Official with at the Gates: huh? Harry Potter gibbet really?.

At the gates – at war with reality (century media/universal, will be released on 24 October) Tompa, Tompa, Taberna: Gates was at the end when the melodic death metal Masters after their 1995 album slaughter of the soul, but is not so, as you heard nothing more from the protagonists the Björler brothers or just frontman Tomas Tompa Lindberg, that in real life, so when he himself spent not just on the stage of the world, English is Professor of sociology in the native Sweden. Lent his voice saying about 666 other bands as a result and was or is member in lock up, Nightrage, Skitsystem or Necronaut, deepened in addition but especially in studies to the magical realism. Huh? Harry Potter gibbet really?, may ask some simpleton, but the magical realism is of course to the artistic movement, which since the 1920s, especially in the area of painting and literature in some countries of Europe as well as North and South America is represented as Wikipedia knows, but Wikipedia knows that don’t typically better than the common mirror readers ONLINE, so I could have (or may not? saved also this quote me The author is obviously confused, also – remember as well as the Chief at this point. d. red.). Anyway, Tompa throws Luis Borges, Raymond Roussel, and Julio Cortázar in current interviews like with this and related genres to Ernesto Sabato, Jorge, you know them all. Apart at the return is gone but pleasantly calm gates, she happened so to speak, and the new album, as the predecessor to hot, but not pointed produced by Fredrik Nordström, continues because even the own past, as if it were the most natural Stella world. The opener death and the labyrinth (before there is a spoken intro) is himself his way maybe a bit too slow, one makes it clear that yet from the minute that it at the gates, at the gates and especially at the gates were metalcore, this fresh, energetic flow at the beginning of the blank with bands such as unearth, heaven shall burn and darkest hour, a kind of blueprint delivered had, because eventually the metalcore sounded at least musically more and more to melodic death than after classic hardcore. (And Yes, love purity advocates: at the gates are of course still metal!) Even DEATH metal. ) Kick-off tip of a continuously successful plate times clearly attracted to the tempo: the melodic masterpiece the circular ruins with its great vocals Barb and gloriously comprehensive melancholy guitar hooks. . Root source can be found reading this home page.

Jaguar Land Rover opened a factory of engines in England.

The British automaker Jaguar Land Rover opened Thursday a new brand engine plant in the West of England, in which it has invested the equivalent of EUR 630 million. The company, owned by the Indian Tata Motors, will now produce itself in Wolverhampton of engines for its luxury Jaguar and its SUV Land Rover cars, while it subcontracted the manufacture to date. The establishment, inaugurated with great pomp by Queen Elizabeth, employs 1. 400 people and supports more than 4. 000 additional jobs among subcontractors, said Jaguar Land Rover in a press release. This advanced plant startup is part of the re-launch of British manufacturing industry, welcomed Jaguar Land Rover in a press release. Its opening will contribute to boost the automotive industry of the country, in full renaissance. Some 2.5 million of automobile engines were produced in 2013 in the United Kingdom and 60% of them were exported, said the British Association of manufacturers and sellers of automobiles (SMMT). The US manufacturer Ford is trying to set up a factory for the production of engines at low emission of carbon in Dagenham (East London), in which it also invests the equivalent of more than 600 million euros. These recent successes are due to the jurisdiction of the British engineers, one-handed d?implement flexible and a favourable business environment, has pleased Mike Hawes, Director of the SMMT. This will create jobs, support the supply chain and help to attract foreigners to the United Kingdom, he added. Automobile production in the United Kingdom surpassed the bar of the 1.5 million vehicles last year, one above since 2007. The major British brands (Mini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce), now under foreign flags, heavily invested. Japanese carmakers are also present in force, with particular Nissan, whose cars accounted for a third of the total assembled in the country, as well as Toyota and Honda. According to the SMMT, the United Kingdom could exceed the Spain and the France and take the second rank of European manufacturers behind the Germany by 2017 – an objective which however appear very ambitious specialists. . Root facts can be studied reading this weblink.

Mps and Carige: approaching the “game over”?.

Mps and Carige while recovering from the lows of the stock market session segnao other heavy casualties on the price list in Milan. For both institutes approaches a game over? Much will depend on what you decide to do the foundations, but not only ,. By thud thud in the Mps there is leaving unless the pens at least a good part of its capital on the stock exchange. Even today the Sienese Bank shares have lost ground (but beware: as low seen in the late morning of only 60 euros the title then closed at 67.9 cents, down another 7% but in retrieving minimum and 13% from the session after hours swing to 68.8 cents with a further rise of 1.33%, making at least for tomorrow a day of recovery)While Ubs and Citigroup advisors are working together at the top of the Institute to find the necessary solutions to bridge the "gap" sheet of 2.11 billion emerged as a result of Asset quality review and stress test of the ECB. The assumptions around which you work doesn’t change: a shift of reimbursement of 750 billion of "Monti bond residue to 2017 (last date allowed by the Basel III agreement to count these instruments in capital requirements), which, however, required to pay more than 150 million extra borrowing (as on such securities the Bank pay to the Treasury an interest of 0.5% this year and nextdestined to rise by half a point per year for each additional year of delay in refund); the placement of a 1.2 billion portfolio of "problematic" loans (Npl, non-performing loan) that like, among others, to Algebrisi Investments of financier David Serra, near the premier Matteo Renzi, which today announced the launch of the first fund dedicated to investing in this type of financial asset and the opening of an Office in Milan; the sale of Consum. it and financial business in leasing and factoring (or certain foreign subsidiaries as in Belgium and in France and non-strategic holdings); an increase in capital to tout court Montepaschi Foundation has already called ready to participate. If crying, Genoa Siena doesn’t laugh: Banca Carige has closed down 10.67% to just 6.7 cents per share, just above the all-time low, marked in the morning for 6.65 cents per title. In this case, the Bank has already ceded insurance activities (the 100% of Carige Assicurazioni and Carige Vita Nuova) to Apollo Management for 310 million, which is expected to close in the first quarter of next year and from which we expect a benefit of about 94 basis points on the Core Tier 1 Equity and could make more divestitures (Banca Cesare Ponti). However at the moment restnao to find around 700 million euros, just above the maximum limit (650 million) that Mediobanca said she was prepared to ensure the new increase that the Bank could launch in the coming months. In the case of Carige Foundation, however, dropped from 46% still owned last year’s 19 percent immediately after the capital increase from 800 million made last June (but this only 12% are freely available, while 7%, with its voting rights, was filmed in pawn to Mediobanca to guarantee borrowings in the past), hasn’t made it known that he willDespite having been "invited" by the Mayor of Genoa to keep firm grip on her. So you can see the watermark reading this unpleasant affair. On the one hand, industrially, we are faced with the denial, on the part of the ECB, of restructuring and revitalization plans validated a few months ago from the vertices of the two institutes, which having already launched capital increases to almost 5 billion are at risk of having to find fresh resources for other 2-2 .5 billion from here early next year. With inevitable consequences in terms of employment, since everyone agrees to put additional capital into the two banks should claim, to logic, reason to be repaid for the effort no less than Gets the treasure, which will require an additional organizational effort and new cost cuts (especially being in Italy increasingly widespread "template Lloyds Banking Group"). On the other, politically, we are at: the redde rationem with local politics, yet very strong (bipartisan, and Mps as a "left bank" and Banca Carige of "the Center"), might weaken to the point of bringing the foundations on par with other partners, in particular with large international funds. Or could there be an opposite reaction to the cry of "stop those who want to sell off our Bank" with rapid removal of management. However by Friday, October 24 (last session before the announcement of test results-European) Mps lost 32% abundant burning about 1.2 billion of capitalization (dropped from 3.7 to 4.9 billion), while Banca Carige has left on the ground the 28% and saw capitalisation drop from 980 to 675 million. Which complicates things if you opt for two rises, because shareholders who do not wish to participate would dilute solution in both cases up to 50% on their investments. Per amore o per forza who wants to keep (or get) the control of the two institutes should prepare for a heavy capital outlay. What to ask in return: business, relationships or stock gains?. Related data can be found visiting

Legal patent war of Tutor ‘ you copied, give us 7.5 billion. “

The Tutor is the system, noting the average speed, protects motorists keeping them and verifying if they go too strong. But who protects its inventors? None claim Romulus Donnini and Alessandro Palaniswamy, respectively owner and inventor of Sicve system software. Palaniswamy denounced Atlantia, Autostrade’s holding company for Italy, for counterfeiting and other crimes. Atlantia sued him in court. So, for the next 3 December, was fixed the hearing at the Court of Rome. The compensation requested is astronomical: 7.5 billion. It is the latest half-yearly financial report of Atlantia, controlled by the Benetton family, which reads: "in order to protect the Group’s position in the face of repeated requests of Mr. Alexander Patanè (,.), relating to the ownership of Sicve system software (Safety Tutor), Italy freeways and highways Tech have notified in respect of Mr. Palaniswamy (,.) a summons before the Court of Rome, to have ascertained and declared the economic claims are unfounded the same boast about (,.)». And, later: ‘ (,.) all counterclaims have no chance of acceptance, since the defendants made belatedly and with unacceptable demands and unfounded on the merits. " The hearing on 3 December will be the first step to verify if the tranquility that transpires from the document of the company-which does not comment on the story-will find confirmation. The story begins in 1999 when Donnini, owner of a small technology company of Greve in Chianti-the Craft-invented and patented a surveillance system and traffic control on roads and highways» deposited with the number 013. 10318. How does it work? The system reads the plates back thanks to two remote stations connected to a computer which calculates journey times and detect breaches of speed limits. Donnini view its Highway system, which shows little interest. Is the interest of the traffic police. So, according to his reconstruction, sends the patent to the traffic police and from that day on, for years, does not receive more response. «Then, in 2004-tells the entrepreneur-traffic police and Autostrade announce to have invented and patented a revolutionary system for detection of average speed (Sicve) for the control of vehicles. That is the same patented invention from me. " Turns out that even Highways has submitted an application for patent ‘: according to a "slavish copying Donnini» of his invention," camouflaged with specifying a secondary component». The difference is that in the Craft system, vehicle passes, the cameras are activated by light rays («virtual» spire), while the Tutor of highways uses sensors located under the asphalt (inductive loop «»). Donnini try the transaction: calls for one and a half million euros, 150,000 offer him. Not finding the agreement, sues to Highways for infringement of the patent. In order to avoid condemnation, in 2006 the highways withdraws his application for a patent. However defends the originality of your equipment, claiming that the differences compared to the ‘ method ‘ Craft are anything but secondary and that its system is different in those accessories. Asks the nullity of the patent Craft, claiming that in the world there are already similar patents. The Court of Rome recognizes the validity of the patent toscano, as has distinguishing characteristics compared to the innovative technique known». Considers, however, that the system of motorways is not patent infringement of Craft for the presence of different sensors (inductive coils) than virtual. In other words: to patent courts Craft is valid, though Highways did not copy. In 2008, then Craft grants licence to use his patent to Alexander Palaniswamy srl, the holding company of the intellectual property of the software that handles the Tutor of motorways. After years of legal disputes, Palaniswamy protrudes lawsuit for stock manipulation, auction, disruption fraud and counterfeiting. Atlantia-that which by the Tutor, managed by traffic police, claims to receive no financial return-responds with the summons. The patent war continues. Edward Segantini @SegantiniE © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Similar facts can be read visiting website.

Chris Viehbacher has increased to Sanofi “patent cliff” fell from its pedestal.

Once generics, these products lose 80% of their turnover. At the same time, the R & D laboratory is less productive. The situation strongly threatens the place of 4th World laboratory of Sanofi. Early on, the "Smiling Killer" announces the color. "Cannot continue to carry out 80% of our sales to 20% of the world population", he says. While large patent must fall between 2011 and 2013 (which one of anticoagulant Plavix), the German defines six relay growth: vaccines, emerging markets, antidiabetic, animal health, drugs without prescription and new products. With an obsession: outsource research. It cleans up the famous "pipeline", the portfolio of molecules in development, to refocus on the most promising products. Research, sinews of war in the pharmaceutical industry, reorganizes around partnerships with small start-ups. These agreements often concern of biotech drugs are impossible to copy the same and cannot be replaced by generics. In parallel, Chris Viehbacher uses Treasury Board of war of the laboratory and performs in two years 23 acquisitions on growth platforms. With one objective: achieve the same level of sales and of profits in 2009, with a more diversified profile in 2013. His most memorable shot? Redemption early 2011 the American nugget Genzyme for $ 20.1 billion (15 billion euros), at the end of a stock market battle. An acquisition controversial, Chris Viehbacher has hammered his opposition to mergers, "value destructive". This acquisition allows Sanofi to get their hands on Lemtrada, promising drug against multiple sclerosis. The arrival of Genzyme signed the internationalization of research, who moves to Boston. As a symbol, the Group abandons "Aventis", "too complicated to pronounce in English or Chinese. In 2013, the Group has 30% of its sales to the United States, more than a third in emerging markets. The hexagon represents more than 8% of the activity. Despite accidents of course in 2013 in the Brazil and the diabetes division, the group sees again profits progress over the past year. A decade of significant drug launches are planned by 2016, including a vaccine against dengue fever. They will help offset the loss of the last great patent in 2016, that of antidiabetic Lantus (15% of sales). Second French capitalization of the CAC 40, Sanofi remains in the forefront of world pharmacy behind the Swiss Novartis (1) and (3) rock, and American Pfizer (2nd). A balance which the former leader expressed himself "proud". . For extra about this topic visit homepage.

NATO alert face an intense activity of Russian aviation in European airspace.

NATO announced Wednesday conducted several aerial interventions last two days after having detected an intense activity of Russian military aviation in the European area. Devices of the countries of the alliance took off at four separate locations for missions of interception against four groups of military Russian planes manoeuvring in the spaces of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Black Sea, said NATO in a press release on this activity on a large scale and considered unusual. The largest operation to mobilized equipment from three countries of the Alliance after the detection of a group of eight Russian planes – four fighter bombers and four tankers – Atlantic training. Devices of the Norwegian forces are brought to their meeting to identify and six Russian aircraft turned back, but two others, TU-95 bombers, continued their road. The British Royal Air Force aircraft then departed to escort them. They have passed the baton to the Portugal air force. Russian planes returned to the United Kingdom where the RAF and Norwegians have taken them under their control. According to NATO, the Russian aircraft had not submitted a flight plan, had no contact with the civil aviation authorities and did not, communicate what represents a potential risk to civilian flights. Another operation was conducted by Turkish aircraft over the Black Sea to control a group of four Russian planes, including two TU-95 bombers, said NATO. German hunting intervened Tuesday to control a group of seven Russian combat aircraft manoeuvring over the Baltic. . Root facts could be read visiting the following

Ebola: Pope, every effort by the international community.

I renew my appeal to the international community to put in place every necessary effort to eradicate this virus, relieving the hardships and sufferings of those who are so severely tried. I invite you to pray for them and for those who have lost their lives: the Pope said Francis about the Ebola virus. Faced with the worsening of the epidemic of Ebola, the Pontiff said at the end of the general audience, just before formulating its appeal to the international community-I wish to express my deep concern about this relentless disease that is spreading especially in the African continent, especially among the most disadvantaged populations. I am close with affection and prayers to those affected, as well as to doctors, to nurses, volunteers, religious institutions and associations, which strive valiantly to rescue our sick brothers and sisters. The military Americans quarantined in Vicenza are subjected to the normal international procedures. It said Health Minister Beatrice Latt answering a question of question time in the House. ” To have come today to the Ministry of health several reports of suspected cases, all handled according to ministerial and protocols with fail-Latt-recalled. Also for Vicenza are applying international protocols for the fight, the same things apply to international operators ‘ ‘. We must remain vigilant in our country until the epidemic is not stopped at source, said US President Barack Obama. We don’t want to discourage health care workers who are fighting on the front lines against the Ebola epidemic. The President said that only two people have contracted Ebola in the Usa and both, the two nurses in Dallas, are healed. Caregivers should be applauded and supported, said Obama. This disease can be contained and can be defeated, continued the President who said he had talked to Amber Winson, Dallas nurse resigned this morning after being healed by the virus. There have been some progress in Liberia. The United States must lead the global response to fight the virus. We cannot be guided by fear. It is not what we are, "added the US President. Expert launches alarm, soon will hit in China-one of the scientists who discovered the ebola virus has claimed that it is highly likely that the virus will spread in China. In an interview with the South China Morning Post (Scmp), Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has made it clear that his prediction is based on the fact that thousands of Chinese working in Africa, where the epidemic originated. Piot stressed that precautionary measures taken at Hong Kong Airport, where incoming travellers checks the temperature, are not effective. The best way to keep tabs on ebola said, is to use blood tests, which are safe and inexpensive. The virus is transmitted through body fluids and the professor pointed out that to date there is no scientific evidence that you send by air. According to Piot, the epidemic will reach a peak in the next 6-12 months before they run out. To date there have been suspected cases of infection-10141 (e) 4. 922 people have died due to the virus. For Hong Kong has so far been a suspected Ebola case, a 39-year-old man who had stayed in Nigeria, that is negative to the analysis. No case has been reported so far in mainland China. The u.s. military, because in Vicenza? decided the Pentagon Stanno tutti bene the 11 American servicemen ‘ confined ‘ in Vicenza after returning from Liberia, a country among the worst hit by Ebola. But there is controversy about whether the precautionary quarantine in Italy rather than in the Usa. Who raised the problem-especially the Governor Luca Zaia, but also members of M5S-responded on Jan. Derryl Williams, who in videoconference to reporters in base ‘ Setaf to Ederle barracks explained: the choice to let us return to Vicenza was of American military leaders, we have obeyed orders. The senior officer was limited to mentioning that if the military contingent departed from Vicenza had to come back here, because this includes military rules. On health plan there is no alarm, however, stressed the Minister of health, Beatrice Latt, because the 11 Americans in isolation do not represent currently no risk of Ebola. The situation is under control-he said-we asked Defence Minister updates, but there is concern. The Ministry, which is occupying, informed us and we are in contact with the American authorities. Obviously these are the protocols that follow our returning players from African countries. Switzerland approves experimental vaccine testing in Lausanne, the Swiss authorities have formally approved the launch of 120 healthy volunteers test of one of experimental vaccines against Ebola. The tests will begin this week at the University Hospital of Vaud in Lausanne. This was announced today the World Health Organization (who), welcoming this development. The first results are expected in December, said in Geneva, who spokesman Tarik Jasarevic. . You must read this to learn more about this amazing subject.

The EU approves Italy partnership agreement funds for 43 billion.

Two Yes in 24 hours even. After the go-ahead from Brussels to the stability Law, the European Commission approved the partnership agreement with Italy that defines the strategy for the use of EU funds. The negotiations, which went ahead in February, ended with a package worth 43 billion over the next seven years. A pretty lame to aid Italian economy. Specifically, the partnership is 32.2 billion for cohesion policy, rural development 10.4 and 537.3 million for maritime and fisheries sector. European funds must be added the national co-financing and financial stress will increase by 25 to 50 percent. The operating national and regional projects will be accompanied by a plan of administrative building. Sore point for Sicily, Calabria and Campania that still have not presented the regional operational plans. But never fear, for latecomers will only be frozen funds. Funds management is one of the Achilles heels of Italy. Are known to chronicle the scandals and inefficiencies related to the use of the Cohesion Fund. This year the Government decided to say enough and to implement a strategy for monitoring and better allocate resources in projects with significant implications for the economy of the territory. Even going so far as to ‘ Commissioner ‘ regions. "It is a very important moment for Italy. Today we have adopted a plan essential, strategic investment, which puts the country on the rails of growth and employment for the next decade, "said Johannes Hahn, Commissioner responsible for Regional Policy. "This partnership agreement reflects the common determination to the European Commission and Italy to make the most efficient use possible of EU investments and avoid the mistakes of the past". . Related information can be inspected visiting blog.

De Gregorio: urban warfare Against Prodi.

With President Silvio Berlusconi had decided to adopt a strategy of urban warfare: the goal was to wreak havoc on the Union’s majority who supported the Government of Romano Prodi. This is the story of Sergio De Gregorio, a former Senator, heard in Naples as a witness in the trial for the alleged sale of Senators where they accused Silvio Berlusconi and Valter 314 si ‘. De Gregorio, who confessed to having received money from Berlusconi to go from the centre-left party, where he had been elected, to that of the Center, has already bargained worth to 18 months ‘ imprisonment. Sergio De Gregorio, during his interrogation, prodded by questions of the Prosecutor added Vincent Piscitelli and pm Henry John Woodcock, confirmed and admitted to having taken money from the former premier and that he had participated in the so-called ‘ Operation freedom ‘, a term that the President himself had coined and wanted to indicate attempts to overturn the Senate majority and bring down Romano Prodi. Shortly after his election as Senator, De Gregorio had a meeting at palazzo Grazioli with Berlusconi that expressed regret for his election in the row of the Center and in particular in Italy of Antonio Di Pietro and asked him, saying of De Gregorio, to return home, which is in the Center, under Italy. It was at that time, according to the account of De Gregorio, that former Senator the explain to be heavily indebted to the regional election campaign in Campania at the end of which he was a candidate from the centre-right for disagreements within the party; Berlusconi offered to repay him for the commitment, ripianando his debts. The meeting at palazzo Grazioli Valter 314 si ‘ was also present, one before whom members of Forza Italy were at attention. The only one who came to palazzo Grazioli without appointment, one of the few, if not the only, which allowed them to raise their voices with Berlusconi, said De Gregorio. At the end of the meeting De Gregorio said that Berlusconi accepted to give him three million in Exchange for passage to the Center. . For extended facts on this topic visit weblink.

Investigations on the UMP: the party headquarters raided as part of the Bygmalion case and that funding for the 2012 campaign.

Near Jean-François Copé, they had followed in several departments, they had bought in 2008 a rebranded company Bygmalion, specialized in communication. It is its subsidiary, Event and co., which organized the meetings of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 and issued false invoices to artificially reduce the candidate’s campaign spending. Guy Alvès acknowledges having accepted this fraud, early April 2012, at the request of the UMP and under economic duress, but not Bastien Millot, who said nothing to be ashamed. Both have been indicted for complicity in forgery and use of forgeries. Franck Attal, boss of Event and co., was indicted for forgery and use of forgeries. On 26 May, the right arm of Cope the UMP was confessed live on Betty. He had confessed that his party had improperly supported of the benefits of Bygmalion in place and place of the Sarkozy campaign. Blame it on a bulimia of meetings, he said. Placed in custody June 17, Mr. Lavrilleux says that the decision has been taken not beginning of April, but once the presidential election is complete and in an absolute emergency. He has challenged the Director-general of the UMP, Eric Cesari, the financial director Fabienne Liadze and the Director of the presidential campaign, Guillaume Lambert. European Member of Parliament elected in the spring, he was suspended by the new leadership of the UMP, who studies his exclusion from the party. At the moment I am silent. But if we exclude me (,.) so I will take my freedom of speech and I will speak, he had released in Paris late August. . You must visit this to discover extra about this amazing subject.