The end of patience: A hyper-ventilating woman.

The film the end of patience after the novel by Kirsten Heisig of the Berlin Jugendrichterin wants to put up a monument, the guy pointed out: in memoriam Kirsten Heisig. She was a very famous and very controversial fighter against youth crime, inventor of the Neukölln model, which focuses on the accelerated simplified youth procedure for minor offences is. In her book and in reality she argued to the proper handling of criminal young people and migrants. She represented loudly theses like this: Arab young people were the majority of the multiple offender and hard criminal teens had a migration background to about 90 percent. The end of patience was published after her death and was on the customer list. It was Heisigs theses had gained force after her suicide. It is when you see a woman in the perpetual hyperventilating. Martina plays cover this driven with great intensity. As Heisig the figure slowly falls together in, digging down more and more, secretly swallows pills, not knowing what for or against. Everything is too much, but Kan can’t stop. On the Court messengers, of her in Berlin jargon daily Kippchen? or Käffchen? offers, responding it severely annoyed. Relaxation, switching off is no longer possible, everything is always so important. In these moments, the film of the character of Heisig comes very close. A woman who consumes itself. In one scene, she says to her colleague: I can’t distance. To keep distance, but is the ideal of German Jurists, of which this Jugendrichterin has distanced himself far at the end. Their colleagues meet her so rather skeptical, especially one who is still in love with you, representing liberal views dealing with juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice. Unfortunately the film does not take seriously these other opinions enough. If the colleague: it grows out, it sounds like the caricature of a 68ers. . For additional data regarding this subject check homepage.

Obama’s fight against IS: In the wake of the war.

It is a paradox. Because Barack Obama hesitated for so long, and because he wanted to be involved in no case in another Arab war, he must now make such a war. Since late summer, the United States and its allies positions of the Islamic State (IS) in the Iraq and Syria bombing. The President has ruled out the use of its own combat troops, yet he sends more soldiers in the Iraq to train its over-extended army. At the beginning there were 1600, now Obama wants to send another 1,500 troops. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says already in recent days first U.S. soldiers on a training mission had been dispatched in the embattled Anbar province West of Baghdad. How long will the distinction between combat and advising be to maintain? Name: Obama must break his promise? Sometime in the next year Mosul should be recaptured, the country’s second largest city. Without US units? I want to make no prediction at this point whether I will recommend that accompanied these troops in Mosul by US forces, but we will certainly consider that, said Chief of staff Martin Dempsey before the House of representatives armed services Committee. Obama wanted to have nothing to do with the civil war in Syria, because he feared a second Iraq adventure. At the moment what is happening in the Middle East, more reminiscent of the onset of the Viet Nam war: more and more military advisers to combat an motivated nationalist and Sunni insurgency what arches over by Communist or radical Islamist ideology. If you once left the dogs of war by a leash, Obama once said with views of the war in the Iraq and Afghanistan, you don’t know where they lead you. . Extended information can be inspected visiting article.

Hunted by Deputies as a raucous protester. This is what Clear complaint Calace, until yesterday press officer for civic Choice in the Chamber, now passed to the Pd. To order his expulsion would be the team leader Sc to Andrea Maheshwari of Celso. Today I was in how everyday ocean liner-tells-I wanted to take my things but two salesmen approached and I withdrew the licence of press officer. Then two security I would have asked to quit, accompanying me out. An unpleasant affair and absurd to Clear Calace, who at Montecitorio went every single day by January 2014. Maheshwari-tells-sent an urgent fax to all inputs and all internal workstations of Deputies talking to kick me out because I don’t work for them anymore. Not only: from civic Choice telephoned three times to urge, also hindering me to let me climb on the floor of the parliamentary groups where I worked until yesterday. There have been terrible. This diligence in his departure seems there are the internal discontent to Sc for the Pd of Andrea Romano. From tomorrow, the Calace work for his group. A move, she explains, arrived after Sc I had sent a letter of complaint and the Disciplinary Committee of the party had voted my dismissal. . For extra on this subject click source.

FN: at the Le Pen, it is Marion and Jean-Marie Le Pen against Navy?

Interviewed Tuesday on BFM – TV and RMC, Marion Marechal Le Pen said completely assume the existence of currents within the FN but there are no contradictions, swear the Member for Vaucluse. Case by case, on some subjects, can be some differences of analyses with Florian Philippot, says. Latest example: the fate of Maxence Buttey frontist elected in Seine-et-Marne recently converted to Islam and accused of proselytizing. Florian Philippot objected to its exclusion. Facing the dissatisfaction caused by its discretion, Marine Le Pen has promised to repeal the law in the event of coming to power. It is committed and all the FN with it executives, added, mischievously, Marion Marechal Le Pen. Jean-Marie Le Pen did not understand the lack of involvement of his daughter in this debate. An example he regularly CITES to justify that the clan of Montretout improves with time. It is certain: the granddaughter will be more talented than the daughter. . Extended info can be found reading url.

Live – five dead after an attack in a Jerusalem synagogue.

17 hours.  US president Barack Obama called Israelis and Palestinians Tuesday to work together to ease tensions after the "terrible attack" of West Jerusalem. "In this period so sensitive to Jerusalem, it is all the more important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to cooperate together to ease tensions, reject violence and seek the path to peace", he said.   1155. the European Union condemned the attack. "It is an act of terror against worshippers during their morning prayer, and it is condemnable in all respects", said in a statement the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini. "I call on all leaders of the region to work together and to do their utmost to immediately calm the situation and prevent a further escalation." 9.15. François Holland "condemns with the greatest strength the heinous attack" committed against a synagogue in Jerusalem and "those who dared to greet this Act", said L’elysee. "The president of the Republic expressed his deep concern about the chain of acts of violence in Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank", adds L’elysee in a statement. . You should click the following home page to read extra regarding this interesting subject.

Battle of communication to save student social security.

In a survey conducted between November 5 and 12, with a representative national sample of 800 students by the Emevia network, which brings together ten of the eleven regional mutuals, one learns to 65% of the students, the specific social security scheme is a good thing and that 67% of them are satisfied with their student mutual. End January 2015, all student unions, UNEF and UNI unions, the federation of parents of students PEEP and other actors have decided to organize a foundation for the defense of the plan "without partisan or corporatist spirit, reads the press release. It is true that seeing side-by-side gathered together the UNEF and UNI for a same fight questionable,. Meanwhile, the President of the student organization Promotion and defence of students (BDP), which advocates the abandonment pure and simple of this proposal of law, considers that once the LMDE has taken the initiative to delegate the management of its refunds mandatory at the national insurance (CNAM) Fund, "Bill significantly loses utility defended by the Social Affairs Committee and its respond in a short time to the crisis facing the LMDE, says Guillaume Filliard. The president of PDE believes also that the student mutual service is "more suited to the particularity of the student population than is that of the CNAM. Example: in Ile-de-France, where the concentration of students is the most important, social security centres are open on Saturday, with multilingual for foreign students advisors. . For additional information regarding this matter click article.

Think calling an escort instead phone a housewife: messing around fifty lucchese.

"Ready?". "Hi Cinzia, you’d do it,. I have vista on that advertisement ,. When can I come for an appointment?. At the beginning the addressee of this phone call remained silent but then tried to figure out why the man gasping on the phone had called her: housewife and married. The fact that Amanda was not Cynthia: the phone number of the ardently desired by an escort 52-year old lucchese was wrong. The man had last had a quick online ads and hoped to spend two hours in the company of a escort. Cinzia, indeed. The picture blinking, her generous curves, and intimate. Under the image there was also a mobile phone number. He has composed in the grip of a rage to transform actually virtual erotic dream, but you don’t realize you type a digit to another. And cos the phone did not respond, but just another Joe 40 which is the housewife in Camaiore. At the beginning she remains silent, then melts and asks the listener to reveal his identity: "come on, who’s idea of this joke?". But he insists, springs to mind only has the picture of Cynthia and can’t vent those thoughts not hot. Cos the vulgar phrases targeted planning to turn her fantasies. On the other hand, the housewife throws gi, unresponsive even to requests for sex, even if it doesn’t say even more ready when taking the line. Offers the sum of money, as if I had in front of the sidewalk. A curtain that went on for a few days. The sixth call the woman decided to press charges for telephone harassment. The fifty military has confessed to being convinced to talk to a prostitute. He escaped: the pm has believed and checked everything. . Extended text can be found visiting fact.

A new “large gathering” of the archives of the first world war.

Rather than a site accessible by direct download, the three organizers of the event – the National Archives of France, the Mission of the Centennial and the Bibliothèque nationale de France – have opted for a new site controlled, named "the great gathering". Thus, only the most remarkable documents will be scanned. Three hundred photographs, letters and other objects scanned last year are already online. "We preferred to leave this consisting of logic to scan arm circumference, explains Emmanuel Penicault. Archivists are there to explain the family value documents, when we must "keep this document, pass it on to your children".  "In the departmental Archives of Lyon, the archivists also welcome donations and archival repositories. Claudine Keller, Professor of french retired, wanted to donate the letters sent by his grandfather Jean Demars to his wife. This employee of the railway did not the war, "because he had six children", but he was in Paris at the time of mobilization, at the beginning of August 1914. His writings document upgrading German shopping bag. "You can’t more drink good milk Maggi, wrote to his wife. ” It remains that the four walls of the store. Another German, who ran the grands moulins de trash, was executed on the spot.  » Sophie Malavieille, who knew this episode from the beginning of the war, but "does ever heard told it this way", recommends that Claudine Keller to bring it to the departmental Archives of Haute-Vienne, which was originally his grandfather. . Original source could be studied checking the following

War against immigrants in Rome.

But that doesn’t change anything: residents rail against the ACE polic, and every night there are several agents who come out with bruises all. Immigrants, for their part, do not dare to go out. The situation n is so serious that on Thursday the Minister of the Interior, Angelino Alfano, ordered out Tor Sapienza Center minors and transferred to another centre. By caution, for what could happen. But Marino was not the only tico pol that yesterday was dej do for the neighborhood. All also were present yesterday Mario Borghezio of the Northern League, a party known for its positions xen fobas and where shine with their own light Borghezio, condemned for having set fire in 2000 to a slum where bedroom an immigrants from Tur n. Borghezio azuz the nimos of a situation already n if explosive and alert against possible sermons: not want that on Sunday had appealed to the Romans by the religious authorities to have a welcoming attitude toward immigrants. If did them, the League is ready to destroy the list of luxurious palaces owned by the Church that can accommodate thousands of refugees. Refugees, not illegal, these will cast out with a kick in the ass. . Similar facts can be inspected reading article.

Health: with psychologists to help diabetics cheaper care, Lazio Order project.

Rome, Nov. 14. (Reuters Health)-the presence of a psychologist on staff to care for diabetic people support to increase patient adherence to treatment and, consequently, killing significantly the costs borne by the National Health Service. An idea supported by the order of psychologists of Lazio, which is launching an experimental project, in collaboration with medical diabetes, based on this scientific hypothesis and aimed to quantify the economic impact. And there is talk of tens of millions of euros per year savings, says regional President Nicola Piccinini, who launched the proposal on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. About 3.7 million Italians have a diagnosis of diabetes, over one million people who are unaware of being infected. The annual expenditure incurred by the Nhs to manage diabetes-continues Piccinini-is about 12 billion euro, i.e. 11% of the bottom of the Ssn. The 90% of these costs are allocated to the management of complications and Comorbidities. Numbers that explain the usefulness of the project. Diabetes patient’s daily revolutionized: medicines to precise times, insulin administration, nutrition, medical visits and periodic control analysis, daily monitoring of blood sugar and more. It is a stressful and challenging therapeutic, adds psychologist Mara, PhD student of Lastretti Policlinico Umberto I of Rome and member of the coordination that is finishing the project proposal of Lazio. For this we are working on a project that intervenes on emotional processing and acceptance of the diabetic condition continues Lastretti-i.e. the assumptions needed to keep in place all behavioural changes that the disease requires: Let’s assume that psychological intervention can positively influence on this process and on adherence to medical treatment. The ultimate goal is to concludes whether a group psychological treatment aimed at acceptance of the diabetic condition, produces a greater ability to control, and therefore greater adherence to medical treatment for diabetic patients. And ultimately, the effect of system, even a reduction of expenditure on health. . For extra information regarding this matter read