The campaign Rajoy : No candidates , full of events and undertake reforms .

Rajoy travel Wednesday to Athens to meet with Samaras at the start of the Greek election campaign Monday What could throw the National Executive Committee have been undertaking reforms like the social plan ; Initially full of events and an order campaign that nominations are approved . Some leaders like Alberto Fabra (Valencia ) or Esperanza Aguirre ( Madrid) who entered the meeting eager to know ‘ what had of theirs ‘ , they left with the same question but confident after learning strategy for the next election campaign .No name , no candidate ; while recognizing that in some places there will be few surprises , according to sources close to Rajoy. The president gave the order to Cospedal (herself has said that already had given but now directly) , that are approved candidates. Ie the Electoral Committee to meet and ratify the candidates of autonomous communities or provincial capitals. The limit imposed is February in which two conventions are scheduled to submit nominations .Meanwhile , Rajoy begins January with a campaign to measure, very personalistic . According to sources close , the PP raised for months until February extend the campaign to prevent wear of the candidates and communicating to the public the message of recovery. Rajoy is prudent, and avoid leaving unpleasant ‘ surprises ‘ of any candidate has decided to wait until the end. Strategy that could destabilize several of his rivals, who say openly talks and interviews be eager to know who is going to play .With no clear front , what remains is to discredit the party. Popular sources reveal that on Monday have been a shift in focus toward optimism Rajoy , which is what the president wanted to convey at all times , say several leaders of departure. In his confinement with the ‘ popular dome ‘ Saturday in Toledo admitted that the May elections saw them complicated but you would win the general . However , the National Executive Committee this morning Rajoy has said his own who have good speech to win all elections.Some reveal that the figure of Pedro Arriola , who has talked a lot this weekend, have had something to do . The same sources indicate that Rajoy has always been a leader who wants to be aware of everything and do it himself if he can. Therefore, this campaign without candidates, for the moment, would benefit you . The priority is not expensive but explain the message of recovery that has brought the PP to Spain since 2011 , and this will have the most important in all acts announced so far paper.It could be part of the plan. The slogan : Much remains hacerEl new campaign manager, Carlos Floriano not have , so far, plenty of room for imagination when creating the campaign slogan , as the most commonly used Rajoy during this last stage muletilla yet remains to be done , but we are in the right direction. They have to remind citizens that the figures for recovery of speakers are being felt ‘ slightly ‘ , which remains (to recover votes) , but that the PP has soared everything left Zapatero ( wanted to call the rescue ) , points a political advisor.Much remains to be done, noted Monday on three occasions María Dolores de Cospedal . The President has explained his own who continue with reforms and therefore must trasladárselo citizenship as something positive because then grow , say sources who were present at the meeting. The content of the campaign: The figures positivasA From here Rajoy ‘s strategy is clear. Everyone in your area should explain all the figures geography has won the game in his leadership of the Government.The program will be very intense PP , Cospedal explained . The message content may take the following line , following excerpts from the speech of Rajoy and the summary made at the meeting on Monday barons : A positive message highlighting that much remains hacerQueda lot of work to do but it’s true that the situation has changed in a very clear way. The reforms are helping to Spain and the Spanish to overcome the crisis and always saving our basic social services.The message of stability and ensuring pensions for the bulk of popular voters do not panic with the slogan of the PSOE they want to freeze , will be paramount in his speeches. More than 9 million pensioners in our country and we have achieved this guarantee in our system , Cospedal said. It should also be noted the figures with which Spain estimated growth next year. In 2011 , nobody financed our country and the question was whether we were leaving the euro or asked for ransom.None of this has occurred and have spent a funding crisis and sovereign debt in a recession Spain . The PP as amended, and the support and efforts of citizens brought to Spain from bankruptcy to safeguard the welfare society . Spain has six semesters of job creation and will grow between 1.3 and 1.4% . Let’s grow twice what was the initial forecast , said Cospedal. This legislature will see lower the deficit in half of nuetsro country.Spain is the first country in Europe where most foreign investment has increased . The weight of the industry grows and recovered. The depreciation of the euro is positive and the situation of the risk premium also allowing Spain can finance very competutivos prices. We have four consecutive months of rising housing. There are more than 500 000 jobs in Spain . And while we are on the go , the situation is creating jobs and permanent employment has grown at a value of 22% , said Rajoy.More information: The vehicle registrations have risen ; pensions have risen by 0.25 % ; inflation in November 2014 was the -o , 4; the business confidence index is among the highest levels since before the crisis began and increased private consumption have also been reduced electricity prices . In 2015 he was better than the 2014 economic growth and employment. To consolidate job creation is essential political, economic and institutional stability .We need to maintain economic policies that guarantee to have social policies that are the basic foundation of our welfare society has told them Rajoy and transferred to the Cospedal press. No complex with lots tranquilidadAlgunos leaders carry this phrase Rajoy in the head. The president moved to the barons in their meetings need not be complex nor hide from cases such as corruption. Tranquility and more appearances is part of the strategy.At the end of the legislature in Spain will have less unemployment and more people affiliated to the social security had at the beginning of the legislature, and this is the policy of job creation. But for this, the Government will continue to work , says Rajoy. Similar to the words of former President José María Aznar in campaign when he said that Spain and the Government should continue to work . Topics to highlight in every speech : Support the creation of employment and employability , a deep social agenda , estructrurales continue the reforms to continue growing , to explain the reform of public administrations and restore confidence in the institutions with democratic regeneration program ( here corruption measures are included ) .Topics Carlos Alberto Fabra Floriano Madrid Spain Esperanza Aguirre Elections Europe Government José María Aznar Mariano Rajoy María Dolores de Cospedal People’s Party Spanish Socialist Workers Party State Budget Economic policy . You must check this link to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

I would not like to become despite Wednesday’s carnage.

Imagine ! Since Wednesday , I had a thought for CRS . I did not clogged ears heard singing the Marseillaise. I found Valls consistent. I was moved by Holland when he hugged Pelloux and it made me smile when I saw bisouiller Villepin and slapping her buttocks on the steps of the Elysee. Only he would not see too much exaggeration . And there are some outfits that I do not endosserai . 1. I do not want beadle to Our Lady at the time sounded the death knell of these memory eaters priests , imams and rabbis that were missing Charlies .The Catholic Church has proved magnanimous enough in the matter by paying tribute to his fiercest detractors and old bells. At any mercy pardon ? I expect the bishopric the other cheek to dépoitraillées Femen who spin it the drone to decide. The separation of church and state is over a century and a long time facilitates more or less peaceful coexistence. Still, it should not be the project of perpetual peace and universal understanding dreamed this Sunday make you forget the legitimate divisions of our Gallic tribes .2. I do not want doleful climber climbing the hill behind the Pantheon coffins draped in red white blue new heroes of the nation died for France. They were standing mocking the vanities of this world, sneering beard of great men, refractory claimed honors in legion and grand cordon . Except Wolinski who took the medal. Like what, again, they were not unanimous in relation to power , enjoyment , irony .3. I do not want to be orderly in the courtyard of the Invalides where the flag is at half-mast and the bell would ring to the dead for anti-militarists who charged with this wooden sword called also pencil. Mind you, I am not the keeper of the memory of Charlies . These are all individuals with their paradoxes. It will be done as the good will want their relatives. It is not the dead bury the dead. 4. I do not want Unionist boy scout . This Sunday was sumptuous funeral communion and tender devotion.But I saw the political maneuvering of those enslaved realistic reproduction of being that like nothing better than to lie under the yoke of Tina . They fantasize that an unambiguous France liquidate right and left centrism of economic reason , like any good centrism will end on the right. 5. I do not want to censor Dieudonné and raving anti-Semite recidivist . We have to stop to victimize ! Freedom for the enemies of freedom ! The right to speak is not divided .We must educate , debate, convince , not punish . Schools and associations , publishing and the media must take their share them at will. It would be horrible to use the killing of Charlies to toughen laws against which they could fight . We must end the Gayssot and stop going to court against this blasphemy of another genre of advocating terrorism . Otherwise it will become difficult to meet the lads who are offended that there are two weights, two measures .And especially that Valls stops playing the bullies in such matters as the law is only a relative strengths of variable geometry. 6. I do not want to be "civilized" against the "barbaric" . I do not want to be the good against the bad , the opposite humanistic understanding the asshole to Kalashnikov . One must be careful when we use the word " barbarism." Otherwise , all right we took it towards the war of civilizations . There barbarian in me as well is to find a small share in civilized Kouachi – Coulibaly .Well, it’s true that we must look long ,. 7 . I do not want to be the one that will kill Jaures again. I do not want to be Léon Jouhaux, the CGT leader at the time. A century and a few months Jouhaux pronounced the eulogy of the pacifist Jaurès and eventually enlist in the war camp . If we could avoid making the same move to the missing Charlies , it would be nice. While I would gladly debate with Bernard Maris upon the actions Jaurès had he lived .Bernard thought he would have agreed with the sacred union , it already . I want to believe not. But I would love to discuss it further with you, Bernard ,. . Related data can be read checking http://.

Sick on stretchers in the hall , first aid in crisis .

Sick in the hallway . Anywhere . For hours , maybe days . On stretchers . Waiting to be admitted to the wards , where the beds are all occupied. It happens to the Fatebenefratelli , in the center of Milan . The hospital , where every year they turn 95 000 patients , to collapse. This is demonstrated by the photos taken by doctors and nurses outraged by the situation yesterday morning . The First Aid clogged are one of the unsolved problems of Health . In periods of influence or unwell because of the heat , patients engulf the Emergency – Urgency , because they can not be admitted in the wards spilling themselves .the effect of the policy of cuts of recent years and the resulting decrease in the number of beds. In Milan, as elsewhere . The admitted with courage , Luigi Macchi , Director General of the General Hospital : Come see the First Aid . Patients too often find themselves in difficult conditions . Between overcrowding and endless waits before being transferred to the ward , the situation of the sick to radically improve . . You must visit the following http:// to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.

January 30, strike the bank : “Against the arrogance of the bankers .”

On January 30, the bank will strike across Italy : to proclaim the mobilization were the unions Fabi , FIBA CISL , CGIL Fisac ​​, Uilca , Dircredito , UGL Credito , Sinfub and Unisin " in support of the right to renewal of the national labor contract " and" against the unilateral decision of Abi to give notice of termination and subsequent non-application of the contracts . " For the occasion were also held demonstrations in Rome , Palermo , Milan and Ravenna . According to the unions – who launched the day of abstention – " the national contract must remain the first element of law , can not be waived , in defense of jobs and of the contract " ; also " the bank is not a faceless number , has a history , a career , a professionalism and the right to defend the purchasing power of wages and the dignity of work " ; Finally , strike because " we want to stay bank serving the country , against the selfishness of bankers at the side of customers and investors.Compact on strike for rejecting the arrogance and selfishness of bankers that it takes you back in time , "conclude the unions . News Analysis : Banks Rate this item : 3 out of 5. 00 based on 1 votes. . You should visit the following http:// to discover extra about this interesting subject.

Hollande to the Patriot Act , but the French do not fit .

After the attacks that rocked France last week , the country now wonders about the new measures to strengthen security . In particular , the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve want to facilitate police access to passenger data at European level . A device called Passenger Name Record ( PNR ) . He would like that all of Europe ‘s development of this device as it already is in Britain . SI comes to having access to data collected by airlines on passengers at the time you book a flight .Twenty different types of data , including: name, date , travel , route, means of payment , the nature of the luggage , food preferences ( halal , kosher , etc. ) . In the United States you can collect data even more sensitive , such as ethnicity or health status ( for example in case of disability ) . Cross these data enable us to identify unusual behavior , such as the purchase of a one-way ticket to a destination sensitive, or a reserved seat at the last minute , in order to anticipate an attack by air or guess the movement of a possible terrorist.In Europe , as was said, only Britain has this type of system . Belgium , Sweden and Denmark have it , but more restricted : the judicial police can access adi data only at specific mandate . The United States , as we know, have this agreement with Canada , Australia and New Zealand . And ‘ the so-called Patriot Act , passed by the Bush administration in the United States after September 11 . The last extension of four years dating back to 2011 : in 2015 , therefore, will be back at the center of American political debate .In France there is système API – PNR France , involving 230 airlines and 100 million passengers per year. It ‘ actually came into force at the end of 2014. But there are still restrictions on the most sensitive data and information is stored for only five years. And then only the flights with destination or France can be tracked through the system API – PNR . So a Frenchman who decides to reach Berlin by car then to fly to Istanbul in fact disappears from radar French .For this Cazeneuve want to go a step further and extend this device to all of Europe . Indeed, the European Commission proposes a European PNR system for years , but the MPs opposed to the intrusion into the lives of innocent travelers . There is much political debate , then , in France and in Europe . This kind of agreement is not liked by many because it would be a further step towards a system of social control and generalized freedom. . You should read this homepage to read more on this interesting matter.

Jerusalem, a large crowd expected for the funeral of the victims of the massacre at Vincennes.

The bodies of our correspondent Yoav Hattab , Yohan Cohen, Philip Braham and François -Michel Saada, conveyed in the night by a plane El Al , landed before dawn Tuesday at Ben Gurion airport. The four victims of the massacre of Vincennes then had to be transported to Jerusalem in an official convoy . Their funeral will begin at noon ( eleven o’clock Paris time) in the cemetery of Givat Shaul Har HaMenouchot , where the teacher based and the three children killed March 19, 2012 , Mohamed Merah , within the walls of the school Ozar HaTorah in Toulouse.The ceremony will be attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from Paris on Monday night , and the President Reuven Rivlin and several ministers . The Leader of the Opposition , the Labor Yitzhak Herzog, will also be present . The French Minister of Ecology , Segolene Royal, arrived in the night , will speak on behalf of the French authorities before returning to Paris as soon as the funeral ended . The funeral will be held by the Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef , as well as the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Moshe Amar .Four candles will be symbolically lit in memory of the four French Jews killed by Amedy Coulibaly . Their relatives also arrived in the night, will be accompanied by a team of psychiatrists and emergency . Considerable excitement in Israel A large crowd is expected Tuesday in the residential neighborhood of Givat Shaul . Jerusalem police planned to close several roads and offers to transport participants by shuttle buses. The killing of Vincennes aroused considerable excitement in Israel, where many believe that the Jews of France are no longer safe.In recent days, several senior officials of the Jewish state have also launched their appeal to emigrate to Israel . . For additional insights regarding this subject check http://.

Recovered the second black box AirAsia tickets .

Bangkok, Jan 13 ( EFE ) . – Indonesian rescue teams today recovered the second black box AirAsia plane that crashed two weeks ago in the Java Sea with 162 people aboard , local media reported . The device, which contains the recording of communications between the cockpit and control tower was located a few meters from where Sunday was located the first black box recording flight, according to the Indonesian Metro TV channel . The second black box is a ship of the Indonesian Marine about to be moved to Jakarta, where it will be analyzed by experts.The flight log , which offer among other data altitude, speed and weight , and communications allow pilots to clarify what happened to the plane of the low-cost carrier AirAsia. Both devices , orange , were detected on Sunday at sea at a depth of between 30 and 32 meters, but could not be removed because they were trapped in wreckage . The plane QZ8501 AirAsia flight took off from Surabaya dawn on December 28 and was scheduled to land two hours later in Singapore, but crashed in the Java Sea about forty minutes after starting .Carried three South Koreans, a Briton, a Frenchman, a Malaysian , Singaporean and one 155 Indonesians, including passengers and a crew of seven. ( EFE ) Accidents Topics air and space Indonesia World Police and justice Singapore Surabaya Jakarta. For additional insights on this subject check http://.

Barreda says goodbye to his dream and Coma takes command in a controversial step .

Iquique ( Chile) , Jan 12 ( EFE ) . – The Spanish rider Joan Barreda (Honda ) suffered a breakdown Monday on his bike in the special eighth Dakar 2015 and lost all options of winning the title , while his compatriot Marc Coma ( KTM ) relieved him in the lead of the a controversial test day . Barreda , who had also struggled on Sunday to break the handlebars of his bike again have drawbacks Monday in the return to Iquique and had to be towed by his fellow Honda , Chilean Jeremiah Israel.After suffering a long delay in the overall standings , his countryman Marc Coma took first place after finishing ninth in the special Monday. The Chilean Pablo Quintanilla (KTM ) kept the victory in the stage and , with this victory , moves up to third place overall , eleven minutes and eleven seconds of the new Spanish leader and two minutes of the second , the Portuguese Paulo Goncalves ( Honda ) . The stage was marked for the dispute before the departure of the Salar de Uyuni, as riders expressed their reluctance to leave.The conditions were very extreme and feel they were all pilots , who have come to us to see Joan and me was that it was better not leave because it was very cold and the Salar were places with two feet of water, Marc Coma said after arriving in Iquique. However , the organization conducted an evaluation and determined that the conditions were ripe to continue with the original plan with a reduction in the first stage in a hundred kilometers. With satellite weather forecasts we note that from 4 to 8 o’clock improve the conditions and , for that reason, decided to leave , said the director Etienne Lavigne .In the consultation on the complaint of the pilots, the French realized that there was more than one hundred pilots and, for example , (French ) David Casteu was very glad I left. The test team manager , David Castera , meanwhile , reaffirmed the idea by saying: this is the Dakar and some conditions are specific to this test. Personally I would have liked to run a demanding stage like this. The Spanish Laia Sanz (Honda ) was the motto of this demanding stage to achieve their highest ever ranking on the Dakar with a fifth.I am very happy , although it was a shame because I was third to the dunes but there was a piece of track where I have spent Toby and Quintanilla very fast and have not tried to follow them , told Catalan . Among the quads , the victory of the eighth day was for the Argentine Jeremiah González Ferioli (Yamaha ) , who arrived ahead of Chilean Ignacio Casale (Yamaha ) , who took the bad day of Poland’s Rafal Sonik (Yamaha ) to overcome the general and look like new leader.The Chilean , quads winner last year , so took first place with six minutes and 49 seconds ahead of the Polish . The Uruguayan Sergio Lafuente was third in the conference and also keeps the same location in the cumulative standings. For its part , the cars and trucks completed their resting phase after the marathon the last two days . In the classification , the leader remains the Qatari Nasser Al- Attiyah (Mini ) with eight minutes and 27 seconds ahead of his escort , South African Giniel de Villiers (Toyota ), while the Saudi Yazeed Alrajhi (Toyota ) completes the provisional podium.( EFE ) Topics Motorsports Iquique Chile Dakar KTM Marc Coma Toyota Yamaha Motor Corporation. Root source may be read clicking this resource.

Worldwide , the street is Charlie.

Montreal . 25,000 people participated in the march against terrorism. Ankara. Event in the Turkish capital . Stockholm. These are 3000 people who braved the snow and temperatures below zero – just like the hundreds to Oslo – to come brandish pens or light candles in a silent vigil . It is important to support democracy and freedom of expression , told AFP Göran Andersson, 72 years. This could lead to an increase in Islamophobia is that the fundamentalists want to divide people .But I think that France and other countries have responded very well . Vienna. 12,000 people marched . Berlin. About 18 000 people , according to police, gathered Sunday afternoon in front of the Embassy of France in Berlin to tell their solidarity after the deadly attacks by jihadists three in France. The crowd – including many French – has gathered around 15 hours in the center of the German capital, in front of the embassy, ​​where candles and flowers were filed last Wednesday in honor of the 17 victims.On the front of the embassy were also projected the three words I’m Charlie. Braving the wind and bitter cold , many came as a family. Some held signs I’m Charlie and Berlin ist Charlie ( Charlie Berlin ) Freedom of opinion is not negotiable or Overcoming fear , while others wore a Checkpoint Charlie Hebdo shirt – Freiheit ohne Grenzen (Freedom without Borders) . A sign with a caricature of Mohammed was also brandished , according to AFP .Jerusalem. More than 500 people participated Sunday in a ceremony of homage to the 17 victims of the deadly attacks in Paris , organized by the city of Jerusalem, said a journalist from AFP. Front of a screen on which was written in French Jerusalem is Charlie , the people in the Municipality Council Chambers have respected a minute of silence by holding panels on which was inscribed I’m Charlie and I am a French Jew.We are all affected by this terrorism, which we also carry the values ​​of liberty , equality and fraternity , said the mayor , Nir Barkat . Today, we are all Jews of France . Today, Jerusalem is Charlie , added the mayor, warmly applauded . The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Amar recited a prayer in memory of the victims , including four Jews killed in a kosher deli. Speaking then , Pierre Besnainou , former leader of the Jewish community in France and recent new immigrant in Israel , spoke of the bitter taste felt after mobilization in France that followed the attack against the offices of Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper .Mobilization after Charlie leaves a bitter taste because we were very alone after Toulouse, he said , referring to the attack in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 who had four Jewish victims , teacher and three children. Despite the efforts of French security services, we can not protect our Jews of France , he added . Yoni Chetboun MP , Chairman of the French lobby in the Knesset (Parliament) , for his part said to AFP that he had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to launch an emergency relief program to the Jews of France who want to immigrate to Israel .London. More than a thousand people gathered in central London raised their pencils to the sky Sunday in tribute to victims of the attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the defense of freedom of expression , found the AFP . At exactly 14 hours GMT , the crowd sitting on the steps of the National Gallery , which overlooks Trafalgar Square , rebounded and lifted hands equipped with a pencil and placards bearing the words I’m Charlie.Other demonstrators had written I am a Jew , Liberty, Equality, cartoonité , or were carrying French flags . In a large circle appeared on the floor using pencils or bread sticks, a big heart bore the messages I’m Charlie , I am a British muslin (I’m a British Muslim ) or live France . This is the France that they tried to shoot and I wanted to say no, it will not be like this ! I am also here to freedom of the press, freedom of expression , told AFP Abjean Romain , a French teacher forties who lives in London for ten years, with a sign brotherhood.Referring to the future, he hoped that the terrorist attacks in France in recent days and the mobilization observed movement would lead to a more peaceful society . When Chirac won against Le Pen ( in 2002) , I thought things were finally going to move, it does not happen . I hope that now , in these terrible circumstances , everyone will move to successfully live together as is the case in societies like England, he added .The British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was also present. Prime Minister David Cameron and Ed Miliband leader of the Labour opposition have , themselves, went to Paris to attend the gathering in the French capital. From 16 hours GMT, the Mayor of London ‘s National Gallery was illuminated facade , fountains of Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge to the colors of the French flag . Brussels. 20,000 people ( according to police) began a march under the slogan set against the hatred in the center of Brussels, the call of a citizen rally, told AFP a police source .Barely a half- hour after the start of the march , police counted down from 10 000 to 15 000 people , said a senior police officer on site . Many protesters carried the warning signs I’m Charlie , other signs together against hatred in French and Dutch . Burundi. Several hundred people demonstrated Sunday in Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital , according to AFP . The event, organized by the Burundian media , gathered between 200 and 300 people in front of the Embassy of France in the capital of the small African Great Lakes , former Belgian protectorate.The participants were holding placards that read I’m Charlie , We are Charlie. This event is a rejection of violence , said Alexandre Niyungeko , president of the Burundian Union of Journalists ( UBJ ) on behalf of the media who organized the rally. Greece. With signs in Greek and French Eimai Charlie , I’m Charlie 1,500 people , according to police , protested Sunday in Athens and Thessaloniki , the second city in northern Greece, their solidarity with France.In the Greek capital , 500 people, mostly French nationals who live in Athens , gathered in the late morning after a call via social networking on Syntagma Square down Parliament to honor the 17 victims in France, killed by three jihadists. The killing was in Paris on September 11 in Europe , it is a war against Islamo -fascist democracy , told AFP the architect Melita Gourtzoyanni . The key to solving this problem is the position of moderate Muslims in Europe, who must participate in the fight against the jihadists , she added .For his part, Jean- Jacques Tesson , theater director , welcomed this great movement in the world , wake up people’s consciousness . In Thessaloniki, a thousand people gathered outside the White Tower , the city’s flagship monument near the harbor, the call of the Mayor Yannis Boutaris . Ramallah (Palestine) . Dozens of Palestinians demonstrated Sunday in Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank. Under a cloud of Palestinian and French flags, a banner proclaimed Palestine is integral with France against terrorism while dozens of anonymous , journalists and leaders were gathered at noon on the main square of the city.Madrid. Hundreds of people gathered Sunday in the center of the Spanish capital, deploying a large French flag and placards I’m Charlie , said a journalist from AFP. The appeal was launched on Saturday on social networks . Participants gave themselves appointment Puerta del Sol, in the historic center of Madrid, and observed several minutes of silence, waving placards and pens before singing the Marseillaise. We (also) there to say that we have no fear , told AFP the French Louis Eimery 21, one of the organizers of this event, which began three hours before the start of the Paris march.It was a terribly barbaric act , they attacked universal values, also said in Madrid Angel Freire , a retired teacher of 65 years . Participants were then asked to join another rally planned in front of the Atocha station, scene of the most deadly Islamist attacks in Europe on 11 March 2004, with 191 victims. They are responding to the call of the Foundation for Arab Culture in Spain and want and condemn the attacks in Paris.Over 50 mosques and Muslim organizations have planned to participate. In Barcelona, ​​a rally is also planned before the French Institute. Montreal . About 20 000 people listened standing Saturday night in the greatest reverence the Marseillaise , played in tribute to the 17 victims of the jihadists and in solidarity with France, just before the ice hockey game between the Montreal Canadiens and Penguins Pittsburgh. After being switched off the Bell Centre – dating drama of the North American Hockey Championships for Canadians – red white blue beams projected on the ice gave the impression to a huge French flag flying on the ice.On the ice, the players of both teams and the referees are frozen from the first notes of the French national anthem and local television largely relayed applause before the start of the match. Several steps or tributes in major cities across Canada , from Vancouver to Halifax since Wednesday, the day of the attack at the offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo . . Root source can be found visiting this http://.

Rogo of Prato , sentenced three Chinese entrepreneurs Images .

The President of Tuscany an important ruling , arrived quickly. A ruling that establishes a principle of responsibility for the conditions of work and to productive activities and that helps us in the work we are doing with the Project ` secure job for the controls in the sheds , along with the attorney, to prefectures , municipalities and forces order. This is the comment of the President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi about convictions . Our goal – said the president – to protect life , clean up and bring out the industrial district of fast fashion .Clearly, next to the work done to ensure the safety of the state the goal must be to the fight against undeclared work and tax evasion . Nobody – concluded Rossi – can say that after the tragic events of the stake in the Chinese firm Teresa Fashion in Prato , the institutions have not been able to react with the necessary determination and composure . . You should visit the following page to read extra about this great subject.