De Gregorio: urban warfare Against Prodi.

With President Silvio Berlusconi had decided to adopt a strategy of urban warfare: the goal was to wreak havoc on the Union’s majority who supported the Government of Romano Prodi. This is the story of Sergio De Gregorio, a former Senator, heard in Naples as a witness in the trial for the alleged sale of Senators where they accused Silvio Berlusconi and Valter 314 si ‘. De Gregorio, who confessed to having received money from Berlusconi to go from the centre-left party, where he had been elected, to that of the Center, has already bargained worth to 18 months ‘ imprisonment. Sergio De Gregorio, during his interrogation, prodded by questions of the Prosecutor added Vincent Piscitelli and pm Henry John Woodcock, confirmed and admitted to having taken money from the former premier and that he had participated in the so-called ‘ Operation freedom ‘, a term that the President himself had coined and wanted to indicate attempts to overturn the Senate majority and bring down Romano Prodi. Shortly after his election as Senator, De Gregorio had a meeting at palazzo Grazioli with Berlusconi that expressed regret for his election in the row of the Center and in particular in Italy of Antonio Di Pietro and asked him, saying of De Gregorio, to return home, which is in the Center, under Italy. It was at that time, according to the account of De Gregorio, that former Senator the explain to be heavily indebted to the regional election campaign in Campania at the end of which he was a candidate from the centre-right for disagreements within the party; Berlusconi offered to repay him for the commitment, ripianando his debts. The meeting at palazzo Grazioli Valter 314 si ‘ was also present, one before whom members of Forza Italy were at attention. The only one who came to palazzo Grazioli without appointment, one of the few, if not the only, which allowed them to raise their voices with Berlusconi, said De Gregorio. At the end of the meeting De Gregorio said that Berlusconi accepted to give him three million in Exchange for passage to the Center. . Main data could be read visiting the following

Investigations on the UMP: the party headquarters raided as part of the Bygmalion case and that funding for the 2012 campaign.

Near Jean-François Copé, they had followed in several departments, they had bought in 2008 a rebranded company Bygmalion, specialized in communication. It is its subsidiary, Event and co., which organized the meetings of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 and issued false invoices to artificially reduce the candidate’s campaign spending. Guy Alvès acknowledges having accepted this fraud, early April 2012, at the request of the UMP and under economic duress, but not Bastien Millot, who said nothing to be ashamed. Both have been indicted for complicity in forgery and use of forgeries. Franck Attal, boss of Event and co., was indicted for forgery and use of forgeries. On 26 May, the right arm of Cope the UMP was confessed live on Betty. He had confessed that his party had improperly supported of the benefits of Bygmalion in place and place of the Sarkozy campaign. Blame it on a bulimia of meetings, he said. Placed in custody June 17, Mr. Lavrilleux says that the decision has been taken not beginning of April, but once the presidential election is complete and in an absolute emergency. He has challenged the Director-general of the UMP, Eric Cesari, the financial director Fabienne Liadze and the Director of the presidential campaign, Guillaume Lambert. European Member of Parliament elected in the spring, he was suspended by the new leadership of the UMP, who studies his exclusion from the party. At the moment I am silent. But if we exclude me (,.) so I will take my freedom of speech and I will speak, he had released in Paris late August. . Root source could be studied visiting the following

Meridiana, mark a Shanghai investment fund. Letter to Pigliaru: meet me soon.

A would be interested in the future of the airline Meridiana. At the moment, for sure there is a letter from the President of the Shanghai Group Pingyi Equity Investiment Center, Xiaodong Zhu, addressed to the President of the Regione Sardegna, Francesco Pigliaru and Transport Minister Massimo Deiana with which the number one investment fund-the same who purchased the Pavia Calcio-calls for the region to find all the information you need. Zhu is ready to carefully consider the airline Meridiana to any society, in desire-explains the Chinese investor-to maintain and strengthen friendly relations and economic cooperation between the two countries. As a fund intermediary indicates Enrico Maria Gabriel, while the trait d’union with Sardinia is represented by the regional councillor of strength Italy Edoardo Tocco. I personally know Senator Zhu-Touch Ansa explained-the intent is to protect the families of employees, and a fleet that is Sardinia, because otherwise you’re making death a piece of our island. . Similar facts can be found clicking

Hungary, does not stop the protest against taxes on the internet.

  -The protest of the young Hungarians in the square continues, by days. Braving the winter cold, parade in the Centre of Budapest every night looking up towards the sky phones and smartphones on. As twenty-five years ago were the demonstrators for democracy were in Central Europe under communism and Soviet rule. The revolt is against the tax on the internet that the Government of the popular nationalist and Eurosceptic Prime Minister Viktor Orbàn wants to impose and that Parliament dominated by his party, Fidesz (member of European Folk, such as Angela Merkel’s Cdu) boosted by parliamentary elections in April and the recent local elections, wants to impose. A measure that does not exist in any other democracy, certainly in any country of the EU, write critical tone with the German conservative daily Die Welt from the liberal Sueddeutsche Zeitung. It is no less hard are other media of the free world, while the European Commission protests and defines the measure unacceptable and incompatible with the values and standards the EU treaties. The fee is calculated for each gigabyte downloaded, 49 euro cents per gigabyte. Little thing in theory, it is estimated that on average for each family will be just over two and a half euro per month. And the Government promises tax cuts. But the protest movement (and the EU, and especially the US Administration) are not convinced.     . Taxing the internet appears to many as a new, yet another step by Orbàn to extend an increasingly all-encompassing control of his party-State on the civil society, whose online communications are increasingly central element and vital. Normalized public media with sackings and purges, limits reported from Brussels on freedom of the media, limited the powers of the Constitutional Court and Central Bank, the premier moves its offensive on the internet. And the American Chargé d’affaires (maximum u.s. representative in Budapest, the armchair of Ambassador is vacant), having gone to see the demonstrations as is normal for a diplomat, was accused by members of the ruling party of being a Cia folks that stirs up subversives. A language worthy of the Iranian and Venezuelan dictators, and defamatory campaigns reminiscent of Stalinist tyranny imposed by Ussr in Hungary and the rest of occupied Europe after 1945. . Orbàn will probably once again. It is very popular with its nationalist tone, the economy pulls, the opposition is weak, divided and without a charismatic leader. The same criticisms of the EU give the premier a chance to present himself as a defender of national sovereignty and dignity. Though touch internet, Central juvenile life size, is a dangerous game, even for an autocrat so firmly in power. What is missing, and many outrageous looks, is any voice of protest of Federal Chancellor: always ready to criticize southern Europe that clipped the spending limits of the stability and Growth Pact, Merkel is silent on the violation of European values and certainly not less important treaties on the euro. And continues to keep the Fideesz in Epp, as if Orbàn policy had something to do with the constitutional values of De Gasperi, Adenauer or Helmut Kohl. . You can click the following to read more regarding this amazing matter.

Fundamentalism: The loss at the end of the world.

On a day in July I received an invitation to the annual Congress of the Jehovah’s witnesses at my front door. On the folder: "Open to all!" And: "Admission is free." Also still the theme of the Congress was on the folder: "The new ruler of the Earth – who is suitable?" I had never attended a meeting of Jehovah’s witnesses, and also know little about them today. The talk about the new ruler of the earth should be where eighty years ago by Adolf Hitler in order given Olympic Stadium in Berlin are kept. I thought: I can’t believe. The stadium was half full. About 30 000 people were sitting in the stands and diversified itself to air and either looked on the stadium ground, where a white Pavilion was built, where the speakers were, or they looked at the video screen on which the speeches were transferred. Some looked in the sky or in their Bibles or on their shoes. We stopped by the talk about the new ruler of the world until half – the punch line was clear. Then we ran through the stadium open everywhere on this day, through the catacombs to the player and coach cabins, over a corridor that smelled bad and rather reminded me of a tax office. Even if we us immediately immediately from each other away to this underlying concept, it was in the core but we behausten a world whose determining was her end in the fall. For Jehovah’s witnesses, the sinking was a necessity to get rid of the wickedness of the prevailing and on the other side of doom, which afterwards, a relief from the pain and the horror of finding. Christianity promises those who endure the hardships of life learning, even in its less-nischenhaften forms an afterlife in a world beyond this one, and today as insufficient. In a place where the Tiger no longer bites us in the hand, if we want to pet him. For me though the soothing to the article about the Sun was just the lack of a future. Or better: the missing point. This difference was there, in front of the stadium, in the oppressive heat of the July sun, aware: the God in the hopes of believers were created, had created a world that was only through him and out of his will out. And he had created them so that she had can degenerate in a way that could suggest only their extinction, if you wanted to maintain also the faith with the faith in this creation on their innate sense. The futility of being, which has been the soothing to the article about the Sun for me because this is no thunderstorm as a sign and no loss to failure, contains potential of allegation of guilt about her only through their alleged Transienz, so their temporary presence. But this accusation is so socially acceptable that he is not limited to Jehovah’s witnesses. He also becomes kind Earthfury vehicles, based on the outrage one. An outrage over the loss of something which, because it had lost, had to have been ever present, and, because there is the promise of his return, is not utopian as too challenging. . Extended info can be inspected clicking

Claims Pd to Camusso: «false Cards and paid coaches. “

"I was very upset by the words of Camusso saying today that Radio is the Government for the strong powers. I might remind you that the card is elected Camusso false or that the square was filled with paid coaches, but I won’t. " So Pina Picierno, Pd’s MEP, this morning at the Agora, on Rai Tre responds to accusations of hard-nosed Secretary of the Cgil. Criticism of Camusso, albeit with softer tones, coming even from President of Pd Orfini, Matteo who on twitter writes: Dear Susanna Camusso, Matteo Renzi at Palazzo Chigi put the Pd, decidendolo direction. And I don’t recall celebration of the strong powers. " The reactions from the top of the Democratic Party are the response to the interview with "Republic" of General Secretary of the Cgil, in which Susanna Camusso said Matteo Renzi is convinced that at Palazzo Chigi to «will of strong powers. " To convince her is a statement by Sergio Marchionne of 2 October, where Fiat’s CEO talks about the labour market and the need to "remove the wreckage from the tracks ‘, stating:" we put there for that one right there. " . Main facts could be read clicking this

Google condemned for a neckline plunging in Street View.

A photograph revealing in a little too much, not very smart colleagues and the suffering of a woman who asked nothing. She just found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. And in the wrong place. A certain Friday May 8, 2009, a young woman from Montreal (Canada) was on the porch of his home, quietly installed to watch her but on his smartphone. It is at this moment that a Google car to take the city in photos for its Street View service is passed there. In addition to the malicious comments and humiliation she suffered at work, the applicant, specifically, has felt a significant infringement of modesty and dignity, two values that she wanted and which are eminently respectable, considered the Montreal judge who ordered Google to pay approximately 1,580 euros in compensation (c $ 2,250) to the young womanexplains le Journal de Montr̩al. For its part, Google estimated that it is was itself exposed in this outfit in a way visible from the street. A point of view which was not convinced. Ultimately, even if the American giant has agreed to blur the House Рand its inhabitant Рsince 2011, trial comes to give reason to the complainant. The judge concluded that there was not only impair the life private, but also impair the right in the image (including the protection of the dignity of the person, honour and reputation). A stone in the garden of Google Street View. . You must visit the following reference to discover extra about this great matter.

The SNCF, the monopoly and the inconsistency of a client policy.

None of this in our rail monopoly: what other than the SNCF services company would bear the cost of two controllers working thirty minutes on a trip of four hours (Paris-Toulon for example)? Which transport company would, in the hours of meals, to offer 500 people a single club car with one person providing the service: on average, lasts between an hour and an hour and a half waiting confirming that SNCF produced at a cost high, denounced by the Court of Auditors, a service of very low quality depicting his nostalgia for the shortage economies. And it said nothing of the rest, the days of recovery and other sometimes exorbitant benefits obtained by personnel, which are one of the many taboos of our society, otherwise more penalizing for the family free travel community. It remains therefore to ask the customer to pay more to get less: most expensive booking, more expensive exchange of tickets, mandatory meal (except Paris-Lille) and not club car for travellers of second class on trains of less than three hours. Hand, are forced, on the other, is denied. Is there, in this national company, someone to point out the absurdity of these measures and the inconsistency of this reasoning? Only a company that has lost control of itself can let go to reason as well. What is involved, these are not people who have developed these suggestions, it’s the world in which they live, where we surprised more than anything both progressively evaporated the criteria that melt and legitimize a service, the service activity precisely those which make it live. Because the logic at work is well known and characterized all endogenous organizations whose monopoly constitute the flagship: it cannot ask them to do more with less on pain of conflict all the more punitive for society as a whole that they affect the ability to move. From this point of view, long time that employees are more equal,. before the exercise of the right to strike: those whose activity allows others to go come and know the power they hold. Then asked to the customer (who has no choice) to give more for less and we are so accustomed to the practices of the monopolies that we can judge especially "creative" teams that have produced these ideas, as always ‘not yet validated ‘. Should it really be creative to outsource on the client the cost of errors made by a company and that of these famous vested benefits that a Union – the CFDT in this case – had qualified rightly ‘deadly ‘? The customer is powerless against the explicit alliance between the State as shareholder, the direction that has been designated and the unions to which it never feels able to resist. So it’s the only one who can be asked to change and, without originality, asked to pay more, still more so this game three can persist. We would like to kill the public service, it is there would not take otherwise. The paradox is that those who contribute actively to kill present themselves as the most intransigent supporters. Let us make no mistake: this is a matter of a generation that cares little for what will happen to those that follow. When it comes to protecting the ‘social acquis’, intergenerational solidarity is of little weight. . Additional information can be inspected checking reference.

«Bill Cosby I was raped. ” Actress complaint Dad of Robinson.

The allegations "I was drugged and raped, this man is a monster," said actress Barbara Bowman, 47 years old, the Daily Mail. At the time of the violence she had only 17 years and had entrusted to Cosby for her acting career. Decided to recount the details of his story to help other victims, despite more than 25 years have passed. "My hope is that anyone who has suffered sexual abuse will not be intimidated and pushed to stay silent because she was abused by a man rich, famous and powerful. If I can help even one person with my words then I have done my duty ". The meeting Bowman was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and as a child he studied to become an actress. At 13 years old was already part of j. f. Images, note in the environment. In 1985 he obtained a private audition with Bill Cosby. "When I saw asked me to go to the bathroom and the hair to get wet. Then he wanted to do the audition drunk while he took me around the neck from behind». Cosby has not pushed over on that occasion. Before long, the actor seemed to want to spend more and more time with Barbara. Gave lessons to improve her voice and her stage presence. Then it started to pay for flights when he was away. "He said that was part of his evaluation and wanted to find out whether it was worth that he would help me with my career." Then say: ‘ If you want to succeed as an actress you have to lower the barriers, be vulnerable. " Then Barbara had realized that there was something wrong, especially because Cosby the kept repeating: "trust me like I’m your father", knowing that the girl had not. The violence In Nevada, in 1986, Cosby has made to lie down on the couch and has begun to caressing her. "It was so intrusive, demeaning. I took his hand and put it on his penis. I couldn’t tell my mother and I could not admit to myself. I even tried to delete it from my mind. I am convinced that it was the first time and there would be a second chance ". He was wrong. «Invited me to dinner at his home in New York. There was all his staff. Offered me a glass of wine. Then the darkness ‘. Barbara said that you don’t remember anything. The first memory after the wine she vomits in the bathroom with Cosby that keeps the hair. Wearing panties and a shirt for men. "I am sure that I have drugged and raped". But she has felt obliged to continue to see it and every time I took a plane hoped that those circumstances ever happening again. Meanwhile, she began to succeed. So at 19 years old she moved to New York. The last time you saw Cosby was in Atlantic City, when the actor would try to raping her, holding it firmly into the bed. But she screamed so much that eventually it stopped. The cause and the other women From that time Cosby, says Bowman, tried to make him pay. He is throwing out of the House and losing their jobs. Years later Bowman tried to go to a lawyer, "he laughed in my face." Since 2004 the victims of Cosby began to speak. At least 13 women they accused of sexual violence. Together they made a collective cause. Unlike other women, Barbara took no money and has no signed contracts. Were the word of Hannibal Buress to push her to talk. Despite the threats of the environment he went on to tell the truth. And for this I thank him». . Main data can be read reading the following website.

Cagliari-Milan in figures: the precedents, statistics, curiosities.

That’s going to be a race against the Cagliari: against the rossoneri-best attack and defence series definitely not imperforabile-the rossoblù may try to give continuity to the results and performance. Returning from victory at Empoli, preceded by internal draw with Sampdoria (in comeback, almost a victory) the guys at Zeman matter play Finian’s enthusiasm for going to achieve seasonal indoor. Among the weapons available to the public: Sardinian after many years the Sant’Elia will be opened in all areas (albeit with a capacity that is still reduced: 16,000 spectators). The rossoblù are one of four teams still winless around the friends, with Sassuolo, Chievo Verona and Parma. The ultimate success inside rossoblù dates back to April 27, 1-0 at Parma. But better not to neglect: the devil is in fact a real Bete Noire for Cagliari. To return to a victory should go back to the rossoblù season 1998-99 (De Patre’s goal), and also the overall calculation is clearly beneficial to the rossoneri: 4 victories for Cagliari, 16 draws and 17 defeats in matches played in Sardinia.   Easy to predict a harvest of goals in first half: the Sardinians are the tournament in the first 45 ‘ (10 goals, like Rome); wheel comes third in Milan with 9 centres list.  Check out Media Date published. . You should read the following to learn extra about this amazing subject.