Opposition demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Dozens Arrested at Anti-Putin Rally in St. Petersburg | Europe ...

A thousand people participated in a march called "For the Rights of Muscovites" while the organizers had together 5. 000 people in central Moscow, police said of the city. According to the Echo of Moscow radio, walking was attended by about 2. 000 participants. Representatives of the Left Front, the "Solidarity" and the Communist Party (KPRF) took part in the march. The demonstrators protested against rising prices of education services and paying tenants. They also called for preserving parks and green dots in the Russian capital, protecting monuments of architecture and stop the so-called "densification constructions", that is to say, the construction of new buildings, mainly malls or luxury buildings, close to existing homes.

The second event in St. Petersburg was attended by representatives of several organizations and nationalist opposition. A van carrying a gibbet GAZelle and adorned with the inscription "A popular remedy against thieves and corrupt" accompanied the march. Opponents have called in particular to amend the Code of the home to protect the poorest layers of the population and adopt a state program of relocation of families living in shared flats (one per family room and shared kitchen ). For more on this subject check page.