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Ferry accident in front of South Korea: Captain admits delayed evacuation

BBC News - South Korea seeks arrest of Sewol ferry captain

Captain admits to late Evakuiierung: The captain of the ferry sank off South Korea Sewol has stated after his arrest, to have delayed the evacuation of the ship for safety reasons. In a forward to reading the warrant Captain Lee Joon Seok said on Saturday morning to questions from reporters, unfortunately time was not a rescue ship or fishing boat in sight was. "The current was very strong and the water was cold," said the 69-year-old. He was afraid that the passengers could be carried away by the current. According to reports from survivors of the crew had initially given after the capsizing of the vessel ordered to stay in the seats and cabins.

Divers penetrate the wreck: Three days after the sinking of the ship off the southwest coast of South Korea put rescue teams search for survivors continues. The divers had managed to penetrate into the interior of the wreck, but they had only reached the cargo compartments, said the Coast Guard. Several attempts to reach the areas where passengers were staying, failed. It is feared that a large part of the more than 470 inmates in the body of the multi-storey ferry – including 325 students who were on their way to a holiday island – was included. Some of the passengers could have survived the downfall first in a bubble according to experts. However, it is unlikely given the low water temperature and the dwindling oxygen in it to survive more than two days. However, air is still being pumped into the interior of the ferry. So far, according to official figures, 29 bodies have been recovered from the water. Nearly 180 people were rescued, 270 are still missing. Check if you want to read more

Duchess Kate scores with dress

Kate Middleton's Bargain Shopping Secret: Find Out Where the Royal ...

On Good Friday, the 32-year-old also made still laughing allusions to the thinning hair of her husband – not really Williams Day. The day before, the Royals had visited survivors of the devastating bushfires in the Blue Mountains near Sydney and firefighters. Those who had hoped for an appearance of baby George was disappointed. The nearly nine-month-old junior prince again remained out of the limelight and in the care of his nanny.

The two then went to a hospice for terminally ill children. Then we went to Manly beach in Sydney, where thousands of spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals. William and Kate were at a sports festival lifesaver here. The legendary white sand did not get the two between the toes: they stalked in shoes by the beach goers in shorts, skimpy swimwear and bikinis. At least William had the suit until then exchanged for slacks.

The two looked at each other after a hearty sausage lunch with firefighters and Girl Scouts on a few athletes in the abseiling at the 100 meter steep cliff Katoomba. William had gone dangerously close to the edge, said youth group leader Damien Cooper. "As some have stopped the air and were almost on the go, to grab it," he said on television. Related information:

'Doubting yourself is necessary'

How to Believe in Yourself in the Face of Overwhelming Self-

Note that the film is different to the way it is delivered to the public. In Spain opens in commercial cinema, but in the U.S. it did with the system VOD (Video on demand, or payment for vision). And it was good. "Digital is by conditioning all. Not only explotaciny model to see the movies but the own work of the actors. Not the same limit yourself to a few scenes of 10 minutes, the maximum of a roll of film, working with the camera in front of ANY KIND without limitation "he says.

"I try not to be too apocalyptic about it. Bsico still think it has not changed. A role requires a concentration that facilitates not the footage can now be eternal. Addition, the quality of film is still unsurpassed. " Nostlgico? "I tell fogy. Filming is, above all, hope. Nothing a film is instantaneous. I refer not only to the development. Lets say the whole process makes you play every second of film and that, with digital, it is losing. " Original article can be found

Vatican: Operating in the heart of the Way of the Cross Pope

Pope at Mass: Following Christ is not a career, it is the way of ...

Francis prayed Friday night at the Colosseum for all victims of precarious crisis, children and abused women and abused, victims of alcohol and drugs at the traditional Way of the Cross, in a very real tone and warm. "If you were not there, God, I feel a finite creature! With the cross, evil does not have the last word, but love, forgiveness, mercy," said he said the end of the ceremony, saying that "the cross is heavy but glorious." "Let us remember the sick, everyone abandoned", he has launched a crowd of about 40. 000 faithful in silence. Then a cry burst: "viva il papa", followed by a thunderous applause. This is an Italian bishop, Giancarlo Maria Bregantini, Archbishop of Campobasso (south), known for his courageous against the Mafia and a great defender of the unemployed, positions that had been commissioned by Jorge Mario Bergoglio write the meditations of the fourteen stations. The themes, universal and all related to the daily lives of people were in tune with the priorities of Francis nearby, tenderness, hospitality, solidarity. Like last year, the pope was installed in height, under a red canopy, the crowd in the night and tens of thousands of lights candles, while groups of two youth, prisoners, the sick, immigrants. . . – Took turns carrying the cross around the Flavian Amphitheatre where thousands of Christians were martyred. Jorge Bergoglio, aged 77, has not carried the cross. "The weight of all the injustices that have caused the economic crisis" was terminated early meditations: "precarity, unemployment, layoffs, money that government instead of serving, financial speculation, suicides of entrepreneurs, corruption and wear companies abandon their own country. " In contrast, meditation has focused on the actions of volunteering: "One night in the hospital, an interest free loan, wiped a tear family, sincere free, sharing bread and work". – The reception of immigrants, Bishop Bregantini extensively describes the ills youth: "Youth sentenced to death, killed or destroyed by the wars, especially child soldiers" and "children dying from tumors caused by fires toxic waste. " "Recognize, has he added in a reference to pedophile crimes, raped dignity of all innocent people, especially children. Irrevocably God is on the side of victims." The "agony of mothers who watch the night with lighted lamps anxious youth away by insecurity or swallowed by drugs and alcohol, especially on Saturday nights" was touchingly described. "Weep, has he prayed, these men unloading on women violence they have in them. Weep on women slaves of fear and exploitation." Prayer has even mentioned "impossible to fill the void of the death of a child," the fate of "those who die of loneliness", desperate dying: that "someone should be held close to them, sit down on their bed, "suggested prayer. Welcoming immigrants "seeking asylum, dignity and fatherland" and the situation in prisons, two priorities Francis were identified: "double punishment of prison overcrowding, which consumes the flesh and bones," was denounced by Bishop Bregantini, former prison chaplain. Defamation, nemesis of the pope, was another theme, recalling the death sentence of Jesus innuendo "are racist culture of exclusion and marginalization, with anonymous letters and horrible slanders." The purpose of meditation Friday, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus is recalled that, according to tradition, he became attached to all these sufferings in his death on the cross before resurrecting on Easter. Broadcast on television worldwide, the ceremony did not mention wars in particular. Last year, Syria was one of the themes of meditation. Also read this

Drugs manipulations in labs

High-throughput On-chip Genetic/ Drug Screening Technologies for ...

It is a strange and explosive book which presents in exclusivity Express previews. Medications, side effects: death, John Virapen, published by the Cherche Midi under the patronage of Professor Philippe Even, a book is strange because it is already published in Germany in 2008, then Britain, in Sweden and in other countries, without causing a large mdiatique curiosity or raise scandal. Explosive, it is because it prtend unveil the terrible workings of markets the medicinal product: "invention" of conditions to sell remdes, clinical trials biaiss intense lobbying auprs of the authorities and, of course, prescribing doctors. . .

Today install Malm, John is Virapen presents as former CEO of Eli Lilly and Company in Sweden. The laboratory has confirmed that t Lilly employee in Denmark and Sweden, from 1979 1988, but accuracy of by the mouth of his mdicale Director for France and Benelux, Dr. Elena Perrin, that "in the 1980s, Lilly has no subsidiary in Sweden, but only a representation office at least, that is – say officials in the field mdicor latory and no autonomy Financire ".

Lilly also said that Virapen boyfriend left the group in October 1988, while in Sweden the authorization fluoxtine dates only from 1995, or the validation requirements of this Molcule, better known under the name Prozac is one of the major attacks of the author. "The statements of John Virapen concerning facts which took place when he was at Lilly employee in Sweden in the 1980s have no basis, says Dr. Perrin. Had they exist and were t known Lilly, they have been subject to disciplinary PROCEDURAL against John Virapen after enqute. allgations on His Lilly give a totally false picture of the group and its practices. "the reader to judge. . .

I began to investigate Professor Z. more prs. He loved sailing. I bought a book on sailing. I found the type of yacht that made me possdait and deliver information to the office. I have nearly the tudiai. I examined the photos of the yacht. I closed my eyes, propped me in my chair and imagined Professor Z. rising edge, the aerodynamic line of the boat, the engine noise dmarre, etc.. [. . . ] I called Professor Z. and I managed to invite dinner. I was not too apprhension, but I can not say that I had no fear, a fright.

It is as if we rode in scene. I learned to focus in these cases on the things that matter REALLY on the goal I m'tais fix. The trick is not to rush like a bull – but despite all drag a foot in the door. It must seem to behave naturally. Played a factor in my favor: I did not like Professor Z. tural sympathy makes it more difficult manipulations. We do not like picking a person that apprcie. We do not want to make someone you love cross the borders of lgalit.

I paid the bill, without trying to go further, but I soon invite again. "A dinner is always a good idea," he said. This time I was ready fair play I did not know if it would be before or after the meal. I orient the conversation, once again, on fluoxtine. "Do not get me wrong, but I know that you are charged for our case the Commission health." Professor Z. did was not shocked. He just smiled and ordered another glass of wine.

"Seven years is a very long," I said in a tone dtach [The author alludes hard with the procedure of authorization. ] Professor Z. nodded to the head, always pench on his glass of wine, and continued smiling. I changed the subject back to sailing. He seemed rather pleased and invited me on his yacht. I asked him what it would take to abrger a bit this deadline of seven years and, if possible, upwind, as they say in navigation. "A chevronn browser can bypass the coast even more steep" is dfendit it. "But navigate on land, voil would be impossible even for the best sailor," I rtorquai.

The Copenhagen office contrlait throughout the Nordic area. The next day, I called the director Copenhagen, I told him it would cost 100,000 crowns for a quick authorization Sweden. A At the time, it reprsentait about 20,000 dollars. I told him to name the chque should be denominated and would be cashed Copenhagen, Denmark, for tax reasons, to avoid the impt. The director understood very well that. The transfer does not apparatrait in our accounts but would probably consign Geneva and registered under "Fellowship". B. My manager told me that Copenhagen should, however, talk to Chief Financial Officer. The Copenhagen office of the Geneva consultations. It took twenty-four hours. Then I call reus Copenhagen: "John, do whatever you think is necessary."

It would be necessary to create an independent entrance institution having access all available information on clinical effects. [Note Philippe Even (NPE): "The key issue of open access all folders firms is full DBAT two years in the United States, England and Switzerland Firms there?. still refuse radically in the name of industrial property and hold on tight, to protect the anonymity of the patients who participated in the trials, anonymity lev aisment by computer. But see, this is for you defend you, the patient, as firms refuse to open their files! You should thank them. "] [. . . ]

[. . . ] Nothing obliges firms to make public the results of clinical trials termins. Yet it is in these tests failure that can find information about the effectiveness and risks of ral molecules and not in studies arranges after sudden liss es, biased, Lagues, slectionnes, faonnes by pharmaceutical industries.

Firms impose the obligation to produce compltes information not only on termins clinical trials they publish, but also interrupted clinical trials or those that do not publish after having finished s because they contain information that would make it public and their prjudiciables of scientists who give their rivals could benefit from a medicine to produce more effective or less risk. [NPE: "There s an squestration knowledge damaging private and public research Entire everything that stigmatize ESPECIALLY five major studies Lancet 8 and 15 January 2014."]

The advertising on medicines or imaginary diseases should be prohibited, including that s'tale here and, of years before the release of the medicinal product. [The purpose of advertising is] to put pressure on patients, families, and sometimes parents and educators (eg in the case of Daha the [hyperactivity]). These are so sick themselves and sometimes their finances associations backstage industry exercising pressure on government authorities to facilitate or accelerate the authorizations on the market. [. . . ]

There is no justification, under any pretext, to hover the risk of death on anyone. However, the pharmaceutical industry and even the health authorities of reason and accept otherwise fatal risks of 0.01 and even 0.1% under what they call the analysis of b nfice risk, where risk is consistently under-rated and efficiency instead survalue. [. . . ] A risk of 0.01%, this does not seem very important, but these medications are often prescribed hundreds of thousands, even millions of patients, then 1 after the comma is often found before and it is 10, 100, 1000patients dying around the world. 0.01% of 1 million is 100 deaths every year! "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic," said Lenin. More on this topic

Shipwreck in South Korea: arrest warrant against Captain

South Korean ferry survivors: Passengers told to stay put - CNN.

In the waters southwest of South Korea Coast Guard, Navy and private rescuers also on Friday desperately trying to find survivors of the sunken ferry on Wednesday "Sewol". Rain, stormy seas and strong winds hampered the rescue work massively. Rescue workers declared that there was only "slight chance" to rescue survivors from the sunken wreck of a. Of the 495 passengers until Friday afternoon 29 were found dead from the lake, 179 were rescued, 268 are still missing. 325 of the passengers were students at a high school in one of the suburbs of Seoul on a school trip to the resort island of Jeju in South Korea, which is a popular destination for tourists from China and Japan is known as "Korean Hawaii".

632 divers were, according to the South Korean authorities on Friday in layers in continuous use. Despite the bad weather, they kept trying to find survivors in the wreckage – until Friday evening, but without any success. Strong underwater currents and poor visibility complicated the work of divers. "At more than 20 or 30 inches, you can see nothing," said one of the rescue workers. 173 ships and 29 helicopters are at the crash site in use. So far, they could, however, involve only the dead. All the dead wore lifejackets, who had probably hooked on the ferry, so they were rinsed until Friday at the sea surface.

To increase the survival chances of people who may be trapped inside the ship, the divers were also air in the wreck, which lies in more than 30 meters deep in an area of ​​sand in which there are strong underwater currents. Experts told the relatives of the missing persons mostly young, in air chambers people could survive up to 72 hours. Even robots should be used from Friday to search for survivors.

The anger of the public about the incidents was directed primarily against the 69-year-old captain of the ferry, Lee Joonseok. Investigation on Friday revealed that Lee was not on the bridge at the time of the accident. The command had led a young man who just have one year of experience, they said. Lee had left one of the first with a lifeboat the ship. It also looks at whether he has led the announcement that people should quietly remain in their places – and has thus prevented that more passengers could get to safety. Add to South Korean media it was even said Lee had used the last one of the 46 lifeboats ferry.

A court issued arrest warrants at the request of the public prosecutor against the captain and two other crew members. On Saturday morning (local time), he was arrested, as the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. He is accused of several offenses, including negligent dereliction of duty and violation of maritime law. The day before he was even considered by the authorities as a "witness". "I am very ashamed, and all I have to say," he explained, when he was brought to the police station in Mokpo in the South of the country. Continue reading

Brazil will release millions of GM mosquitoes against dengue

GM Mosquitoes to Aid Brazilian Health Ministry in Its Fight ...

Dengue fever, a viral infection usually causing fever, vomiting and sometimes bleeding can cause death, rampant in a hundred countries in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, which provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, vectors of the epidemic. Brazil is experiencing a dengue epidemic, with more than 1.4 million confirmed cases and 545 deaths last year against 120,000 cases in 2008, according to figures from the Pan American Health Organization, the U.S. regional office WHO. A pandemic concern especially the authorities that HIV prevalence will peak at the FIFA World Cup this summer.

However, no specific treatment or vaccine exists to fight against dengue (although several are in clinical trials, including the French laboratory Sanofi Pasteur). The only way to protect yourself is now the environmental prevention (elimination of stagnant water) and spray pesticides (but that pose risks to human health and induce resistance phenomena).

The principle of this genetic manipulation? A new gene has been introduced into the DNA of Aedes aegypti to make them dependent antibiotic, tetracycline. Without this medicine, genetically modified mosquitoes can not survive. The laboratory where high strains mosquitoes then destroys the female eggs and keep only males who can not sting and are not vectors of dengue. These mosquitoes transgenic males are then released into the wild in an amount twice that of non-transgenic mosquitoes to breed with "wild" females that have not been genetically modified. As their offspring carrying the transgene, is deprived of the antibiotic, it has very little chance of survival. Result: The mosquito population is drastically reduced and the epidemic with.

"It is unlikely that this transgene is widely distributed in the wild mosquito population, says Yvon Perrin, entomologist and specialist species at the National Centre of Expertise on vectors (CNEV), hosted by the Research Institute for Development (IRD). This gene was indeed intended to limit the reproduction. Moreover, unlike insecticides, this method is selective as it is only one species of mosquitoes, and the hybridization with other mosquito species is not observed in nature "But to prevent". Nevertheless, if the transgenic mosquitoes are released into the environment, it will achieve a specific population monitoring whether the altered gene is effective and s it is transmitted to wild populations. " Related information:

+ + + Ukraine in the news ticker + + + – Kiev threatens mask men: “Will drive the terrorists”

The situation in Ukraine is tense. During a crisis summit in Geneva will be looking for political solutions that NATO has increased its troops in Eastern Europe. Putin must face the questions of his fellow countrymen is, however. The developments in the news ticker.

20 06 Clock: How the Russian news agency "Ria Novosti" reported is the airport of Kramatorsk under control of the Ukrainian army. Thus we read in the report that both the military and the civilian airport are guarded by a special unit. Thus, the Agency relies on statements of the Defense Ministry in Kiev. "These objects operate in normal service," it states. Military aircraft and helicopters would control and monitor the situation on the ground.

18 26 Clock: Given the Geneva agreement on a solution of the Ukraine-Russia crisis is clear that initially the government in Kiev was on the course. "Of course we have when we talk about disarmament, the first delivery of weapons to the militias of the right sector and other fascist groups in mind, who participated in the February coup in Kiev," said the Foreign Ministry in Moscow on Friday. These supporters of the pro-Western protests would also have to vacate occupied government buildings and other objects in the ex-Soviet republic.

18 07 Clock: In the first 24 hours since the entry ban against Russian men between 16 and 60 years, Ukraine has about 600 Russians denied access, reports RIA. Since the ban can only Russian men traveling with women and children, can present an invitation close relative or evidence of serious illness or death in the family have to travel to the Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the decision as "outrageous", "discriminatory and rude. "

17 12 clock: After McDonalds, UniCredit and Metro now also includes the Danish housewares chain "JYSK" their branches in the Crimea because of the political situation. This was reported by government-related agency "Crimea Inform". According to the company statement are basic legal problems in the "temporarily occupied territories". The markets in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta are closed at the end of the month. JYSK offers its employees a move and a job in the Ukrainian branches or severance pay.

17 08 clock., The pro-European government in Kiev wants the Russian language a "special" give the government was prepared to a broad constitutional reform to give the regions significantly more rights, says Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk in an address to the nation.

16 07 Clock: In NATO there for "mirror" information different assessments of the strength of the Russian troops on the Ukrainian border intelligence of individual NATO countries contradict the statement of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Moscow had up to 40. 000 soldiers massed on the border.

15 33 clock: Both Russian and Ukrainian media report that the anti-terrorist action of the government in Kiev against the protesters in the east of the country in a "passive" or "inactive" phase occurring. Accordingly, the spokesman for the emergency services said: "In accordance with the Easter holidays and the Geneva agreement, the operations are now in an inactive phase. "They would, however, continued and the intensity depended on how far the other side einhalte their promises. Main task is to protect the civilian population. Here you can

+ + + Ukraine-Newsticker + + +: “Kyiv is the train”

Given the Geneva agreement on a solution to the crisis is Russia clear that initially the government in Kyiv was on the course. "Of course we have when we talk about disarmament, the first delivery of weapons to the militias of the right sector and other fascist groups in mind, who participated in the February coup in Kiev," said the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. These supporters of the pro-Western protests would also have to vacate occupied government buildings and other objects in the ex-Soviet republic.

The pro-European government in Kiev agrees to want to grant the Russian language a "special". The government was prepared to a broad constitutional reform that should give the regions significantly more rights, says Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk in an address to the nation.

After the dismissal of the former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-European government decided dei abolition of the language law, which provided for the introduction of official regional languages ​​in Ukrainian regions on February 23. This would give Russian lost its status as an official language in the south and east of the country. This is considered a trigger of the crisis on the Russian-speaking Crimea, where the population is eventually expressed in a referendum for connection to Russia.

The special use of the Ukrainian army in the east of the country is, according to a media report in an "inactive" phase over. Currently will not take action against protesters, reported "The Voice of Russia", citing the ukrainischeNachrichtenagentur Ligabiznesinform. "In accordance with the Easter holidays and the agreement of the Geneva, the operations are now in an inactive phase," the spokesman of the task forces is quoted. This is, however, the promise of the other side are adhered to, to be continued.

Russia sees, according to the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko boss is currently no need for a military operation in Ukraine. She was confident that the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin should exercise its authority to protect Russian citizens in Ukraine, if necessary, with the army, no use, Matviyenko said the agency Interfax, according to. The Geneva crisis talks the previous day had cleared the way for a peaceful solution to the conflict in the former Soviet republic.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk remains the Russian promises with skepticism. In a video interview with the news channel CNN announces the politicians, despite the continued ongoing military action to a swift implementation of the commitments made in Geneva his government. But the Ukraine do not have too high expectations, that the situation is now calm, Yatsenyuk said in Kiev.

Pro-Russian separatists demanding additional guarantees for their own safety. "Will we leave the building so that they can arrest us? I do not think," said one of the separatists in Slavjansk. In Luhansk a squatter says it has not changed: "We will stay."

In Donetsk share with the separatists, they should go off only when the supporters of the new government in Kiev had given up their camp on the local Independence Square. "We wait to see what they do before we make decisions here," said one of their leaders, Alexander Sachartschenko. The on the Maidan, the Independence Square, persevering Ukrainian nationalists had declared that they wanted to stay until the presidential election on 25 May there.

According to messages in social networks, it goes in the Ukraine just continue as before the negotiations in Geneva. Pro-Russian militias continue to occupy the building, therefore, block roads and patrolling in Sloviansk with tanks. Since 9 30 clock only Russian television can be received after the occupation of transmission tower in Slavjansk, they say.

Despite the dispute between Russia and the West that you can work on the South Stream pipeline, according to Russian sources on. Notwithstanding the sanctions talks with the international energy corporations would be continued, announces Energy Minister Alexander Nowak. The 2400 km long pipeline will run from Russia to southern Europe and bypass Ukraine there. Because of the integration of the Crimean peninsula in the Russian Federation, South Stream, however, questioned. On Thursday, Bulgaria warned the EU against a blockade of the project.

The stock market in Russia responded with a price jump to the Geneva agreement. The leading index RTS is in the early rules of 2.6 percent in the black. In Geneva, the crisis representatives of Russia, the U.S., the EU and Ukraine came together directly in a four-round on Thursday for the first time since the outbreak. In a joint statement urged all sides to refrain from violence, intimidation and provocation.

From the economic impact of the measures she is convinced: "That would throw the global economy back overall, but hit hardest and long-term Russia." Already, the country could expect serious consequences. "Right now, the economy already is true but with their feet, by postponing investments in Russia or other countries evade," said von der Leyen. Go here to read more

Top 14: Racing-Métro wants to punch his ticket against Clermont

francois-steyn-dropgoal-racing ...

Racing-Métro can win his place in the final phase of the Top 14 if they win against Clermont Saturday (6:30 p.m.) at the 25th day, and save a bad season yet committed. During a disastrous start to the season, the Parisians had bottomed on November 23 with a large loss (47-14) to Clermont. Wink of the story is facing the same Clermontois they can validate Saturday primary objective of their season. Auvergne and will not have the same opponent in front of them: febrile players and drafts Racing late last year gave way to a confident and powerful group, now fourth in the Top 14 at four points of the ASM third. "There are six months, not everyone saw us qualified and there, everyone sees us qualified. So before people believe, it will first be vigilant with ourselves. It is far from arrived, "tempers the forwards coach of Racing, Laurent Travers. "Defensively, our lights are green. Offensively, it is orange, efficiency is still lacking sometimes," he says. Cautious but serene, Racing strives to finally put his ambitions in tune with the value of his group, now almost complete (only Dimitri Szarzewski injured) and finally with prestigious international operating at their level in the image of Welsh Jamie Roberts, the Irishman Jonny Sexton and Argentine Juan Martin Hernandez. If the coast is clear for Racingmen the Clermontois are themselves, as every year, launched in late season to air subtle balancing act. They must, in fact, still maintain their presence in one of the top two spots in the Top 14, which dispense a playoff, while preparing their semifinal at the European Cup Championship leaders England, Saracens next Saturday. They also need to be reassured about their game, appeared weaker than in previous years this time. "The noose is tightening, admits N. 8 Clermont Damien Chouly. Should have ambitions, but we must also be disciplined for some time because there is a lack of consistency. This is a part-time, less good for the other. " Despite the absence of Bardy, Vosloo, Zirakashvili Paulo and Cudmore, the best attack in the Top 14 (628 points and 52 tries scored) thus comes into Paris with the aim of achieving against the team of the moment and best defense Championship (8 losses and 398 points against) the full game it is long overdue. "This is a team that has an impressive pedigree, with a lot of experience," warns Jamie Roberts. For the Welshman who "dream" always a Shield at the end of the season, the situation is simple: "This is the most important game of the season." We also recommend reading