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Presidential loves: Holland betrayed by François

May 4, 2013 Archives - The Japan Times

Day and night. Franois Hollande does not look like it parat. It is believed undecided, modest man; it is sharp, trssr him, ESPECIALLY intelligent. With him, and from the first moment, the Frenchman have vision problems. From the first moment they are struggling look as a president of the Republic. Voil that, to make matters worse, he advances Baseball Cap. From the first moment, his countrymen are wondering what is the truth of man. Is it "what it hides, a miserable little pile of secrets," according to the Andr Malraux formula?

Day and night. Franois Hollande has always been convinced that he would act, behave differently prsider its predecessor. When Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni tmoign before the new read and his companion then, Valrie Trierweiler, the limitless violence against their social networks, Franois Hollande the a cost, to better reassure him chapperait the phenomenon. His person arouse animosity less. Rat. If the two heads of state do not have the same character, the hostility they arouse both have common starting points. Franois Hollande circumventing the peopolisation freelancing? He thought avoid the circus games? Still rat, he became the hero of Closer.

It lacked more than Marianne assassinated head of state. It is done. In 2012, Sophie Marceau is dsigne by the Association of Mayors of France to be the face of the Republic. Today, in an interview with GQ detour, then to log 20 hours of TF1 o is expressed "as a woman, as a citizen," she shakes customs, codes and president.. "It has matresses and when we know, he refuses to talk about a guy who behaves like a with women, it's a cad Me, I never vot for him. [...] I feel it blend a little while. I wanted to love him a little, tell me it is not so terrible that But was I told myself. "!'' What cowardly"

The current president has is undeniable, a rare quality in politics: a sense of humor out of the ordinary. This is probably what allowed him to say loud and clear, dj twice since the beginning of the quinquennium, that "private businessman rglent in private." Must be read enqute dcapante Elise Karlin, The Chair who wanted to live their lives (Fayard), including L'Express published excerpts, how to enter the state and first its leader, has caught up with t considrations by personal order. Valrie Trierweiler that has, in the cruel sentence of Franois Hollande reported in the book, "Flight of the happiest [m] a life time" is one thing. The confusion of feelings men have any right to blend genres is another, which affects us all. Check if you want to read more

Ukraine Conflict: Military muscle games

Conflict with Russia has entered 'military stage', Ukraine warns ...

The United States wants to send about 600 soldiers to military maneuvers to Poland and the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the face of tensions in Ukraine. For the purpose of "persistent rotational presence" to send to each of the four states are each a group of 150 soldiers, said the U.S. Defense Department on Tuesday (local time).

The American Secretary of State John Kerry urged Russia to make more effort to calm the situation in Ukraine. As the Foreign Office announced on Tuesday Kerry said in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was "deeply concerned about the lack of positive Russian steps to de-escalate" in the east of the country. Transition Minister Oleksandr Turchinov said earlier, the interrupted during Easter "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine had started back in full.

Prior to America's Vice President Joe Biden had strengthened during a visit to Kiev with promises of aid for Ukraine's pro-Western leadership of the demonstratively the back. He promised the former Soviet republic's political and economic help. So securing the White House the nearly bankrupt country to further funding for democratic change. $ 50 million (36.2 million euros) should flow into the country to support about free elections and upcoming constitutional reforms.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) presented the government in Kiev provisionally a good report. The Swiss Foreign Minister and current OSCE chairman Didier Burkhalter praised in a statement "the first steps of the Ukrainian authorities" to implement the decisions taken on April 17, from Russia, the United States, Ukraine and the EU.

Malls and outlets: meeting new squares?

Lenox Square®, a Simon Mall - Atlanta, GA

It was held in Genoa on April 15 the first meeting of the review Suq & Universities, dating in City, four meetings to talk on the theme of "new squares" with citizens, academics and institutions, writers, artists and journalists, with laboratories itinerant and a photo contest for students. The first event saw David Papotti University of Parma and University of Genoa Agostino Petrillo confront Outlet malls and as "non-places" or "iperluoghi." We asked David Papotti to summarize some of the most significant considerations to figure out where we live and where we are going in relation to these places, now part of our territories and that change the dynamics of the business, especially among the young.

These areas of trade were often stigmatized as "non-places" (to use a well-known formula created by anthropologist Marc Augé in the early nineties of the last century, in fact much more complex and varied than the banal clichés adopted in journalistic jargon ), but in reality they fit fully in the dynamics of perception and use of urban and peri-urban areas, changing identity and function depending on the location, the types of social utility, calendar fruition. Like all places lived and visited, they show unanticipated uses that go beyond the same design intentions, showing the varied and unpredictable human capacity to interact with the physical spaces, suffering from these influences perception, but also giving new meanings to the same and new functions. Shopping malls and outlets are certainly places of consumption, but may also include areas such as leisure, areas of socialization, social theater of the play, stages of visibility and invisibility, places "light", stripped of auras intimorenti of which are carriers historical centers and the traditional places for the "high" culture. to read more on this topic

Champions League: Chelsea 0-0 Atletico and, decisive race in seven days in London

Champions League - Mourinho: Atletico clash is Chelsea's only ...

The Colchoneros maintaining their unbeaten record in their own stadium but, while trying to make the game with personality, can not overcome the deadbolt English. Brazilian Diego Simeone relies on in support of Diego Costa and waives David Villa, Mario Suarez is preferred to Tiago, while Raul Garcia is the highest summit of the midfield. Mourinho must give up, over and above the suspended Ivanovich Eto'o and Hazard who do not recover in time. In midfield there are large Obi Mikel and Lampard, while Torres in attack crops up.

Atletico commands but does not sting. We tried a couple of times but opposes Diego Cech, at least until the race of the goalkeeper does not stop abruptly. Mark Schwarzer replaces it and will do it apparently until the end of the season. The first opportunity for Chelsea's Ramires, but the Brazilian Willian served by bad shot. Inaccurate in the final time also the conclusion of Suarez, with a right-footed from the edge around while Diego Costa is stopped by Azpilicueta.

In short, some little more emotion in the second half than the first time but basically a disappointing match at this stage of the competition. The challenge will be decided Wednesday, April 30 at Stamford Bridge and it is said that the strategy of Mourinho proves to be the best choice. The Cholo, if he wants, he has already demonstrated the ability to grit his teeth with his department back and the leaders of La Liga could also play a trick to the Special One. The race tonight in Madrid, including Madrid and Bayern Monaco, promises well for other delights the palates lovers of good football. At least the dust has settled. Also

Financial regulation in the service of growth and employment

HR Magazine - Poor financial regulation could hit growth and cost ...

Unconventional and very expansive central banks of the G7 monetary policies have helped to contain systemic risks but at the same time, they have certainly helped to blur the message on the need for financial regulation, indirectly encouraging speculative behavior whose consequences can, from the European point of view, seem weak because they have so far mainly concerned with emerging or developing countries. These consequences are no less troubling and eventually turn by diminishing the prospects for recovery of the European economy.

Yet this task is of strategic importance for the competitiveness of our country and our continent. The banking sector accounts for over 6% of the GDP of the European Union. But the balance sheet total of all banks in the euro area is 3.5 times the GDP of the same area. This is an aggregate value (22 times for Luxembourg, a little more than 4 times for France …). Certainly closer to greatness-stocks (bank balances) and flow (GDP) has limitations, but there is still an interesting indicator. In France, banking account with Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and BPCE, 4 schools among the 10 largest in Europe in terms of assets and termed "systemic" terms on the Financial Stability Board in Basel ( a list of 29 systemic banks in the world). In a still largely intermediated financial system, the health of banks affects the financing of the economy and future growth.

Arbitration between overregulation, which stifle the finance, investment and growth, and loose control, which would return the excess before the devastating 2007-2008, is a delicate balance. Well illustrated by the decision of the Commissioner Michel Barnier alleviate some rules on the sale of securitized debt. This is to help end this assay, to find the right level of control and good "calibration" that LabExReFi carried by ESCP Europe, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, ENA and the CNAM has recently published a book with the evocative title, "How financial regulation can it get Europe out of the crisis? "(Published by the ENA and PUF), gathering the fruits of three years of research and debate.

This approach is intended to serve the public interest because it should help make the most appropriate regulation possible, taking into account the impact on the financing of the economy and thus on growth and employment. We believe that the completion of the European financial reform, managing the implementation of the banking union, complementing the banking reform and restoring the confidence of private agents in respect of the financial sector, is a point of transition necessary to qualify for a sustainable exit from crisis. This is an area where Europe is leading in comparison to our partners (and competitors) G20. We have devoted significant efforts and investments must now be a competitive advantage for the continent, to promote growth and employment. Also read

Médiamétrie and Twitter launched a tool to measure tweets related to TV shows


Médiamétrie and Twitter have joined forces to launch next year a tool for measuring? Audience tweets issued in connection with a television program, announced Tuesday the two companies. Called "TV Ratings Twitter Médiamétrie" this tool for broadcasters, media agencies or audiovisual players will get "the number of tweets per issue", but also "the number of people (accounts) that saw the tweets about d? a TV show, "the statement said. "With Twitter, we will help the media to better measure and understand the new forms? Interaction with viewers online TV shows," commented Julien Rosenvallon, director of television Médiamétrie department. Justine Ryst, Director of Development for Twitter France, "this tool will allow independent and broadcasters and advertisers to quantify and? Assess the level of business engagement television." Twitter has already established a similar partnership in the United States with Nielsen to measure social engagement around American television. to read more on this topic

Rio de Janeiro, clashes in a favela: one dead

BBC News - Rio de Janeiro favela police operation leaves nine dead

- Violent clashes between police and residents of a favela in Rio de Janeiro, in the district of Copacabana, just a few hundred meters from the place where in 2016 they held the Olympic swimming. It all started with the protest of the people of Pavao-Pavaozinho for the death of Douglas Rafael Pereira da Silva, known as DG, 25, a dancer of popular television program residing in slums. His friends accuse police of killing him at cask strength. The situation soon degenerated and a man in his thirties was killed, shot in the head by a bullet. According to local media, a boy of 12 was injured while walking in an alley in the slums with his hands raised. During the protest, the inhabitants of the favela set fire to several objects, erected barricades, launched rudimentary bombs, stones and bottles, blocking traffic on the main streets of Copacabana. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, but according to witnesses, there were several shootings with deadly weapons. The riots were later extended to the neighboring district of Ipanema, where there were several looting. Even the headquarters of the Unification of pacifying police (UPP) of Pavao-Pavaozinho – one of 38 installed in Rio for a safer city, in view of the World Cup this summer – was attacked while some agents were surrounded and threatened by angry people. Also

'Ndrangheta, the Supreme Court, “Micciche Dell'Ultri contacted on behalf of Piromalli”

The hypothesis of the DDA in Reggio Calabria was that the former Christian Democrat Aldo Miccich̬ had contacted politicians of all hues Рincluding Marcello Dell'Utri (now detained in hospital in Beirut, editor's note) to try to fulfill the wishes of the clan Piromalli, has the seal of the Supreme Court. The fixer Рextradited from Venezeula after his arrest in July 2012 for Mafia association Рhad filed an appeal with the obligation to stay in Reggio Calabria. The supreme court rejected the request confirming his "role" of "man of contact between members of the 'dominant ndrina DiGioia Tauroe political institutional environments."

In the verdict 17631 stoats remember Miccich̬ contacts with the former senator of Forza Italy. Interception of September 2007 investigation 'One hundred years of history' clan Piromalli Рwrite togas "showed how the Miccicch̬, albeit a long time abroad, consider a number of occasions a full participant of the association when the mafia, to example, recommended Arcidiaco (Joachim's cousin Antonio Piromalli ed) to enforce vigorously the 'our' reasons ie 'ndrina aforesaid in the presence of a prominent politician (Senator Marcello Dell'Utri) with which the former has secured an interview with the same Miccich̬. " The meeting, according to the records of the investigation, would take place December 3, 2007 in the office of Dell'Ultri in Via Senato 12 in Milan. The conversation between the two is not known, but the following comment Miccich̬ intercepted, yes. The recruiter says that Dell'Ultri would have called the envoy of the clan "a wonderful guy" and "think of how many things we can do."

Always based on what emerges from the interceptions, also remember that stoats Miccich̬ "directly relates to the same Antonio Piromalli of contacts maintained or provided with various politicians (Mr Mastella, Sen. Tassone, Sen. Colombo) as well as contacts with not better indicated environments of Freemasonry. " On the basis of this material collected by investigators from Calabria, according to the Supreme Court, "the assessment on the role of" Miccich̬ "as a man of contact" between the clan and Piromalli "political and institutional environments" is "in conformity with the investigative findings." Therefore, it was declared "inadmissible" the appeal of the former fugitive Р"seriously suspect" to belong to the 'family' Piromalli Рagainst the order of the court of review reggino last November 8. Politicians contacted have never been investigated. Even if it is true that Micciche 'would be set in motion to try to mitigate the regime of 41a Joseph Piromalli it is equally true that the project did not go ahead but for "the inability of the political and institutional representatives contacted for address and resolve the situation for a whole set of problems due to the fear of both parties to move in a land so dangerous, and both the difficulties of judicial Minister of Justice. " Between the wishes of Piromalli was also to make getting the immunity of Antonio getting him even a consular function. A request to which Miccich̩ answered without hesitation, "we can do this." But this time the intention did not become reality. We also recommend reading

In the town of Jean Jaurès, three generations of socialists disillusioned

Sound Portraits | Soundlandscapes' Blog

Sylvie Bidal, "mother policy" Bouyssié François, who socialist commitment must go hand in hand with trade union involvement and defense workers, is more radical. It is "happy to see François Hollande," but decisions taken since the beginning of the presidential term spoil the party. The leader of the PS section of the city still does not know which side it will be Wednesday: Mr. Holland or the "CGT"? His reason told him to welcome the president and support him. But his heart told him to express his anger with CGT militants.

From this city of Tarn where traces of social struggles have been erased and replaced with windows closed, it no longer includes the "national". For her, the appointment of Mr. Valls as Prime Minister, "which has always been on the right wing of the party" – and who wanted to change the name to remove the reference to socialism – symbolizes the gap s is widened between socialists. "They reduce employer costs and take on social benefits for the less fortunate. They are on the moon, they are disconnected from the realities facing the French, "she says.

Sitting side by side in the local section of the Socialist Carmaux, called "Jean Jaurès", like many places in this city, they are inexhaustible. Sylvie and François Bouyssié Bidal speak of those who are displayed on the walls of the room where the leaflets are still scattered in the municipal campaign. François Hollande, Mitterrand, Jaurès … They are convinced that the party must find its values. That his future is on the left, closest to Jaurès. They hope that this trip will "rejuvenate" the president.

"The people rise against the careerist vision of power. Elected themselves superior. They believe too strong, "adds François Bouyssié. And they show a famous phrase Jaurès "Courage is to seek the truth and tell it. "" We are faithful to socialist ideals criticizing the party, "explains Sylvie Bidal. We also recommend reading

After Hartmann scandal: Peymann rejects Burgtheater Principals


Hamburg / Berlin – Claus Peymann, since 1999 director of the Berliner Ensemble, has announced once again that he does not want to lead again the Burgtheater. He has been asked by its own account in recent days by both theatergoers as well as by politicians, journalists and members of the Burgtheater themselves to "save" the venerable theater. Austria's most famous and most important stage is plunged into a crisis after the former director Matthias Hartmann, 50, was dismissed without notice in the millions because of financial irregularities.

How serious is the denial of the old man of the theater so to take? Peymann is experienced enough to know that one throws anything so fast out of the race for a post, as is the circumstance when one's name is called too early. If he but feel really old: who would otherwise in question?

The director and manager of the Munich Residenz Theatre Kusej Martin, 52, had a born Carinthian a slight home field advantage. In a recent interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" he denied no longer so directly that interested him the items. At the same time he rails against Austria, that it is almost a Thomas Bernhard worthy. "In Austria, you do not know the: responsibility," he says to the financial scandal at the Vienna Burgtheater. "How could it be otherwise but in a state which has anno put those days behind closed his SS President?" As an application does not sound like that. Similar article can be found