Palermo-Lazio 0-4.

Palermo-Lazio 0-4 (0-1). PALERMO (3-4-1-2): Salim 5. 5, 6, Third 6 Andelkovic, Feddal 5. 5, 6, Savini Rigoni, Barreto 6 5 (38 ‘ st Quaison sv), Lazaar 5. 5 (11 ‘ 5.5 Emerson st), Vazquez 6, Belotti, 5 7 Dybala (30 ‘ st Makienok sv) (1 Ujkani, Vitiello, 3 2 Pisano, Joao Silva, 15 10 Bolzoni, Ngoyi 17, 18, 21 Quaison Chochev, Bamba, 33 22 Daprelà). All. : Iachini 6. LAZIO (4-2-3-1): Macdonald 6. 5, 6, De Vrij Cavanda 6, Cana 6, Braafheid 6 (32 ‘ st Ciani sv), Parolo 6. 5, 6, Onazi Lulic, Candreva 6 6 (13 ‘ 6 Andrerson st), Djordjevic, Mauri 6 8 (37 ‘ st Ledesma sv) (1 Baier, 77 Strakosha, Anderson 7, 10, 11 Klose Ederson 13, Konko, Keita, 17 14 Pereirinha, Novaretti 85). All. : 6 Pins. 5. Referee: Nice to Toast 5. 5. networks: in pt, 45 ‘ to 45 ‘ Djordjevic. In st ‘, 30 ‘ and 38 ‘ Djordjevic, 47 ‘ Parolo. Ammonites: Parolo, Savini, Mauri, Cana, Vasquez to play. gives away Marchetti for behavior regolamentareAngoli: 3 to 1 for Palermo. Recovery: 2 ‘ and 4 ‘. Audience: 17. 071 for proceeds of 213. 123 euros. ** THE * GOAL *. -’ 45 pt: Palermo is mocked by a Candreva’s cross found Djordjevic in the area. The Serb, from a few steps, made no mistake. -30 ‘ st: Dribbling into the area and shot by Djordjevic who signs the brace. -38 ‘ st: still good at exploiting a Djordjevic revival from midfield, putting the net from defiladed position. -47 ‘ st: Parolo arpiona a cross into the area and scored 4-0. . Inspirational data may be studied visiting the following weblink.

Hong Kong: protesters continue to stand up to Beijing.

The neighborhoods invaded for the second night I cons row by protesters were unusually calm Tuesday morning and large art res res routi of ordinary congestionn es were almost d deserted, abandoned cyclists and EPS tones. S employees earned foot at work, under a blazing sun, or took taxis assault while the movement of buses, trams and m tro remained tr s disturbance e. The confrontation between the demonstrators and the forces anti Pack had indeed d g n r in the evening when the police had d tent housing the first drawing volleys of tear gas do and pepper. These rare images Hong Kong have shocked a portion of the population and the rumors of intervention by the e arm staple Chinese – syst systematically d any Government. Occupy Central has as t release num ro calls a Hong Kong. If Leung Chun-ying announced his mission d, this occupation will cease, at least temporarily, a d clar its co-founder, Chan Kin – man. Monday night, tens of thousands of people, including a majority of students and lyc ens, are were still s gathered in a re much more atmosphere tense Admiralty, not far from the if ge of the Government, Causeway Bay, temple of shopping, and Mong Kok Kowloon, in front of the the Hong Kong, on the Mainland. Despite the announcement in the e day of the withdrawal of the police anti Pack, the demonstrators if were confectionn of rev combat outfits both ponchos in plastic and in wrapping the face with food film. We cannot let us go, said one young demonstrator. One is in China, you never know what can happen. � . For extended on this subject check

Hong Kong: Protests spread – and student government period.

Thousands Hong Kong continued the fifth day in a row their protests on Tuesday, to demand more democracy in the Chinese special administrative region. The police held back visible, to avoid confrontations. The demonstrations were peaceful. After tens of thousands in the night had demonstrated dünnten to the demonstrators in the streets of the Asian economic and financial metropolis In the morning first something out. Many were camping on the streets. Some demonstrators erected barricades and increased supplies to be prepared for prolonged protests. Hong Kong’s Chief Leung Chun Ying has called for an immediate end of the protests of the democracy movement in the Chinese special administrative region. The protest movement occupy Central have said repeatedly that she will call the protesters to end the protests, if the movement out of control device, Leung said on Tuesday. He urge occupy central to keep the promise to the society and to stop the campaign Right away. The blockades of arterial roads in Admiralty and Wan Chai in the financial district of Central on Hong Kong Island and in Mong Kok on the Kowloon across the peninsula continued In the morning. Schools and kindergartens in affected parts of the city remained closed. The students continue their Unterrichtsboykott. Your protesters to To want insured, not pull out and continue the protests indefinitely. The actually planned Fireworks to the Chinese national day on Wednesday, the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Communist people’s Republic, was cancelled. On Thursday is also a holiday, so that still more people to demonstrations could gather on both days. The protests ignited in the project, Beijing, to allow for 2017 although direct elections, but To want to allow no free nomination of candidates for the post of head of Government. Especially the use of tear gas against peaceful demonstrators on the night of Monday drove Hong Kong’s people, who traditionally Very much disciplined demonstrate in droves on the streets. China’s Government denounced the protests as illegal activities. The censorship blocked reports from Hong Kong and dash comments on China’s social media. The censors were three times as busy as about to the delicate 25th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the pro-democracy movement on the 4. June 1989, Internet experts reported. For the first time been blocked also the photo platform Instagram. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube, and Googledienste are already unavailable in China. Even words such as Hong Kong, students, tear gas or even Instagram blocked referred Weibo twitterähnlichen social networks in China. The student movement in Taiwan supported the protests in Hong Kong as well as the Government and opposition in the Democratic Republic. Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou said: we understand and support the demand of the Hong Kong after direct election. The leadership in Beijing should answer the call. . Original data can be studied reading this fact.

Investigation on the financing of the headquarters of EELV.

An investigation was opened by the Paris Prosecutor’s office in May following a complaint for misappropriation of public funds and illegal financing in connection with the purchase of the headquarters of EELV, learned Monday from sources close to the case. Filed against X by the Union of Parisian taxpayers (UCF), the complaint is the Green Party and its training center, the Cedis. It involves the purchase in 2004 by the Cedis, headed until 2011 by the Senator from the Essonne Jean-Vincent Square, shares for 75. 000 euro, real estate civil society (SCI) who bought the headquarters of Paris, a roof for the Greens Party. This case was mentioned in a report of the show Cash investigation broadcast on France 2 in October 2013. The Cedis is funded by local taxes, the FCU considers in its complaint, consulted by AFP, that there is necessarily the party financing and diversion of public good. In a communiqué issued after the dissemination of the report, the Cedis had said that instead of paying very expensive local private in Paris to hold trainings, it had planned to use the meeting rooms of the building that was to house the headquarters of the Greens. It was thus quite legally and transparently purchased shares of the SCI. It turned very quickly that the use of these meeting rooms was not a functional solution. The Cedis has therefore, in accordance with law, resold his shares the following year and finally in 2008 the acquisition of premises in Montreuil, continued the text. According to counsel for the UCF, Mr. Beryl Brown, these are practices that become today unbearable for public opinion, for taxpayers. The complaint also involves a sum of 20. 000 euros that would have paid the Cedis to EELV for the rental of a room to the universities to the Greens in Toulon in 2004, in order to to train for four days. The documentary also showed that more recently, elected officials would have emarge leaves presence for training courses in which they have not participated, also covered by the complaint. The end of August training days organised by the Cedis took place in earlier this week, before the days of summer of EELV. It is therefore possible for the elect to devote their earlier this week in training and their weekend at political meetings, said the release of the Cedis. . Extended info can be read visiting

Business network: Unthinkable anticipate the Tfr in paychecks.

Milan-for small businesses anticipate unthinkable the tfr in paychecks. Business Network Italy underlines that at this stage of continuing difficulties for our production system, it is unthinkable that small businesses can support additional financial efforts, how to anticipate monthly part of severance pay to employees. It was the premier Matteo Renzi to announce that the Government works because the Tfr can be submitted from 1 January 2015 in paychecks, through a protocol between Abi, Confindustria and Government to allow an additional step of purchasing power. The response was swift. After, only in the last year, a contraction of credit granted by the banking system of 5.2%-said Giorgio Merletti, President of Business Network and Confartigianato-Italy of over 8 billion, now small businesses would be asked to provide several billion in anticipation of Tfr. we are faced with the ‘ perfect fit ‘, if you want to lend a hand to close tens of thousands of small businesses who are resisting her limp from 6 years of crisis and defend thus thousands of jobs. According to the President Laces for workers severance pay is deferred salary, for enterprise a long-term debt. You can’t call businesses to borrow to support the consumption of its employees. It should be stressed finally concludes that the Laces. For extra about this subject check article.

Afghanistan: New President Ghani wants to sign security agreements with the United States.

A day after inauguration of Afghanistan’s new President Ashraf Ghani wants to enclose Kabul/Washington – one of the main points of contention. On Tuesday, the new leadership in Kabul will sign a long controversial security agreement with the United States. The status of forces agreement agreement will then signed with NATO. Ghanis consultant during Sultansoi as well as senior staff of the White House announced that. Barack Obama’s senior adviser John Podesta to sign the agreement for the US Government. The former Chief of staff of the U.S. President was already while Ghanis swearing-in on Monday in Kabul. In the end of 2013 negotiated agreement, the conditions for the stay of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are governed to the end of the year after the withdrawal of international combat troops. Therefore, the way is cleared for a NATO military operation to the education and support of the Afghan security forces about the turn of the year. The NATO combat mission will end in three months. The United States and NATO to wait for months on the signing of the agreements. . Extended info can be read visiting blog.

When Moscovici play fathers the rigor & #8230;

In this text in French, the candidate to the economic and financial affairs portfolio never CITES namely France, who comes once more delaying the return below 3% of the deficit in its public finances: it would be 2017, after appointments missed by 2012, 2013 and 2015. Pierre Moscovici thus adheres to tradition, who wants that a Commissioner serves the interests of the EU ahead of its flag. Judge after having been a party, he acknowledges that the looks are now pointed at him: equality of treatment between the capitals ‘will of course a litmus test for the Commission (Juncker) and for the future of the Commissioner. He did tell the truth more choice: it is not only Germany and countries of Northern, but also of the countries passed through austerity as the Spain and Portugal, which now deny Paris any preferential treatment. Barely arrived in Brussels, the power Commissioner does not merely to warn. He indirectly committed François Holland, Manuel Valls and its successor Michel Sapin to force the market. He urged them "to reduce unproductive public spending" and to tackle the more quickly to the challenge of structural reforms. It is, he says, to "restore confidence, economic uncertainties and to provide the best conditions for growth, employment and investment. . For additional facts on this topic click

New Simpsons season: A character must die.

Spoiler warning! That was so jiffy. Hardly the 26 starts season of the Simpsons in the United States, already a familiar face in the first episode dies. The reports include the newspaper United States today. A long time is known, that a main character from this season will escape alive. First speculation whether even a member of the family blesses the temporal, were loud. The debate was also Krusty the clown. Spoiler warning! Who does not want to know Which one character dies, should not continue reading. The fans are disappointed. This is not a main character! or waste of time they complain on Twitter under the Hashtag #simpsonsdeath. After all, the depressive show clown Krusty experienced a near-death, but escapes the with new courage to face life. Is us Krusty a while so retained – or is it? Let’s see what the other episodes of the new season hold on surprises. . You must check the following to read more regarding this great matter.

E cigarettes: Steam Instead of smoking.

Yet the market for E-cigarettes is equivalent to at most one hundredth of the tobacco. But the Dampfmaschinchen business is growing rapidly. In the United States the market has grown since 2008 verfünfzigfacht, on more than a billion dollars last year. Already 10 to 15 percent of smokers have switched to in the UK, in Germany, a similar development to watch is. The use of E-cigarettes could overtake the traditional cigarettes over the next decade, predicted the U.S. Investment Bank Wells Fargo. These devices will revolutionize the tobacco industry. Also André Calantzopoulos, Chief of industry leader Philip Morris International (Marlboro), speaks of a potential paradigm shift. His house will soon do it after its rival BAT and also introduce an electric cigarette imitation. The risk for the business has recognized BAT. The Research Centre in the UK Southampton still reminding that, what she was previously: a cigarette factory. At the entrance, Pall Mall, Dunhill, lucky strike logos adorn. Inside, it smells of tobacco. Here work hundreds of scientists who are researching topics such as the in-vitro model to the study of potential risk for cardiovascular disease by cigarette smoking or the arsenic speciation in tobacco and cigarette smoke. Ugly themes, lets explore BAT here – now openly talks about the group. More, no one here denies that smoking kills. All day long you can see no single people on a cigarette on the premises. Here only the machines in the laboratories that do when they suck the smoke into so-called artificial lungs: plastic containers with cell cultures in vitro, later tested on smoking-related diseases. . You can read this web site to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.

North Korean National Circus: the secret of the monkeys, which are available on goats.

AHA. A monkey Get up a goat standing on a Board, decorated with a wreath and Doilies, and absorbs colored tires. The stage on which this deposit takes place, is rather sober decorated, the trainer in the silk dress, after all, the occasion according to dressed. Finally is not at this show to any performance by hobby artists, but the appearance of the North Korean National Circus ‘ in the Rungra amusement park in Pyongyang. So really a larger issue. If not quite as big as the infamous Arirang festival, where once per year, one hundred thousand North Koreans for a few handful of officials and well-heeled Western tourists act as human giant screen. Yet karger as the backdrop is only the official reporting on the number of the Circus: animal Acrobat ‘Goat and monkey’ the audience also impressed. Point. Why make A lot of fuss if talks but the result for yourself? In this style, it continues in the communication issued by the State News Agency KCNA. In English here on KCNA-watch, a US South Korean site that monitors North Korean media and evaluates. There are also more pictures of the presentation. . For extended information about this topic read