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A few seconds before John Degenkolb Bergerac (dpa) – Ramunas Navardauskas won the 19th stage of the 101st tour de France. Cyclist from Lithuania won the 208.5 km in Bergerac, after he was deposed around ten kilometers from the finish of the field. Vincenzo Nibali finished in the yellow Jersey Friday when heavy rain along with its direct competitors. The Italian goes Thibault Pinot 7:10 minutes ahead of the French in the time trial on Saturday from Bergerac to Périgueux. 2.2 kilometers from the finish it had become a massive crash, which but took no time loss after him. Gyor (dpa) – the German football Juniors have again reached the semi-finals of the European U-19 Championship for the first time after six years. The team of coach Marcus Sorg defeated Ukraine 2-0 (1-0) on Friday in the last game of the preliminary round and clinched first place in Group B. In the round of the last four teams, the DFB selection meets Austria on Monday. In the second semi-final Portugal and defending champion Serbia face off. The victory in the ETO Park, Gyor scorer Davie Selke von Werder Bremen secured with a double Pack (3 / 66). Munich (AP) – Philipp Lahm thanked barely a week after the resignation of the German national football team for the support after his decision. I am very proud of this step and it has me very happy that mine for many but surprising decision was generally positive and recognized, wrote the 30-year-old professional of the FC Bayern Munich on Friday on his Facebook page. Five days after the German World Cup victory in Brazil the captain had announced the withdrawal from the national team. Leipzig (dpa) – football second division side RB Leipzig has a fixed transfer fee of nine million euros for the Red Bull Salzburg conferred Belgian offensive player Massimo Bruno denied. The fee amounts to five million plus the corresponding extremely performance-related bonus payments for the respective objectives, Ralf Rangnick, Sports Director of Leipzig and Salzburg, announced on Friday of the dpa news agency in writing. After two years London (AP) – the Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba returns to Chelsea. The 36-year-old star striker signed a contract for one season in the English Premier League club on Friday. He comes because he is one of the best attackers in Europe, said coach José Mourinho on the website of the London Club. Drogba moved to Chinese Club Shanghai Shenhua 2012 from Chelsea and played last season in the Turkish first division side Galatasaray Istanbul. The attacker had 2012 converted the decisive penalty in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Budapest (AP) – the swimming World Championships 2015 will take place without German water polo player. After a significant 8:16 (3:5, 1:4; 2:3, 2:4) defeat against Spain only plays the team by national coach NebojÅ¡a Novoselac at the European Championships in Budapest this Saturday (10 30 PM BST) to seat nine, to two had it years nor to place five submitted. At the same time missed the qualification for the world title fight in the Russian Kazan after the fifth defeat in the sixth game. . Main facts could be studied clicking this

The Tour de France 2014, vince Navardauskas. Tomorrow the crono: last stumbling block for Nibali.

In the land that was Etienne de la Boétie, by Michel Montaigne, of Fénelon, Leon Bloy in order not to forget the man of Cro-Magnon who lived in Périgord forty thousand years ago, God sends the rain, and the Tour brings chills at every turn, pitfalls that persuade Vincenzo Nibali to run always in front, in the group, and not to risk it. And then, for long stretches of the route, with a certain intensity blew the wind behind the runners, so the platoon is frayed in a long line of India, stressed by the teams that haven’t won and those of sprinters. Peter Sagan, the Green Jersey, hoped to arrive on Sprint to win the first stage success, which has always escaped, as in Nancy, beaten by Matteo Trentin for a few inches. The platoon has already lost Marcel Kittel, who has more. Marcato pushes, no one helps him. Sagan is restless, continues to move, to urge the gait. Only the Tinkoff-Saxo alternates the platoon, working for Daniele Bennati. Four kilometres away, the advantage of the Lithuanian is always about twenty seconds.  Suddenly, the papatrac. Twenty runners jumps in the air. The fall involves Sagan, Frank Schlech, Romain Bardet, Laurens Ten Dam. Nibali manages to make it alive, parades on the right, near the sidewalk curb. For luck of involved, fall is just three kilometres from the finish, and then there is the neutralization, i.e. who was biking and continues until the arrival has the same time of the winner. Tomorrow, the scene is no longer feared stage time trial of 54 kilometres, the only of this Tour, which departs from Bergerac and arrives at Périguex: the path is rather vallonato, which according to organizers, was supposed to establish hierarchies between Alberto Contador, Christopher Froome and Vincenzo Nibali. With more than seven minutes ahead of young Thibaut Pinot, the yellow Jersey has no problems. On the contrary, it could even take another prova d’Autore. The iperfavorito is Tony Martin, world champion of the speciality. . For extended data on this matter check

Ukraine: the oligarchs will fight until the end?

Despite the slogans of Euromaidan calling to fight against the oligarchic regime, a "chocolate King" becomes president and his colleagues in the business community, Governors and senior officials. And now, it’s the big game. Thus, Igor Kolomoïsky, the most heinous Ukrainian oligarch, continues to engage with its usual practice, those of illegal takeover. Only now it is intended throughout the Donbass region, one of the first industrial regions of the Ukraine. Mr. Kolomoïsky has its own financial and industrial group, group Privat, including financial and operating companies and institutes in the field of oil. It also has metallurgical assets. Wishing to get hold of new properties the oligarch is creating conditions for a bargain with other Ukrainian oligarchs. It is for this that it funds the National Guard and Pravý Sektor, or sector law, which constitutes a species of his personal army. It is also why the members of these structures were also violent in Odessa and Mariupol housing the most important ports of the country including the control offers good prospects: if transit cargo from these ports, it will pay. . You can click the following site to discover extra on this amazing matter.

MSF in Gaza: civilians pay the price.

What is the role of MSF in Gaza? Under normal circumstances, even if nothing is normal in Gaza, it has a post-operative clinic. It heals continuous 80 to 90 patients. For three weeks, people come over. Cannot fetch patients because the situation is too dangerous. We did get a surgical team a week ago and we have a team at the Al Shifa hospital, which is the largest hospital in Gaza. Our clinic is always open only by respect for our staff but we receive more than 5-10 patients per day. It is not immune from collateral damage how to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time? We limit the risk in following what has happened, there is a mapping of the bombings around our area, and then avoids the most dangerous areas. We limit the movements to the maximum. With the teams I’m still on alert. One interrupts the movement when it is too dangerous. We are supposed not to be targets. We sent our GPS coordinates to the Israeli army for not that they bombard us. The Red Crescent paramedics are heroes why members of the Red Crescent are most affected? Because the Red Crescent paramedics are Palestinians. They take more risks, they are crazy, they are heroes: day and night means ambulances. Have you seen injuries possibly caused by unconventional weapons (cluster bombs, white phosphorous bomb,.) No, we have not seen particular injury. It denounced what it sees. If there is need to see it, one would speak, but this is not the case. We have received about 20 serious injured: women and children in terms of equipment and drugs, what do you need? In Gaza, there is a blockade for 6 years. It is very hard, missing since still drugs and equipment. But here we have no particular need. It is delivered by our trucks by the Israeli border. Many donations were made. At the human resource level, it’s going even if the Palestinian doctors, although voluntary, many are tired. I talked with them yesterday, they had tears in their eyes. Our teams of expatriates are also very tired. . Root facts may be found reading this

Pain patient Walker in an interview: The man who won the judgment of the cannabis.

According to the Court I could grow hemp exactly so, as I had planned it and suggested the BfArM: in the storage room of my apartment. There is enough space for a small greenhouse with relevant accessories, and the room is lockable. Nevertheless, the BfArM may express concerns. Probably it calls for additional steel doors, or the objection contends that too much crime rule in my part of the city. While I live on the sixth floor – plants should be relatively safe from burglars. In the pharmacy, I’m paying 14.50 euro for one gram of cannabis. That would cost me a total of around 900 euros a month. With so much money, you could rent a really nice apartment! I figured out that I so much would have to pay only about one-tenth by the home-grown–so I could save 90 percent of the cost. But my concern is not only, I’m saving money: I fight for all the other pain patients who could live an erträglicheres life thanks to cannabis, but cannot afford the prices in pharmacies. . Inspirational data could be found reading the following

Plane crash in Mali: France sends troops to the crash site.

All 116 people on board killed may came Ouagadougou/Paris Рin the crash of a passenger plane in Mali. The wreckage by Air Alg̩rie has clearly been identified according to the French Government. The debris would be on the Gossi region near the border with Burkina Faso, the Elys̩e Palace announced on early Friday morning. Flight AH5017 was on its way from Ouagadougou in the Algerian capital of Algiers on the night of Thursday Рabout 50 minutes after the start Рradio contact tore off. The Algerian and Malian authorities had consistently communicated throughout the day, the machine disappeared in the vicinity of the Malian city of Gao off the radar. Actually were the remnants of the machine of the type McDouglas MD83 now found near the place Gossi, located about 100 km southwest of Gao and some 50 kilometres from the border with Burkina Faso. The Government in Paris had sent two military jets stationed in Chad by the type of Mirage 2000 to search the wreck. France maintains a military base in the Central African Chad, leading is involved in a terror Mission against insurgent Islamists but also in Mali for one and a half years. . Extended information can be read clicking

Too many hotspot: Global economy faces turning point.

The consequences of an escalation in the Middle East would be less direct. Wars in the Middle East fuel speculation in the crude oil market, due to the major oil suppliers in the region. Exploding oil prices but would be poison for the economy. You would increase the cost of the economy. At the same time, they heat the price level, what can push the consumer of the consumer. The banks make money as cheap as never before. One of the consequences: stock and real estate markets climbing prices to record highs. Already make warnings «Bubbles» the round, so speculative, inflated prices, which are far removed from the actual value. Munich Re Chairman Nikolaus von Bomhard warns of a new financial crisis because even given the loose monetary policy. From our point of view, the weapons of monetary policy losing effectiveness, he says. It is the point at which they get worse side effects as they can achieve even on main effect. At the end, it will go like in the years 2007 and 2008 to confidence in the markets and their players. He considers a crisis in lending possible: who needs a credit extension, gets no money then. . Root facts can be studied checking this

BreBeMi, successful debut.

Scanned at this time the data on the first 24 hours after yesterday’s opening to traffic of the new motorway direttissima Brescia-Milano. From 16:00 on 23 July at today’s 16:00, accesses were significantly higher than expectations. In the course of these of these few hours more than 18. 000 users have been able to verify the quality of the new highway. Only outgoing junction towards Milan have passed more than 5. 400 vehicles. A hit from a practical consideration of motorists, the path is shorter than the 15% compared to other mobility, Brebemi appears as the new travel choice in dorsal East-West quadrant of Lombardy. A35 Brebemi is under attention from real users and social media but also a strong curiosity. In this connection the company autostradale invites users to not use the bys for activities not related to mobility: for safety reasons, do not recommend anyone to make photographs covering neighbouring areas on foot the pitches and especially in making "selfie" with the new signs of the A35.   The new website www. brebemi. it went online on July 23, 00:01 has recorded high peaks with thousands of hits with obvious appreciation for the work carried out. Much appreciated by users is the interactive map. . Similar information can be found checking link.

EU extends Russia sanctions.

EU countries have to listen to criticism in the last few days. Russia provide the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine with high quality military equipment, to the suspected shooting down of MH17 – come and but could move the Europeans not to tough sanctions against Moscow. So the biting comments. More precisely: It comes to the question, how you can make it Russian banks impossible to care for themselves in Europe with money: the attempt to go through the capital market and to stop the necessary flow of financial capital into the Russian economy, is a viable, if one believes that economic sanctions must be strong, Tamimi. Other EU countries have meanwhile other concerns. So France will pull necessarily an arms deal with Russia, wants to deliver at least one of two ordered Mistral warships in any case. The different interests within the EU simply make a decision: "We expect that it will take some time to look at all of these things are," predicts Maja Kocijancicdie, spokeswoman for the European Commission. . Similar data can be inspected reading web site.

Cinema: Venice, 71 in Mafeking, Munzi and Costanzo, four Frenchmen.

Rome, 24 Jul. -(Adnkronos/.it Cinema)-Venice 71 speaks French. Are four French films selected for the competition: the melodrama ‘ Three hearts ‘ by Benoit Jacquot (with Benoit Polvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastroianni), the black comedy ‘ La rançon de la gloire ‘ by Xavier Beauvois (with Peter Coyote, Nadine Labaki, Chiara Mastroianni), the bildungsroman ‘ Le dernier coup de marteau ‘ by Alix Delaporte (Clotilde Hesme, with Candela Peña, Grégory Gadebois) and ‘ Loin des hommes ‘ by David Oelhoffen, set in the years of the franco-Algerian war, with Viggo Mortensen as a teacher in a small village in the African country that he made friends with a dissident. Five Americans: a ‘ Birdman ‘ by Alejandro González Iñárritu, opening film of the View, you added ‘ Pasolini ‘ by Abel Ferrara (with Willem Dafoe as the Director and writer friulano); ‘ 99 Homes ‘ of Ramin Bahrani, drama on the financial crisis with Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern and Michael Shannon. ‘ The Good Kill ‘ by Andrew Niccol, starring Ethan Hawke drones plagued pilot; and ‘ Manglehorn ‘ by Gordon Davig Green, who returned to competition in Venice a year after ‘ Joe ‘, with a human comedy centers on a former criminal who tries to redeem himself. Protagonist: Al Pacino. Confirmed the rumors on the eve of the Italians in competitions. Are three and answer the name of Mario Martone (‘ the younger ‘, fabulous biopic about Giacomo Leopardi with Elio Germano main interpreter), Francesco Munzi (‘ black ‘, the story of the brothers and of mafia set in Aspromonte) and Saverio Costanzo (‘ Hungry Hearts ‘, taken from The ‘ Indigo child ‘ by Marco Franzoso padovano and filmed in America, with Adam Driver and Alba Rohrwacher protagonists). (more). Root facts could be studied visiting this article.