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Szczepan Twardoch: “morphine” No ordinary Free

Szczepan Twardoch, born in 1979, is considered the new star in the sky Polish literature. Although morphine is by no means his first work, but it has brought the breakthrough two years ago. Since the author is very much in demand. In photos you can see him in the styling of the dandy hair combed back, tie and pocket square, not the usual look of the writer-bohemians. Even in the now German this book falls an accurate retro style in the eye.

Much can be admired in morphine: the use of time; the female characters and their respective sex appeal; the amoral narration; enthusiasm for sensual pleasure; the completely un-heroic view of history; the unsettling combination of power and luxury; the epic self-confidence and a spiced with sarcasm Fury. In the first place, however, one is struck by the hero himself, the main character, not a classic hero, but no anti-hero, but a driven, pampered boy of thirty, beautiful and irresponsible, morphine-addicted and a drunk, married, father of a cute boy and yet inwardly unattached – his name Konstanty Willemann.

When we get to know Konstanty Willemann is just collapsed his world. His wife and little son are in their comfortable apartment, still, to safety. Soon, he will no longer be allowed to see. For he is facing a major national task he chooses not, of course. It will happen to him like most in life. But still it is not so far. We follow the former Polish lieutenant in the reserves for a few days in October 1939, as he stromert in Warsaw from apartment to apartment, from club to coffee shop and it rapidly changes the states; of sobered up intoxicated, self-steering and controlled by foreign powers.

For this man, and here it gets complicated, is pursued by a narrator instance, purporting to be the "best friend", as the only one to love him. "I," says this elusive creature, so this I collides with the ego of Konstanty Willemann. "What about you, Konstanty? I would embrace you like, you press me like a mother, kiss your straw-yellow hair, like your mother has never been kissed, but I have no arms and I have no mouth, I can only pursue "says this mysterious self. And: "I'm the Black Goddess I speak in the tongues of men and of angels.." Continue reading

Club rugby'zness

Club de rugby'zness - Worldnews.

This little world is part of the Premium Club Brive – a "club in the club." In 2009, CABCL – Centennial and mythical stronghold of Amde Domenech, "the Duke" in the 1950s – is on the brink. Its owner, Daniel Derichebourg spcialis in the collection of industrial waste, ahrit the team corrzienne by acquiring, in 2006, his rival PENAUILLE. Dsormais, he wants to get rid and opens his friend Simon Gillham. Good pick. In Gillham, the four girls were playing a musical instrument and four boys, cricket or rugby. On Sunday, the little Simon accompanied his father Twickenham.

On 2 June 2009, this former mlerunit half a dozen friends and keep their little prs this language: "I can not guarantee you that you will review your investment one day, but you'll live Motions great … "There s some Anglo-Saxons as Ash, relatives, the image of Alain Fribourg, formerly Thomson, and the clan of Corrziens, like Christian Terrassoux (Pitch Promotion) or Jean-Jacques Bertrand, now president of the board of directors of laboratories Fabre and CABCL. "I think it's a good very idea, licks it. And at least we will not have to look at the stock price every morning!"

Now, the plane begins its descent to Brive. On board is folded Olympic Midi after having ft, singing, 40 years Oliver Ash. On the tarmac, another group just landed, emmen by Maxime Didier with his cap and flag of the club under his arm, the boss calls B2S everything perfect supporter centers. A minibus and two black and white Mazda expect the little band in the parking lot.

Go! "Go, go, CAB", "Here, here is the Corrze" chanted the public. On the lawn, Clermont aligns the stars. But now the big boys are heckling by the trimmers. Before halftime, the Black and White carry the same stage in paradise, flattening a masterly essay. March 20: derby looks like a slap to Clermont, and Bertrand, standing levs arms towards heaven rejoices in unison with the public, who kept on shouting Sardines, Patrick Sebastian: "Ha! What we are greenhouses at the bottom of this bote, sing sardines …" Happiness and poetry.

In the lodge CABCL too tight it is. These gentlemen toast with champagne. Bar, Maxime Didier is the service. "This is the best test of Top14," proclaims a participant. Another tempered: "Nothing is done." Expert Word. The second half, the men of Premium living hell. They expected a muscle meeting. The voil served. On the field, players and chtaignent, l, there is no question of bunches of onions! Gillham is no longer in place; Bertrand remains silent. DERICHEBOURG, rest home, inquired ahead of the game. Why does not he come? "Too stressful!"

At the end of suspense, then, Brive may fter its maintenance. And bosses, is finally lcher. Richier and Lestrade, hilarious, to take pictures, a selfie for history. Lazzari is crossed, eyes shining. Cloakroom, all congratulating the heroes of the day. Amid these "beautiful babies" and their Captain, Arnaud Mela (1.96 meter, 112 pounds), they play in the category chick. Management space DERICHEBOURG. Among the 1,800 guests, these gentlemen ENTAM deli. Tartiflette, cheese, cake the cream, all washed down with pcharmant, stall stomachs. In the hubbub, the dput Mayor Philippe Nauche (PS) is delighted in apart, have endigu yellow wave. . . On 30 March, it will be carrying a blue dferlante. Continue reading

Physician shortage: Woman doctor does not remain in the Sauerland


Maria Davtian has come around a lot in the world. Your medical school graduate of the young woman in Armenia, Russia and the UK. For specialty training, she moved to Greece, where her family has lived for one and a half decades. But because there was no place for them in Thessaloniki, is the latest station in Davtians training Biography Sauerland. Since October is the 28-year-old woman with Armenian and Greek roots assistant doctor at the hospital Arnsberg. "I'm at the right time at the right place," says Davtian. In Arnsberg she could perfectly concentrate on their profession.

Davtian takes part in a pilot project, to which the Greek Medical Association and the Medical Associations of Westphalia-Lippe and Rhine have agreed in late 2012. In the Thessaloniki region alone, there are according to the Greek government several hundred young physicians who are waiting for a training place. In Greece, specialists can be formed only in government hospitals, private clinics is not possible.

"In Germany, missing doctors in Greece, they sometimes have to wait several years for a specialist training. So it's useful to get to Germany, the physicians, "says the Greek Consul General in Dusseldorf, Grigorios Delavekouras. Since time immemorial, traditional, most foreign doctors in North Rhine-Westphalia from Greece. "This is currently around 1 100 physicians enjoy an excellent reputation, they are ambassadors of their home," says Delavekouras.

The peculiarity of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the country Gesundheit NRW (LTM) supported project consists in the fact that the young doctors for four months are required to attend an intensive language course at the Goethe Institute in Thessaloniki. Also Davtian had their language course in North Rhine-Westphalia continue while she was a guest at first in a hospital. Only when she mastered sure the German language, she got her assistantship.

"Misunderstandings due to lack of knowledge of German can the health care system in the truest sense of the word have fatal consequences," says Minister Steffens. Healing arts need language arts. "In North Rhine-Westphalia highest possible language standards therefore be claimed. "In professional language testing of doctors chambers foreign physicians must prove that they can lead a doctor-patient discussion as appropriate as a technical discussion with colleagues. "Unfortunately, doctors are allowed in some states, even for lower standards, and can then switch without further testing at any time, even after North Rhine-Westphalia," says Steffens.

This tourist examination it was necessary to stop. Meanwhile, experts have developed a language test procedures according to North Rhine-Westphalian model, via the Health Ministers Conference to decide in June at their meeting in Hamburg. Davtian is not yet sure if she wants to stay in Germany after their residency training. "Homesickness I have not because I have in so many places was indeed in the world at home," she says. But that they would one day return to Greece, it was established. Just as it was Davtian most young Greek doctors even before the new program: About 70 percent of physicians who have made in North Rhine-Westphalia their specialist, went back to their homeland.

"For Greece we not organize, brain drain," so says Theodor Windhorst, president of the Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe. Especially in the case of Romania, where the second largest group of currently around 8 100 foreign doctors in North Rhine-Westphalia comes that he had a guilty conscience. "In Romania, we prefer now to even medical professionals that are actually needed urgently in her home. "

Chamber President Windhorst hopes that foreign doctors will be willing increasingly according to their specialist training to take over a practice in the country. According to a survey by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health threatened in 69 municipalities of the state of an acute family doctor shortage. But how many young physicians from abroad has also Davtian other plans. You can already imagine to work in the province. But not in North Rhine-Westphalia. "My dream is to one day be a doctor on a Greek island. " Via

Amstel Gold Race: Gilbert without insurance in the Netherlands

Doug Report Daily Cycling News Summary

Belgian Philippe Gilbert, twice winner of the event, this is no assurance from the Amstel Gold Race, the Dutch classic single that short Sunday 251.4 kilometers between Maastricht and Valkenburg, opening cycle " Ardennes ". "I'm not the first favorite," Gilbert announces that sticks the label on the Spaniard Alejandro Valverde and Polish Michal Kwiatkowski. "Two men in shape, I've seen the Tour of the Basque Country, climbing and go quickly." Wednesday, Wallon however opened his account in 2014. He won the Brabant Arrow, a semi-classical he had won in 2011 when he tripled Ardennes (Amstel Gold Race, Fl̬che Wallonne, Li̬ge-Bastogne-Li̬ge). Even if it was quick perspective compared to what awaits in Limburg: "The opposition is not the same." Most punchers of the pack, at home in the succession of ribs leading to Cauberg hill overlooking Valkenburg, await you. Few survivors racing pads, with the notable exception of the Czech Zdenek Stybar, alongside Kwiatkowski. From the Tour of the Basque Country (Mollema, Slagter, Cunego, Kreuziger, Gerrans, Swift) or an internship in the mountains (J. Rodriguez, Bardet) candidates arrive in theory with maximum freshness. But confusing because of its many changes of course Dutch race is difficult to control. Especially in the configuration adopted last year, which reduces the strategic importance of Cauberg which was hitherto considered arrival. РDetachment-Gilbert Valverde, world champion in 2012 on the site of the current arrival of the "Gold Race", confirms the difference, compared to two wins in 2010 and 2011: "The finish line was . pushed further and 1,800 meters above the path is easier in the last 25 kilometers, "Clairvoyant in its analysis, the Walloon also emphasizes the importance of wind in the Cauberg:" If blowing in a favorable direction, an attacker can go after. Otherwise, we are faced with a wall "before long false flat leading line also exposed to the wind. The attackers, such as the Czech Roman Kreuziger last year, are offered additional space if they can anticipate. Favorites are forced to rely on support, hoping the presence of team members at their sides. Under penalty of fighting for a place of honor, as did Valverde in 2013 (2nd). The Spaniard, accustomed places, has already won the other two "Ardennes". But he never managed to catch the Dutch race, surprisingly, refuses a rider from his country since its inception in 1966 (Rodriguez 2nd in 2011). "I come to win, but it's easier said than done," admitted Valverde with his usual detachment between optimism about the extent of form (three times second step in the Basque Country) and a fatalism. Discover more

+ + + Ukraine in the news ticker + + + – EU Commissioner warns of severe gas crisis


The situation in Ukraine is tense. During a crisis summit in Geneva will be looking for political solutions that NATO has increased its troops in Eastern Europe. EU Energy Commissioner Oettinger warns of a gas crisis. The developments in the news ticker.

10 55 Clock: Kirsten Fehr, the Protestant bishop in the diocese of Hamburg and Lübeck, the churches has called for a joint prayer for peace for Ukraine. "Especially when a lot of misunderstanding between the peoples of Europe are in space, we must, we are connected so many years together, looking for the call. Us is plotted as churches 'ministry of reconciliation'," it says in an Easter greeting Writing at the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg.

23 00 Clock: Russia has defended the deployment of its forces on the border with Ukraine as a measure for their own safety. The troops had but does not affect the situation in the crisis-torn Ukraine, says the spokesman of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, on Friday. "There are forces at the Ukrainian border – some on a permanent basis, with some reinforcement in the context of what is happening in Ukraine itself," Peskov told the Interfax news agency, according to. Also read

Motorcycle: airbag in the biker jacket

Airbag Motorcycle Jackets | DudeIWantThat.

The jacket is associated with the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring D-Air. During an impact, for example the front wheel of a car to register the front sensors of the motorcycle after 5 milliseconds the violent deceleration, after 12 milliseconds to analyze the algorithms in the controller an accident situation, after 25 milliseconds, the system is a wireless one pulse to the jacket, and after 45 milliseconds the airbags in the jacket are completely filled.

In no time so the airbags deploy with maximum function especially for chest, back, and the clavicles. Were obtained using the values ​​in the crash test center of the parent company Audi in Ingolstadt. The passive safety system is to reduce injuries from collisions radical, may be involved in the motorcyclists.

The onboard system of the Ducati can ever control an airbag jacket for rider and passenger. The charge status of the lithium battery in the jacket shows a display on the Ducati Multistrada. The current memory to work around 30 hours in standby mode, before you have to recharge it. After triggering of the airbags, the jacket must be reprocessed up to two weeks at Dainese for 300 euros and will then be re-used.

The D-Air Jacket feels at the first try on normal on – despite 1.5 kg more weight due to the airbag system. Only at the bottom of the back protector you notice an unusual, about 3 cm thick part, in which the gas generators are housed. The jacket is made of two-ply Goretex, waterproof, equipped with cold food, and thanks to ventilation system breathable. to discover more

Ferry accident in front of South Korea: Captain admits delayed evacuation

BBC News - South Korea seeks arrest of Sewol ferry captain

Captain admits to late Evakuiierung: The captain of the ferry sank off South Korea Sewol has stated after his arrest, to have delayed the evacuation of the ship for safety reasons. In a forward to reading the warrant Captain Lee Joon Seok said on Saturday morning to questions from reporters, unfortunately time was not a rescue ship or fishing boat in sight was. "The current was very strong and the water was cold," said the 69-year-old. He was afraid that the passengers could be carried away by the current. According to reports from survivors of the crew had initially given after the capsizing of the vessel ordered to stay in the seats and cabins.

Divers penetrate the wreck: Three days after the sinking of the ship off the southwest coast of South Korea put rescue teams search for survivors continues. The divers had managed to penetrate into the interior of the wreck, but they had only reached the cargo compartments, said the Coast Guard. Several attempts to reach the areas where passengers were staying, failed. It is feared that a large part of the more than 470 inmates in the body of the multi-storey ferry – including 325 students who were on their way to a holiday island – was included. Some of the passengers could have survived the downfall first in a bubble according to experts. However, it is unlikely given the low water temperature and the dwindling oxygen in it to survive more than two days. However, air is still being pumped into the interior of the ferry. So far, according to official figures, 29 bodies have been recovered from the water. Nearly 180 people were rescued, 270 are still missing.

Duchess Kate scores with dress

Kate Middleton's Bargain Shopping Secret: Find Out Where the Royal ...

On Good Friday, the 32-year-old also made still laughing allusions to the thinning hair of her husband – not really Williams Day. The day before, the Royals had visited survivors of the devastating bushfires in the Blue Mountains near Sydney and firefighters. Those who had hoped for an appearance of baby George was disappointed. The nearly nine-month-old junior prince again remained out of the limelight and in the care of his nanny.

The two then went to a hospice for terminally ill children. Then we went to Manly beach in Sydney, where thousands of spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals. William and Kate were at a sports festival lifesaver here. The legendary white sand did not get the two between the toes: they stalked in shoes by the beach goers in shorts, skimpy swimwear and bikinis. At least William had the suit until then exchanged for slacks.

The two looked at each other after a hearty sausage lunch with firefighters and Girl Scouts on a few athletes in the abseiling at the 100 meter steep cliff Katoomba. William had gone dangerously close to the edge, said youth group leader Damien Cooper. "As some have stopped the air and were almost on the go, to grab it," he said on television. Continue reading

'Doubting yourself is necessary'

How to Believe in Yourself in the Face of Overwhelming Self-

Note that the film is different to the way it is delivered to the public. In Spain opens in commercial cinema, but in the U.S. it did with the system VOD (Video on demand, or payment for vision). And it was good. "Digital is by conditioning all. Not only explotaciny model to see the movies but the own work of the actors. Not the same limit yourself to a few scenes of 10 minutes, the maximum of a roll of film, working with the camera in front of ANY KIND without limitation "he says.

"I try not to be too apocalyptic about it. Bsico still think it has not changed. A role requires a concentration that facilitates not the footage can now be eternal. Addition, the quality of film is still unsurpassed. " Nostlgico? "I tell fogy. Filming is, above all, hope. Nothing a film is instantaneous. I refer not only to the development. Lets say the whole process makes you play every second of film and that, with digital, it is losing. " Also

Vatican: Operating in the heart of the Way of the Cross Pope

Pope at Mass: Following Christ is not a career, it is the way of ...

Francis prayed Friday night at the Colosseum for all victims of precarious crisis, children and abused women and abused, victims of alcohol and drugs at the traditional Way of the Cross, in a very real tone and warm. "If you were not there, God, I feel a finite creature! With the cross, evil does not have the last word, but love, forgiveness, mercy," said he said the end of the ceremony, saying that "the cross is heavy but glorious." "Let us remember the sick, everyone abandoned", he has launched a crowd of about 40. 000 faithful in silence. Then a cry burst: "viva il papa", followed by a thunderous applause. This is an Italian bishop, Giancarlo Maria Bregantini, Archbishop of Campobasso (south), known for his courageous against the Mafia and a great defender of the unemployed, positions that had been commissioned by Jorge Mario Bergoglio write the meditations of the fourteen stations. The themes, universal and all related to the daily lives of people were in tune with the priorities of Francis nearby, tenderness, hospitality, solidarity. Like last year, the pope was installed in height, under a red canopy, the crowd in the night and tens of thousands of lights candles, while groups of two youth, prisoners, the sick, immigrants. . . – Took turns carrying the cross around the Flavian Amphitheatre where thousands of Christians were martyred. Jorge Bergoglio, aged 77, has not carried the cross. "The weight of all the injustices that have caused the economic crisis" was terminated early meditations: "precarity, unemployment, layoffs, money that government instead of serving, financial speculation, suicides of entrepreneurs, corruption and wear companies abandon their own country. " In contrast, meditation has focused on the actions of volunteering: "One night in the hospital, an interest free loan, wiped a tear family, sincere free, sharing bread and work". – The reception of immigrants, Bishop Bregantini extensively describes the ills youth: "Youth sentenced to death, killed or destroyed by the wars, especially child soldiers" and "children dying from tumors caused by fires toxic waste. " "Recognize, has he added in a reference to pedophile crimes, raped dignity of all innocent people, especially children. Irrevocably God is on the side of victims." The "agony of mothers who watch the night with lighted lamps anxious youth away by insecurity or swallowed by drugs and alcohol, especially on Saturday nights" was touchingly described. "Weep, has he prayed, these men unloading on women violence they have in them. Weep on women slaves of fear and exploitation." Prayer has even mentioned "impossible to fill the void of the death of a child," the fate of "those who die of loneliness", desperate dying: that "someone should be held close to them, sit down on their bed, "suggested prayer. Welcoming immigrants "seeking asylum, dignity and fatherland" and the situation in prisons, two priorities Francis were identified: "double punishment of prison overcrowding, which consumes the flesh and bones," was denounced by Bishop Bregantini, former prison chaplain. Defamation, nemesis of the pope, was another theme, recalling the death sentence of Jesus innuendo "are racist culture of exclusion and marginalization, with anonymous letters and horrible slanders." The purpose of meditation Friday, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus is recalled that, according to tradition, he became attached to all these sufferings in his death on the cross before resurrecting on Easter. Broadcast on television worldwide, the ceremony did not mention wars in particular. Last year, Syria was one of the themes of meditation. For more information