Internet piracy: Alpa for the establishment of specialized judges.

The president of the association against audiovisual piracy, Nicolas Seydoux, claimed Wednesday in Deauville the establishment of judges specialised in parquet, the Congress of the National Federation of french cinemas. (FNCF) Recalling the recent statements by Prime Minister Manuel Valls in defence of rights of creators, Nicolas Seydoux was considered important that governments designate a number of floors of specialized judges who won’t mind that cases of literary and artistic property. Because now unfortunately a certain number of these records sleep before parquet, explained Mr. Seydoux, also president of Gaumont. It goes without saying that the judge who has cases of paedophilia, rape and today? today terrorism is not first concern intellectual and artistic property. The president of this association of anti-piracy recalled that tens of millions of PV sent by Alpa to Hadopi only 115 have been transferred to different floors. One third of the French today download illegally at least once per month, he said. In 2013, 13.2 million people have consulted each month at a site dedicated to audiovisual counterfeiting, or 15.8 per cent more than in 2009, according to a study by Alpa published in July. Their numbers, which had decreased slightly in 2011-2012 to about 12.4 million Internet users, increased significantly in 2013. They use either the P2P download (between users), 29% of page views, either by DDL download (from server), 33%, or even streaming (38%). Streaming (immediate viewing), which requires an internet stream broadband, continues to gain ground since 2009 where it accounted for only 16% of the page views. In this same Congress, president of the FNCF, Richard Patry, called piracy of cancer while the President of the national Centre of cinema Frédérique Bredin digital today it is also a fight to preserve the value of the creation and the economy of the entire sector. Speaking in the evening during a tribute to filmmaker Jacques Audiard, the Minister of Culture said that she would have an opportunity soon to detail a plan of action on this priority issue, without giving details on the date. The just remuneration of authors and rights holders, respect for the integrity of the works, are at the heart of our fight for the cultural exception, said Fleur Pellerin. The Minister also reassured professionals stating that the budget of the national Centre of cinema (EUR 663 million, down 5%) was spared in an extremely tight budget context. There will be no capping of fees, or levy on the reserves of the CNC, said while the Government presented Wednesday its budget for 2015. The CNC was threatened by a new levy of 100-150 million euros on its reserves. . Related facts can be inspected checking article.

PHOTOS. Global warming would cause mass migration 35,000 walruses.

Unlike seals, walruses cannot remain in the water at all times, due to their weight and need to rest on the ice regularly. Problem, the surface of the sea ice in the Arctic has reached mid-September his lowest point ever measured. During the previous measurement, this summer, the ice surface was his sixth lowest point since 1978 has shown NASA. Sign of a warming climate: 35,000 walrus hit the beach in Alaska co/ATbytHwPb6 pic. Twitter. com/qsf6lzqGfr walruses can no longer hunt on the sea ice, or raise their young. The risk: drowning by exhaustion. It does remind you of anything?  Walruses say that polar bears have told us and that many Aboriginal people had told us. The climate of the Arctic is changing extremely rapidly, is sorry Margaret Williams Director of WWF Arctic programme. Indeed, the invasion of walruses on this place of the inuit village of Point Layau North West of Alaska would not be an isolated case. For eight years, we spotted more walruses forced to leave sea ice to survive. In question? Global warming believe biologists from NOAA. Prior to 2007, this kind of behaviour were however never observed emphasizes Chadwick Jay, a researcher based in Alaska. The time is serious, and the urgent situation prevents Margaret Williams of the WWF. It’s time for the rest of the world to take note and to tackle the causes of these changes. . For extra regarding this topic read

The Court of Auditors leaves bare the chaos of training workers.

Warns that the lack of follow-up and control there is a risk of not the courses that are intended for the grants; It points out that some types of costs that can not be verified; against and complaint that most of these subsidies benefiting entities does not declare, and therefore no returns, financial income generated by the transfer of these funds, something contrary to the principle of efficiency in the use of public funds, promulgating the General subsidies Act. The interim report of the Court of Auditors warns of "a lack of follow-up and adequate control, both institutions beneficiaries (of subsidies) as of the public employment service state in the areas of competence of the training actions carried out by certain companies providers of training and, in particular, above those given on the form of e-learning and distance", creating a possible risk of not carrying out such actions and therefore the Commission, by the beneficiary entities of these grants of a very serious infringement, to not apply the amounts received for the purposes referred to in the announcement of the grant". . Additional facts can be read clicking reference.

Sarkozy met Bertrand and sees Fillon Thursday.

Nicolas Sarkozy met Xavier Bertrand Wednesday, learned in the entourage of former Minister and must meet François Fillon Thursday, according to a source UMP. The meeting with Xavier Bertrand took place in the offices of the former president, rue Miromesnil, à l’Heure de lunch. It was a nice lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. Nicolas Sarkozy has renewed its commitment to support the primary, Xavier Bertrand reiterated her willingness to be a candidate in the primaries, has been clarified in the entourage of the Deputy-Mayor of Saint Quentin (Aisne). Xavier Bertrand will take its decision on the basis of the projects for the UMP about a potential support for a candidate for the Presidency of the UMP, was added from same source. In June, Xavier Bertrand had been particularly incisive stating about the Bygmalion case that all those who were concerned with the 2012 campaign should stay away from the movement. Former Prime Minister François Fillon will meet Nicolas Sarkozy Thursday, but the location has not been clarified. 15 days ago on the eve of the announcement of the candidacy of Sarkozy, François Fillon had merely to say that he would see all the candidates to the Presidency of the UMP. The former head of l?State has also received the signatories to a letter to the candidate to the Presidency of the UMP – Valérie Pécresse, Eric Woerth, Dominique Bussereau,.-, open letter which called, inter alia, the future president and his team to ensure total transparency on the situation and the financial management of l?UMP. According to a source UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy said on the occasion of this interview that he would scrupulously respect the principle of the primaries as enshrined in the Statute of the party. According to a count made by RTL, less than half of the UMP parliamentarians would support the former head of l?State. Bruno Le Maire avails itself of the support of 46 members. Questioned by AFP, Hervé Mariton responded Wednesday that he had 31 sponsorships of parliamentarians to date of contribution. . Inspirational facts can be studied checking the following

Decree stadiums, Radhakrishnan: the football club to pay police overtime».

The Dl 119/2014-expiring on 21 October and was issued in the wake of outrage over the death of fan napoletano Ciro Esposito before Italy Cup final in Rome-in addition to enhance the contrast of illegality and violence during sports events, also on the immigration front: increase number of territorial commissions for asylum; Tip to make it more efficient and faster review of applications for recognition of international protection; refinancing measures for reception of asylum seekers and immigrants in General. The Decree also provides funds to adapt the operational capacity of the police and of the National Body of fire. The League promises battle: immigration is financed trust was in the air after the early closure of the debate, asked and obtained from the PD. barricades Lega Nord. «The Decree stages is a sneaky Trojan horse to provide new life to Mare Nostrum ‘, says Deputy Nicola Molteni. «On 11 only 4 articles about security during sporting events, the rest are just pro-immigration measures, starting with the stolen 130milioni at the bottom and diverted on repatriations. " For the Carroccio, confidence would be "a ploy of the Government to bypass the League’s amendment that would introduce, in black and white, the stop at Mare Nostrum from 1 November 2014». San Juan group arrives on the front of the security in the stadiums, the Decree envisages in particular the tightening of rules on San Juan (prohibition of participation in sporting events), which can last from one to five years, up to eight in the event of recidivism, and can also be applied to groups of supporters. Allows the Interior Minister to ban travel to hooliganism. And increases the penalties for sports fraud and soccer-betting. From club funds for overtime police forces The Constitutional Affairs and justice committees have made several modifications to the original text. What is doing more discuss is the prediction of a contribution by the club, calculated as a proportion from 1 to 3% of box office takings, to pay overtime law enforcement officers. A contribution that is responsible for safety of Pd, Emanuele Fiano, defines "fair" but that the Presidents of the League of serie A and the Figc have commented with concern by asking "a comparison without demagoguery." About Renzi wrote on Twitter: "outstanding law enforcement officers engaged in the stadiums must be paid by football, not by citizens." The experimentation of electric gun Other contested edit is the one that gives you the ability to start the trial of electric gun (Taser) on the part of law enforcement. For If it is a ‘ dangerous and abused tool where it is used. " The Dl also allocates resources for the modernisation of the means available to the police and firefighters. And provides that the cars owned by other public administrations or divest disused are no longer auctioned but aimed at the public security forces. Immigration funds in addition to double ten to twenty regional committees for the recognition of international protection, which will be established in the prefectures, the refinancing measure the National Fund for policies and asylum services in order to expand the facilities of Sprar, the security system aimed at asylum seekers, accoglienzadei and establishing a new Fund in the estimates of the Ministry of the Interior to address the immigration emergency. For Sicily, is provided for the exclusion of the costs incurred by the municipalities concerned by landings from the internal stability pact. . For extra insights regarding this matter click hyperlink.

The girls of the Moulin Rouge will run against cancer.

They will leave the costumes in ostrich feather in the cloakroom of the prestigious cabaret five shorts and shoes. Sunday matin0 at 10.00, 28 voluntary artists of the Moulin Rouge will be present on the starting line of the Odyssea, a race which brings together 12 years over 30,000 riders on 10km. The most famous cabaret of the world team will support this action over a distance of 5 kms, in the smaller of the two races in the morning program. It will also be the opportunity power to celebrate 125 years of the Moulin Rouge opened its doors for the first time on October 6, 1889. Since the inception of this walking event in the early 2000s, 3.5 million euros were donated to the fight against cancer of the breast through the 371,000 runners, walkers and donors who have taken overnight departure. This amount, harvested in the different races open to all, will be donated to the Gustave-Roussy Institute as part of its research program. To recognize the girls in the middle of the crowd, this will be easy.  They all bear a hat in the colours of the cabaret. .  Some will probably find other distinctive signs to find them: A crowd of runners men around them for example,, For extra about this subject check

War against the terrorist IS militia – Turkey wants to participate in military operations in the Iraq and Syria.

For days, the IS extremists To try to capture the Kurdish city Kobans in northern Syria. You are only 2 km away. The International Alliance is trying to stop the jihadists. Turkey wants to now militarily involved in the war against the jihadists of IS. The Alliance led by the United States against the militia IS again bombed positions of Islamists near the contested border town of Kobans in northern Syria according to Kurdish. The warplanes were Wednesday about five kilometers southeast of Kobans attacked a village and here apparently destroyed a tank, reported a Kurdish representative from the besieged city near the border with Turkey. A Kurdish Commander spoke of at least five waves of attack during daylight hours. The Jets circling still in the air, he added. Typically, the United States and its Arab allies attacking IS targets in Syria in the night. The Turkish Government wants to have empower themselves by the Parliament to military operations against terrorist organizations in Syria and in the Iraq. The corresponding resolution to be gone on Tuesday evening at the Parliament in Ankara, the Government news agency Anadolu reported. MEPs wanted to decide about this Thursday. The Government of the NATO partners will thus empowered, time to choose the duration and scope of military operations in neighboring countries. She’ll also empowered to decide on the presence of foreign troops in Turkey. The permission applies for one year. Ten people have been killed in fighting between Kurds and the jihadists in the Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab according to activists in the night of Wednesday. The Syrian Observatory for human rights according to nine Kurdish fighters, as well as a member of the Islamic State (IS) died. IS fighters were moved forward last up to a few kilometres on the Kurdish town on the border with Turkey. . Inspirational data can be read visiting the following

Bavaria’s Ghost games in Moscow: Loge views from floor 18.

The action had been planned according to a member of the Club of no. 12 already for a long time. However, the game in advance was twice moved within Moscow, had to react but spontaneously. Only in the last week, it was clear that held the match in the Khimki arena, everything had to go very quickly. We’ve done what we can, so the Club No. 12-activist, who would not be named. As the Bayern fans had then related their panoramic floor 18, they were amazed quite well, what they saw. And this meant not only the impressive views over the Russian capital At night. The stadium was not quite empty, but nearly 500 tickets had gone to sponsors, which allowed to – sit the ghosts game despite still on the stands and vociferously supported their home Club CSKA. That has pulled out then almost blaming us, as we have seen, so the FCB’s supporters. Nevertheless, it was an evening that the members of the Club number 12 never will forget. Visibility in the last upper part of Camp Nou in Barcelona is certainly also not A lot better, so the conclusion. As the Munich Anhängrn in the high-rise building by friendly Russians were made even Weisswurst, the ice was broken anyway. Almost at least, because the sausages were fried, and that’s a sacrilege for a real Bavaria Of course. We hope Very much, that she matter for the Club so Not yet done, says that otherwise happens something at the next time the Club number 12 again, and not everywhere is a gorgeous high-rise building in the immediate vicinity. . You should visit the following to read more about this amazing topic.

World Cup skiing: Bormio downhill loses.

The December coincides with the return to Europe, in the Alps, where she will miss a classic stage. The famous downhill in Bormio on the Stelvio piste, scheduled for 28 December, is definitely out of next season’s calendar of World Cup. This is what communicates in a note the Sib, the company that operates the ski lifts. In the message sent by the company headed by Valerian Giacomelli to Fis, while you are playing autumn Congress in Zurich, it motivates the choice with the difficulties created for tourism in a busy period. The company actually prefer not to close the track visitors to reserve bandwidth to the races that have always had great television ratings and brought to the fore the whole Valtellina and Bormio. Bormio, for over 20 years, has always been an appointment with the spectacle of the "jet" and the Stelvio slope is technically challenging for the fix of a dive to over 100 per hour along the nearly one thousand metres. Bormio’s history began in 1985 with the World Championships, then replicated in 2005 and from 1993 onward, the Stelvio slope defined by Fis President Kasper as "Teatro alla Scala" winter sports ", he always staged the descent. The "artists" who have inscribed their names on the podium in Bormio are all samples, cannot be otherwise when the stage is upscale.  Alphand, Kjus, Strobl, Maier, Trinkl, Eberharter, Rahlves, Bode Miller and Walchhofer three times.  Even our Paris and Innerhofer have enriched a roll of honour that last year saw a big win as Svindal. There is no one, not even Alberto Tomba, who was protagonist of the final races of the 1995 World Cup and won slalom and crowned with success in the specialty standings and the overall (last to buy the Italian). All this, at the moment is deleted despite the Sib had been allowed to move the date from 29 to 28 December. No interventions also have made use of the Lombardy region in the person of the Governor Maroni and councilor and former canoeist Antonio Rossi, nor those of the organizers, who have proposed to increase compensation Bb. The same Governor lombardo has called for Thursday, the President of Sib Giacomelli to a last-gasp rescue attempt. To cheer because the World Cup does not leave Livigno hoteliers, well aware that the loss of the races would be an incalculable loss for the future of the whole Valtellina. There is still a small hope for the Bormio ski soul waiting to figure out if you will still Pass a descent or begin a free fall. . You can check the following to read more about this great topic.

Battle of Kobans – 300 villages under control: IS terrorists surround Kurdish enclave.

Islamsicher State terrorist militia has already taken over 300 villages on their advance towards the Turkish border. Has the enclave Kobans surrounded IS – from three directions and Turkey is as close as never before. IS militia faces now in the East, South and West of the city Kobans (Arabic: Ain al-Arab). The enclave, which is controlled by Kurdish people protection units so far borders in the North to Turkey. The United States and its Arab allies bombed IS positions near the circled city. Two villages West and East are attacked by Kobans on Tuesday, told the Syrian Observatory. Since the weekend, the extremists themselves bombard Kobans repeatedly with artillery.   US President Barack Obama met on Tuesday (local time) with the National Security Council to discuss progress in the war IS. Obama was informed also about the successes of U.S. attacks in Syria and the struggle against the Khorasan group, said from the White House.    The Iraqi Pesh had begun their offensive against the IS at the crack of dawn. They attacked according to own statements on three fronts. Also South of the city of Kirkuk, they could occupy two places. U.S. Jets also bombed IS positions in the North of Iraq. The fighter IS withdrawn towards Syria, Rudaw is reported.   . For more facts regarding this subject visit