Alarm at the supermarket: nationwide suspicion of anthrax in beef.

But on Friday, the Federal Agency warned that contaminated beef products in all Germany had been delivered. The contamination was discovered through checks. The products were removed from sale. Roast beef, roast beef, Corned Beef and beef Roulades, goulash, beef sausages were affected, so the Federal Office. The respect has been pronounced as a precautionary measure, confirmed a spokesman for the State Office for nature, environment and consumer protection North Rhine-Westphalia. The probability that is still contaminated meat in circulation, would be almost impossible. The meat comes from cattle from Slovenia, which have been brought to Poland and then in the Netherlands to be dismantled. From there, the meat in factories and then trade concluded. Not a certain supermarket chain, but butchers, wholesalers and supermarkets is affected. The trail leads to Slovenia. There a cow tested positive, according to the spokesman. Anthrax is an infectious disease that is transmitted by a bacterium. The Anthrax toxin produced by the pathogen is highly toxic. The disease occurs mainly in ungulates, so cattle, goats, sheep and horses. In the past few years cattle were infected with repeatedly by anthrax in France, so for example, 2008 and 2012 in Germany. The origin of the pathogen was unclear. Also people can connect if they are exposed to large doses of anthrax. 2001, letters were sent in the United States when anthrax attacks with anthrax at government agencies and politicians. At that time, five people were killed. The infection can be done through skin contact, inhalation of spores and through consumption of infected products. . Original source could be found clicking the following

The price of pasta and cornmeal will increase because of a shortage of durum wheat.

After price increases on the Nutella and products containing nuts or olive oil, they are now pasta and semolina that should cost a little more to the consumer. At issue: the shortage of durum wheat, including the 2014 crop turns out to be catastrophic. Industrialists are sounding the alarm and seek help from the Government.   However bad weather went through there. The intentions of production seemed positive in May-June, but July and particularly August rains have changed the deal, continued the spokesperson. Not to mention a snowy episode in the Canada. Result: while world consumption requires 38 million tonnes, only 33 million tonnes were harvested. Certainly, there is a stock, but it is limited to 2 tonnes and its quality is uneven. In short, it is clear that there will not be enough wheat to meet the request, explain the Sifpaf and the CFSI in a press release.   Therefore, the price per tonne are soaring. On 8 October, per ton amounted to 361,79 euros to the market of Port-La-Nouvelle (Languedoc-Roussillon). 15, it climbed to 382.79 euros. And this is only the beginning. In two weeks, it took 50% increase, confirms the spokesman for the unions. Therefore, impossible that impact not the consumer’s purse. Mechanically, with an increase of the raw material depending on the quality between 150 and 200 euros/t, this should translate into an increase between 15 and 20 cents per kilo of pasta, argue the unions. The impact is to relativize: this remains the cheapest product, all food categories.   . For more data about this topic visit

ROME-the mayors do not waste the money they manage. Continue to believe that the municipalities are inefficient and spending centres from parasites is dishonest. the Mayor of Turin and President of Anci, Piero Fassino, at the end of the meeting of the Board on the stability law, defended the work of the municipalities. The figures, said Fassino-say they made 100 of all the country’s public debt, that is attributable to the municipalities is 2.5%, and that made 100 of all public spending, that is attributable to the municipalities is 7.6%. These figures are Istat, not ours. So the problem not us. When we spend-he added the Mayor of Turin-we do it for kindergartens, home care for the elderly, public transport, environmental protection, cultural promotion, support to bands of fragility. And when we invest, not play money in casinos, but in infrastructure and modernization of City operations. We appreciate this stability Law, which aims to unlock the country, reducing the tax wedge, to relaunch the work but these objectives shall be pursued taking into account the needs of the municipalities. The load is too costly for us, continued the President of Anci. We are convinced that everyone must do their part-says the Mayor of Turin-but we need to be put in a position to do so. We wouldn’t want to cut services and resort to an additional tax levy-continued Fassino-we are ready to discuss with the Government the steps, provided that there are no cuts in services for the citizens and the obligation to resort to additional tax levies.   . For extra information on this subject read page.

Ebola: the UAS is operational.

For Pr Pierre Carli, the teams on a priority basis during the summer, the Samu de Paris, which he heads, are operational to deal with possible cases of Ebola in France but an effort of information must be done in the direction of other hospital services. -Question: The nursing personnel have been adequately trained to deal with cases of Ebola in Paris and île-de-France?-answer: since the start, it has favoured calling at 15, was formed teams of regulation on how to answer the phone to people returning from countries affected by the virus, who have fever, etc. The second phase concerned emergency that transport these patients and which are therefore in the forefront. Exercises have been made on 14 August with military health service, firefighters and hospital (d? statement of the armies) Begin (in Saint-Mandé, near Paris, Editor’s note). As early as August also, staff at the hospital emergency Necker and Bichat, (two institutions empowered to deal with cases in Paris, sleeve) was formed. There are enough teams ready. For the moment, 15 patients have been brought into centres of reference, this isn’t a huge activity. But it is important to first train the 15 teams, it is a choice that has already borne fruit during the SARS epidemic. The idea is not that people go to emergency services: it is necessary that the suspicious cases report, to identify if it is a false alarm, reassure the patient if it is contaminated and especially bring him into a referent centre where treatment is accessible. -Q: the rest of hospital teams is sufficiently informed about the virus and gestures to perform if a case arises? – a: the effort of information becomes indispensable because there are more cases of Ebola and knowledge on HIV also increase. Contamination of nurses in Texas and Spain allowed to better understand the spread of the virus. Therefore extend scientific knowledge on the disease to other emergency services, and it is what will be announced by the authorities. We understand that in the light of the accidents on reviewing all procedures. What looked good a few months ago, it necessarily is and it is quite normal to be demanding. Discussions are underway at Bichat, with health experts, all the procedures are reviewed, including isolation, the isolation circuit. This is preparation for a higher level of protection. -Q: hospital staff and doctors denounce however faults or delays in the organization. The concern is warranted? r: should reassure caregivers, understand where the risk is, remind them that in all emergency services, they have the ability to protect themselves during the first contact with a supposed case. Do not touch a patient with symptoms before putting on gloves, gown, and he should be put away from the queue. Doctors who scrutinize it put outfits for protection against serious infections. Support a simply febrile patient, the degree of protection is less important, because these are urine, feces, blood and sweat which are extremely contaminants, not fever. The real risks are in services where the support of heavy disease is carried out: there, the risk of contamination is very important, particularly in intensive care services, and teams must be very well protected. (Interview by Anne Sophie LABADIE). Additional info can be found checking

Cagliari, Pastor forbids women to wear short skirts and plunging necklines.

Strictly forbidden to wear short skirts to the Church: it is the sign, with lots of illustrations, exposed by the priest of Saint Amatore in Gesico, Cagliari province, to prevent women to show up at religious functions with excessive legs uncovered. How was granted the prohibition has done much to discuss even if obviously it should not surprise that much: it’s not a novelty that visiting a holy place will be invited to select sober clothes so as to avoid "distractions" among the faithful (or priest). The explicit warning bluntly that all women who do not have proper attire will not be able to enter the building. The Court, however, unquestionably the priest that, to help the faithful in their choice, has also created a little drawing showing the length that must have the dresses and the type of neckline tolerated in the House of the Lord. The cartel sent on a rampage the youth of the country that have not hesitated to define excessively rigid regulation although the contentious tone of the priest’s message ("it is now clear?") suggests that more than once, to vocals, was asked to respect what is considered an old unwritten rule of decorum. . Main data may be studied reading the following

Yes to France: more German investment, but without raising the deficit.

The document, which as stated yesterday will contain "very specific proposals" should be on the table for the next franco-German Council (in which the respective Governors) scheduled for December 1. The mini-Summit in Berlin, set by time, it is done in a very delicate moment for France. He is doing everything to prevent the European Commission rejects the sender (the decision will come later this month) its draft budget, asking Paris to make further efforts. The French Financial 2015 provides for a deficit at 4.3 percent of GDP, the deferral of two more years of the target of 3% and a reduction of just 0.2% of the structural deficit (net economic effects) compared to 0.8% demanded by Brussels. Paris has already explained that there is no room for manoeuvre. Why is unthinkable burden taxation and even strengthen the plan of spending cuts: 50 billion over three years, 21 of them in 2015. Cuts in a manner of speaking, actually, since it is a slowing of automatic progression but expenditure will continue to grow. In any case, France considers that more sacrifices would have a depressive effect on the already devastated the country’s economy and will not go beyond (addition of secure via Libre de Bruxelles, as said Macron). At the same time stresses the need to combine these efforts raise public investment in infrastructure. In Europe, with 300 billion which spoke the new Commission President Juncker, and in Germany, the only major European country to have the resources to launch an ambitious (and necessary) program of this kind. On the eve of the meeting, Macron has explicitly mentioned (in an interview with Faz) of a "good deal": less than 50 billion in government spending in France, 50 billion more public investment in Germany, to sustain demand. But from that Berlin felt little ear. Schaeuble and Gabriel acknowledged that the country needs infrastructure investment, but clarify that ‘ in very large part of private origin». . For more insights regarding this subject click

In the episode of last December 8 Che tempo Che fa had entered a study pushing trolley with a black pig lying in, and afraid. An exceptional guest, an exclusively, had joked that with Luciana Littizzetto that sketch would introduce the topic of the episode: the decision of the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the election law. The patricia_917, indeed. But those two minutes with piglet, Dazed by the lights of the studio and by the applause of the audience, are now configured perfectly to the entry in the register of suspects. The offence she has assumed for mistreatment of animals. To denounce the Comique, the Italian Animalists ‘ Association, a non-profit organization that has filed a detailed complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office in Milan, where the Prosecutor Ferdinando Esposito opened a dossier to check whether or not complied with the law in the transport and keep the animal study. The Association, which claims among its battles that I did replace the use of ermine fur with synthetic copies during the inauguration of the judicial year, CITES in exposed the ‘ guidelines for the protection of animals on tv ‘, a code signed in 2007 by Rai. I’m a fan of Fabio Fazio and Littizzetto that I happened to see that bet-says the President of the onlus, Walter Caporale, regional adviser for 20 years of green in Abruzzo. Although the truck was open the pig escaping, remained motionless, terrified, like anesthetized. Rai-continues Corporal-is a public service which had pledged to abide by a code of ethics when there are animals in the transmission. Shortly after airing I asked the company to clear what permissions you have, and if there was a veterinarian in the studio, but we have not received any reply. . Similar facts can be inspected checking page.

Amal ALAMUDDIN: wedding bonus for Mrs. Clooney.

Amal ALAMUDDIN also named Clooney since her marriage with the actor of the same name, although fluent in English, Arabic and French, but not a German speaks to her happiness. So, it is not affected by an annoying wording. Currently, it must avoid namely call at least every second article appearing in German language about them, as new wife or new Mrs. Clooney. This is incredibly ragged in the first place and even, if it is not mean, a fussy stuffiness resonates this, which reduces a very successful and self-confident woman on an appendage of a very successful and self-confident man. Amal ALAMUDDIN, now Clooney, has at elite universities in Oxford and studied in New York, is an internationally renowned human rights lawyer for years, it represents among other things Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Julia Timoschenko, she also advises the United Nations. Amal Clooney is the most influential woman in London. Now, it could be wondering whether she would be so far above emerged as Amal ALAMUDDIN. Sure, other women are represented in the top positions on the list: Designer and UN Ambassador Victoria Beckham (ninth), Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai (twelve) and singer Kate Bush (16). But the evening standard reviewed only the commitment of the top lawyer? Or have yet to influence the jury, of the glamorous staged celebration in Venice and the beautiful images on the Canal Grande. Were there, put it this way, a small wedding bonus for Mrs. Clooney? That may seem at first glance so, even if no one can know what are the grounds for the jury actually tipped the scales at the end. But even if the wedding and her new last name have hoisted Amal Clooney on the list a bit upwards, What would be wrong? Additional info can be found clicking

Regional funds, in Sardinia only two sentences of 5 years after the first investigation.

Sardinia has only mentioned the times. And quite a few on the island it all started in 2009, five years ago. Before the scandals in Italy, with the Flower, in case media Piedmont and Lombardy there was the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office in Cagliari. Investigations of pm Marco Cocco on funds to groups in the Regional Council are matches from the tale of a witness, Ornella Pareja, employee of the mixed group. From its complaints for bullying (and salary cuts) are matches accusations of embezzlement against Mrs. I would ask the reporting and the supporting evidence, hence the retaliation. The system unveiled would be to fair distribution of a figure-head, about 2. 500 euro, no repayment data based on the expenditure incurred. Based on "purpose", related to the activities of the groups. Those funds that were cut in January, just after the scandal.   The strands and the numbers. Mr currently involved are more than 90, with bipartisan membership, 18 defendants. Two tugs in legislatures: the 2004-2008 with President Renato Soru and last. And then here’s the counselors of the Pdl, Pd, Udc, Idv, Socialists and pure Psd’Az history: names that drove (and Guide) Sardinian policy over the past 20 years. There are also the initials of a time that was: An and Margaret. There are two strands, in order of time, plus a third rib double wire bound. A dossier, the owner always pm coconut, on false residences of the Directors declared to get higher mileage reimbursement.   The convictions, those arrested and the money made. At the moment few convictions: first, that of Adriano Salis (Idv) to one year and eight months, in addition to the prohibition from holding public office. Chose the abbreviated Rite alone, not followed by others. It is therefore likely that the end of the investigation we can see between years, perhaps to the Supreme Court. Then there is Sisinnio Piras (Pdl), one of the four arrested: has bargained in May. Even for him a sentence of a year and eight months. And made 38,000 of 40 thousand euro in question, same move by others. Also for the last who has spent a few nights in jail, to house arrest: Eugenio Murgioni (Fortza Paris). For the gip was the obvious possibility of "pollution of". Some sort of Bill Hunt from retouching and testimonies of entrepreneurs or suppliers. Since September is free: Returns the TMCs shipped 43 thousand euros were used, according to the pm, for private expenses. It will do so in three instalments: the first already paid from 14mila, then the other two. And it’s already time for new interrogators: are divided these days, between delays and absences. . Additional info can be inspected checking

FIR: simplistic to speak of a pact with the Germany.

Finance Minister Michel Sapin ruled Monday, just before leaving for Berlin, that it was simplistic to speak of a pact with Germany on the french budgetary slippages, but reiterated his call for more investment across the Rhine. Talk of Covenant as the German magazine Der Spiegel has the merit of simplicity and the disadvantage of the simplistic, said Mr. Sapin on France Info radio. We need to make savings and reforms in depth, he said. But in addition, there is need in Europe and particularly in Germany of investment, said the Minister. We do not make an agreement + you give me, I give it + assured Mr. Sapin, who travels Monday to Berlin in the company of the Minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron. The duo will meet with his German counterparts: Wolfgang Schäuble (finance) and Sigmar Gabriel (economy). It takes a lot of consistency in the eurozone, there must not be enemies of share and the other of I don’t know what River, said Mr. Sapin. More explicit, M. Macron has referred an encrypted distribution. 50 billion euros in savings at home, 50 billion investment at home, it would be a good balance, found the Minister in an interview jointly with Mr. Sapin German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), broadcast Monday. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel, the Government of Angela Merkel, judging unimaginable the hypothesis of a non-European Commission to draft french budget for 2015, would help in Paris in the form of a Pact wrote that she would help the French to develop. This contractual commitment with the Commission, what structural reforms that the France would commit to carry out. . Root data can be read checking this