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One would think an abandonment of the policy if his entourage did not constantly reminded the public that Nicolas Sarkozy was always concerned about the fate of France and he followed closely the developments in the country. It rarely appears on television, does not give interviews and appears in public in cases of extreme need.

After that, he only had to wait for the audience reaction. That followed. If, before the scandal was estimated that the UMP Fran̤ois Fillon was the best candidate for 2017, chances are much lower today. The survey showed that only 16% of UMP activists were ready to support him. Cope's rival won only 5%. While Sarkozy has raised 54% positive opinions Рand now it is clear that they will not be able to compete.

Meanwhile, Fillon has announced that it will participate in the elections that will determine the party's presidential candidate. He promised to implement and present its electoral program by the end of the year and recalled that at the time of Nicolas Sarkozy, the right had lost two campaigns – the presidential and legislative elections – rejecting responsibility the former leader. In the new circumstances, according to Fillon, everything starts at zero and should no longer speak of the old hierarchy.

Fleet currently has four submarines Titanium two submarines of project 945 Barracuda – K-239 and K-276 Carpe Kostroma, and two submarines titanium project modernized 945A Condor – K-336 and K Pskov -534 Nizhny Novgorod.

They are equipped with torpedoes, two torpedo and four 650 mm torpedo tubes 533 mm. Unlike the Barracuda, the Condor can launch nuclear missiles Granat cruise and dive up to 600 meters – 50 meters or more. In terms of air defense, submarines are equipped with sea-air missiles Igla.

A contract for the repair of the first two submarines was signed with this site. According to this document, Zvezdochka must conduct an interim repair and modernize the two buildings. According to a source, nuclear fuel and all electronics will be replaced mechanical components checked, repaired, and nuclear reactors will be reviewed.

"By the end of April 2013, the K-239 Carpe should be transferred to the shipyard. During this period there will be a defect estimation and approve the work plan.

"Unlike steel, titanium does not undergo corrosion and if you took away the rubber coating that absorbs noise, we would see that the frame is like new," he added.

According to preliminary information, the titanium submarines will be equipped with new sonar information systems and combat control, radar station with a radio-electronics and navigation systems GLONASS / GPS. In addition, weapons submarines will be replaced in order to make the cruise missile system Caliber (Club-S), including ground targets.

The lawyer Maxim Rasputin recognizes that the amendment rather to protect the public interest and not private. In addition, it could limit freedom of contract. The lawyer Dmitri Matveev is concerned that interpretations implied, the new norms of the Civil Code allows judges to abuse it.

This is probably why those who believe that Putin will hold all his campaign promises are fewer than a year ago: 37% of Russians were convinced that he would "majority of its promises." These optimists are more than 16% today. The pessimists have become more numerous – 19% believe that the president does not fulfill his campaign promises and there is a marked increase (41-58%) of those who believe that Putin "happens to be filled in only some promise but the much remains unfulfilled. "

However, among the third term success of Putin, the Russians recognize the most improved standard of living (11%) and success in the fight against corruption (10%). Five years ago, 25% of Russians saw the rising standard of living as a success and only 1% at the time saw successes in the fight against corruption.

To maintain the trust of society, the Kremlin will need administration techniques fundamentally different from the "conservative mobilization of the population", which allows to maintain the trust last year. This mobilization was possible mainly thanks to the struggle against "foreign agents" among the NGOs, returning members, the trial Pussy Riot and other media suddenly become the calling card of 2012 but were actually insignificant to the population "said Yevgeny Minchenko.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met yesterday with his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovych at his residence in Zavidovo near Tver, wrote Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily on Tuesday. The presidents spoke gas, integration and even airplanes. Putin noted the potential benefits of the accession of Ukraine to the Customs Union, which already trio Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan. Yanukovych has not disputed but it is impossible to join simply intra-governmental procedures are necessary. Furthermore, it is even more economical choice but political Ukraine, concluded the two heads of state. The question remains relevant in gas relations between Russia and Ukraine, although Moscow has several alternatives for the transit of hydrocarbons to Europe, experts say.

Indeed, Russia has no reason to hire, expand and modernize the gas transportation system of a neighboring state without being able to control it. Moreover, the situation has changed: "Today Russia has the advantage" Nord Stream ", says the expert. And when South Stream will be commissioned, we can forget roughly transit via Ukraine" says he. Both pipelines will almost entirely meet the European demand for Russian gas. Especially since the overall capacity of Nord Stream is not used – its second branch is occupied only 30%.

The issue of gas transit debts are added to the gas already supplied, said Sergei Chizhov, president of the Russian Gas Union. It's about $ 6-7 billion accumulated penalty for not buying enough gas last year. "It will certainly be impossible to set both short-term problems. A combined version is probably more relevant. Example, Ukraine repay part of its debt and lease to Russia's gas system in the long term," Chizhov predicted. But other issues may arise. For example: who owns the land through which the pipeline in a particular region? "Anyway, given the project Nord Stream and South Stream, which will become the next five years a real alternative to transit Ukraine, Ukrainians will have no other choice but to seek a political solution and economic mutually beneficial. modernization of the gas system is required and the search for a compromise is the only solution, "concluded Sergey Chizhov. Related data can be found checking url.