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Investors are concerned: Dax is continuing downwards.

The ground offensive Israel Ganzá, to the growing tensions between the West and Russia in the Ukraine crisis against positive requirements of Wall Street: on Monday morning, at the start of trading in the new week in the German stock market, the political situation of the mixture gains the upper hand. Prices fall. The DAC losing 0.3 percent to 9692 points. The MDax presents itself almost unchanged at 16 380 meters, the TecDax 0.1 per cent lower at 1246 points. On Wall Street the U.S. indexes had risen after the market close in Germany. The Dow Jones was 0.7 percent and the NASDAQ put on 1.6 percent. The S & P 500 had risen by 1 per cent. In Tokyo, the stock market remained closed on Monday due to a public holiday. The Chinese Shanghai composite falls 0.5 percent to 2050 points. inconsistent. Market observers dangers for the further development of the global economy – in particular as regards free trade relations see the crisis in the relations between Russia and the West. Only strong technology stocks had the overall market ahead of the weekend in the plus held, it said. Experts expect however not that there will be an increased selling pressure in European stock trading because the ESI crisis. The Espirito Santo international group filed for bankruptcy protection Friday evening. Espirito Santo International holds a 49-percent stake through its main subsidiary of Rioforte investments in the Espírito Santo financial group, which holds 20 percent of the Banco Espirito Santo (BES). The possibility that BES also could be torn because of the difficulties of the mother in the abyss, had charged not only the BES share, but also the banking sector generally in the last week. . Inspirational facts could be found clicking this page.

Competition for Dacia: Opel plant cheap car.

The German General Motors subsidiary Opel is planning the introduction of a new cheap model to regain market share against Dacia in this segment. We believe that there are opportunities for Opel to come with something like an entry-level model on the market, CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann told the financial times. That applies especially since the brand to GM Chevrolet would no longer be represented in Europe. However unless for the parent company GM continue at the main, Opel first in profitability due to. This already millions of euros are invested in the international technical development center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, where future economical engines will be developed. Neumann named as the goal of increasing the Opel market share in Europe thanks to new models and engines up to 2022 on eight percent. Part of the strategy is now probably the planned assault on cheaper competitors. Dacia is a big deal, said Neumann. Now GM is indeed definitely not Dacia. But this low-cost and entry level segment is very interesting. We definitely see that. The US group GM reported sales of new cars in the first half of a loss of 0.5 per cent, Opel and Vauxhall recorded against an increase of 8.6 percent. The rival Dacia belongs to Renault. The French group benefited in the first half of the year once again by its cheap models and therefore was able to increase its sales in Europe by 18 percent. Dacia offered for example his model Sandero in Germany for less than 7000 euros – a new Opel Corsa is, however, almost 12 000 euros. . For more insights regarding this matter visit

Tobacco: RJ Reynolds must pay compensation in the amount of $ 23.6 billion.

A Florida Court ordered American cigarette maker RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company to pay $ 23.6 billion compensation to the widow of a smoker who died of lung cancer, a record sum for a single complainant in the history of this southern state. The verdict by the jury of Escambia County, after 15 hours of deliberation, is subject to damages of an amount of $ 16 million to be paid to the estate of the deceased, Michael Johnson Senior. During the trial, which lasted four weeks, counsel for Mr. Johnson widow, Cynthia Robinson, argues that RJ Reynolds had not needed to inform consumers about the dangers of tobacco. Negligence which would have allowed Mr. Johnson contracted lung cancer. According to these lawyers, Mr. Johnson had become addicted to cigarettes and his multiple attempts to quit failed. RJ Reynolds took a calculated risk to manufacture cigarettes and sell them to consumers without informing adequately of the risks, said Willie Gary, one of the lawyers of Mrs. Robinson, in a statement. We hope that this verdict will send to RJ Reynolds and other major tobacco companies a message that will force them to stop endangering the lives of innocent people, said Mr. Gary. RJ Reynolds will appeal this decision, announced in a press release the lawyer of the company, J. Jeffery Raborn, for whom the judgment goes beyond the limits of reasonableness and fairness. The cigarette maker is convinced that the Court will respect the law and will not hold this crazy verdict, said Mr. Raborn, judging damages very excessive and inadmissible by State and constitutional rights. -Mastodon – Tobacco remains the leading cause of premature death in the United States, killing nearly half a million Americans each year, according to experts. Approximately 18% of Americans smoke, compared to 42% in the 1960s. A few days before the verdict without precedent, the parent company, Reynolds American, had announced the acquisition next to rival Lorillard to create a juggernaut able to conquer the market of electronic cigarettes, whose growth has offset the drop in sales of traditional cigarettes. This acquisition could redraw the US tobacco market, one of the largest worldwide, with annual sales weighing more than EUR 90 billion in 2013, according to the Research Institute Euromonitor. The electronic alternative, who does inhale steam and not smoke, and that contains no tar, could help to prevent many cancers and other diseases caused by the toxins of traditional cigarettes, which kill one person every six seconds, according to the report of a group of fifty doctors and experts from the World Health Organization, in May. In January, the United States celebrated the 50th anniversary of the report of the Minister of health, establishing that smoking could cause lung cancer. Since then, no less than thirteen types of cancers and several other afflictions – diabetes, blindness,. – have been identified as can be caused by tobacco consumption. . Original source could be found clicking this blog.

The recipe for Coca-Cola is not secret and 9 other stuff 100% false.

What is certain is that once maturity is reached, when the flower opens, the growth stops and the flower stops moving. It remains leaning towards the East or Southeast. It does not know the identity of this "person". It is the woman who heard the woman who heard Flaubert, and this 50 years earlier,. The first story was called "The Reign of the Super-Man". As the story pleased, they sold the character to Detective Comics, which published the first adventures of Superman in 1938, this time as a superhero. He was very strong, but it was still not flying. He was jumping like a frog (a beautiful frog anyway, he could make jumps of 200 m). It is true that, until the third month of pregnancy, a pregnant woman produces more testosterone than usual. But the East German and Soviet doctors were much more radical methods to improve their athletes testosterone levels. He asked why, few know him explain. Some are questioning the carbon dioxide (CO2 rejected by the plants night) when they breathe. It is the process of photosynthesis: Plants absorb CO2 agenda and reject the oxygen, and are unlike the night,. But then why the orderlies and nurses in hospitals prohibit sometimes bouquets of flowers? Probably because they don’t like the petals that fall, plastic bottles that topple,. Because we need to change the water, too. For them, flowers = waste of time, therefore. Yet the flowers and plants improve the morale of patients, and thus help them pass the medical test. "In accounts for military expenditures, it never found expenditure for this chapter. The bulk of the defence since the curtain walls and towers was in throwing stones and arrows. If bees were to die, it dégusterait more honey. Worse, mankind would have more than four years before its total extinction. It is Einstein, certified engineering, who said. Except that actually no. "If bees were to disappear from the face of the Earth, man would then not more than four years to live. More bees, pollination. more, beings more human! "There is no evidence that Einstein has actually made this statement, while it was perfectly the cause of the profession presents. The citation reference book, "The New Quotable Einstein", also well refrained resume, ranking it in the category probably "not Einstein. . You must click this to learn extra about this amazing subject.

United States: perfects of the banks despite the unknown of the brokerage.

Large US banks have made a perfects in the second quarter without so far raise doubts about their future profitability, at the time where the brokerage shows signs d? shortness of breath. JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America (BofA), Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have all six earned money during the last three months. They total profits of $ 18 billion, a decrease of 4.3 billion on a year. The prize goes to JPMorgan ($5.98 billion), which the CEO Jamie Dimon has revealed suffering from throat cancer, which raises the questions on his eventual succession. How is the economy? Where is the brokerage? Where’s disputes with the authorities? Are banks ready to cash out without great evil announced normalisation of interest rates after years of easy money? The second quarter should provide answers to these fears of investors after a beginning of year chugging. On arrival it is relief, told the AFP Erik Oja, S & P Capital analyst. There are positive signals and others a bit more contrasting, endorsed Michael Wong, at MorningStar. On the side of the good news: the credit quality is much improved. Broadly speaking, U.S. banks have observed less than failures of their clients to afford the luxury of drawing in the envelopes set aside to cover possible unpaid. -the manna for wealth management – despite an announced rise in interest rates, refinancing old mortgages walked away. It is blessed bread for Wells Fargo, which grants a mortgage out of six in the United States. For commercial banks, manna is the asset management and financial advice in a context of mergers and acquisitions and IPOs. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley took greedily. Thanks to them, Morgan Stanley has reduced the gap with its direct rival Goldman Sachs. JPMorgan has worn to again become the most profitable U.S. Bank, a title that he had stolen Wells Fargo last year. In terms of bad news, the stricter supervision of lucrative, but speculative of brokerage activity caused damage. Cows milk since the crisis, revenues in fixed income (bonds, foreign exchange and commodity brokerage) still fell, albeit at a less dreaded pace. They were down 16.6% at Morgan Stanley, 15% for JPMorgan, 12% at Citigroup and 10% at Goldman Sachs. BofA is the only to have pulled its PIN of the game, with a gain of 5%. Analysts expected a decline on average of 20% to 25% for all U.S. banks. Fixed income will remain at low levels in the second half, warned Jamie Dimon. -safety mats – US banks may most also speculate with their own funds in a little less than a year, date of entry into force of the Volcker rule, whose purpose is to force them to return to their first job: funding the economy. They are also forced to build a mattress of safety important in a new crisis, where a hunt cost all-out. Without going up to cut in bonuses, the jewels of Wall Street have somewhat reduced remuneration and deleted jobs of bankers and traders. Remains the thorny disputes headache, which absorbs profits quarter after quarter. Citigroup has just agreed to pay $ 7 billion to settle estate litigation another with the US authorities. BofA is next on the list: it offered to pay $ 13 billion, but it calls for more. Apart from the toxic loans to the origin of the crisis, US banks are also investigated on manipulation of exchange rates and Libor interest rates markets. From 2011, they have already fined nearly $ 90 billion in financial penalties for their role in the real estate crisis. Long-term profitability remains surrounded by uncertainties, says M. Oja. . Additional info can be inspected clicking info.

After 50 years of captivity: Elephant Raju cries in his rescue.

It is a moving story that goes around the world. Raju is an Indian elephant. He was according to the animal rights of organization Wildlife S. O. S 50 years abused and imprisoned – in chains. What must have been through the animal half a century, shows his reaction to his rescue. The animal could even hardly believe it: but Raju wept. They will probably never forget this situation. The whole team was struck by the tears that ran him down during the rescue, said POOJA Baker Nepal Wildlife S. o. S compared to daily mail. It was a very emotional moment for us all. And we knew in our hearts that he realized, that he is free. The animal Wildlife S. o. S on 2 July already tried to free the animal from his martyrdom – unsuccessful. They were attentive to the fate of Raju through the Department of agriculture. After the activists for the first time when Raju had been, the owner put the elephants in even tighter chain, says on the Web site of the organization. But then they moved on again last weekend, with a ten-member team of veterinarians and wildlife experts, as well as twenty volunteers from the Ministry. . For additional data on this topic visit weblink.

Steals 11 euro kinds of necessities for fame: denounced a 50 years old.

ROVIGO-Reported on the loose for the attempted theft of foodstuffs worth 11 euros and pennies. A story that has all the air of an episode related to the crisis, unemployment, and the fact that many families do not know more how to make ends meet. To finish a man denounced on 50 years. According to the first findings of fact the Flying police intervention was required by the staff of a supermarket in viale Porta Adige. An exercise not new to suffer episodes of shoplifting and understandably high vigilance. As established by the police soon arrived on the spot the man would actually tried to go beyond the cases without pay groceries, even of first necessity. With a total value of euro 11 anyway swag and a few cents. Despite the modest value however taken the complaint on the loose at the proxy. To decide the fate of spetter proceedings. A few days ago, a similar incident happened in the lower Polesine, where a 65enne would try to not pay two jars of Nutella. The recurrence of such cases legitimate feeling that, throughout this, the crisis has to do all right. . Related facts can be found clicking

The Italian Prime Minister started in Mozambique African economic tour.

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi began Saturday a visit to Mozambique, first stage of a tour of Africa aimed at strengthening economic ties with the continent. It is the first time that an Italian Prime Minister comes to Mozambique, said Mr. Renzi at a luncheon in his honour at the Presidential Palace in Maputo, at the invitation of president Armando Guebuza. Mr Guebuza described as excellent the relations between the two countries. We watched with great satisfaction the constant development of economic cooperation and the business relations between the two countries, he said. A large delegation, including the Director-general of the oil company ENI Claudio Descalzi, as well as Confindustria (Italian business leaders organization) accompanied the Prime Minister. ENI has made these past three years of great discoveries of natural gas in deep waters off the northern coast of Mozambique. The operation should begin in 2018, but uncertainty prevails on the date of commencement of work. Mozambique has reserves of natural gas among the largest in the world, with 4. 800 billion m3 discovered. ENI and the US company Anadarko must agree on the final investment that will require equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG), pending new legislation on this sector. The Mozambican Government, for its part, considers that an initial investment of $ 50 billion is needed to produce natural gas. We are sure that this investment will be profitable, said Mr. Renzi, adding that $ 50 billion will be used not only for natural gas project, but more broadly, the growth of the country. The Italy and Mozambique enjoy close ties. Of Italian religious leaders, particularly of the Catholic association of Sant’Egidio, and diplomats participated as mediators in the process which led to the Treaty of peace signed in Rome in 1992, which put an end to 16 years of civil war in Mozambique. After Mozambique, Mr. Renzi has to go in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, oil power where ENI is also. . You should visit this link to discover extra about this interesting matter.

Berlusconi acquitted Ruby process.

Regarding the extortion, for judges «there», for prostitution instead ‘ the fact does not constitute a crime. " The judges overturned the ruling of first instance that the former premier was sentenced to 7 years in prison.   Judges have acquitted Berlusconi by the crime of extortion because the fact there while the crime of child prostitution was "cancelled" because the fact does not constitute a crime. In the case of bribery of judges choice, says the advocate Coppi is due to the fact that "Miss conduct" crime: there would have been no threats in phone calls made by then-premier at the head of Cabinet of the questura di Milano to entrust Ruby regional councillor lombarda Nicole Minetti. As regards the offence of child prostitution the hypothesis advanced by Coppi, pending the reasons for judgment, would be that "lacks the element of awareness": there is no proof that Berlusconi had idea that Ruby was a Moroccan girl of only 17 years.   Is a sentence "that goes beyond the most optimistic forecast," exults Coppi. Berlusconi in the same minute of the judgment has left the Sacra Famiglia (where is allocated to social services for the final sentence to 4 years for Mediaset tv rights) without speaking. Has only done stop the car, lowering the window to greet the "pasionaria", his supporter whom he shook hands, thanking her. Forza Italy sings victory. Among the first to try the "rebel" (on reforms) Minzolini: ‘ Finally justice. It shows that there are judges in Milan. It remains a problem that should reflect all in this country: the damage that a process, which should not even be held, and an unjust sentence of first instance caused to humans and to the country. " "An acquittal that does justice to the man before," says politician the Forza Italy Deputy Jole Santelli. «Finally a judge in Berlin», writes on twitter the Ncd in the Senate leader Maurizio Sacconi.   . For additional facts on this subject check

Pescara: father suffocates in his sleep the 5-year-old son arrested.

Family tragedy last night in Pescara. The Mobile Team has stopped a 47 year old computer technician, m. m., accused of choking in his sleep the adopted son of five years. The police intervened around the one in his apartment in via Petrarca after the alerting of 118, which was called by the mother of the child. The sanitary staff, who couldn’t do anything for the child, insospettiti have been called the police. Rescuers and policemen were in particular noted the attitude "strangely unmoved" of man and the marks on the child’s neck. So the father was taken to police headquarters in Pescara where he questioned, would only say that he was seized with a radical dreamers and smothered her son with a pillow. According to some sources, the men would suffer from mental disorders and some days he stopped taking a medication. The child, 5 years old, had arrived from Russia in 2012. Shocked her mother and the man’s relatives. Investigations are coordinated by the pm of Pescara Shawna. To realize all this night was the man’s wife, who according to an initial reconstruction, awoke shortly before 1 am and noticed that her husband was awake and ran between the rooms of the House. When asked which issue had him quiet but would have shown the woman, ring alarm bells, has reached the son who was sleeping in his bedroom. Saw that breathed and so he raised the alarm. The arrival of the agents, the man would show coolness and would initially said that little wasn’t good. A first inspection of the corpse-child would have died because of suffocation and in the next few hours the Deputy Prosecutor on duty will decide whether or not to perform an autopsy. The father must answer for aggravated murder. . For more insights regarding this topic read source.