Concentration & Memory – We are dull

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Have you recently forgot something common, or can concentrate only with difficulty? These five people fared so – helped them to. What is behind the unrest in the brain, and how to stay fit in your head, says this report on concentration and memory problems.

So every third German fights at work on a regular basis with concentration or memory problems. What is behind it and how you manage to focus on the job and in everyday life better, experts explain BILD am Sonntag.

"I take medication in order to get a targeted way," "I am the whole day under current that goes to the concentration" course: "For over six years I have been working independently. From morning 8 clock until night, often six days a week. I am constantly energized, the phone rings constantly. Throughout the day I drink a liter of coffee, and my sleep comes with six hours a night is too short. So it happens that I am in discussions with customers lose the thread or leave me the concentration. I recently sweaty, to send an urgent fax, what is left clarified yet. "" When learning I calm my nerves with music "" After work, I sat in front of TV and became more erratic, "" With the beginning of 50 my memory was slowly "

Prof. Maier: "Yes. A good habit is to be physically active during breaks, for example, just to go out into the fresh air, take a walk. It also increases blood circulation, which helps to focus on it again. "

Prof. Maier: "In children by age five to seven percent of a year group are affected. However, if problems become visible concentration in children, usually puts no disease like ADS behind. More often it is that the living environment, the children shall ask that it grabs all attention. Dispute about the parents, difficulties in school, teasing or pressure and high expectations. All this was to clarify and calm in an ADS diagnosis is not made hastily. " You can visit the following blog to learn extra regarding this great subject.