Sharing the Championship. Alfano: starts the operation viable field.

On the day that starts the serie A with Chievo-Juventus advance Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, announces the operation viable field: a set of strategies to ensure more security to over 12 million spectators expected, presented today during a meeting with the police chief and the leaders of the task force and the national monitoring centre on sports events. The football field is the stage of the sport, not a battlefield, "Alfano said. "The incidents of last season must not happen." In the 4000 law enforcement operators this morning Alfano had anticipated the news in a tweet: "From this morning al Viminale working on #sicurezza #stadi. We begin by giving a #calcioallaviolenza Championship». To give the measures provided for in Decree-law approved ad hoc from the last Council of Ministers before the summer break (published in the official journal of 22 August and already assigned to the Constitutional Affairs and justice committees of the room) will come down on the field more than 4000 law enforcement professionals. Around 200 thousand will be those used in the course of the Championship. Three maximum risk meetings over the course of three meetings in August, the Observatory on sports events has already identified three games ‘ up risk ‘: the headlights are aimed at Atalanta-Verona Hellas for serie A, on Perugia-Bologna for series B and on Agropoli-Cavese to the amateur world. But are the matches that will be 55 kept under observation. More than 5,000 people already subject to San Juan Are 5,000, says the Ministry, people who cannot buy tickets because being San Juan (the prohibition of access to sports events): for those who will try to do so triggered the arrest. A measure, that of San Juan, which was exacerbated by the dl: the questore may arrange it for both Stadium for both offences fans denounced or condemned for crimes against public order or linked to violent behavior. He also the Group San Juan, or the ability to punish the violent conduct in the Pack, even when committed abroad. The leader must be applied a San Juan of at least three years. In general, for repeat offenders, the minimum duration of the San Juan salt from three to five years, and the maximum to eight. And in case of a racist arrest delayed is expected. Steward Expected in multiple formats including almost 10,000 stewards whose training programmes and the selection of clubs have improved, as suggested in April by the task force set up at the Ministry after the events of the Olympics. The same working group had suggested to segment the branches of the stages to increase security and isolate violent promptly. It also works to targeted and effective plans of inflow and outflow of supporters. Not without easy access, especially through the online sale of tickets. Figc: ready 6,000 barrier cans While the Figc announce another novelty for this season: for the first time will be used the spray for the observance of the distance from the barrier, already seen at the last World Cup. The Federation has purchased 6,000, and each can be used for 4-5 spurts. The white line disappears in 20-30 seconds. . You should check this home page to read more about this great subject.

Kerry called for a coalition of nations to combat the EIS.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry pleaded Friday for a broad global coalition to combat the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. A week of a NATO Summit to Wales from 4 to 5 September, the head of diplomacy drew in a gallery in the New York Times in a coupled reaction led by the United States and the broadest coalition of nations. John Kerry says he will seek, in the company of the Secretary to the defence Chuck Hagel, to form this coalition discussions with its western partners on the sidelines of the Summit. He added that U.S. president Barack Obama would propose a strategy against the Islamic State at a meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, with the United States taking the Presidency in September. We will take this opportunity to continue to form a broad coalition and stressed the danger posed by foreign terrorist fighters, including those who have joined the EIS, supports Mr. Kerry. The Commission considers that this coalition should use the means political, humanitarian, economic, legal and intelligence to support military action. At the end of the NATO Summit, he says, he will visit with Chuck Hagel in the Middle East to rally more support among the countries which are most directly threatened. We will not allow the IU cancer to spread to other countries. The world can confront this scourge, and ultimately defeat him, he believes. . Additional information can be read reading page.

Chelsea Clinton left NBC to devote himself to her maternity.

Chelsea Clinton has formalized this Friday the end of his collaboration with the American channel NBC in a statement on Facebook, the daughter of the couple Clinton, said that she was leaving the network American to devote himself to his future maternity and then engage in the Clinton Foundation.   "When I joined the NBC family in 2011, I had long respected the commitment of NBC to tell stories"about ordinary people doing extraordinary things." I liked observe histories of Making a difference (ed., channel program) about the remarkable people and organizations making a profound difference in our country and around the world. I am grateful to NBC for giving me the opportunity to continue this important legacy,"she explains in its press release on Facebook.   "To continue to concentrate on my work at the Clinton Foundation and as Marc and I are expecting our first child, I decided to leave my position as special correspondent for NBC" she concludes. Married to Marc Mezvinsky, at age 34, she expecting her first child in the fall. Its status of "special correspondent" chain has always been controversial in the United States. The amount of his annual salary being the object of ridicule particularly on the part of the Republicans, she the daughter of a former Democratic president. In June, the Politico website revealed that she was paid 600. 000 dollars per year (450 000 euros), or about 26. 724 dollars (approximately 20 000 euros) for each minute where it had appeared to the antenna. What do cringe a few teeth, both his contribution seemed mediocre at best. This course exceeds the average emoluments of journalists from the chain.   Some journalists, who knew when she accompanied her mother in the countryside, for the Democratic primary in 2008, have described it as inaccessible Twitter and hate the press. Others felt that single had opened the doors of NBC, as for Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of former president George W. Bush, who collaborated on the Today show, or Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, who is collaborating with MSNBC. For others, it has a real talent. "Chelsea is a remarkable woman (,.). given his great experience, it is as if she was prepared for this all his life", said the president of NBC News Steve Capus. But already some commentators point out that political side, she could not stop at the Clinton Foundation. They believe that, in the lineage of Hillary Clinton and her father Bill, former U.S. President, Chelsea has the ability to take over from his illustrious parents. . For extended facts on this topic visit

Eighty-year-old patient too fiery, the gynaecologist called the police.

Eventually it was forced to call the police. Pressing too were the advances of one elderly woman arrived at his medical office in downtown Treviso for a pelvic examination. The story is told by the Corriere del Veneto. A doctor 50 years old, exasperated by the continued attempts of approach by the 78-year-old lady decided, after the last ‘ onslaught ‘ of vecchietta, ask for the intervention of agents.  The women often went to find the man even without any "physical", but with the sole objective to meet him to get gynecological visits. For this reason, the specialist was invited to seek another studio to the alleged checks needed. The arzilla vecchina did not demordeva. Moreover, it emerged from the first investigations, the elderly protagonist more than once would be allowed to go to the private parts of groping gynecologist. So the man has lost patience and was forced to call the police. At the sight of agents, Ms has given up wooing and was not reported. The doctor is in any case reserved the possibility to sue the lover-patient even in the next few days. . You can click the following to learn more about this great topic.

The œ works of art of Detroit mortgaged against $ 3 billion?

The recovery plan proposed by Detroit and that justice must study Tuesday, September 2 includes a special agreement, "the Grand Bargain", planning to raise $ 800 million for both securing the payment of pensions of retirees of the city and finally put away the artistic treasure of the Museum, placing collections under an independent associative entity. If this arrangement has been accepted by all parties (Museum, trade unions, groups of pensioners and pension funds), it has its critics, who believe that it is illegal. The rules governing bankruptcy must indeed ensure equal treatment of creditors, this subtle operation, to sell to an untouchable entity works below the market to repay the money only retirees favours the latter compared to other categories of persons affected by the situation, sums up the New York Times. How to explain the gap between the estimates of the Museum’s collection? It is encyclopedic, with works representing all cultures and epochs (art Islamic, African, Chinese, native Americans) and the great European masters, with works by Bruegel the elder, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Cézanne, Diego Riviera or Mark Rothko. When the city did it estimate, in July, the firm Artvest Partners had established that even if it could, in theory between 2.8 and 4.6 billion, a sale would not earn as much, because its magnitude would saturate the market and would lower prices. The new estimate does not the same analysis of the market, capitalizing on the fact that parts from prestigious collections always get excellent results. Detroit comes to ask the Court to dismiss the expert who appealed Art Capital, Mr. Wiener. . Similar text can be inspected reading web site.

Hello Kitty, the many lives of a kitten that ,. is not a kitten!!.

Just close your eyes and imagine an object, any. Even weirder than you think. Well, you’re still sure that object also exists with the effigy of Hello Kitty. For this will have very tough life Christine r. Yao, charged with treating the first retrospective of objects, products and even songs dedicated to pink and white character of the Japanese Sanrio. The exhibition entitled Hello, exploring the world of super cute Hello Kitty will open the 11 October at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the birth of the kitten. But news that puts on alert several generations of loyal, sweet kitten is not a kitten. And it’s not even Japanese, at least not in the intentions of its creator, Yuko Shimizu. Hello Kitty, then, is not a cat but a girl who attends third grade (Yes, from 40 years) and lives in the suburbs of London. To confirm it is the curator of the view that, while he was writing the event brochure describing the little Critter like a kitten, has been criticised by Sanrio, the Japanese audience company specialized in creating characters and its marketing: I have corrected right away, revealed the Yao, Hello Kitty is a girl, they told me, a friend, not a cat. In fact it’s never drawn on all fours or with the coat. And to think that she can be considered the greatest expert on the subject having written the book titled Pink: the Globalization of Hello Kitty across the Pacific The first appearance of Hello Kitty, whose full name is Kitty White, dates back to 1974 on a Japanese coin purse. The first products branded by former cat ran around at schools: diaries, pens, pencil cases, notebooks etc. For those who was 80 years old girl Hello Kitty was a true object of desire. Also because, on average, an object called Sanrio was more expensive than equivalent of any other brand, at least in Italy. Along with the little Critter with the Red bow, there were the ancestors of what would become a real army of other characters. There was My Melody, a Bunny with ears pink (please don’t tell us that even that wasn’t a rabbit!), there were the twins-Angels Little Twin Stars, Keroppi frog and the fashionable Tuxedo Sam Penguin. Many others were born over the years but the undisputed Queen of the band has always remained her. So much so that his empire is estimated at seven billion dollars. But if in the beginning his face appeared on stationery and little else, over time, Hello Kitty has become a true icon. He found space on everything in every part of the world. From mobile phones to kitchen utensils from cars, Hello Kitty jewelry over the years went through mainstream and subcultures. Dr Martens footwear brand symbol of punks and metalheads dedicated a line of amphibians, the Fender one of his most famous guitars, the Stratocaster. And then there are the Ferrari Brandizzo Hello Kitty, the limited edition of the famous macaron pastry shop Ladurée that French with Hello Kitty celebrated 150 years since its founding, the Reebok sneakers and skate shoes from Vans (obvious, surely also exists a skateboarding and windsurfing and also a snowboard as well,.). Someone has even decided to build a house completely devoted to her. Kitty White is also a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador since 1983. She appeared on the covers of fashion magazines and her songs have been dedicated and musical. Why Hello Kitty is loved by the star. From those a bit more pink and pop as Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton, those more transgressive as Lady Gaga and the character’s 35th birthday she posed for a photo shoot with puppets and accessories with his effigy. But not only, also the masked band Kiss wanted to create a line of objects in which the now former cat wearing stage costumes of "I Was Made for Lovin ‘ You". Because over the years many celebrities, real and imaginary, were declined in Hello Kitty version: Gene Simmons from Kiss, in fact, Superman, by Helena Christensen (who designed a t-shirt charity giving his character appearance) to the game’s protagonists worship Street Fighters. There is also a sort of Wikipedia dedicated to her. Being so pervasive, could miss from the small screen? The answer is obvious. Appearances, however, are not limited to animated series focused on her. She appeared in episodes of the Simpsons, in Grey’s Anatomy, in FuturamaSouth Park. But, transcultural and trans-generational despite (or perhaps because of this) Hello Kitty to someone does not like. There are video games where the goal is get out and even video tutorial on YouTube that imagine terrible purposes for the delicious little critter. His name is also linked to a grisly crime, the Hello Kitty Murder, a murder occurred in 1999 in Hong Kong in which a girl was tortured and made to pieces. His head was found hidden in a giant Hello Kitty doll, hence the name of the case. But how did a character drawn with simple strokes and humorless (Hello Kitty has no mouth) to have conquered the entire world? To give us the answer still is the curator of the retrospective, Christine r. Yao: Hello Kitty works partially because of the lack of expression of his design. People can see in her what he wants, putting them in holding a guitar, place it on a stage or whatnot. His appeal is vast, it is cute so insipid as other figurines. To fans, so we have to wait until October, when will start the festivities for her 40th birthday. Always make sure that the revelation about his true identity has them not too upset. . Inspirational source can be studied reading this

OASIS five years after: a meeting is possible?

Five years ago, on 28 August, the eldest of the founding brothers of the self-proclaimed best band of the world ended old 16-year career of Oasis, on very bad terms with his younger brother and crash. Unesombre history of broken guitar and flying plum rose to the rank of legend. In the aftermath of the announcement – which was reduced to a blatant absence of the Group on sceneet to a double crossing of Madness – the manager history of the group, Alan McGee, provided: they had big disputes, but this is clearly the worst of them. But they love, and they will become. I think we will have a new Oasis tour in five years. People who love always make peace. The disagreement between Liam, singer and Noel Gallagher, guitarist and composer, was well known and participated to the legend of the band since their debut album Definitely Maybe in 1994. The following year, What’s The Story Morning Glory is placed in the first position in nine different countries, signing the biggest hit of the Group’s career and the triumph of Noel Gallagher as a lyricist and composer. He left Paris in August 2009 leaving this word: it is with a touch of sadness and a lot of relief that I quit Oasis tonight. People write what they want but I can simply no longer working with Liam a day longer. In 2013, Noel Gallagher refused £ 20 million to play a concert with Liam on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the album Definitely Maybe. 2014. However, the same Gallagher had joked after a persistent rumor about a meeting of the Group: I heard this rumor of the Daily Star, like what you would recover together for £ 500 million. It is half a billion! I will do it for half a billion of anything! Tea bags, hoods, pots of noodles,, You can visit this to read extra about this amazing topic.

Delivery drones from Amazon and Google: it will work closely in the sky.

In the sky, it could be full in the future: after the shopping giant Amazon now Google has communicated to flying drones, which can deliver goods and parcels from the air. Even as Amazon surprisingly introduced his drones project in December, noticed a difference between the skepticism in the media and the concentrated attention in the sectors concerned. Deutsche Post tested at once before its Bonn headquarters, as per drone medicines from a pharmacy make to settle. The American pizza chain of Domino’s had previously showed that pizza could be provide with a DomiCopter. And a New York filmed as his dog from a drone can be run. Of course it is much easier to make than in the densely populated New York of State of Queensland in the case of Google through an empty field in the sprawling State of Queensland in Australia turn their rounds the threat as of now. But the parties are convinced that all obstacles can be overcome. First should be that the system works and is safe, shown in a small town, plate said the Berliner Zeitung. Anyway, the euphoria of the drones comes at a time in which established logistics routes are mixed from new challengers from the Internet world. So, investors not only gigantic high rated the dispatcher uber recently with $17 billion, because he can turn the taxi industry. Rather, uber is expected to extend its platform to the logistics. If they can deliver a car in five minutes in a particular place, they can supply everything there, uber-chef Travis Kalanick says. Since a few days, his company in California tests offer UberFresh, which provided fresh food within 10 minutes. And in San Francisco the startup post mates courier freely according to the above principle by anyone through an online platform. . For extended data regarding this matter visit page.

Social initiative – the extension “. hiv” the fight against AIDS.

In addition to extensions such as. de and. com you can A few Web pages now also over. HIV control. The fight against AIDS has an own domain extension and wants to become a social movement: with every click. HIV pages flow donations to aid projects. With the first 61. 801 000 clicks, corresponding to an amount of EUR 61. 801, want to support dotHIV "We-ACTx for Hope" Which one supplied HIV-infected mothers and children in Rwanda with medications and nutritional supplements. More organizations from the United States, Turkey and South Africa should follow according to the. After these four pilot projects, more organizations from around the world to promote could compete. On the granting of so-called top level domains (TLD) the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) wakes up, since the introduction of the domains. com and. de long only a few endings newly awarded. It was decided in June 2008, to loosen the rules. Since early 2014, approximately 1000 new Adressendungen in the net – came from. Berlin up to. Yoga. The ending. HIV is the only social concern with an own domain extension. . You can click the following link to read extra on this amazing matter.

Tve News Council criticized the hiring of a new external directors.

TVE News Council returned today to criticize the current policy of appointments of executives in the public broadcaster, after announcing is that one of the three new charges of news does not belong to the staff of the Corporation. It is Indira García, new Coordinator of informational continuity at dawn, who was Deputy Director of Canal Extremadura TV news so far. García was from 1998 to 2011 head of the area’s international of Antena 3, where he also directed and presented several programs. Before joining antenna 3, in 1990, he was editor of the section of economy of the National Radio. In a statement, the Council’s news showed its "emphatic" rejection to the current news director, Julio Somoano appointments policy. Remember that the last month of March, and before the announcement of recruitment of persons unrelated to the template of RTVE to carry out specific tasks of writing on the news, TVE News Council collected half a thousand signatures opposed to the creation of a "parallel wording", as it considered that it had happened in Telemadrid and channel 9 in other media "nearly six months afterthe direction of the information services of TVE once again a journalist coming from other means, aimed at a strategic editing, without professional reasons that justify it since. One more to add to the people who have been incorporated gradually over the past two years from Telemadrid, the COPE and Onda Cero". The body of professional representation of TVE journalists argues that they exist in the template of TVE "well qualified". "As he has reminded us of the procurement Commission of the Enterprise Committee of RTVE, there are around 1350 informants available and a large database with people who have had links with the company. And among them, the Directorate of informational ensures that couldn’t find anyone qualified to edit an informative", says the statement. INTERESTS PARTIDISTASEl Council argues that "for Spanish, authentic society owns of public television, not explained in a delicate economic situation, as that crosses the Corporation RTVE, intended a portion of its budget to hire staff for tasks that can be performed by staff workers willing to continue working in the service of the citizens". "We fear that the intention is to create, with public money, a network of publishers responsible for whose layout is to serve partisan and governmental interests before that of society," adds the note, which says that "of the three main news of TVE, two will be published by contracted personnel which, moreover, has not credited experience for those committed". . Extended data can be inspected reading