Student protests in Hungary: I want to leave the people alone.

Kerényi: The applies to all those who have begun to study in 2011 and later. I am enrolled in 2010 at the University. Because I will like to make a master, this scheme will affect me yet. I still don’t know whether I will sign. I just hope that the political situation has changed until then. Kerényi: Very many of my friends have moved abroad to study. It makes me very sad. You do the right thing, no question, but that may be the solution? I have a feeling that I’m wearing a social responsibility for those, who do not have the financial support, just in a different country. My parents have enough money, they would finance me studying abroad. I think Hungary but always to the four million, who live below the poverty line, which is almost half of the entire population. I want to leave these people alone. Kerényi: I think that the Hungary symbolically have understood the Internet tax so as a sign that we should increasingly be suppressed. Anyone who has access to the Internet, daily surfing on the net. A tax would therefore limit the everyday life of many people. In addition, the Internet allows a free press, and anyone who wants to can express his opinion. For many, I keep hearing that this tax was the last drop in the ocean – and these people demonstrate many for the first time in her life now. . You should visit this fact to read more regarding this great matter.

A ‘pickup of the day before’ AIDS.

Antiretroviral drugs can produce any adverse reactions according to the patient. "At the beginning I had a feeling of swelling, but then moved me," explains Arrizon, who has spent more than two months taking the pill. In addition, every three months is evidence of kidney, the Elimination of the drug is made by kidneys, as well as tests for control that does not have any sexually transmitted disease. Three reasons motivate you to consume it: "not always use condoms; know that this pill reduces the chances of me becoming infected from HIV relaxes me and, in addition, lately quote me with a guy that is positive." Some derogatorily call these users truvada whores (in English, the Truvada hookers) because its use is only related to the practice of sex. Treatment with Truvada costs about 6. 000 euros per year. There is no option to get it outside of a hospital. Hence, the emerging black market. "The first day leave you a little powder made", warns the supplier of the pill drinking a beer in a bar in the gay of the capital district. "Try it and if you feel you wrong, you ask me most, continues.  In any case, experts warn to be effective and protect the contagion, there follow a scheduled medical treatment. Before you finish your beer and pass the puck, camel gives one last tip: If you want to have sex without a condom throw yourself a boyfriend. If not, protect yourself. This is a strong medication. . For extra data about this topic read

Champions League: Atletico, Arsenal, Leverkusen in 8th, Monaco almost.

Monaco, with his victory at Bayer Leverkusen (1-0), has moved significantly closer 8th finals of the champions League, that will compete in all the same rival in the evening, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid also qualified Wednesday, at the end of the 5th day. Gr. A РAtl̩tico Madrid Qualifiecontrat filled the finalist from the previous edition easily disposed of Olympiakos (4-0), which will play on the final day in Turin against Juventus the first place of the group, so important to maximize his chances of a 8th in final against a priori more modest opponent and he will receive in the return leg. The champion of Spain has quickly turned the vise the opponent, thanks to a goal from Raul Garcia at the 9th minute, until Mandzukic succeed triple at the 38th, 62nd and 65th minutes. This scenario was in favour at Juventus, but still had that it is necessary at the same time in Malm̦. That the champion of Italy, after an insipid first period, reached do not without difficulty, thanks to the goal alone of Llorente and Tevez in the second half (2-0). A match none of the Bianconeri, often laborious this season on the European scene, against Atletico on the last day would ensure them qualification regardless of the result of the match between Olympiakos which will host Malm̦. Gr. B РMandatory win for Liverpoolmenes as early as the third minute by Ludogorets, the Reds showed pride and the resource to reverse a situation which meant elimination. Lambert (8th) and Henderson (37th) scored, but the Mersey club eventually cede against the Bulgarian club which has widely deserved its Equalizer late in the game (2-2). This counter-performance allowing FC Basel to keep his destiny for the 2nd ticket to compost, despite his defeat at home against already-qualified Real Madrid. The reception of the Swiss at Anfield for the last day will tell if Liverpool, stripped of Suarez in the offseason (Barcelona) and private long Sturridge on injury, is really for the 8th finals. In any case only victory will prevail for teammates Steven Gerrard. But it will be not easy as FC Basel despite the defeat still showed that he was a worthy opponent and has folded on a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo, his 71st in C1 which allows it to reach Raul. In the race mad records that opposed it a Lionel Messi, CR7 is now within three goals of the new record (74) established by the Argentine, Tuesday with his triple in the Apoel Nicosia. Gr. (C) Leverkusen, Monaco presqueLe hold-up perfect, managed by Monaco on the lawn of Leverkusen (1-0), brought him 8th finals and has not prevented Bayer qualify enjoying especially the defeat of Benfica at the Zenit Saint-Petersburg (1-0) earlier in the afternoon. ASM, who scored late in the game, and against the run of play by Ocampos barely entered game has 8 points, one better than the Zenit to be received on the last day. A draw will suffice to Berbatov and co. to join the Paris SG in the following round. Monaco did not dream at the BayArena but still showed that they were difficult to maneuver in defense, with for them the chance also to see the crossbar repel a flock of Benderen in the first half. At worst, Monaco is already assured of playing the Europa League in the event of disposal, after the defeat of Benfica. Gr. D РRegular Arsenal the Gunners are loyal subscribers at the 8th finals of the champions League, since they ensured their presence for the 15th edition in a row, beating Dortmund (2-0) already qualified, but they can still challenge the first place of group. Borussia did not exist at the Emirates, which has leaped on the early goal of Sakala and magnificent of Sanchez in the second half. Anderlecht, which beat Galatasaray (2-0) will play the Europa League. . Root facts may be read checking this hyperlink.

Comment: Torn America.

In Washington, much of well poisoning and arson was the speech last. Republican President with such accusations blaming it as a precaution, that occurs in the political blockade the next phase of. The decree with which Barack Obama protects up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation, explains to the provocation that unravel any cooperation from Congress and the administration. But the political rioters should breathe deeply and watch in your country. Ferguson before ran real arsonist, what rage inside them. The intransigence of politicians on the one hand is the consequence of driving apart perceptions in the country. The reactions refer to case Ferguson as well as resentment over a more pragmatic, more humane handling of many of the over 11 million illegal immigrants that the racial question plays not the least role – perhaps just because almost six years ago a black man moved into the White House. On the other hand, the political trench fight in Washington reinforces the polarization in the population. And so there is no relaxation even after the Congress election three weeks ago. The laws of the electoral campaign shall continue to apply. Deputies and Senators to subordinate their beliefs and insights the presumed demands of the next campaign. On the ridge between consistency and unwillingness to compromise, many politicians have lost the kick. Some combatants in the everlasting fight of camp are driven by fantasies of destruction. In the look in a single newspaper would have to suffice this week to put a stop to the shameful game. America has to deal not only with the fire from Ferguson and a failed immigration policy. Defense Minister must resign hail because the ‘Islamic State’ Obama has imposed a war for which the Pentagon probably needs a schneidigeren boss. The nuclear talks with Iran, in which America to avert a geopolitical disaster seeks, further suspended hanging by a thread. But no signal coming from Washington, that Congress and Government their shared responsibility – and potential strength–were aware. . Inspirational facts can be studied visiting this

Facebook and advertising: what changes the new terms of use for you.

Before Facebook, there was Facemash. While a sophomore at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg and three classmates launch facemash. com A set of hot or not which side-by-side two pictures of students at the campus and offers users to choose who is the hottest. To get these pictures, Zuckerberg has hacked the trombinoscope of Harvard. The University also will be shut down its site for legal questions. What we got here for our physical appearance? Non. Is that we will be judged on? Yes, could be read on the site. Who is the hottest? Click to choose. Despite the risks he took with Facemash, Mark Zuckerberg online puts The Facebook, a new derivative of the who’s who of the University (also the facebook means the trombinoscope). In 24 hours, the site already has 1200 subscribers. A month later, half of the students of the University have a profile on the network. These beginnings, The Facebook is a simple virtual directory. Each user can display its name, its coordinates, courtyards, a photo, that he seeks (friends or a relationship?), if it is single or not, its places of interest,. From March onwards, the site extends to the campuses of Stanford, Columbia, Yale,. The conquest of the campus continues at breakneck speed and the social network moved to Palo Alto from June onwards. In 2005, the disappears and the team buys a new domain name for 200. us $: facebook. com In August 2005, Facebook drops his tea and already claimed 5.5 million users at the end of the year. Gradually, the profile of users grows. Photos take up more magnitude and each account can be displayed to advantage. In September, the mur (the wall) appears on the profiles of users. 2005, it is also the appearance of the poke, a well mysterious option. Facebook launches a small icon, unattractive, showing a strained finger or rather two fingers being pinched. What for? Good question. The poke doesn’t mean anything and never wanted to say anything. In English, poke may mean cuckoo as sunset. And Facebook let users enjoy the ambiguity and do what they want to the poke. It was thought that it would be funny to create an app that would have no real purpose to see what would happen. So do you, you won’t have any explanation from us, also dodged Zuckerberg. But we are not going to lie, the poke quickly became an option for flirting, a virtual preliminary. Hola, guten tag, Hello. Facebook launches its first versions in foreign language with a site in Spanish, German and french. The conquest of the world really began and Facebook strives to find equivalents to its functions in all languages. How you say poke then? Dar a toque in Spanish, anstupsen in German and send a poke in french. You have the impression that the thumbs of Facebook has always been there? Well no, the like has happened in February 2009 at the bottom of the articles, comments, pictures and links,. A way for users to approve without comment! What happens at the time when one clicks on the go? The content appears systematically in the friends news feed. For Facebook pages, it still offers you to become fan for a few months. The like to subscribe arrives in 2010. It will allow users to see how many people follow their page. It is at this time that Facebook offers to sites to integrate its like home so that users share their links. Facebook decides to show,. what you like! Using an algorithm, the news feed offers the most popular and engaging content since the last login of the user. The pure and simple timeline disappears. Facebook launches an option to see the contents of all your friends and pages you subscribers,. or just those of your closest friends and pages with which you interact the most. Source: Inside Facebook. Facebook Wall becomes a newspaper or as we say in Palo Alto: a timeline. The profile is organized by date, with a timeline to go back in time and learn new info on your life,. before Facebook. Zuckerberg offers you to become your own biographer. It becomes possible to compile all his life on a single page, from his birth to his first kiss, her first internship to her first child,. This new profile becomes mandatory for all end of March 2012. Shortly after the appearance of the option to subscribe, Facebook allows its users to directly view the most important information for them. Now, the news feed adapts to more resemble the profile of the user. You won’t have to worry about missing important information, then explains Facebook. All information will be displayed in a single thread with the most important information placed at the top. If you do not went on Facebook for awhile, the first things that you will see in your news feed will be the best photos and articles having been published on Facebook in your absence. You can identify them easily through a small blue tab. Yet once, like Twitter, Facebook launches of trending topics or subjects a. For users in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Canada, India and Australia (to start) a module appears top right of the news wire and displays the most discussed topics at any given time. . Related data can be found reading url.

Plan Juncker: a first step but not enough according to the PS.

The first Secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, welcomed Wednesday evening as a first not the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker investment plan, it however insufficient in the fight against deflation. The Socialist Party welcomed the relaunch by l? investment is finally l? l agenda?European Union, said the Socialist leader in a release. For months, recalls, the France and l? together European Socialists underline the threat of deflation in Europe and ask to be put in? implement quickly a plan d? European investment of the crisis. PS welcomes in particular that the Commission for the first time (,.) accept d? exclude a part of the expenditure of the Member States of the calculation of national public deficits. It also notes that Brussels advance proposals that join those of the PS, the definition of priority sites as the energy transition, digital or search and l? use of European Bank d? as a main tool for financing investment. So far, off Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, this plan can be considered only a first step. It must be clarified and supplemented, to meet the economic challenges to face the EU. The new European Fund for strategic investments (SIEF), continues the Socialist head, will have 21 billion euros of capital (,.) This n? is not enough. We must appeal to the existing availability, superior, in the context of the European stability mechanism. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis recommends inter alia that the EIB can take more risks and soften its conditions of funding in order to participate more directly in the revival of investment. The Socialist Party therefore welcomes this first step of the European Commission, but asked him to climb to the level of the historic challenge of deflation, finds the head. It is a start, had commented earlier in the AFP Juliette Méadel, spokesman of the PS. What counts is the political impetus, given the crisis and that growth is not at the Rendezvous in Europe. It is also the political impetus that it gives the idea that investment is in the c? ur of the European agenda. It is no longer in speeches by the drastic reduction of public spending. It is no longer in the speech of austerity and the decline of investment, she added. The Commission worked quickly, it is positive (,.) We can consider that it is a basis for discussion, it welcomed. . Root data can be found visiting the following

Asylum seekers: Pécresse, Ciotti, Karoutchi and sales that did not exist.

REHAB. Then, 20%, 5%, 33%? Who says true? It is unclear, according to the Ministry of the Interior. And for good reason, "there is no figure. The french Interior Ministry has only the number of applications received each year by the french Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons (Ofpra) and the national court of the right to asylum (CNDA), and the number of applications accepted. For the rest, nada. A rejected asylum seeker can leave voluntarily, benefit from assisted return, be forced to leave the territory, to maintain the illegality, or to make a request for review. Problem: whether for voluntary return or the renewed forced to foreigners in an irregular situation, the liability of the persons concerned is not documented in the software. Impossible so whether, among these quotas, what is the share of asylum seekers. The relationship between the two values: 20.7%. Banco! Except that no. Table concerns all illegal immigrants, and not only rejected asylum seekers. Furthermore, the statistics do not include assisted returns. Add that a large number of asylum seekers are not an OQTF. Short, statistics of Fillon and Pécresse sheds little light the subject. Turn to Eric Ciotti. MP says that only "5%" of asylum seekers are expelled from french territory. Its revenue comes from an official report which has the merit of treating effectively the subject. It is the report of April 2013 on accommodation and financial support of the asylum seekers. It reads: "We can estimate the number of departures from the Committee to some 2,200 (near 500 voluntary departures and 1,700 forced departures)." ’37 000′ 39,000 Committee, or 5 per cent of them, to maintain each year on french territory, argues the report. This is only an estimate. The Ministry of the Interior, joined by rehab, judge ‘very low ‘. Roger Karoutchi, meanwhile, does not estimate and is instead very affirmative. In its information of the Senate report, it affirms therefore that in 2012, "on the 45,000 5,000 rejected asylum-seekers are gone themselves, 10,000 have been extended to the border and 30,000 mechanically became undocumented migrants". One third of asylum seekers would be thus divided, either on their own or under duress. Contacted, Senator confirms and ensures even have figures for 2013, always coming from of the Ministry of the Interior.  Which Ministry of Interior denies, and judge the 33 per cent cited "overpriced".   The statistical opacity is not a French specificity. Rehab has contacted the German authorities to try to check the 80% figure quoted by Valérie Pécresse (and François Fillon). An overestimated figure, according to the federal Office of migration and the German refugees (BAMF), which lacks statistics says. According to the UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, the Germany received 180 000 applications for asylum from January 2013. 70% of these requests have been denied, but according to the German Ministry of the Interior, only 20 000 illegal immigrants about have been renewed at the border. As for France, this ce chiffre figure is not only of asylum seekers, since all illegal immigrants do not necessarily seek asylum. It does not take into account voluntary departures. . Similar info can be inspected visiting

In addition to the woman witnesses her former friend Barbara Montereale, 28 year di Modugno (Bari), that getting to different festivals organized in the residence halls of the then premier, and former meteorina of TG4 Chiara Guicciardi, the Modena-old that confirm on the record that he had spent a night with the Knight. The witnesses. D’Addario, Montereale and Guicciardi are among the witnesses at the trial of seven people-including the brothers Enrique and Claudio Tarantini, Sabina strip club (aka Began), the so-called ‘ ape regin festivities organized by Knight-accused in various capacities of criminal association, aiding and abetting, exploitation and induction of prostitution. The story of banquets organized in case of then premier between 2008 and 2009. Investigations. The 47 year old escort Bari, during the investigation, said he participated, at the request of Gianpaolo Tarantini, at two meetings in the Roman residence of the then head of Government: the first in October 2008 during which, despite the pressures of Gianpaolo and President, D’addario reject to refrain over dinner. The second, the November 4, 2008, she accept to spend the night alone with Berlusconi. The tale. Throughout the night, "said then-pm Giuseppe Scelsi-investigating I entertained him, consuming both intimate relationships that talking without interruption, despite I had sleep. That night I received the promise of his good offices to resolve the mia question Bari building (building a residence, ndr), without which I’d mentioned in any way, for he was already clearly informed. The gift. In the morning breakfast stools with the President that at that time I don a necklace with stones in the shape of a turtle as well as the promise of ribadirmi his interest for my building problem. Once back in Bari, said D’addario-President call me on my cell and I saved on that occasion the conversation. Gianpaolo, a third time, he would have wanted me to come back to Rome, from the President, but I also refused because the promise made to me was not maintained. The theft. The woman also received visit parler home, immediately after the Roman experience, a self-styled employee of the Ministry of the Interior (which was said to be called Louis) who asked her if it was her friend an important politician. The day after the visit, Patrizia D’Addario denounces undergoing a theft at home during which were stolen computer, music CDs and computer, your mobile phone, clothes, undergarments and underwear. After the theft, the escort named Luigi to tell him what had happened because the man had said to be very powerful and invite the woman contact him if he had any problems. . For extended data regarding this topic read fact.

European Parliament: Google threatens the destruction?.

In fact, the proposals discussed in the Parliament could have far-reaching consequences for Google. The draft resolution the conservative EPP, the CDU MP Andreas Schwab was involved, could entail the group a split. Google is although not specifically mentioned in the draft, but it is obvious, that it goes to Google. Unbundling is the key word in the text, the news. de exists, to German unbundling. By busting the MEP Schwab doesn’t want to talk though. He says that listening to himself so, as if there were no longer Google, compared to tagesschau. de. Google could continue to use but its search engine and other services. Only legal unbundling we need, so that the search results are now neutral, Schwab says. Google, that would mean that the search engine would therefore be separated from the other services, that there was no collusion or preference in the search results. Competition proceedings against Google, in which the European Commission is already whether the Internet giant abused its market power for more than four years. So far, Google had misled the Commission in this procedure more or less on the nose, says Jan Philipp Albrecht. It’s high time for a tougher ride of the Commission compared to Google. If a company has quasi monopoly, it must accept just to be able to offer everything from a single source. So or so the adopted resolution of the European Parliament to the Commission will not be binding, it has appeal purposes only. However, a strong political signal going out from her, that increases the pressure on the Commission in competition proceedings against Google. But even if Google is condemned to the unbundling of its Internet services at the end of the group, however, is still in revision can go. The final decision is then with the European Court of Justice. . You must visit this to discover more about this amazing subject.

Masha, the dog who waits at the hospital the master died a year ago.

For almost two years waiting each day at the entrance of the hospital on his master’s return sick, but to no avail because the man has been dead for over a year. Is the sad story of Masha, a dog mestizo, that every day is the acceptance of a hospital in Novosibirsk in Siberia, Russia, and waits until the night of his beloved master, but will review ever again. Nobody knows how many years has, but Masha is known and loved by all the employees of the hospital and the patients who every day make sure they have food and shelter in the heat outside the hospital. As they narrated the sanitaryware, Masha was presented for the first time at the front desk of the hospital nearly two years ago when its owner was hospitalized. The man, an elder of the village of Dvurechie, was ill and only had arrived at the hospital with the pet. While the man was rushed to the Department, Masha was the only who was visiting at the entrance each day while returning home in the evening to guard. It went on like this for a few months until the man died. Since then awaits return unnecessary Masha of the master from the Department and does not intend to leave. Some nurses have even attempted to make at home, but Masha is back in the hospital the next day. Hospital workers are hoping that someone will be able to convince them to find a new home, but admits: "we do not believe will ever get out of here". . You must visit the following to discover extra on this amazing matter.