U.S., AIDS: first child healed thanks to early treatment. Aid: the exceptional case, caution should be

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ROME – A girl born in Mississippi with the AIDS virus seems to be cured after being treated with a cocktail of drugs since the first hours after birth. Made it known researchers who have followed his case that could open the way to care for hundreds of thousands of children each year are born with AIDS, especially in Africa. The case of the girl from Mississippi, who is now two and a half years, if confirmed, The New York Times, will be the second documented a patient cured AIDS. The first that of a grown man, Timothy Brown, known as the Berlin patient, recovered in 2007 after a bone marrow transplant. Cutting-edge therapies. The child, reported the doctors, was treated with anti-retroviral drugs since 30 hours after his birth, a practice unusual. For pediatricians it comes to our Timothy Brown, said Dr. Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins Children's Center, which prepared the report on the child and that is the proof of principle that we can cure HIV if we to reproduce this case. The researchers urge for caution, pointing out that at the time it is a unique case. The practice established by the World Health states that a child born to a mother infected with HIV should be treated with a limited amount of ARVs for four to six weeks until the baby is not in itself a positive test, in which case increasing the dosage. In the case of the child of the Mississippi, when his mother went to give birth in a small field hospital never knew he had HIV, and when he tested positive, the child, who was born just over a day , was transferred to a hospital where the state immediately in turn practiced the test. According to Dr. Hannah Gay, who examined the result, the child was infected when he was still in the womb, rather than during birth And since the level of infection was still low to the baby immediately prescribed three different drugs such as treatment, and not as prophylaxis. The levels of the virus, writes the NYT, decreased rapidly, and after a month they were even more noticeable. And yet so long as the child has not turned 18 months. Then the mother stopped her do the test for five months, but when he returned, again were negative. Dr. Guy then made subjecting the child to a series of texts more sophisticated, which have detected only small traces of the virus integrated into the genetic material, for which they are unable to replicate. According to doctors, the decision to intervene with drugs since a few hours after birth prevented the formation of the so-called reserve viral hosting the virus and since the virus has not been detected in the blood most of the child, the treatment was then suspended. Since by then it was more detected the virus, say doctors, obviously the child healed. The expert brakes. An exceptional event but requires caution. So immunologist Fernando Aid comment on the news on the newly recovered after being treated with a cocktail of antiretroviral drugs since the first hours after birth. It is, says the expert, an exceptional event and at the same time, a fact quite new to the precocit which was given a cocktail of therapeutic drugs. According aid, of course, this new approach to early administration of therapy an innovative step, which probably opens up new hopes and potr be applied in future in infants found to be infected with HIV. Until now, treatment with drugs in high doses have not been generally practiced on very young children or babies to the difficulties related to the diagnosis and the possibility to establish with confidence that a baby is truly infected and not only the bearer of antibodies sent to him by his sick mother. The case, however, requires caution: The American girl has only two and a half years and, therefore, too early to say that it is finally healed. The HIV virus may, in fact, still be present in tissues or organs such as spleen, bone marrow and intestinal mucosa. To find him would require invasive procedures such as biopsy. Hence the fact – clarifies aid – that the virus is not more present in the blood of the child does not mean 100% that it can not still be hidden in the body and it will take some time to confirm the diagnosis of healing. It should also be remembered, took over the immunologist, now fortunately, only 20% of children infected at birth, and this is thanks to the therapies that are practiced on HIV-positive women during pregnancy. It is therefore reduced number of cases particularly in the West. In Italy, Aid concludes, are 1-2 year children who are born with HIV infection contracted from mothers who did not know they are infected. You can click the following http:// to discover more about this interesting topic.