Syria fighting rages in the north

As Fighting Rages in Syria, Clinton Calls for New Opposition ...

"The army bombarded several areas of the city and its suburbs and the fighting resulted in the deaths of dozens of soldiers and rebels," continued the NGO, which was not able at the moment to give an overview accurate. According to the OSDH and activists on the spot, army helicopters went into action to bomb rebel positions. Situated on the Euphrates, Raqa is a strategic town near the border with Turkey, where there were normally 240 000 inhabitants. But many of the displaced are moved there from the beginning of the conflict in Syria there are nearly two years.

The soldiers also bombed the nearby town of al-Sham Mouadamiya and Duma (northeast) and Yabroud (north), said the OSDH. Two weeks before the 2nd anniversary of the start of the conflict that, according to the UN, more than 70 000 dead, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned that a military solution would result in a "dissolution" the country, reiterating his call for dialogue addressed to the opposition and power. Additional info can be found reading url.