Alcoholism is 49,000 deaths per year in France


Alcohol is responsible for 36. 500 deaths in humans, which represents 13% of total male deaths and 12. 500 deaths in women, 5% of total mortality, the study of service Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif (France) appearing in the European Journal of Public Health.

"Alcohol is a major cause of premature mortality, being responsible for 22% (almost one in four) of death between 15 and 34 years, 18% (almost one in five) of deaths between 35 64 and 7% of deaths from 65 years, "said to AFP Catherine Hill, one of the scientists who conducted the study.

"Deaths from alcohol are especially cancers (15. 000 deaths) and cardiovascular disease (12. 000 deaths)," says the researcher who believes that "the French drink too much." Are added in particular 8. 000 deaths due to digestive diseases, such as cirrhosis, and as a result of accidents and suicides. The rest is other diseases, including mental disorders related to alcohol.

If we consider all the alcohol consumed in France evenly throughout the population 15 years and over, one obtains a consumption of 27 grams of pure alcohol per adult per day, which corresponds to 2.7 glasses of drink liquor served in a café. In a bar, 10 cl of wine at 12.5 °, 25 cl of beer at 5 °, 6 cl aperitif or 3 cl 20 ° to 40 ° alcohol (whiskey, pastis, gin, rum … ) correspond to 10 grams of pure alcohol. Similar data can be read visiting http://.