China: the IMF announces that it has become the world’s leading economic power.

GDP in purchasing power parity seems to be a better indicator than conventional GDP. Especially since the latter makes hardly comparable the richness of both countries, because the currencies and living standards. Indeed, even turning into a same currency, one dollar will buy more things in China than in the United States. Conversely, a yuan will not weigh heavy in the United States. And we won’t mention exchange rates fluctuations. The trick of the app is to measure the purchasing power of the currency against a basket of products. On 3000 goods and services selected by the IMF, one realizes for example that a bottle of water bought $ 4 in the United States and 2 Yuan in China. In stopping there, so we could deduce that 1 yuan is equal to $ 2. But in practice only, because it is necessary to aggregate the 3000 references. Ultimately, the data set offers a relatively concrete indicator. This situation is expected to become permanent, and the former communist power will become increasingly advance on his capitalist ex-rivale in the next five years. The IMF forecasts that in 2019, China reaches 27. trillion dollars of GDP (classical), when the United States will be only 22. 000 billion. While the country the most powerful in its entirety, China is however far from having the world’s easiest population. By measuring GDP per capita, it is still ranked 89th, between the Maldives and the Jordan. . Root source could be found reading this article.

Legislative in the dawn: three lessons to be learned from the Sham of the UMP victory.

Even if it could not claim to prevail in this electoral district acquired for 20 years to the RPR and the UMP, the Socialist Party is the big loser in this new electoral situation. The full benefit of the pink wave was taken away by two years to painful: between June 2012 and December 2014, the PS candidate has lost 14 points, half of his original score. Of all the main parties, the Socialist Party is the one who suffers the most very low participation (25%), its electorate taking refuge in forbearance. In this new context of tripartism, the dispersion of the votes of left has a double impact: not only it does not allow one of the competing courses of the PS progress, but it now directly contributes to the elimination of the left of the second round, dropped to a UMP – FN duel. Problem: the relationship between the Socialist Party and its allies have never been as bad, leaving little hope to see emerge a block of the left for the County by next March. This resistance of the FN vote in a context of electoral demoralization is not to be taken lightly. Because there are strong bet that the next elections (State in March and regional in December) will be also affected by a record abstention rate which will be probably fatal to the left of Government. In the meantime and even if he can hope to prevail, the FN’s Marine Le Pen can serenely prepare the next round of next Sunday. Because it is another constant since may, 2012: the extreme right party is now progressing systematically when he managed to qualify for the second round of an election, signs that the Republican Front works less and less. . Related data can be read reading http://.

Live together, what a strange idea!

‘They live together’ is probably the most used pitch for a Web series right after "how to meet your soulmate. It is ultimately quite logical because after having met the man or the woman of his life, it ‘starts to glue. And this is where we begin to laugh. Because on this subject which has the big advantage to use only décor, it is the comedy that prevails. Obviously, these webseries are reformatted versions of sitcoms of television, without laughter and especially without this "citizen" Club coming to deliver you its moral wood at the end of each episode. Therefore, I now offers a selection of webseries "between four walls", Friends of the digital age, small things simple and good views to appreciate before too seeing. Difficult to make simpler than Just Sayin’, a comedy created and performed by Kate Hoffman, Alexandra Clayton and Samantha Slater. Seven short episodes that portray the situations of cohabitation between these three girls who have, of course, opposing characters. It is very well done, especially the cutting and editing that empower these small sketches where the three performers are flawless very well. It without subtitles. In Professional Friend of Eric Bilitch it is Scripture that is really excellent. The script, dialogues and staging are impeccable and if there was not this sound which sometimes is not the first quality, it would be my favorite of the day. This is the story of a guy who lives with his twin sister, and after several professional chess, decides to set up its own and offers its services to those who lack friends. Five episodes of thirteen minutes each, without subtitles. The sound is also the only flaw of Flicks, a Web series very much in the spirit of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a band of idiots inseparable that do anything from least nothing or that launch headlong into projects that exceed and caught. There are lots of great ideas, sometimes slightly updated hurt by mounting a little jerky. But if you like the comedy that moves constantly (instead of stomping) and carefully avoids the "family" this Web series is for you. There are nine episodes available, without subtitles. In passing, I note that New York is the city where most of these comedies produced. By far even and urbanises should start watching a webseries. The heroine of My Parents are Crazier than Yours is also a New Yorker. But the poor girl abandoned by her boyfriend and licensee to his job is left without choice but to return to live with his parents in the suburbs. Marlene Rhein has created this series, writes scripts, directed the episodes and she played with brio and truth the main role. These are just three 10 minute episodes which combine comedy and emotions. Without subtitles. If you have enough to understand English, you immediately enter the absurd two shitheads life concept, a Web series of Joachim Delmotte and Matthieu Moerlen. And there is good, is that it is much more absurd than asshole. It is silly to wish and made with three pieces of string in an apartment, but well thought-out and not so improvised that. It follows the episodes with fun and already there are twenty-two online with of everything inside, even the trash animation and a side ‘performance art’ very nice. It is also a good opportunity to remind you of the popular Web series, and with Roman Boileau. Good ideas, a good effort and good progress with each episode. Small last three. Our Studio is a Web series which still comes from New York and is being broadcast. Here again the title tells you everything, except that it’s on a your "pieds dans le plat". What is also interesting, is the use of space and the rendering of this tiny studio where just moved a young couple. The Roomsies have two super friends who live together. It is pretty funny and unbridled, but nothing more. While Flip and Glib and the Theory of Everything, which I have already referred, is one of the series which I expect episodes (being broadcast). It is more a ‘Buddy Web series’, but it is very well written. . For additional about this matter visit http://.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans von Dohnanyi: two men who said no to Hitler!

Elisabeth Sifton and her husband Fritz Stern, all two American historians, he fled Germany in 1938, aged twelve years have chosen to dedicate a book to two heroes of the antinazism, further bound by family ties: the very powerful theologian and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his brother-in-law, lawyer Hans von Dohnanyi. Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans von Dohnanyi, but also his wife Christel, sister of Dietrich, (arrested at the same time as them in 1943 but released a month later), are part of the highest figures of Resistance to Hitler: Dietrich was born in Breslau (city of Edith Stein) in 1906 and Hans, Viesse in 1902, union brief Hungarian composer Ernst von Dohnanyi with the pianist Elisabeth Kunwald. They sealed their fate in the consciousness that Hitler and the nazis were trying to commit suicide the Germany and should be by all means stop the gear that would lead to a huge massacre. The ploy was to make secret agents of the Abwehr to win the Switzerland and South America. From January 1942, Jews, non-Aryans, couldn’t get out of the Reich. Through a network of exceptional complicity involving Alphonse Koechlin, president of the Federation of Swiss Protestant churches, and Karl Barth, but also Germans, such as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris and general Hans Oster,-respectively responsible and accountable Deputy Abwehr-who were all conspiracies against Hitler and eventually sentenced to death and murdered. Dohnányi never let go Jack in the projects of attacks and Dietrich, always at his side, nor ceased to resist the current horror by all possible means. On 13 March 1943, Hans and Admiral Canaris had planned to put a bomb on the plane that was to bring back Hitler from Smolensk. Extreme cold had to cripple the mechanism. March 21 following another attempt failed again. This the Gestapo knew therefore nothing. However, on April 5, step 7 resurfaces with violence and the Gestapo obtained the double approval of field marshal Keitel (Wehmacht) and of course Himmler to stop Hans, Christel and Dietrich without delay, but also another close of the Abwehr, Josef Müller and his wife. Bonhoeffer wrote many texts of a prophetic force worthy of this apocalyptic era, among them the pages of great weight on Jews and Judaism. If of no were able to see in its text the Church and the Jewish question some passages still under the influence of Luther, there is nothing as in acts and words, he was one of the few Germans under Nazism took the defence of Jews aloud. Karl Barth wrote that it is almost the only Shepherd to have seized and taken into account the centrality of the Judenfrage. Our two authors were these lines which say more than long proses: for Hans, incarceration was the beginning of untold suffering. Everything that made him horror in this scheme for ten terrible years, should now experience it on himself: crime without terminals of the nazis, their contempt for the most basic decency, their sadistic determination to destroy a person by threats and humiliation prior to disposal properly so-called. And even if, like Dietrich, physical torture was spared, they knew one and that there was no immunity against it. E. Sifton and F. Stern show to the end what was heroism endured and accepted of these heroes who dared to oppose Hitler. Asked, while he was already infected with dysentery, at his request, by the aid of Christel and his father, Dr. Bonhoeffer, Hans explained to the nazi came the query once, the reasons for opposing absolute national socialism: the arbitrary law and National Socialist Jewish and ecclesial matters approach. When some Jewish or not, right or not, voices are taken of earthquakes and hatred screw-screw of the Socialist Government of Manuel Valls because the white for Palestine vote, and come to say (I read it!) that in the event that the national Front is behind Collard (dixit), their coming to power (of the FN) would be actually not a bad thingWe are overwhelmed. It was ashamed to read this and this shame is abysmal when it comes out of a book also burning, as magnificent as just ordinary men. . For extended data on this matter visit page.

Cagliari, n 2,500 to half marathon: vince Boudalia Said.

Of course, but also between parks, strolling on the beach and in the heart of the old town. It was a success, with approximately, the event. Sport for all: from those who took part in the half marathon with the intention of winning or beating your personal best, who took it as an opportunity to cover calmly corners of cities that escape when you cross in a hurry going to Cagliari by car or taking the kids to school. Also present a hundred participants from the rest of Italy and Spanish. But abroad, fifty. A family came from Barcelona: Ramon Lopez presented upon departure together with his wife Mercedes and his son Edgar, the latter accompanied by his girlfriend Anna. All with running shoes. Mercedes, for the record, he also won in 55 Master. For the record the success in sports half marathon went to, 47 years from but resident for twenty years in Conegliano Veneto. He covered the distance in one hour, eight minutes and five seconds. Second, chef and Sicilian athlete transplanted to San Vito, the organising company, the London Marathon. Third and first dei sardi of Cagliari. Among women, Abdi’s victory, second, Gf Athletics Olbia. . For more information about this subject read link.

The Parisian skeptical opposition on the Hidalgo anti-pollution plan.

This statement in the "Sunday Journal" leaves no marble the Parisian opposition. Starting with the right which speaks of ‘operation of communication ‘. Downtown survey, for its part, a "surprising turnaround" of the Socialist elected.  In General, opposition at the Council of Paris groups reacted with skepticism this Sunday to Anne Hidalgo anti-pollution proposals. Proposals already developed, on November 24, in le Parisien. Fr. In the interview with the JDD, the Socialist mayor said "act effectively, quickly and strong. ” Because pollution is a major issue, a serious public health problem, particularly for the most vulnerable populations,. "Where its recommendations: make ‘pedestrian’ the centre of the capital francaiseet ban by the end of its mandate the use of diesel vehicles throughout the city.   Qualifying semi-pedestrianisation of the centre of the capital of "initiative", the spokesman of the IDU-MoDem group at the Council of Paris, Yann Wehrling, sees a "nice turnaround" on the part of Anne Hidalgo. In a statement, the former Green asserts that "the foot traffic was a major axis" proposals to his camp "in the last election" municipal. «After areas of restriction of movement (ZAPA) which Larson did not want to hear [about] and it contemplates Finally today, this is semi-pedestrianisation finally found favor in his eyes,.» "he writes, adding that the Mayor of Paris"is subject to the issue of his credibility. The Group UMP, also "welcomes that Anne Hidalgo rallied today to (his) proposals", and announces in a press release that it will propose a vow to ‘prohibit access of Paris to the most polluting coaches ". The elected officials of the main opposition party to the Council of Paris, however doubt that "Ms. Hidalgo would vote this wish, unless its ads of today relate to a communication operation?". Because, they believe, ‘can see since the mandate of the new mayor of Paris that communication often takes precedence over the actual measurements. They also ensure that "in June 2014, nearly 40% of the municipal fleet operated diesel", contrary to the Mayor. VIDEO. PIC of pollution: Hidalgo wants more alternating traffic VIDEO. Municipal 2014. Anne Hidalgo: "it is time to get out of all diesel" (03/14). Original facts can be studied visiting the following http://.

Racism is deeply rooted in our society, in our history. But it is no longer as fifty years ago: the Barack Obama said in a TV interview talking about cases of Ferguson and New York. The mistrust between minorities and the police is not an issue that resolves to a night-said-but what are these painful incidents, we cannot compare what happens now with fifty years ago. Ask your parents or grandparents, they will tell you that things are going better. Not good, but better. Obama: further progress can still be made-as we went forward Recognize-Obama-said it is important to understand that further progress can still be made. And progress is underway, said the President, referring to measures announced after the cases of Ferguson and New York. When dealing with something as deeply ingrained racism and prejudices have to be vigilant, but we must also recognize that it takes some time, and we must not give up. Bush: it’s sad that the race continues to divide-racism also spoke to former US President George w. Bush, in an interview on Cnn. According to Bush, the grand jury decision not to indict the Garner case agent in New York is difficult to understand. The former Republican President explained that he felt a deep sadness in seeing the video shock of policeman who, for no apparent reason, chokes with a deadly throat hold an African American. It is sad that the race continues to divide and to play an emotional role in our lives. The former President has underscored how things have improved since the 70 ‘s, when he was young and occurring real racial riots with entire cities put to fire and sword. But the media criticize Obama’s position-On some US media such as the Washington Post, he stressed that in the face of serious incidents of police violence on citizens of the colour reaction of the first African-American President of the U.s. history is kept always very controlled, sometimes seemingly cold and detached. Unlike, for example, more intense reaction, moving New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who in recent days said he had always feared for her son Dante, who can live on his skin a history of racism deep and lasting. Obama was also criticized by pou; parts for failing again to Ferguson. . For more facts regarding this subject click web site.

Pope Francis: “Like a godfather divorced remarried by a corrupt politician”.

Is the Vatican Insider site, hosted by the press, to translate the lengthy interview that Pope Francesco releases the Argentine newspaper "La Nación", in which you let go a number of interesting insights on the future of the Church and the papacy. There is first of all a defence of his opening made for divorced and remarried persons, which in recent weeks has opened some discussion with the bishops: "are not excommunicated. But they cannot be godparents, cannot read the readings at mass, may not distribute communion, cannot teach the Catechism, they can’t do seven things, I get the list there. If this story, would seem in fact excommunicated! Then, open a lot more doors. Why can’t they be godparents? "No, look, you are going to give testimony to the godchild?". And the answer that the Pope gives to this question is very significant: "or if you get one of these crooks, corrupt politicians we have, to serve as Godfather and is married to the Church, you accept it? And that’s going to give testimony to the godchild? Testimony of corruption? ". Even on the issue, the Pope gay shows available to a serious discussion: "what we talked about is how a family who has a homosexual son or daughter, as it educates, as it grows, how can I help this family to go ahead in this somewhat unprecedented situation". There is also room for some thoughts about his health: "i have my ailments, and at my age the ailments they feel. But I’m in the hands of God and so far I’ve been able to keep a more or less good work ". And for a promise: "and one thing I told myself up from the first moment:" Jorge, not change, continues to be the same, why change at your age means being "ridiculous". . You should read the following website to learn extra regarding this interesting subject.

Throne succession in Thailand: the dangerous question.

The followers were musing out since the night before. They had secured their places along the planned route of the Royal pair from the Siriraj hospital in Bangkok to the Palace at an early stage. Many were dressed in yellow, the color of the King. Television ran pictures of the life of the monarch, who is 87 years old on Friday. But then the news broke in in the short term, that King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit were unable for health reasons, to participate in the public hearing. Many disappointed well-wishers went therefore to the hospital, to sing songs for him. The King, who since 1946 on the throne and ruled for longer than any other monarch of the world, is revered in Thailand as a God. He has great authority. "Although Thailand is actually a constitutional monarchy such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the Palace in Thailand exerts enormous political power behind the scenes and controlled large amounts of land, shares of blue-chip Thai company and other riches", writes the South-East Asia specialist Joshua Kurlantzick in an essay. The total assets of the Royal family is estimated by Forbes at more than $30 billion. But the King is sick for years. In October the gall bladder had to be removed him, in November, he fought against intestinal inflammation. On Friday however, his doctors assured that the King was not in a critical condition. Finally, for many reason to worry about the State of his health is. Because they say a unifying effect in the politically divided Kingdom after him. Also, the question of succession is always urgent. The designated heir to the throne, the 62-year-old Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, is not so dearly loved as the reigning monarch. The Prince, who was married three times, was earlier said a shifty life change. Some want therefore prefer the popular Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the third child of the Royal couple, on the throne. However can be openly discussed these issues in Thailand due to the draconian penalties for "Lese Majeste". She will be punished 112 of the Penal Code imprisonment according to article with three to 15 years. The reigning since the may coup Government uses this paragraph particularly extensively. Rights Watch human running currently at least 14 such procedures according to the organization. The domestic and foreign press reports so only very restrained. While the succession question has a stake in the political crisis, in addition to the social divisions between the elite in Bangkok and the South, and the rural population in the North and Northeast also according to many journalists. To those who still openly addressed the problem, the former Reuters journalist Andrew MacGregor heard Marshall. He can therefore no longer dare to Thailand. His latest book "A Kingdom in crisis" has been banned there immediately after publication. He is called the actual reason for the political situation in Thailand the succession question. And other observers share this opinion. Ernest Bower, of the think tank CSIS in Washington sees them as the cause of the demonstrations against the deposed government by Yingluck Shinawatra and the military coup on May 22. The elite fears above all the involvement of exiled former Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, whose Parteien have won every election in the past few years. In their eyes, he is a threat to the traditional order and the monarchy. Unquestionably, the demise of the King will shake the country. In the best case it will plunge you into a long period of mourning, in the worst, the risk of unrest is growing up to the civil war. Cannot be ruled out as well is that it comes to an agreement or has already come. Some want to have seen in the past few weeks now that notes. So, the Government set up by the military currently going against a group of senior police officials. The head of the "Central Investigation Bureau, Pongpat Chayapan, and more than a dozen of his associates are accused of embezzlement. Accused of them, to have involved in oil smuggling and illegal gambling dens. . For more facts on this matter visit article.

The deformations of the memory.

Unfortunately for this version so self-indulgent, also in this case there was a collaboration with the occupants much more generally of what we want to do believe; the Vichy Government was only a puppet (which it was), but it chimed with an important part of the French population; that the conservative vision of the world of Marshal Pétain, so alien to the revolutionary tradition, coincided with what felt to many French, especially provincial middle classes. Pétain, the great patriot, the hero of Verdun, the community should prevail over individuals; France was a Catholic country; Protestants, foreigners and Jews were not people of trust; It was necessary to eliminate the liberal capitalism, a "foreign import"; and the country should reorganize itself, not on the basis of its own "pseudo-democracy plutocratic" inorganic individualism, but from their "natural communities" (family, profession, region), only solid principles for a stable and orderly society. Spain from 1808-1814 and the France of 1940-1944 are not, of course, unique cases. You don’t have to bring up the distortion that the catalan nationalism has made the war of the Spanish succession. Something similar happens in relation to the performance of many European countries in the second world war. Especially in Eastern Europe, where societies were divided and many collaborated with Nazism and/or Stalinism, are today not more public traces of that difficult period to the museums or the tombstones that each country be self-portraits as innocent victim of foreign barbarism. . You should visit this http:// to read extra about this great subject.