Fighting in the Iraq: Chief of staff of Dempsey does not rule out ground troops against IS militia.

The American Chief of staff Martin Dempsey has not ruled out that American military advisers could "join the Iraqi army units in operations against the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) in the field". "If we reach the point where I think that our consultants should accompany the Iraqi soldiers in attacks on specific targets, then I will recommend that the President", Dempsey said in a hearing in the Senate. So far, Obama has ruled out a combat mission from Americans on the ground. Probably the Congress will approve rapidly the mandate the Pentagon, trained fighters of the moderate Syrian opposition; a wider debate about the usage against the IS should be moved on the aftermath of the Congressional elections on November 4. The U.S. Government speaks so far explicitly by military advisers Instead of fighting forces, because Obama ("boots on the ground") strongly rejects the use of "Boots on the ground". The Mission of the American soldiers in the Iraq was alone, the coordination and logistics in the fight against the IS to help the Iraqis, said Dempsey. Obama had in the last week in a speech to the nation announcing the extension of the anti-terrorist fight against the IS. The Congress questioned Defense Minister Chuck hail and Dempsey to the strategy. Previously, the US air force had bombed for the first time a target southwest of the capital Baghdad to assist Iraqi forces. American warplanes had attacked extremists previously only in the North of the country. .

Tesla shares recover: Dow fights in the profit zone.

The US stock markets started while on Tuesday with slight losses in trade, in the course of the trading day, the indexes rise but in the plus. New economic data suggest that the Federal does not reserve under increased pressure of time, to initiate a shift away from low interest rate policy. Because the US producer prices stagnated in August and signaled an only moderate price increases. The Fed decision on Wednesday evening investors hope for hints on the future rate in monetary policy and the prospects for the economy in the United States. An interest rate hike would not like to seen on the stock exchange. Canaccord Genuity admits to have thought a sale recommendation in the case by coach. It was the first reaction, after analysts had seen the offer in the shops and judged the competition. But because consumers in their purchase decisions took into account more than the operating business, the Canaccord analyst could bring himself Not yet, to recommend the withdrawal of investors. Rather, they confirm their hold recommendation. The coach stock has lost around one-third (34 percent) to value this year, after 2013 remained unchanged – and that despite the broad market recovery. The stock recorded in the Middle trade 0.95 percent stronger. .

Al-Qaida would have applied to the Islamic State to release the fourth hostage.

Alan Henning appeared this weekend at the end of the video where his compatriot David Haines was executed. The Islamic State (AR) threatens to behead the British of 47 years in turn if the United Kingdom continues its actions against the terrorist organization. Humanitarian mission in Syria, he was kidnapped at the time of Christmas, in 2013. Four days after his capture, a local emir belonging to the al-Dhanub front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaida, intervened in his favour with his captors, understands The Independent. The British newspaper relies on the testimony of an American journalist, Bilal Abdul Kareem, with which the newspaper has often collaborated. At the time, documentary filmmaker had questioned this local leader of al-Qaeda on his return from the town of al-Dana where the British had been removed. "Initially, he was certain that Henning would be released, it was that the Islamic State said. But, then, Henning left the prison and we in more heard about"witness Bilal Abdul Kareem. At the time, the divorce between al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, then known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, was not consumed. But this episode confirms differences strategic which already existed between the two jihadi groups. According to The Independent, the emir of the al-Dhanub front explained to his interlocutors that this hostage was "counterproductive" and "contrary to the laws of Islam. "What you do is wrong. You don’t have to do that. You do not have the right to remove it. You have no reason to keep only because it is non-Muslim. "Alan Henning was part of a humanitarian convoy carrying medical equipment for Syrian refugees. This former taxi driver was not a professional humanitarian. He had joined the initiative a British charity founded by a group of Muslim friends. .

Rains and floods: Floods isolate hundreds of thousands of Indians and Pakistanis.

The heavy flooding in Pakistan and India have claimed the lives of around 500 people. In Pakistan, the bulk of water threaten more than 100 villages, two million people will be on the run or trapped by the water masses. Alone in the Indian portion of Kashmir, the water has isolated more than 200 000 people. Many seek refuge and medical assistance in camps. In Central Pakistan, thousands from flooded villages to safety were brought and supplied with relief supplies, the civil administrator Zahid Saleem said Saturday. In India, hundreds of people in Krankenlagern crowded. Many of them suffered from diarrhea, infections or rashes, the newspaper Hindustan Times reported. Now, as the water gradually go back, the doctors fear an outbreak of disease. Clean drinking water was scarce. In total, killed more than 200 people perished in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir in the worst floods for decades. In a hospital in Srinagar, 14 children died according to the Agency of IANS as the water shut the power supply and medical equipment were. As the authorities informed on Saturday, gradually decrease water levels at least in Srinagar. So rescuers can reach so far-clad houses to rescue survivors or corpses to hide. In parts of Pakistan, it may take about a week until the water levels drop markedly. .

Floods: 480 deaths and 200,000 people stranded in Indian Kashmir.

The floods affecting these days north of the India and Pakistan have made at least 480 dead, according to the last balance sheets in date, and more than 200. 000 people were still blocked by water in Indian Kashmir Saturday. The scenes were similar on both sides of the border: villages washed away, others entirely under water where boats and helicopters took turns to evacuate residents refugees on roofs, others Finally, less affected, where entire families were fleeing, water up to the thighs, parents with young children and a few possessions. The North of the India and Pakistan suffer every year floods as a result of the monsoon rains, but these have been particularly abundant this year, even if they do not have the gravity of the terrible year 2010. In Kashmir, the water level began Saturday to decrease, revealing the extent of the devastation in this region of the Himalayas. And in the Middle muddy water and animal carcasses that they have left the streets, relief can now reach hitherto isolated locations, including in Srinagar, the main city of this region of the Himalayas, and its surroundings. Relief can now enter the houses, and evacuating the survivors, but also discover bodies, told AFP an official of the Jammu region, Mr. Shantmanu. According to official figures, the floods in Kashmir made at least 200 dead in the region, and, if 130. 000 people could be rescued, more than 200. 000 are still isolated, according to this official. With the reflux waters also come health problems, while those who have lost their homes and are currently sheltered in tents are concerned about the slow pace of Government assistance. Omar Abdullah, who heads the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, said Saturday, facing growing public anger, that the houses would be rebuilt before the arrival of the terrible cold of winter. There is no question that people continue to live in tents in the winter, he said in Srinagar, according to the Press Trust of India Agency. Currently, 137 relief camps have been installed in the Kashmir Valley, sheltering about 100. 000 people. Drinking water is a problem, acknowledged Abdullah, adding that he had asked authorities to provide many medications to prevent the risk of epidemic. Each family whose home was destroyed will receive initially 75. thousand rupees (1,000 euros) to rebuild, as well as food rations free for six months, the Government has announced. In Pakistan, authorities blew up dikes upstream from the city of Multan, leaving muddy waters invade the fields and destroying crops to try to save the city. In the three affected Pakistani areas, Punjab, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, there were Saturday 280 dead and 214. 000 people had to be evacuated. .

The fact various agenda: a night club promotes binge drinking with a photo of a young drunk woman.

A nightclub of Windsor, in Berkshire, in the South of the United Kingdom, has been strongly criticized by the authorities of the city to have tweeted the derogatory image of a young woman. And to have encouraged passing girls to the binge drinking, the express pngpong. On the image, she is half naked, drunk and in a near comatose state, surrounded by dozens of bottles of alcohol. This picture was intended to be a tool for the promotion of the establishment, which announced by this comment: you want to end up like her? along with the hashtag #mortal, that girl groups may consume alcohol free and have also the chance, without charge, in the same sad state. The controversial tweet was withdrawn less than an hour after its publication and a spokesman for the nightclub was quick to turn back: we offer without reservation our apology for any offense that would have caused us. He added: the post was not authorized and was contrary to our policy. The nightclub is a responsible and does not endorse nor does promotes excessive consumption of alcohol. .

Heavy Heidfeld accident overshadowed formula E: premiere.

The premiere of the formula E is been overshadowed by a serious accident a few metres before the finish by Nick Heidfeld. As he to the decisive overtaking manoeuvre on the final lap on the 3.44-kilometer course against the until then leading Nicolas Prost was the Frenchman drove him on Saturday sides in the car. The former formula one driver slipped over the kerbs, crashed against the barrier and rolled over several times with his car, before the car hit upside down on the asphalt. Heidfeld was able to free himself but independently from the wreck. All participants, facilitating that Heidfeld was nothing despite the violent images but prevailed. "That feels great", said di Grassi on his victory in the formula-E-premiere anticipated with great excitement. "But no one may see this accident in the last curve. So no one wants to win,"said the South Americans. He was especially glad that it well go Heidfeld and the cars were so sure. Three cars came to the formation lap hard drive, at the start, everything went smoothly. Cheers defended his pole position he around three hours previously had secured itself the compressed one day event. Behind di Grassi joined. After a crash of former Formula 1 pilot Bruno Senna in the second round had the safety car onto the track, the cars could save energy in their batteries. As winner of the first change of the car – the battery power is not enough for a whole race – Heidfeld could feel. He was Once again two places and recorded the pursuit of cheers, then abruptly ended before the end. .

Cutting Davis: the Spain in danger at the end of the first day of the dams.

The Spain of Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer, is neck and neck with the Brazil at the end of the first day of the Davis Cup dams, disputed Friday. Thomas Belluci brought both teams tied (1-1) by winning the second single against Pablo Andújar, 44th world. Belluci, 83rd world, bested of Andújar which made his debut in Davis Cup at the end of four hours of play after losing the first two sets 3-6, 6-7 (6/8), 6-4, 7-5, 6-3. Earlier, Roberto Bautista Agut (N. World 15 had been expeditious against Rogerio Dutra Silva (201st world) 6-0, 6-1, 6-3. promises to double Saturday in Sao Paulo capital with an advantage in the Brazil that aligns Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares, respectively 5th and 6th in the world of specialty.) Another team in trouble, the Argentina held in check 1-1 with Israel in Miami after the success of Dudi Sela before Carlos Berlocq 6-3, 6-7 (5/7), 6-2, 6-2. Lag helping, the Australia was the first to ensure its maintenance thanks to the victory in three sets in the veteran Lleyton Hewitt twice, 33 years and Chris Guccione facing the Uzbeks, Saturday. The United States and Canada, led by their No. 1 respective John Isner and Milos Raonic, headed the same result after winning the first two singles against the Slovakia and the Colombia. They were so imitated the private Serbia to its stars. Without the No. 1 global Novak Djokovic, Viktor Troicki and Janko Tipsarevic, the Serbia relied young Dusan Lajovic and Filip Krajinovic facing the India in Bangalore. The first, ranked 67th world, outclassed Yukhi Bhambri (No. 153) in three sets (6-3, 6-2, 7-5) while Krajinovic (N. 107) had slightly more trouble against Somdev Devvarman (6-1, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2). Spared for the first day because of his exploits at Flushing Meadows, the Croatian Marin Cilic has left his team back to back with the Netherlands (1-1). The winner of the U.S. Open must make its entry Saturday on the clay of Amsterdam where he will play the doubles with Marin Draganja against Thiemo de Bakker and Jean Julien Rojer. Exiled in Estonia due to its political situation, the Ukraine was also tied (1-1) against the Belgium of David Goffin. The Walloon talent prevailed in three sets 7-6 (7/1), 6-3, 6-1 Illya Marchenko. Earlier in the day, his compatriot Steve Darcis was tilted against Sergiy Stakhovsky said Stako in four sets 6-7 (7/5), 6-4, 6-2, 6-2. .

The revolt of the Israeli reservists: “now just spy on Palestinians”.

43 In particular, claim that "while the surveillance of Israeli citizens is subjected to very tight limits, the Palestinians do not enjoy similar legal protections" and would thus suffer significant privacy violations. The story exposes for the first time Israel to the risk of defections and leaks from the intelligence world and the reaction of the armed forces spokesman, arrives with a written statement: "the unit 8200 helps every day to protect Israeli citizens, uses several methods and who we need is trained to comply with unparalleled standards, in Israel or in the rest of the worldunder the constant supervision of officers and commands. The fact that the signatories have contacted the media before transmitting their protest to their respective commanders amazes us and raises doubts about the sincerity of what they say. " For Adnan Damiri, spokesman of the Palestinian national authority, the letter is "a demonstration of moral responsibility of signatories in favor of an oppressed people."   .

Health costs: The Chinese are too thick.

And not only the children are too fat. The number of diabetics in the people’s Republic has grown explosively in the past 30 years. Twelve percent of adult Chinese now suffer from diabetes, according to a study in the journal of the American Medical Association, who has already appeared in the last year.  Nearly 100 million are in absolute terms. The proportion of diabetic in the people’s Republic still under one percent was in 1980. Diabetes type 2 alone in the last five years to more than 50 percent among the city population has increased. Thus, China recorded the highest rate of the disease in the world. According to the study, there are signs of obesity at every second adult. Obesity and diabetes all massively increased the heart attack or stroke risk. As in Western countries, cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in China now. Every 10 seconds a person dies in China heart attack or stroke. 40 percent of all deaths go back now to this disease of civilization in the people’s Republic. Another problem: Obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are addressed in China still only rarely at an early stage other than in the West. Prevention is so far not a priority in the Chinese health care system. Usually are treated cardiovascular disease only in the final stages. Only 30 percent of those affected are aware of their disease according to the Chinese study. .