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The flu of 1918 may have been Spanish.

The Spaniards we will not deliver so easy from that secular embarrassment of being responsible for greater mortality of the 20th century. Us zapping the disgrace so far holding that the so-called flu Spanish – pandemic that killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918, five times more that the first world war that ended just this year – was not going with us, that the name was wrong by a mistake of the press of the time. But perhaps it was not so: perhaps the Spanish flu, the worst killer records of epidemiologists, has been our major contribution to the world history of the infamy of the 20th century. But if they feel responsible for, don’t worry: is only a new hypothesis for the moment. "In April we had virus in Europe", explains Erkoreka, "both the troops and the civilian population; but that surge did not result in a high mortality; shortly thereafter, however, the outbreak in Madrid in May gave great importance, both its high lethality and the large percentage of infected population; even the King became ill between May and July 1918 ". Refers to Alfonso XIII, great-grandfather of the current King. The monarch did not belong by then to any groups of risk – he was 32 years old, is supposed you well-fed and well-groomed-, but the flu virus did not understand palace walls. And you still do it. . Additional facts can be read reading home page.

In the heart of Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas force is everywhere.

George Lucas, the inventor of the interplanetary success Star Wars saga, his retirement, his spirit hovers around his famous Skywalker Ranch. Rare visitors enter the immense estate green 19 square kilometers, close to San Francisco (Western United States) by a road that undulates around hills, orchards and pastures full of cows and deer. The creator of the Jedi Knights and Indiana Jones bought the property in 1978 thanks to the success of the first installment of Star Wars, to realize his dream of a haven of cinematographic creation in the margins of Hollywood. According to the Wall Street Journal, the ranch would have cost him in any $ 100 million. The field has multiple screening rooms, vineyards, a swimming pool underground and even a small hostel for clients and privileged friends of the master of the House. We have our own police then do not walk away from the group, they are not particularly flexible, warns a spokesman during the visit. Before an artificial pond called Lake Ewok, one arrives in the said technical brick building that houses the Skywalker Sound studios, specialized in sound special effects for films of science fiction or fantasy such as Lucas or for external clients, such as recently the guardians of the Galaxy. Work of many longtime George collaborators, referring constantly to the practices and the spirit of their mentor. George always said that the sound is 50% of the movie experience, so tells Matthew Wood, an employee of Skywalker Sound. On the other side of the pond, the white main house the slate roof and dozens of parts houses a 21 research library. 000 titles, and the former offices of the master sites, 71 years old and who has just little more. George Lucas has retired, he just marry and have a baby, he is working on his project of narrative art in Chicago Museum, explains a spokesman. -Preserve the magic – decorated objects of shooting as the lasso Indiana Jones, or parts of the art collection of Lucas, including many paintings by Norman Rockwell, the building is maintained as a museum. Filmmaker sold end of 2012 its society and the rights of his space epic, one of the most lucrative in the history, to Disney for $ 4 billion. The media and entertainment empire now intends to return on his investment. Three new films are planned, including the Episode 7, currently shooting in London, and the cartoon Star Wars Rebels, to be released on the channel Disney XD in 46 countries in October. In the heart of San Francisco, at the headquarters of Lucas Films, former collaborators of the filmmaker took over joysticks with mission to grow the saga, while preserving its appeal for millions of fans. With Star Wars Rebels, which applies to children 6-12 years, Disney and Lucas Films also want to convert a new generation to the universe of the Jedi and the force. The TV series represents a new era for the company, considers Dave Filoni, producer Executive, in the offices of the studio, decorated with the collection of hundreds of posters of films of George Lucas, of statues of Darth Vader, monsters and space shuttles. Star Wars Rebels staged five fugitive rebels living in their spaceship and which, as it should, fight an evil Empire. George always told that it cannot rely only on vessels and Lightsabers, it takes a strong family of characters, adds Dave Filoni, wearing his black cowboy hat Lord. It ensures that the collaboration with Disney is successful. They have a lot of respect for the series, they know that it is we who know it best and too many interventions could kill the goose laying golden eggs, he argues. . Original source can be studied checking the following page.

The Lake Varese and the probe underwater. The Mayor: ‘ do not use the car».

Torrential rain, all day Tuesday, they put on their knees Varese e provincia. The Mayor Attilio Fontana and the Environment Councillor Stefano Clerics have issued a press release that invites you to "avoid using the car throughout the territory». There are blocked roads, flooded offices and even palaces with public offices, such as that of the region, partially flooded. Explains Clerici: «the situation is grave: on Sp1 of Lake Varese, where they proceed to alternate one-way, a consortium has literally exploded floodway, destroying the asphalt and pouring the sewage on the provincial road. The Olona Valley District remained isolated in the early afternoon, missing now for current time». The floods have also affected the area of Belforte where flows the Olona. Water entered the offices of Motorization and a hypermarket. The road along the River, via Peschiera, is blocked by Tuesday morning. Trains were disrupted several times in between Varese and Laveno and moving in fits and starts. The situation is difficult in various places in the province of Varese. Many underpasses were flooded between Gallarate and Busto Arsizio and Saronno. In Gallarate, a man was rescued on the roof of the car. Do not count the cellars invaded by the waters. The lago di Varese is overflown at some points in Schiranna, where until last Sunday were in progress the world under 23 Championship of rowing. In Cantello a landslide has caused serious damage to municipal asylum, investing even streets and homes. A landslide also hit a yard area to Lozza. Damage in Tradate, Malnate, Castiglione Olona and Castellanza, where several roads are closed to cars. . For more regarding this subject check

Milan forgives the Blues no.

Daniel Hackett did wrong. Word of the companions of the Italian national team of men’s basketball, having heard several versions of what happened, have written a letter-press release to tell, we all know that, as they went really the facts. All this only to defend and protect those who, every year, decides to spend the summer with passion at the service of the Blue Jersey. Come to nationwide-explain-it means respecting certain rules; among these, communicate in due time and through the club’s medical staff, their physical condition; show up at the national meet and let the blue medical staff can do their own evaluations. Daniel did not. Would have been enough to wait a few days and at that point would have been treated as always happens to every athlete summoned to Azure: if it is found that the physical conditions do not remain within the national player is allowed to return home, continues the note. Then there are the unwritten rules among players and Daniel has violated. Between teammates there is a code of respect that he has broken. We ask and we respect from everyone as they recognise at all. If you do not depart from this assumption it is difficult to construct virtuous paths and durable, impervious and routes but unclear. We would like to stress that nobody in National and has never been forced to play against their will and that medical and physical conditions of each were always carefully evaluated by medical and technical staff and each time have been studied therapeutic and recovery paths suited to the needs of every athlete still reads in the press release sent by members of the Italian national team. Always maintain a correct behavior it is the signal of the deep respect we feel towards the blue Jersey of the companions and all professionals who work around the country. We hope that Daniel can learn from their mistakes and do not occur in the future more similar episodes that would harm the Group’s cohesion. The same cohesion that historically it has always been the cornerstone of Blues, the note concludes. Meanwhile Milan chose to keep Daniel who seems to have convinced the club that he sincerely remorseful for what happened. From here the choice, according to la Gazzetta dello Sport, to keep it in pink to cut salary with 26 days of disqualification in Serie A that Hackett will suffer but play the Italian Supercup (which will be played before the start of the season and then stop) and the Euroleague. . Inspirational facts could be found checking the following site.

The Argentina runs towards the default: no understanding with the U.s. courts.

Milan-Still a little more than 24 hours, then the Government of Buenos Aires will be forced to declare the second Argentine default in 13 years: the first economic shock caused by 100 billion dollars with unemployment that flew at 25% and tens of thousands of people who lost their home. The failure chain poured over thousands of investors who bought Argentine debt, the famous tango bond, enticed by high yields and convinced that the country would never failed. Now the shadows of the first pressing again default: term expires tomorrow for the interest payment to bondholders who accepted the bond exchange in 2005 and in 2010. A restructuring that cut 70 percent of the country’s debt and the value of the card in hand to investors. Not all, however, agreed that Exchange: including 50,000 Italian savers who now hope to win their bet. Also because in June the Argentina had started the payment of more than 500 million dollars of interest for those who had accepted the conversion, by depositing the money at a bank in New York. The money, however, have been blocked by the American Judge Thomas Griesa that Buenos Aires cannot pay interest to those who have accepted the debt restructuring without them even to those who said no to the Government’s proposal. To avoid the default, then the country should put on the plate at least another 1.5 billion dollars. That is also why the insurance from the risk of Argentina’s credit rises to top six weeks: credit default swaps to 5 years on Argentine debt (a Bills to cover credit risk) have risen by 27 basis points to 1. 899 basis points. Buenos Aires is convinced of its reasons and this calls for a suspension of the judgment because to ask for reimbursement are primarily hedge funds who bought Argentine bonds at derisory prices and now they ask for full refund. The situation remains tense, but just today came a small opening by Griesa that authorized Citigroup to pay interest on securities of some creditors who have accepted the bond exchange explaining-though-that the Bank could not distinguish between the swap and securities issued last year to pay to Repsol for his ouster from the Argentine energy company Ypf. Meanwhile, the Argentina, paid the first tranche from 642 million dollars of its debt with the Paris club, according to the modalities agreed in May this year. This is revealed by the Ministry of the economy, whereby Argentina thus is honoring the regularization of debts resulting from the 2001 default. The Paris club creditor countries 19 together to recover the debts of the States. Between 2005 and 2010 the Argentina has restructured the 93% of its foreign debts. . Additional text can be found checking

Company: RBI has in Russia on private clients.

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) wants to increasingly focus on private clients in Russia. RBI Chief Karl Sevelda of newspaper said Wirtschaftsblatt in the business customer segment, margins would go back much, at retail we don’t see that yet. The planned tightening of EU sanctions against Russia would harm not only Russia, but also of the Ukraine and the EU, warned the head of the Bank. For the Austrian Institute, the Russia business was recently still the biggest provider of results within the group. RBI is the second largest lender in Eastern Europe after the UniCredit Bank Austria subsidiary. The RBI in the face of the crisis had put on hold the sale of Ukrainian subsidiary. We wanted to sell it, because the legal system has made us a normal economy very hard, said Sevelda. The head of the Bank now hope that the new Parliament, which is to be elected in autumn, will create a secure legal environment. Therefore we look at us now, how the situation evolves, said Sevelda. (rts). You should click the following page to learn extra about this great topic.

Sarkozy campaigns 2007 – 2012: the same symptoms for the same diagnosis?

Symptoms my: Nicolas Sarkozy is a candidate that multiplies the meetings with readers. On Betty, last may, J r me Lavrilleux d wrote the campaign of 2012 as a train which sped high speed and that he did not know arr ter. R result: 40 meetings in more penalty two months – as much as Fran ois Holland but on a much longer period p. And in 2007? 25 meetings for the UMP candidate between January and d goal may, 32 for S gol do Royal (relying this inventory). And 64 d investments on the ground against 32 for his Socialist rival. During his two campaigns, pr residential, Nicolas Sarkozy is much more d plac than his direct opponent. In 2012, the Socialists r claimed the m me d account, denying that President Sarkozy will weigh on taxpayers some of its d investment costs. Justice soup onne today having enjoyed t preferred IM the acceding of the UMP. The party would have thus supported the d think campaign. If we look at the accounts of the party, on aper ILO d investment costs have progress of 131% between 2011 and 2012 (9.7 million euros against 3.1 million for the PS). This is the great difference with 2007 diff: If the gap between UMP and PS is still more impressive this year e-l (6.1 million against 1.4 for the Socialists), progress by 2006 report is much more measured e: + 17%. � . For more insights on this topic read homepage.

Apple rethinks, US green light to app for bitcoin.

Apple reopens the bitcoin. The Cupertino company has announced the reinstatement in his App Store Blockchain. info, software produced by British startup to perform transactions with digital currency. The app, which should reappear among the services at the next update of Apple’s servers, earns an average of 25,000 new users per week and should break into very short period the roof of 2 million. Nicholas Cary, Ceo of Blockchain, welcomed the decision as a ” sea change ” for the market bitcoin. Apple, according to Cary, risked ‘ ‘ lose the opportunity of growing interest in the phenomenon. The breakdown, made official last February with the exclusion of Blockchain from the Apple Store, had created more than a discontent between users iOS (operating system for iPhone and iPad): Cupertino had not given any official explanation but as writes the Wall Street Journal the Group would move to avoid possible involvement in money laundering investigations. The about-face from Apple is updating the app for Android and the publication of guidelines for the regulations drawn up by the Department for the New York financial services (Dfs), with the purpose of a ‘ ‘ Bitlicence ‘ ‘ that define the parameters of use of virtual currency. . Inspirational source can be read checking the following reference.

The collapse of the 20% of Wikipedians.

In thirteen years, Wikipedia has gradually lost its novelty appeal. First time users are now tired. The newcomers have no more freedom than before. The persona is a white man, about 30 years old, graduated from high school and resident in Europe or the United States, says Marc leaf. We have found on Wikipedia the same inequalities existing in academia, admits Rémi Mathis, President of Wikimedia France. But he adds: there is no risk for Wikipedia to disappear. Wikipedia problems are both the substance and the form. At its inception, in 2001, the computer began to play an important role in families in developed countries. Thirteen years later, we are already in the process of replacing them with other devices: smartphones and tablets. According to the research firm Gartner, the touch pad in 2015 will overtake the computer in terms of sales. This is very bad news for Wikipedia. Mostly devoid of keyboard, these mobile devices are not conducive to writing articles. This is one of our biggest challenges of the years to come, admits Rémi Mathis. In the face of this disenchantment, Wikipedia has organized resistance. We want to keep our users and new field, said Nathalie Martin, Executive Director of Wikimedia France. In France we have launched regional groups using wiki tools to promote French heritage. All occasions are good to go to meet a different audience, older and less tied average taxpayers of Wikipedia. . For additional regarding this subject visit

Holiday of Ministers: it is long, less is good?

Ecourtées, and similarly truncated. This year, Ministers will hit a record: that of their shorter summer vacation in ten years. For the first time, they pass as well under the symbolic bar of the fortnight, and will be held from 4 to 18 August, date of re-entry of the Council of Ministers. One advantage, and not least, Ministers are encouraged to ‘rest ‘. Provided that they do not stay more than two hours from the capital, under penalty of receiving a few reprimands on the part of the Prime Minister. Yet, the holiday of Ministers have not always also framed. And even today, the recipe does not seem to have been found. The heatwave of summer 2003 sounds the death knell for the holidays relaxing for the members of the Government. While in the media refers to "slaughter", the Minister of health, Jean-François Mattei, benefit safely from his residence in the Var. The mortality rate in August 2003 has increased by 50% compared with the previous year, the emergency physicians are overwhelmed, and is in his garden in black polo that he answered questions of a journalist for TF1. A scandal in the eyes of the French. And above all, a communication error policy. The next year, Jacques Chirac, then president of the Republic, decides to better supervise the Government holiday. He asked his ministers do not go more than two hours from the capital, as does Manuel Valls this year. A rule itself will not apply as it is at the island of Reunion that he spent the summer 2004. Side length, stays spend 16 days to 23 days in 2003. But this time, the holidays should be "short and studious. Then, history does not suggest that Ministers are resting on their laurels, the Government updates package on communication. Jean-Pierre Raffarin images at work in his home run on screens and Philippe Douste-Blazy, now Minister of health – Jean-François Mattei has not escaped the realignment – follows eight visits to hospitals in a day during his vacation. Just elected to the Presidency of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy spent a few days in may on the yacht of Bolloré before flying to the United States during his summer vacation. Completed, stays close to Paris, and it also applies to Ministers. One instruction: be reachable at all times and be able to quickly return to Paris. So needless to deny a stay in Tuscany (François Fillon) or Greece (Hervé Morin) before the resumption in Council of Ministers. The duration of the holidays, it stabilizes. And it takes not more to create a new controversy, focusing this time on the luxury of the Government and the head of State holidays. Because it was nice to be active, its vacation are not less bling-bling. In 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy therefore imitates his predecessor and just spend a few days at the Fort of Brégançon, before spinning at cap Nègre in the Var at her in-laws. The approach of the end of the quinquennium, the measures governing Ministers holiday harden. In 2009, pandemic influenza A revives the effects of the heat wave on the opinion. Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of health, avoids take vacations to more than an hour from Paris. Ditto for Christian Estrosi, prey to social plans. As for the others, they are free to go wherever wish them. But this time, it’s «day and night» that they must be contactable. The following year, the duration of the summer break is lowered to 21 days. In 2011, a year before the election, Nicolas Sarkozy sum his ministers to remain in France, and not to take "vacation," but only some "rest". The decision follows the controversy that arose out of the holiday of Michèle Alliot-Marie in Tunisia and François Fillon in Egypt, where it was hosted at the expense of Hosni Mubarak. . Similar information can be found visiting