Social amnesty law: a “message of peace, dialogue” to Benoît Hamon

With the amnesty law Social, the government wanted to bring a "message of peace and dialogue," Benedict said Sunday Hamon, Minister for Consumer Affairs, defending an "encouraging violence". "Violence is not acceptable, but we wanted to bring a message of peace, dialogue and a willingness to put things in place," said Minister questioned on Canal Plus. "It is important to say that the future of violence are not eligible. This is not a promotion, but we can not ignore the reaction of employees at the violence done to them," insisted Mr. Hamon by referring to "the devastation of the lives of thousands of employees who had sworn he would a buyer and (which) is put into bankruptcy the production tool." The law, passed by entire left, "is a good text, sufficient in the sense that cancels convictions for violence on equipment between 2007 and 2012", "Law says what are the facts that can be amnestied" he noted. Benoît Hamon also paid tribute to those trade unionists through which "there was no slippage in spite of the violence done to them," he said, recalling that they can benefit from the law of amnesty on condition that there was no physical violence. For more facts on this subject visit http://.