Pope's resignation – The Vatican orphaned

We feel orphaned' after Pope's resignation – Spanish prelate ...

"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung": "The public death of John Paul II as the last stop on a long suffering, now the retreat of Pope Benedict XVI. by the Office of the Bishop of Rome as the consummate act insightful modesty: Depending on their way both popes have exacerbated the crisis of authority in the church and the authority of the Church in the world. One of them, by asking the question of power, without being out of power, the other by letting the power without asking the question of power. Now, the successor will be abandoned, the "why" auszubuchstabieren and the "how" of the Petrine ministry in the church. Certainly only one. If there is a place of balance between the centrifugal forces of the countries of the South and growing imploding in the countries of the North Church, it's Rome. "

"Central German newspaper": "The most violent scandals of the papacy have their roots in the lack of suitability of Ratzinger as a crisis manager. But his Lobhudler never tire of reinterpreting itself obvious weaknesses in heroic qualities. On the one hand this is so, as it praised the goalkeeper, while he does not parry penalty, but can shoot wonderful overhead kick. Secondly, did the "petite, elderly Bayer," said the journalist Andreas Püttmann deal certainly less polite and restrained, as it appears now in the Transfiguration. Its basically ahistorical, unworldly and speculation the central perspective of Christian inwardness Benedict have prevented his Church bravely to lead to modernity. "

"Münchner Merkur": "Joseph Ratzinger, the 265th Pope will go down in the history of the Church. Chiefly because of its spectacular resignation that will change fundamentally the papal office. (…) It separates the office of the person sharper. He makes people visible on the chair of Peter – with his physical and mental limits. The burden of the overwhelming task that Benedict felt since the election of a pope on his shoulders, he has his followers somewhat diminished. Only in years, people will know how Benedict's retreat affects the church. "

"Rheinische Post": "Benedict XVI. , A pope in round lake is troubled, as a theologian and thinker, one of the best minds that our country has produced. We are losing sight of him today, but hopefully not obliterate from memory. At the farewell audience seemed to once again what makes this Peter's successor: unshakable faith in God, humility, subtle style. If it is the finish, which crowns the exercise, Benedict, who knows his weaknesses best, finally got it right. "

"West German Allgemeine Zeitung": "What remains of the German pope? Be that the pontificate of Benedict future especially with his resignation, the first by a pope of modern times, is associated, is clear. A pope who abdicated – that is and remains a stirring event. A step that requires courage and the very reason deserves all respect. The great upheavals and changes in the secular world, Benedict sat against the immutability of Catholic beliefs. One might call it stubborn and yesterday's, or but steadfast and principled. " Original data can be read reading the following hyperlink.