject to San Juan Are 5,000, says the Ministry, people who cannot buy tickets because being San Juan (the prohibition of access to sports events): for those who will try to do so triggered the arrest. A measure, that of San Juan, which was exacerbated by the dl: the questore may arrange it for both Stadium for both offences fans denounced or condemned for crimes against public order or linked to violent behavior. He also the Group San Juan, or the ability to punish the violent conduct in the Pack, even when committed abroad. The leader must be applied a San Juan of at least three years. In general, for repeat offenders, the minimum duration of the San Juan salt from three to five years, and the maximum to eight. And in case of a racist arrest delayed is expected. Steward Expected in multiple formats including almost 10,000 stewards whose training programmes and the selection of clubs have improved, as suggested in April by the task force set up at the Ministry after the events of the Olympics. The same working group had suggested to segment the branches of the stages to increase security and isolate violent promptly. It also works to targeted and effective plans of inflow and outflow of supporters. Not without easy access, especially through the online sale of tickets. Figc: ready 6,000 barrier cans While the Figc announce another novelty for this season: for the first time will be used the spray for the observance of the distance from the barrier, already seen at the last World Cup. The Federation has purchased 6,000, and each can be used for 4-5 spurts. The white line disappears in 20-30 seconds. . For extra regarding this matter read homepage.

Kerry called for a coalition of nations to combat the EIS.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry pleaded Friday for a broad global coalition to combat the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. A week of a NATO Summit to Wales from 4 to 5 September, the head of diplomacy drew in a gallery in the New York Times in a coupled reaction led by the United States and the broadest coalition of nations. John Kerry says he will seek, in the company of the Secretary to the defence Chuck Hagel, to form this coalition discussions with its western partners on the sidelines of the Summit. He added that U.S. president Barack Obama would propose a strategy against the Islamic State at a meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, with the United States taking the Presidency in September. We will take this opportunity to continue to form a broad coalition and stressed the danger posed by foreign terrorist fighters, including those who have joined the EIS, supports Mr. Kerry. The Commission considers that this coalition should use the means political, humanitarian, economic, legal and intelligence to support military action. At the end of the NATO Summit, he says, he will visit with Chuck Hagel in the Middle East to rally more support among the countries which are most directly threatened. We will not allow the IU cancer to spread to other countries. The world can confront this scourge, and ultimately defeat him, he believes. . You should check this homepage to discover extra about this interesting subject.