4 Fran & ccedil ; ais estimate that it takes about 10 & eacute; avoid the Muhammad cartoons .

More than four in ten French (42% ) believe it is necessary to avoid publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, and nearly half (49% ) are not in favor of limiting freedom of expression on the internet, according an Ifop poll published in the Journal du Dimanche. To a question recalling that some Muslims feel attacked or injured by the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad , 57 % say that we must not take these reactions and continue publishing such caricatures against 42% who think that must take account of these reactions and avoid publishing such caricatures (1 % undecided ) .LireInfograpghie : the record figures of No. 117850 % of respondents were in favor of limiting freedom of expression on the Internet and social networks against 49% who are not in favor and 1% undecided. 81% for deprivation of nationality of the convicted terrorisme81 % of respondents are in favor of French nationality forfeiture for binational ( those with dual nationality) convicted of acts of terrorism on French soil , 68% of the prohibition of back in France french citizens suspected to have gone to fight in countries or areas controlled by terrorist groups, and also 68% to the exit ban from the territory to French citizens suspected of wanting to travel to countries or regions controlled by terrorist groups.In contrast, 57 % are not in favor of other French military intervention in Syria , Yemen and Libya , and 63% are not French for an intensification of military operations in Iraq . – Survey conducted by telephone on January 16 and 17 with a sample of 1 003 people , representative of the adult French population (quota method). . You should read the following website to read extra about this amazing matter.

AI complaint regression in human rights in Indonesia after executions.

Bangkok, Jan 18. – Amnesty International ( AI ) today called a regression for human rights in Indonesia the execution of six prisoners , including five foreigners, the first in the country after the inauguration of the new government. The Indonesian -a convicted , a Brazilian , Dutch , Vietnamese- two Nigerians and all of them for drug trafficking , were shot after midnight on two prisons in the center of the island of Java. Their appeals for clemency were rejected later this year by the Indonesian President , Joko Widodo , considered by many activists as a hope for change in the country, but has opted for the hard line against drug trafficking offenses .This is a serious step backwards in a very sad day . The new administration took office promising to make human rights a priority, but implementation of these commitments left six people dead letter , said the director of AI research in Southeast Asia, Rupert Abbott. The executions were the first of the 20 that the Indonesian government plans to hold this year and after that in 2014 did not conduct any . Abbott urged the Indonesian government to halt its plan to kill more people and regretted that the government has changed direction after the positive steps taken in the country in recent years .The use of the death penalty at home makes government efforts to prevent executions of Indonesians abroad are hypocrites. Indonesia should impose a moratorium on the death penalty with a view to its abolition, Abbott said in a statement. ( EFE ) Topics World Indonesia Amnesty International Narcotics Policy Punishment of the death penalty . For more data on this subject visit http://.

Kyoto University begins to distribute its reserves of iPS cells.

Tokyo, Jan 18. – Japan’s Kyoto University has begun shipping samples Booking induced pluripotent stem ( iPS ) to other Japanese institutions, in an effort to bring regenerative medicine a reality. The university has provided its cells , the risk of rejection when transplanted is considered low , Keio University , Osaka University , the Riken Institute affiliated with the government and other institutions , Nikkei newspaper reported today . A team of Kyoto University will begin a clinical trial on the use of iPS cells to treat Parkinson’s in 2016, while the Riken Institute has started a second clinical trial of a treatment based on such cells to treat a degenerative eye disease .Meanwhile, Keio University plans to use part of iPS cells donated in research on repairing damage to the spinal cord. The beginning of this initiative to the cellular distribution was confirmed this week by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka , director of the Center for Research and Application of iPS ( CIRA ) at the University of Kyoto, during a conference on Bioscience in Suita , Osaka ( western Japan ) . Yamanaka also said he was eager to exchange information on the collection of iPS cells with researchers from other countries .Researchers and regulators from more than 10 countries last year formed an alliance with the aim of standardizing quality control and other aspects of storage iPS cells. Such storage , Yamanaka said, is crucial in promoting the use of these cells in medicine. CIRA , founded in 2010 , is run by Yamanaka , Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012 and father of iPS cells, which are obtained by reprogramming and mature cells. The discovery was a real revolution, deprecating the use of its natural equivalent , embryonic stem cells, whose collection raises ethical issues and presents great difficulties .In the future , iPS could enable regeneration of whole organs , while its use in clinical trials promises to revolutionize the creation of new drugs. ( EFE ) Topics Medical Research Awards Osaka Tokyo Japan World Kyoto University Osaka University . Related information can be inspected visiting http://.

Lithuania access to the Euro strengthens the Baltic in the EU.

Lithuania culminated on Thursday its integration in the single currency . He completed " very fluently " two weeks of double litas – euro currency , according summarizes the central bank governor , Vitas Vasiliauskas . And so he devoted his old pawn placed in the heart of the EU, against the wiles of Russia. With this, the three small former Soviet Baltic republics and active in the eurozone , which take considerable time to increase its 19 partners : the next great candidate, Poland, has many duties pending economic modernization .Lithuania ‘s entry symbolizes the constitution of the Estonia -Latvia and Baltic , but also with the northern godmother, Finland pressure on intra group : occupy two of the seven vice presidents of the Commission. more informaciónBruselas gives approval for Lithuania to enter the euro in 2015 Lithuania, a success story ( according to statistics ) The euro approaches the value that was launched in 1999. It is a forged model budgetary austerity group without palliative .They have been given good results macro: a debt from 10% of Estonian GDP and 39% Lithuanian ; growth of close to 3%. Although strong social costs. The relative prosperity remains well below the average of 28 500 per year per capita , especially in Lithuania ( 5 600 euros ) , where now the High Court has forced the government to offset the excesses practiced cuts to pensioners and officials . And the welfare state is poor. The unemployment insurance is 300 euros a month ( recently, 190 ) , equal to the minimum wage.Austerity, wage reduction and stable currency, the key to this course " model" that the great internal devaluation strategy buckle ( fiscal consolidation, 17% of GDP , has only been surpassed by Greece) , was not capella . It was accompanied by an economic reorientation based on the flexibility of small size. "Our privilege is able to adapt quickly ," says the governor. Thus, " the Lithuanian exports to the eurozone account for more than 55 % of today, 21% directed to Russia " before its almost exclusive destination , explains Gypsy Nauséda , director of the powerful bank SEB.This is especially agri-food , dairy and beef products. And a kind of social contract between employment and wages: "They won the game companies and workers who opted for lower wages rather than fire people " summarizes the Finance Minister Rimantas ŠADŽIUS , Social . The third leg of the Lithuanian strategy has been monetary stability for twenty years. They persevered in it, without devaluing despite the three major crises , banking 1995 (which threw third sector ) , the Russian 1998 and the Great Recession.And despite having changed its currency. In 1994 , linked the litas to the dollar, the metaphor of great geostrategic umbrella Washington. They spent the fixed exchange rate with the euro in 2004. " In fact , we abandon independent monetary policy in that year, but now, to get representation on the ECB and the Eurogroup , we gain ability to influence ," says the minister. The last member of the euro club has benefited from the experiences of the other 18 , especially to prevent speculative and unjustified increases in prices.Citizens elected by Internet 100 products and subjecting them to detailed scrutiny in the months prior to accessing the euro. 20% did not move , 40% down and 40% up . The abuses were persecuted . Public consumer protection agency issued 630 warnings to those extralimitaban , of which 11 were converted into fines (up to 3 400 euros). The rest fulfilled . . For extra information regarding this topic check http://.

Political positions protected them corrupt cops in Palma.

Palma local police acting outside the law, organized and with a style of gangster nuclei were " flattered " by those who should have ended his performance : the police and political offices of City Hall. Denounces in his car last Thursday Judge Carmen Gonzalez , who is investigating the scandal with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor , the National Police and Civil Guard . Once -agents police and heads of groups- have been arrested and charged in last open operation.In addition, the chief commissioner , Joan Mut, and the Security council , Guillermo Navarro, declared as defendants and are portrayed in the writ . The judge noted that these politicians and senior police were harboring these individuals , facilitated their access to fixed and promotions ( providing questions and answers in an examination ) and changed to agents that target the critical places . The performance of these bands corrupt cops , a few agents from 900 in template, is summarized in raw form in the warrant : used to pickpockets , charged favors, had parallel businesses , controlled the game, had access to parties with sex , alcohol and drug free .Selling protection alternated with inspection and coercion snitch other policemen who dared to denounce them. They also organized dealings with businessmen and traders constraints . Directed to an area or another bottle pockets and groups to benefit or harm businesses. The judge notes that some entertainment and prostitution in the first line of the Bay of Palma, run by people with great economic and social power , " would enjoy a privileged position " and a " very special attention to security."The police gave it a "notorious " advantage to the beneficiary companies which hired the agents friendly companies , managed the operation of slot machines and vending , drank , ate and received " sexual services " at parties and drug free. . For more insights about this subject check link.

Brunetta : “If the prime minister will force war . Just former communists to Colle . “

Mattarella ? The President of the Republic must be a personality of great depth , high international experience , proven ability of government . Objectively , with all the respect it deserves , Mattarella does not have these features . Padoan ? We do not want a technician just past policy . I estimate Padoan , my friend . A year ago , I supported him as president of Istat . The Quirinale another thing . Why not a woman ? It would be vulgar make a gender issue . For Finocchiaro and Pinotti worth the ruling anticommunist ? See her.And for Severino ? That is the argument on technical . Fat? Do not vote for a lawyer , wants a judge we vote ?. Amato ? I do not want to name names , we have not yet discussed . I say my personal opinion : Giuliano Amato is the most competent , the most experienced , the most known abroad . And culture of liberal socialist . Not afraid to burn it ? Enough! Enough with this common unbearable , used and abused , by crafty , so if you talk to someone burns . Discuss it openly , in broad daylight , outside the secret rooms .Amato considered man of the establishment. And many Italians did not forgive the Budget ’92 . She believes that Renzi , so attentive to the consensus , is willing to bet on him ? deviant think that this game is only in the hands of Renzi . how to poker : no point gives you the guarantee of winning . Renzi they’re wrong , if you think you are the only intelligent surrounded by fools . There are also legal and political reasons why we need a very broad consensus . What do you mean for legal reasons ? Among the electors there are 148 never validated , elected by a majority of the premium that the consultation has declared unconstitutional .Of these , 130 are of the Democratic Party . Related to a clause in the election law taken for 0.37% of the votes : a narrow margin and doubt . Furthermore , the constitutional reform desired by the government tends to raise the quorum : version arrived in the House, the necessary majority of two-thirds until the ninth ballot , not the fourth as today . An elected president for a few votes , or a case , for an emotional impulse last moment , would very fragile . Lame duck " ab ovo " . Not in anyone’s interest .Because she wants to block the reforms of Renzi ? I marvel demand . I work for the reforms . And enough with his jokes . Call me king loafers instead of discussing the merits of my arguments sign of mental laziness and indolence moral unworthy of a democratic leader . Renzi has not the slightest idea what it means to have against Brunetta . Telling a joke , right? A little ‘ joke , but not much. I am using only 5% of my potential combative, political and intellectual to oppose Renzi .But my patience is not infinite . Avoid forcing children . The group of Forza Italy , with some legitimate exception , compact on my line : there ‘ time , and not even the right to approve the constitutional reform in the House before the election of the president . We can not choose the head of state from a calendar ingaglioffiti absurd , to push through rules intended to enter into force in 2018. And why ? For a childish showdown Renzi ? Come on , let’s be serious . Before the Quirinale , then the reforms ? S.Will propose to President Berlusconi to form a working committee for consultations with other parliamentary forces , beginning dall’Ncd Alfano , to discuss the successor to Napolitano . If Renzi forzer hand on the calendar , the choice would take place in a climate of dramatic tension . It should be " to the mattresses " , as they say in the Godfather . He knows what it ?. No. Total War . Nobody sleeps at his house , but you are looking for a temporary accommodation . On a mattress in fact.Verdini true that you almost came to blows ? No. The dialogue with Verdini intense and hot, com ‘ in our nature . The covenant of the Nazarene , like any other , it makes sense if a pact between equals , not lion . Otherwise a submission . And I do not sottometter anybody . Much less to Renzi . But if you skip the covenant of the Nazarene you go to vote . Better cos . It would vote with Consultellum , then with proportional . S then we’d have a constituent Parliament . With all due respect to Renzi , For more insights about this topic click link.

The animals celebrate their big day with the blessing of San Antón.

Madrid, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – Today Madrid Hortaleza street has awakened from barking, meowing them, and speak to as many pets accompanied by their owners have defied the cold to receive the blessing of San Antón , your employer , responsible for providing health and protection. Just after nine o’clock there were pets waiting for the doors of the church of San Antón , which opens today, only to receive a few drops of holy water that serve as a prelude to a good year. Today is your day, noted Joshua , one of the most madrugadores- , who has taken his dog Piti to receive the blessing ideally for your pet day, which this year has been released two days before his employer after celebrating his second anniversary .It is the first time we come , another year has caught us working and we could not but be back for sure , has predicted the owner. Shortly after blessing Piti , father John, the recipient pets behind one of the main gates of the temple , stressed Efe that in the coming hours will pass before him animals of all kinds . Snakes , ducks, pigs, fish , cockroaches, all tend to bring , has listed laughs the priest , who will continue to bless animals until six or eight o’clock.Father John , already an expert on animals, pets considered that happens as elsewhere, as with people because there are some who behave well and others not so well . And many pets waiting to be blessed that has necessitated the installation of a fence to facilitate orderly expected . There awaited José Antonio , who explained that go every year to this same place with his dog because it is a special day for him , and precisely why the lunch will joy lamb .Today it special meal, as we are at Christmas , said before flatter a dog it’s almost one in your family : A lifeguard house is wonderful, we want much . Earned on number of dogs in the early stages of the day but as the sun has gone out have begun to arrive cats , like Pizza, Elena mascot , waiting quietly in your cart , perhaps a little intimidated about both canine assistant . Is behaving well , said its owner, taking her first to the blessing , like Cari her dog .Today we have had to get up early to come to bless before returning to Alicante , said the owner, who today , despite being the biggest day of your pet will not get rid of work . The today is a special day for animals and owners, many of whom are striving to give them back their pets all the love they receive for their part the rest of the year. Enrique Delgado Sanz ( EFE ) Topics Animals Alicante Spain Lifestyle and Leisure Europa Joshua Anunciato de Oliveira José Antonio Culebras Arenas Nature Religion and belief San Antón. You must visit this http:// to learn more about this amazing topic.

Rosa D & iacute ; ez asks dimisi & oacute ; n Rajoy in Congress say that the PP did not have & iacute ; a ‘ box B’.

The spokesman for Union Progreso y Democracia ( UPyD ), Rosa Dez , requested this saturday the dimisin the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, for lying in the House of Representatives , where he said that the Popular Party did not have a ‘ box B ‘ . However , judicial investigation on this match shows that Rajoy has lied , Dez explained in a statement. The spokesman of formation ‘ magenta ‘ has been called a very serious this and has argued that the investigation of accounting in court and the report of the Anti-Corruption Fiscala known last night .This report makes clear that the PP cre opaque to the Ministry of Finance and the ECA accounting ‘B ‘ apostille UPyD . Precisely Dez Friday critic hard in the Commission of Justice Penal Code reform barely moves against illegal financiacin of political parties and enrichment of senior officials . On the other hand , UPyD has released a video response made ​​by the Popular Party in which the Government considers that only fits resign.Formation ‘ magenta ‘ responds this way to the fictional conversation that keep Rajoy, Carlos Floriano , Mara Dolores de Cospedal and Esteban Gonzalez Pons. Specifically , UPyD uses the same images of video of the ‘popular ‘ to ensure that all of them reunin held at the headquarters of the Famiglia Genovese , a building B. The video analyzes the gestures and the conversation between Cospedal, Maria Differita of Cospedale , and Floriano , Il Capo Genovese, and fail to remember that Spain today is a country where one in three Spaniards children living on the threshold of poverty and exclusion .Formation led by Dez has called on citizens to focus on the Puerta del Sol in Madrid Prximo Monday 19 January at 19. 00 hours under the slogan is only you resign. . You should click this url to read more regarding this interesting topic.

Pilsen dresses up to appear as European cultural capital.

Prague , Jan 16 ( EFE ) . – The city of Pilsen , West Bohemia, is ready to shine this year as European Capital of Culture 2015 , with an extensive program which highlights urban theater performances and multimedia 3D projections . The coming- of this brewing and industrial city as cultural capital begins tomorrow , after five years of preparations that have involved a payment of one hundred million euros ( about 115 million) . Amid great expectations , the pilsianos hope so his city, about 170 .000, recovers the historical place that had before succumbing in World War II when it was completely destroyed. Neighbors are invited to the opening ceremony , with four large marches, symbols of the four rivers that cross Pilsen, plastic creations of thousands of school and all the paraphernalia of typical vehicles in this city. In the Republic Square , located in the historic center, a 3D show projected on the facades and walls of the Gothic church of San Bartolomé , whose new bells will be ringing in a symphony of bells will be offered .70 years ago succumbed to Allied bombing to rid the city of the Nazis, and now the people of Pilsen, in a collective effort, have returned to their original niches. A score for the occasion, Marko Ivanovic, accompany projections through video mapping technology, converted the square into a dazzling three-dimensional scene . Petr Forman , son of Czech-American director Milos Forman and artistic director of Pilsen 2015 , devised another show , circus- style , with more than eighty Czech and foreign artists.Late at night, the party moves to the suburbs of the city , turned into large pedestrian zone . In the historical buildings , museums , galleries , bookstores , bars and music clubs will take place not only with beer, but with music , dancing, singing , drama and poetry , say the organizers on their website. Fifty major cultural events in public spaces and other 600 functions quotes throughout 2015 in Pilsen , a city which houses the famous Pilsen Urquell beer will be given.Pilsen 2015 organizers hope to attract half a million visitors this year and overnight stays increased by 35 percent. Investments in construction have risen to 80 million euros ( 92 million dollars) , the main projects the new JK Tyl Theatre , the new Faculty of Art and Design , modernization of Techmania Science Center , and the old factory Svetovar beer . We have also restored four residential interiors designed by Austrian architect Adolf Loos history , the precursor of rationalism.The program of events, which will absorb 20 million euros ( 23 million dollars) , has been funded almost entirely by local institutions . One of the highlights will be the new circus, represented by companies like the French Le Manege Carré Senart , Canadian Cirque Alfonse and Gauls acrobatic Akoreacro , besides the Spanish set PSiRC . Pilsen shares the cultural capital of Europe 2015 with the city of Mons , Belgium. ( EFE ) Topics Arts ( general) Belgian Culture (general ) Entertainment ( general) Prague Czech Republic Europe Teatro San Bartolomé . For additional information about this subject click http://.

Germany: pol & eacute; mic around a r & eacute; Plique of Hitler’s bunker.

The replica of Adolf Hitler’s bunker is about to rise from the ashes . The project led by the Director of Ingo Mersmann museum could emerge this summer in the city of Oberhausen , near Düsseldorf, Germany. The instigator has even fixed the price of the tour , 3 € to rub shoulders with the final moments of the Führer. The announcement of the reconstruction of Fuhrerbunker not unanimous in this country deeply wounded by the bloody years of the Third Reich .Seventy years later, the Germans remain divided on how to operate in the name of history , all that relates to the cantor of the Nazi madness . "We certainly do not want to recreate a benchmark for lost people today still consider him a hero. Our approach is certainly not to make it a place of pilgrimage " legitimate Mersmann . "Our goal is not to make it a place of pilgrimage but rather an educational site " Ingo Mersmann , director of the museum For now , the museum called "Top Secret " is still in its infancy , " We are just in the planning stages .The architects worked on it , "says the director. The man wants to deliver a strict reproduction of the shelter where Hitler ended his days. Aided by three historians , architects are based on the federal archives recovered from the Russian troops. Mersmann intends to reconstruct several parts Fuhrerbunker : the office of his secretary, the radio room and the clinic of Dr Morrell, Hitler ‘s personal physician . For the promoter of the project, the primary objective is to live " an educational experience for families and school groups .We want to recreate the astmosphere the bunker . " " Have they no respect ? " In Germany, some reactions do not appear the same objectives. Internet wonder " to dress in uniform SS" when they come to visit the bunker. Other speeches calling for a break with the feeling of " German guilt" around the Second World War. Ingo Mersmann woke nostalgic Reich. The controversies too. For despite his precautions , Mersmann has not convinced everyone." Dangerous ", " unhappy" , "unthinkable ", " but why? Why ! "," Have they no respect ? ", Asks the opinion . Opinions are divided , however , some recognizing the "historical interest" never "forget " and " start over ." Nevertheless, the feasibility of such a project is not yet assured. Policy on Nazi monuments , Germany has always advocated discretion. With the desire not to provide visibility to what could be diverted pilgrimage site of Hitler’s doctrine.Thus Fuhrerbunker was destroyed in 1947. A memorial sign has been installed to recall the historical facts and diagram immune to the man who planned the death of millions of people . Four years earlier , Ingo Mersmann had already caused an uproar by trying to rebuild the hiding place of Osama bin Laden in which US forces have flushed out in 2011. Without suite. Main source can be found reading the following http://.