M5s, Eurogroup M5s is no longer just Eurosceptic, enters the extreme right.

Brussels, Oct 22. (Afpenglish)-MEP group Efdd (Europe of freedom and democracy live), where sit the elect M5S, is likely to be stigmatized in authorized share of Strasbourg is in danger of being labeled no longer only as Eurosceptic formation, due to the British Nigel Farage of Ukip, but as extreme right-wing group, after agreeing in its ranks the Polish Robert Iwaszkiewicz, the Knpthe Congress Party of the new right. In addition to the ultra-conservative views and positions of anti-feminine Iwaszkiewicz, are primarily the positions of his party and its leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke which are contrary to those of the M5s on most of the main issues. Korwin-Mikke, as reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, calls for lifted the women’s suffrage; He argued that the difference between rape and consensual sex is very thin, and claimed that Adolf Hitler was probably not aware of the extermination of the Jews. The Cinquestelle, supporters of citizen income, will find themselves alongside an MEP ultra-liberal party which defends economic inequalities by promoting cutting taxes on the wealthy and the destruction of the minimum wage, where it exists. Often even more extreme positions to those of the traditional extreme right in the European Parliament is represented mainly by Marine Lepen, leader of the French National Front (Fn). Their political values and all statements of Korwin-Mikke-in Strasbourg said today the leader of Fn-are contrary to our, for this we even contacted them when we wanted to form a group in the European Parliament. An attempt, attended by Italian League, also failed because it was not satisfied with the condition of bringing together MEPs from at least seven countries. We gave up to the formation of the group because we wanted to keep a common vision and policy coherence, Marine Le Pen explained. . For extra facts on this topic read site.

Ebola: expert, purchase protection kit race also in Italian hospitals.

Rome, 22 Oct. (Reuters Health)-the rush to purchase personal protective equipment (gloves, overalls, boots and masks), recommended by the World Health Organization (who) as a shield anti-Ebola, even Italian hospitals. Over the past 15 days in the departments of infectious diseases of hospitals in Italy there has been an acceleration in the purchase of protective gear to use in case a patient with Ebola. Unfortunately there are no general guidelines on what products to buy and trying to test them to see if they work and are easy to use. To explain it is to Adnkronos Salute Matteo Bassetti, Director of the infectious disease Department of the Hospital of Udine. The news of the contamination in the United States and Spain have increased the level of guard-adds Bassetti-hospitals in many regions have called representatives of companies that sell these products to see what they had on hand. In our Department we tested several products to choose the best ones for our work. Many overalls-claims-are heavy and create problems of mobility to the wearer, in you sweat a lot and that’s not good. For this we try to have them at all the best available to the doctor or nurse that will handle a case of Ebola. The region Friuli-venezia-Giulia-stresses Bassetti-until April 2014, already in the early days of the outbreak of Ebola in Africa, drew up a document for management of suspected cases. I understand it was the first region. As the Department we were ready, the outbreak of Sars in the past has been a test. It is clear that the acceleration of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has changed the cards, but above all what we knew about contagion to April 2014 is quite different from what has been discovered in the last period. Even health recommendations-observes-there are modified 20-fold by acquiring more information on virus infection. According to Bassetti, Italian hospitals and their departments of infectious diseases are very well-equipped in Friuli, but also in Veneto, Liguria, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna-explains-regions where they are in contact with several colleagues, the facilities are prepared and you can be treated reasonably quiet. . Similar info can be found clicking http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Gas bills, Eni must pay 25 euros per 100,000 customers for poor service.

Eni will compensate with a compensation of EUR 25 per head more than 100,000 customers who have suffered disruptions both within the "protection" of the free market gas. It has established the Energy Authority accepting the commitments presented by the company as a result of disciplinary proceedings initiated for violation of the regulation on the billing frequency (more than 79.000) and delays in sending the Bill for change of supplier (27,000 cases). The compensation for all those customers that at the October 31, 2013 (date of commencement of investigation) were interested in inefficiency, still present at December 31, 2013. The Authority informs that Eni has also committed to ensuring the automatic extension and the interest-free instalment amounts invoiced, to join for two years at "conciliation Service customers energy" of authority and to promote initiatives to encourage the gas meter reading of the counter. Specifically, reads the note, communications will be to raise awareness of the importance of self-support reading, messages to customers for which there are actual readings or customer self-metre reading for at least 12 months and data capture through post-it on the occasion of the "visit" of reading. In addition, as a result of requests made by associations of consumers and small businesses in the market test, i.e. the publication of the commitments that the parties may submit their comments-for Eni has added an additional commitment, or to pay compensation of EUR 10 to all customers in "protection" gas that after November 1, 2013 have suffered or will suffer a delay of invoicing not yet ceased to December 31, 2014. . You can click this http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu to read extra about this interesting topic.

He died Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post during Watergate.

Ben Bradlee, a former Director of the Washington Post during the Watergate scandal, has died at the age of 93 years.  The news was given by the same newspaper of the U.S. Capital, which emphasized as Bradlee, who "had led the transformation of the Post to make it one of the leading newspapers in the world", has died at his home in Washington of natural causes. The man suffered from years of Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. For Benjamin Bradlee journalism was more than a profession: it was a vital public asset to our democracy ". So us President Barack Obama on the death of the former Director of WP. "A true journalist, Bradlee has transformed the Washington Post into one of the best newspapers in the country and, with him at the helm, a growing number of reporters published the Pentagon Papers ‘, revealed the Watergate scandal and told stories that needed to be told, stories that helped us to understand the world and each other a bit better," Obama continued,We read in a note from the White House. Ben Bradlee gave a new face to the political journalism of inquiry. He push two young reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to investigate the case which would give him fame. The Watergate scandal (1972-1974) explodes because of illegal wiretaps carried out in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, by men linked to the Republican party, which lead to the request of impeachment and the resignation of Richard Nixon. Not just Watergate, however.  In 1971, he along with Bradlee editor of Katharine Graham, then to publish some articles based on so-called ‘ Pentagon papers ‘, IE 7. 000 pages of secret documents on the war in Viet Nam. The same President Nixon personally intervened to block disclosure for legal proceedings, but the Supreme Court accepted the request of the Washington Post and the New York Times to publish the story. . Additional info can be inspected visiting http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu.

A nazi submarine found at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The nazi submarine U-576 and cargo Bluefields had sunk at the battle of the Atlantic in 1942 with the area nicknamed the graveyard of the Atlantic, 48 kilometres from the coast. They were discovered in August last by the Office of the United States Oceanographic and atmospheric Agency (NOAA) national marine sanctuaries. The war was close to the coast of the United States this discovery opens a rare window on a historic military battle and the landscape of underwater battlegrounds of World War II, according to NOAA. Few Americans know how much the war was actually close to the coast of the United States, said David Alberg, the head of the conservation of the sanctuaries marine. The U-576 sank the Bluefields freighter flying the flag of the Nicaragua and badly damaged two other ships, said NOAA. In response, the U.S. Navy Kingfisher aircraft, which was responsible for the air protection of the convoy, shelled the submarine U-576. The Germany did know that she does wish not to retrieve the remains of the submarine. They are under special protection and should, if possible, stay at this location to allow the dead to rest in peace, he added. . You must click the following link to learn extra regarding this amazing matter.

Chinese GDP to lower rates over the past five years.

BEIJING. From our correspondent is there to understand, as soon as possible, as is actually China’s health and what should I do the second global power to reverse course and avoid excessive economic slowdown. If they’re asking feverishly in these hours, behind closed doors, components of the fourth Plenum of the Communist Party of China: the conclave ritual which opened Monday, is dedicated to the rule of law, but also to the measures to be taken in the economic field in the next six months to achieve the reform package launched by the third Plenum exactly one year ago. The last days were inauspicious for the array of figures recorded on Chinese Gdp, just the 6 October the World Bank has revised the growth prospects of Asia and, consequently, its main engine, China, from 7.4 to 7.2. To rotate, it followed the Fund has set the growth of Asia in stressing the 5.5 role of local demand and that of China, extremely focused in achieving a higher level of sustainability but also responsible for the development of a much broader region. The fact is that predictions of East Asia and Pacific region fall to 6.9 from expected 7.1 in 2014. Not only that, the slowdown, it seems, will continue even in 2016. Unfortunately, the contribution of consumption to GDP formation of China in the second quarter was the lowest in the last five years, to 2.4 percent. Growth is still linked to the Central investment, while its efforts to contain local debt, shadow banking and energy demand by companies devoted to depress overproduction of investment effects. To prepare the ground for possible negative forecasts, was down on the field, in the style of Beijing, a leading think tank, the Academy of social sciences Cass with a report dedicated to growth. But the news spread earlier this week that the economy is actually increased by 7.3% in the third quarter from a year earlier, the slowest rate of growth for over five years, has the flavour of the prophecy come true and that sweeps even the positive and unexpected increase in production recorded in September. The point is that Beijing’s reforms also formally well outlined progress at pace too slow compared to the Plenum had outlined. With negative effects on GDP. The fear of Kickback and internecine power struggles between the various State apparatuses in the management of reforms are also undermining the confidence that China could change its growth model. The market would have to conquer gradually larger spaces instead continue to prevail and industry activity in areas not functional to an advanced economy and the State runs to the rescue of undertakings slightly profitable. The fact that 20% of real estate to be empty is not a mystery, but this is a burden for the economy, because resources do not come into the circle, the smaller companies have no credit and families don’t spend. The debt is growing exponentially compared to the GDP, and the nation which has contributed to one fourth the richness of world calls less raw materials and accessories for foreign investments. Imports, crawling along with the well-known effects on trade balance related to exports, of vital importance for China. The reform of Finance has often stop to ads, the liberalization of interest rates on bank deposits now remained at the pole. Insurance on bank deposits needed to liberalise the system language. The stimulus measures undertaken have had short-term effects, including the cutting of one point operated by the Central Bank reserves of lenders. The help from 500 billion yuan to the main big banking system, never formally admitted, should be returned by December. If the Gdp will slow down, for the first time since the 1998 crisis China could miss its goal of growth. The Institute of statistics, after all, has already confirmed that the average growth of the first three quarters was 7.4 percent. But, perhaps using the moviola, agrees to go back and remember that last March in front of the Parliament in joint session premier Li Keqiang talked about 7.5 percent. A few hours after Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said that a rate of between 7.3 and 7.2 wouldn’t be quite so outrageous. All of this, perhaps, was already written and designed. © REPRODUCTION .5% RISERVATA7 The targetL goal of growth of the economy set for 2014. Root facts may be found checking the following http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Globalization 2.0.

The globalization of papa is finished. Since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the opening of the borders of half of humanity, exchanges between countries had jumped as ever in history, causing a strong growth, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of men and women, both social and financial twists painful. This era ends. Trade have been broken by the 2008 crisis. After a rebound, they have stagnated for two years now. Countries otherwise organize their growth – when they. And the framework in which globalization flourished disappears in turn. The Doha round, set of trade negotiations launched in 2001 in the World Trade Organisation, is dead. Bali package, packed by the new Director of the WTO, Roberto Azevedo, end of 2013, to try to restart the cycle by a small negotiation, was buried. The general Council of the WTO approved it yesterday. This failure is marked by three paradoxes. First, it has been caused by the India and other emerging countries, those who have had the most to gain from the Doha round. Then, the WTO has never managed to produce agreement since its inception in 1995, while she was supposed to be more powerful than the pale general agreement on tariffs and trade, in which have yet managed eight rounds of negotiations. Finally, the WTO plans to become the place of negotiation of plurilateral agreements (between volunteer countries) and also multilateral (between all Member countries). Thus returning to the origins, when 23 countries conducted in 1947 the first round of negotiations. Beyond, it is the idea of global governance that is in question. Next response in Paris, in December 2015, with the climate conference. . For more regarding this matter check http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu.

“We, in pole position to defeat Ebola”. Gem Lab (Italian) who pursues the vaccine.

. The obsession has grown, four friends of science, for seventeen years: You can produce vaccines other than the existing ones, you can attack the fearsome pandemics, malaria, Aids, Ebola as well. Five years ago the obsession has found a laboratory worthy of host and then the possibility of applying a new method, method for producing vaccines (preventive injections, therefore, not after infection). Last August 28, with amazing results observed on a group of macaques from seven pounds, the obsession has found vent: the monkeys who had been injected the antidote Italian all have survived, the others are dead, all of them. The u.s. Food and drug administration approved the use of vaccine for clinical trials. Now try to stop the spread of Ebola. Professor Alfredo Nicosia, 57 years, romano of Mostacciano, adopted four children, graduated in chemistry at the Sapienza, Professor at the Federico II of Naples, is the Scientific Director of Irbm, the Institute of molecular biology research is allocated in a green énclave between post-industrial ruins of Pomezia, 25 minutes from Rome through the dangerous potestate Pontina. The first, crucial funding came from Swiss sponsor, Dutch planners and English in Italy was not one euro. Is professor Nicosia to tell, among laboratories of Pomezia, the story of an Italian miracle, making sure to leave the light beam pointed at the protagonist of intuition, professor Riccardo Cortese, 60 years, senese Neapolitan adoption, Dutch wife and two sons. Cortese has taught at the school of Medicine of Naples, he lived in Saint-Petersburg and the Okairos guide today, the small company at the center of World Affairs called on a Greek logo, the unrepeatable moment. The other two are Stephen Puts researchers, 56 years old, and Antonella Lightnings, the youngest, 48 years. Have all four resercher become scientists, found confirmation to their studies in California, in France, in Heidelberg, but then the implementation of collective spark they found in the eden of Pomezia, who was to become one of the many abandoned factories of Pontino. The American multinational company Merck and co. of Redington, New Jersey, in December 2008, sent a fax to its Italian subsidiary: within six months of the Centre will be closed. Two hundred researchers at home, a company like other abandoned of Pomezia: Selex, Mondadori printing, Radim. Irbm, leaders in those days, contacted their press office, Pietro Di Lorenzo, former real estate of Edilnord of Berlusconi, a television production company. The man had there packed record-breaking fiction for Rai-Two like Butta la luna (with Fiona May), low entertainment format as recommended (this for RaiUno). Eighteen million a year turnover only with State tv, today cleared because I reported two officials who have asked me bribes and removed from me Gubitosi schedule. In September 2009 By Lorenzo leaves the Ldm communication to son and buy the Science Park of Pomezia, including equipment from the American company. Calls on unions to let him work and gets. Starts in March 2010 with the fifty best researchers, among them the discoverer of Isentress, a drug that changed the therapies to treat Aids. Today, at 64 years, Lorenzo has taken over almost all factory. Industrial resurrection are crosses with the desire for independence of the four alternative researchers, who had meanwhile left the global trademark Merck to found their own company, Okairos, based in Basel. We wanted a universal methodology for diseases such as Hiv, malaria, Ebola, hepatitis C. Against these aggressive virus antidotes traditional non had worked: we wanted a vaccine capable of creating killer cells, the T-killer, capable of destroying infected lymphocytes. Older vaccines were at the basis of recombinant proteins, we have tried to administer the gene. To inject the dna in single cell sick we put the vaccine into another virus, the adenovirus, which is what causes a cold. In the 2007-2008 season the antidote revolutionary is ready but will serve another five years to put it into production. In luster used by science to become industry happened that another multinational company, the anglo-Belgian Glaxo, stimulated by anti-malaria vaccines and hepatitis products in the province South of Rome, has contracted the largest biotech deal: 250 million euros at the end of an auction to buy the Okairos, and let her be free to experiment and produce. Now we work 24 hours a day, say Professor and administrator. Riccardo Cortese-dare-manager is the next candidate for the Nobel Prize for medicine. The head of researchers: Nobel lightens doesn’t interest me at all, I start to be old and would like to see the vaccine work, help men. L’odore dei soldi has already done damage. The former tv producer Lorenzo’s last three October announced: the World Health Organization asked us one million doses by the end of the year, soon belied by her. Today we want to get fixes quickly at those numbers because in a year’s time the vaccine might be available. Di Lorenzo, after having saved, opened his company to a manager from bad as Republic Maurizio Basile, former Chief of Cabinet of the Executive Alemanno in Comune di Roma, by his own admission checker of Fixer Bisignani. . You must read this http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu to learn more on this interesting matter.

Champions League: Schalke shakes to the victory.

Upon his return to the Champions League stage di Matteo changed the Schalker starting eleven when compared to the 2:0-Bundesliga victory against Hertha BSC only moderate. Choupo-Moting was initially given a break, Obasi played from the start for him. Marco Höger was used as a defensive midfielder, this moved Dennis Aogo on the left side of the defense. Christian Fuchs was only on the bench. And Aogo was also equal to two decisive scenes. First he headed the ball before 0:1 in an edge ball out. Joao Mario entered the corner flat and slow in the Middle, where the Schalker backs couldn’t. Nani turned the fastest and scored a slightly fake off Jennifer Ball the Schalker fullback Ralf Fährmann legs in goal. The Champions League winner by 2012 had classified the comparisons with Lisbon as perhaps crucial after the hitherto little exhilarating performance of the Royal Blues in the premier class with two points from the first two games. Realistically the Schalke fight for second place in the group behind the FC Chelsea – and appropriately motivated to start in the second 45 minutes. Höwedes shortly afterwards with a header to 3:1 increased, seemed like a preliminary decision. But just three minutes after his goal template for Höwedes joined the 19-year-old Ayhan of Kaan in the own penalty area André Carrillo on the foot – and Adrien Silva shortened by penalty 3:2. A mess in the Schalke defence enabled even the 3:3 the midfielder. Only in the third minute of stoppage time won the scarf core. . Original facts may be found checking this http://60cf569c5da0a46040758780c5c.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Press release: BNK announces update operations.

Some of the statements contained in this press release constitute ‘forward-looking statements’ as these terms are used in applicable securities legislation of Canada, including information related to the current plans of the company and expectations related to Caney wells Gapowo B-1 well and their interpretation of the results and the expected completion time and results of the data processing, advance time for approvals and amendments of the concession. The forward-looking information is based on the plans and estimates of the address and the interpretations of the information from initial exploration by the exploration team of the company on the date that provides the information and is subject to various factors and assumptions of management, including indications of initial results with reasonably accurate indicators of the prospectivity of shale intervalsapprovals required regulatory will be available when required and in terms that are acceptable to the company, that there are no unforeseen delays, geologic effects of other unexpected, equipment failures, permitted delays, contractual, or labor disputes that the financial condition of the company and the development plans of the company and its partners do not changethat the demand for oil and gas is held, that the company continue and can access enough capital through financing, farm-ins, and other participation agreements to keep their projects, and that global economic conditions will not deteriorate so that they can affect the business of the company, its ability to advance its business strategy and the industry as a whole. The forward-looking information is subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause plans, estimates and actual results to vary materially from those projected in such forward-looking information. Factors which could cause the forward-looking information in this release to change or be inaccurate include, among others, the risks that some of the assumptions on which such forward-looking information is based change or prove to be invalid, including that the company or its subsidiaries may somehow get or provide the information necessary to ensure the required approvals, that events like the assumed will not occur, that they occur, conditions that are assumed to continue or improve, do not continue or improve, that some suffer delays, stops in planned work or loss of one or more concessions and have a negative effect in the company and its financial condition, as set out in the analysis of the management of the company and its annual information form, which are available in the profile of the company enhttp://www. sedar. com, any of which could result in delays, termination of the planned work or loss of one or more concessions and have a negative effect on the company and its financial condition. The company has no obligation to update these warnings relating to the forward-looking statements if they are not required by applicable law. . Extended facts can be found checking hyperlink.