1-0 to Hannover: jerseys make no champions.

Superstition and therefore a recourse faced believing a comeback in the Bundesliga on the festive shirts out of the Champions League. The BVB, running because the German Football League approved the request of the former master, exceptionally in the bodice, which contributed to three victories in the three season matches of the "King class". There were enough chances for a clean or "dirty" win. Mchitarjans deft turn and shot but was parried by Zieler (12) as Hummel’s ‘ head ball, (18.) drew the outstanding Hanover goalkeeper against the crossbar. Also, reus, in the first 45 minutes in addition to Piszczek and Hummel’s the most Jarpenguin, was twice close to a hit. He came not, to do with the failure of the previous Bundesliga games may have had. All pressure of the black-yellow in the first half on their opponents, the last shot lacked cold-bloodedness. The patient seemed in the meantime on the path to recovery, but fully recovered he was not still. . Original data can be studied clicking this homepage.

Farmer killed in Memphis by a bull.

He died uploaded by a bull at his farmhouse at Virle, in Turin. The victim is Franco Pippin, 65 years old, well-known farmer in the area.   It is probable that the accident happened this morning when the farmhouse there was none. The man was found around 11 by his son still agonizing. He died a few minutes later. According to an initial reconstruction of the carabinieri of Pancalieri, Pepin was moving the animal from the stable to the Manger: a task accomplished hundreds of times and that, now retired, this morning had to lend a hand to his son. In the few metres that divide the stall from the feed shed the bull started to fidget and released. Started to load the breeder who attempted to flee in the backyard.   To avoid the fury of the animal has even tried to climb on a ladder but the Bull has lashed out at spezzandola and causing it to fall to the ground. My brother has seen slippers in the yard but thought it was the dog-tells his son Daniele-only after he found our father. He was still alive. Pepin was born and raised in Virle. With his wife Maria Rosa had begun 60 years farm that had been his life. He was a hard worker.   He loved his animals, says Daniele again. Today the farm has more than 150 Miles leaders. For some years now one of the four children of the farmer had taken over the family business. A tragic accident and we are upset. Unfortunately with animals similar incidents possoni happen.   Just that the Bull will be upset. . For additional insights regarding this subject read home page.

Ebola: New York and New Jersey impose quarantine on travellers entered into contacts with patients.

INTERNATIONAL – Two American States take the lead. Governors of the States of New York and New Jersey ordered Friday 24 October a mandatory quarantine for travellers who have had contact with patients of Ebola in West Africa, after a first case of Ebola confirmed a doctor in New York. These provisions go further than the federal guidelines. They are following the hospitalization of urgency Thursday in New York of a doctor for 33 years with the Ebola virus has been identified, six days after it was returned from Guinea where he aided Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to treat Ebola patients. Craig Spencer, age 33, was Friday quarantined in hospital Bellevue in Manhattan, in a stationary state. He speaks, said the head of the city health services Mary Bassett. New York is completely prepared to deal with Ebola, said the Mayor of New York, seeking to reassure the population of the largest American city. There was no reason to worry, insisted Bill de Blasio, asserting that New York had the best system of public health in the world and that the situation was managed and well managed. In the morning, he took the subway, to show that New Yorkers should change their daily habits. All our infection control procedures went perfectly smoothly, also said New York health services officer, Mary Bassett. Craig Spencer went to the hospital immediately after discovering that he had fever: it was 37.9 ° and non 39.4 ° as shown initially, indicated the New York authorities, who were prepared for weeks to the threat, forming thousands of people in hospitals and emergency services. But he had however taken several metro lines and went to walk on the High Line, the coulée verte of Manhattan. Wednesday, while he felt a little weak, he had gone running, before you go play bowling in Brooklyn in the evening. He had also gone in a café and a restaurant. He had also taken a taxi über. Bowling, closed as a precaution, was inspected and declared safe, just like coffee. The restaurant was being inspected Friday. Uber said that the taxi driver was not in danger. Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are the three countries most affected by the viral haemorrhagic fever which has already made 4. 877 deaths on 9. 936 cases, according to the World Health (who) Organization. Tests on vaccines will be carried out if possible in December in these three most affected African countries, announced in Geneva the Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, Deputy Director General of the world Organization of the health (who). If they are conclusive, hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccines could be sent in West Africa by the end of the first half of 2015, said Dr Kieny during a press conference. Tests are underway in the United States, Great Britain and in Mali, and others must start soon in Switzerland and in Germany, she added. . Related info can be found clicking weblink.

Do not search, go to the Picasso Museum!

Two solutions. Starting his visit with the upper floors: on the 3rd floor, the special collection is finally shown consistently (and not more in the middle of the course as was previously the case). Here we’ll see paintings by Chardin, le Douanier Rousseau, Renoir, Cézanne, Braque and Degas drawings. On the lower floors, the suite of rooms available a series of themes (monochromatic, Cubism, war paint, years Pop) confronting, according to themes, drawings, engravings, sculptures and paintings. Or the best way to show how, at a same time, Picasso continues to renew its stylistic approaches. Without being chatty or didactic in excess, this relevant snap perfectly pays tribute to the work and the work of Picasso. During a private visit, it has generated this comment from the former Director of a large Parisian Museum: when we see it, we say, okay contemporary art it is well, it’s interesting. But still: ‘Picasso, this is still the boss’. Well seen! Inspirational facts could be found clicking this http://b01f8fb2d92dcd3042099b59.ericholzman.eu.

United States reject Putin’s accusation of “supremacy”endeavor.

The United States rejected sharp criticism by Russian President Wladimir Putin: the United States seek no confrontation with Russia, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jen Psaki. But it will not shrink when it to the principles, on which the security in Europe and in North America rests. You will hold on the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. As examples of the failed policy of the Governments in Washington, Putin called the situation in the Iraq, Syria and Libya. The United States and its allies fight now against the results of their own policy, for which they would have to pay a higher price. Today, we see attempts to shatter the world, to draw dividing lines and forging coalitions based on the principle: not ‘that’ so ‘, however,’ and again an enemy image to create as it was in the times of the cold war, the Kremlin Chief accused the United States in the speech, which was broadcast on Russian State television. As an example of the interference of the United States in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, Putin called the Ukraine. He again warned against trying to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine with military means. Russia got interested in stability in its neighbouring country, he stressed. Putin tried in his speech also, to dispel any fears about Russia’s role. No rebuilding his country striving for more than 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he said. Russia requires no special, extraordinary place in the world, so Putin for themselves. We want that our interests will be taken into account. . You must check this web site to read more about this great subject.

Italy: Juventus extended its Pogba treasure until 2019.

Juventus has developed the trunk Paul Pogba, 21 years, one of the most coveted players in the world, extended until 2019 at the end of a long series of negotiations. French midfielder, followed by big, Real Madrid at Bayern Munich, passing by Paris Saint-Germain, has extended by three years its contract with the Bianconeri. The operation is successful for the young elected best player of the world-2014. His salary would have tripled, to 4.5 million euros per year, according to the Italian press, after more than a year of negotiations by its agents, Mino Raiola in mind. The Managing Director of Juve, Giuseppe Marotta, indeed announced to the General Assembly shareholders of the club side that before coming to see you we signed the renewal of the contract of Pogba traded. The soap opera was still dragging long Friday afternoon. The transfer is on the right track, but this is not yet signed, assured AFP one of the agents of Paul Pogba, Ogg Taiwoborks. We have reached an agreement, said a spokesman for Juve after this reaction from the counsel of the player. In 97 matches (15 goals) in the Jersey bianconero, Paul the Octopus whose tentacles ventousent the ball, is becoming the technical leader of Juve, poised to push Andrea Pirlo on the bench. Pogba has missed his match Wednesday against the Olympiakos Piraeus (lost 1-0), and the Juve has coughing with him. The previous Saturday against Sassuolo (1-1), he had splattered the match of its class, passing next to the goal of the year for an exceptional parade of goalkeeper, after having dribbled on more than a half. -Towards a larger transfer in 2015? -In the footsteps of Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane, francesi idolized Juve Pogba was still some progress to make to become a potential Golden Ball, his dream. Coach Massimiliano Allegri explained that he gets annoyed many against Pogba, possessing huge potential it operates not yet fully. Blue (20 selections, 5 goals) also, he emerged as one of the bosses, and coach Didier Deschamps praises his gifts and his ability to invent technical gestures. The tifosi’s Juve can still sing at least a season: Pogba, it is we who have it, it is we who have it, the anthem dedicated to him. But then the child of Lagny-sur-Marne may well come up one floor above, one of the first clubs in the world. This summer his entourage, her mother in particular, prompted him to stay in Turin, where it can flourish and grow a little. By 2015 it should try the adventure, to a club the champions League candidate, that is no longer the Juve and a pharaonic salary. This extension would also allow Juve to reach a much higher transfer allowance than with its current contract until 2016. One year of the term, the Turin club would not have been in a strong position to negotiate prices. It keeps therefore its gem a season, barring exceptional events in the winter transfer window, and would realize an excellent operation in case of sale: Pogba, the last error of Alex Ferguson, to the legendary flair, arrived free Manchester United in 2012. . Root data may be studied clicking this http://b01f8fb2d92dcd3042099b59.ericholzman.eu.

Football: The quiet.

A few days ago Walter Junghans has looked at again the footage from the spring of 1981. European champions of Cup, semifinals, playing Liverpool FC Bayern. In the storm of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, midfielder Paul Breitner, central defender Klaus Augenthaler. And in the gate he, Walter Junghans. The game ends 0-0, FC Bayern is eliminated after a 1-1 in the second leg in Munich. Briefly, Junghans is annoyed when he told. But when he looked at the images, something else occurred to him. That he, the goalkeeper, was very far away from the gameplay. That he almost never was played on by all the Breitners and Augenthalers. But if then but one has played to him, for example Augenthaler, then he, Junghans, monstrous has made. He took the ball in his hand. A further release, and he was again away from the gameplay. Nearly three decades and a back-pass rule later Junghans, who will be 56 on this Sunday works as goalkeeping coach in the Youth Department of FC Bayern. That he now once again more closely looked at his own game on the European stage himself, the reason is also that his most important pupil was there last traveling on Tuesday evening, in a 7-1-success of FC Bayern in the Champions League game in Rome. Leopold Zingerle, 20, actually first goalkeeper of the U23 of FC Bayern. And since the beginning of this week promoted to the reserve goalkeeper of the pros. Right behind Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of the world. Careers by goalkeeper often start with a completely unplanned dynamics, which was also in Walter Junghans. Than eighteen he joined the FC Bavaria, the first two years he was the replacement for Sepp Maier. In the summer of 1979, the goalkeeper had to end his career after a serious car accident but, and at once Junghans stood in the door. Zingerle is not far, he now is the replacement of the goalkeeper. But after the long-term cases of Pepe Reina and Tom Starke is he close to his first appearance in the Bundesliga very. Summarized: fewer parades, more play – and just: don’t worry. Before he became a goalkeeper, Zainal has long played in the field. Leo plays well, can play a good ball, is good in the playmaking, Jaffery says. As keeper of the old school, he pays attention as goalkeeper on the teachings of the modern school; Junghans has welcomed about that Zakir has trained in the past season with the pros on the day after the game. Six against six, two goalkeepers, confined space, little time to think, result: an increased action swiftness, first. And secondly: Leo has stabilized, especially with regard to the calm and confidence. To watch it in this season of the Regionalliga Bavaria. Last season was the number one of the U23 Zingerle formally, but not played often, because gears, the third goalkeeper of the professional game practice should collect Luke. Zakir a little doubting himself, accepted but his role. And when it came to it, he was ready. Twice he was also already in the pros on the bench, in Augsburg and Madrid. He has held constant, always training hard. That has paid off, Jaffery says. In the Regionalliga Zingerle this season in 14 games in goal, in three games, he cashed no conceding a total of twelve, also thanks to him, the team has the second-best defense in the League. In our previous results, he has had a large share, he has kept a few crucial balls, Jaffery says. . Inspirational facts may be studied visiting the following http://b01f8fb2d92dcd3042099b59.ericholzman.eu.

Sanctions strengthened for deserters from the social security system.

"It is important to adopt more dissuasive measures against movements that incite more in addition to policyholders to disaffiliate and which call into question the french solidarity and universal social security system," according to MEPs signatory of the amendment. These movements, "which have always existed, have recently strengthened their speech, in abusing European law and in particular judgments of the European Court of justice, which do absolutely not call into question the monopoly of social security. These movements suggest no longer pay social security contributions, and to join a French or foreign private insurance cheaper. If they say they are apolitical, their language is quite marked. Far from being a ‘social acquis’, social security, according to one of them, was "established authoritarian way in October 1945 under the influence of the Communist Party and trade unions", and never "confirmed by universal suffrage. Will they surf sense of fiscal overflow, these movements are also powered by dysfunctions of the IHR. The regime was created in 2006 to consolidate different plans which depended before the independent. But it quickly reported by many malfunctions, a report of the Court of Auditors has made in 2012 the ruthless inventory. Problems of information and poor coordination between administrations resulted in inconsistencies in the amount and the collection of contributions. Result: ‘the RSI is now less effective and more expensive than the old schemes that it has replaced. For a part of the insured, the reform is "not only meant countless administrative hassle but risk of loss of rights. The code of social security is however without ambiguity on the binding nature thereof. To legitimize their cause, "dissidents" are thus exegesis of certain European texts, including decisions of the European Court of justice. According to them, these texts prohibit a public social security system monopoly, on behalf of the liberalisation of markets and competition. Is to make few cases, however, of the Treaty on European Union, which States that it cannot "impair the recognized faculty to States members to define the fundamental principles of their social security system". EU social security decisions should not "affect significantly the financial balance" – which would be the case if it authorized the insured to leave the public system. The latter, indeed, does not intend to let. Fines and penalties threaten defaulters of assessment, and the body does not hesitate to go to court against the more recalcitrant. According to Jean-Philippe Naudon, Director of the mission to the IHR, 75 cases are currently considered by the tribunal of Social Security Affairs, and "all decisions are favourable [to the IHR]". Difficult however to quantify exactly the phenomenon, non-payment of contributions that may face situations very various "ranging from the cessation of activities to the requests for payment.  Under the scheme, only 472 provided on 2.8 million would have officially announced their intention to disaffiliate. . For extra facts regarding this matter read web site.

Albania-Serbia Brawl, the Uefa decision.

Defeat 3-0 table for Albania but also three penalty points in the standings for Serbia. This is Uefa’s Disciplinary decision-announced by the Belgrade Football Association-about what happened last October 14 in Belgrade, with the race valid for the Euro2016 qualifying suspended at 41 ‘, after arriving on a drone with a flag of greater Albania. For the two internal competitions Serbia to play behind closed doors and both federations a maxi-fine from 100 thousand euros. In the ranking of the group the fact does not change anything with the Albania of De Biasi who remains in the lead with 4 points with Denmark while Serbia remains last with Armenia at an altitude of 1. The Albanian Football Association, through its Secretary-General Ilir Shulku, has already made known its intention to appeal against the decision of Uefa though waits for the reasons, which should be delivered in five days. It seems a strange decision, Shulku’s comment. Even more embittered coach Gianni De Biasi: we cannot accept to be declared defeated, deleted what we gained in the field. . You should click this http://b01f8fb2d92dcd3042099b59.ericholzman.eu to read more regarding this amazing topic.

General: a new strategic plan Relaunch King, focus on China and Japan.

Direct investment by limiting management alliances with third parties and increasing geographical diversification of the portfolio with a particular eye to the far East, namely China and Japan. These fundamental choices on which rotates the new strategic plan of General Real Estate, so far held strictly confidential, including Ghirlandaio manages to give anticipation. Always been generals, as well as being Queen of Piazza Affari, is the real estate Queen, crowned with an estate estimated at 28 billion. Immense, property accumulated in 180 years of history, which have the characteristic of being handled safely, without too many troubles but even without much glory. Now, in General, real time page. And, by the end of this month or at the latest at the beginning of November, the company’s Board of Directors will discuss the reorganisation and relaunch plan presented by the new number one, Frenchman Christian Delaire, one of the managers appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of generals, Mario Greco.   The direct management of initiatives in real estate represents a distinctive feature of the new management, while in the past much more weight investments were made in partnership and through alliances. Under discussion is not the kind of members which in turn have joined generals, always prestigious, but the decision to start development initiatives with allies. This trendline will be less and less even if the partners were the likes of Norges bank, in which major investments have been made in Paris, or the German Allianz Insurance Group, among the members of Rammstein, in Milan. The interest of the group to become important real estate projects developer stems from the consideration that, in an era characterized by low interest rates, tending to zero, it is increasingly difficult to find profitable investments and real estate can provide significant satisfaction. For this you think a blanket placement in the city of London, an area of 40 thousand square meters, that of Fenchurch avenue, in the neighborhood where the main insurance and the construction of a tower at La Défense in Paris, became a symbol of modern architecture. As regards the geographical diversification of the real estate portfolio there will be a radical change, with weight in the United Kingdom investment in Spain but also in the Far East. And, in particular, China and Japan, where General real estate currently has very little. . Similar facts can be inspected visiting http://b01f8fb2d92dcd3042099b59.ericholzman.eu.